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Crescentem sequitur cura pecuniam,
Majorumque fames. jure perhorrui
Late conspicuum tollere verticem,
Maecenas, equitum decus.

20 Quanto quisque fibi plura negaverit, dis plura ferit. nil cupientium Nudus caftra peto ; et transfuga divitum

Partes linquere geftio:
Contemtae [a] dominus fplendidior rei, 25
Quam fi quidquid arat non piger Appulus
Occultare meis dicerer horreis,

Magnas inter opes inops.
Purae rivus aquae, filvaque jugerum
Paucorum, et segitis certa fides meae,

30 Fulgentem [b] imperio fertilis Africae

Fallit, fortè beatior.
Quanquam nec Calabrae mella ferunt apes,
Nec Laestrygonia Bacchus in amphora
Languefcit mihi, nec pinguia Gallicis

35 Crefcunt vellera pafcuis; mportuna tamen pauperies abest: Jec, fi plura velim, tu dare deneges. Contracto melius parva cupidine Vectigalia Ec] porrigam,

40 uam fi Mygdoniis regnum Halyattici Campis continuem. multa petentibus Desunt multa. bene est, cui Deus obtulit Parca, quod fatis eft, manu.

CARMEN [a] Contentae dominus. [b] Fulgente imperio. Bentl. [c] Vectigalia colligam. SANA),

treasure up

fierce captains of ships. Care, and a thirst for more, is the consequence of increasing wealth. There fore, O Mæcenas, thou glory of the Roman knights, I have justly dreaded to raise the far conspicuous head. As much more as any man shall deny himself, so much more shall he receive from the gods. Naked as I am, I seek the camps of those that covet nothing; and as a deserter, rejoice to quit the side of the wealthy: a more illustrious poffeffor of a contemptible fortune, than if I could be faid to

in my granaries all that the industrious Apulian cultivates, poor amidst abundance of wealth. A rivulet of clear water, and a wood of a few acres, and a certain prospect of my good crop, are blessings unknown to him who glitters in the proconsulship of fertile Africa: I am more happily circumstanced. Though neither the Calabrian bees produce honey, nor wine ripens to age for me in a Formian cask, nor rich fleeces increase in Gallic pastures, yet distressful poverty is remote, nor if I desired more, would you refuse to grant

I shall be better able to extend my small revenues by contracting my desires, than if I could join the kingdom of Halyatticus to the Phrygian plains. Much is wanting to those who covet much. 'Tis well with him, to whom God hath given what is necessary with a sparing hand.

it me.

[blocks in formation]

* Lydia.

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Hortatur ad diem crastinum, qui ater

, et nubilus fore videbatur, hilare transigendum. A

ELI, vetusto nobilis ab Lamo

(Quando et priores liinc Lamias ferunt Denominatos, et nepotum

Per memores genus omne fastos) Auctore ab illo [a] ducis originem,

5 Qui formiarum moenia dicitur Princeps, et innantem Maricae

Litoribus tenuisse Lirin Late tyrannus. cras foliis nemus Multis, et alga litus inutili Demissa tempestas ab Euro

Sternet; equae nisi fallit augur Annofa cornix. dum potes, aridum Compone lignum : cras genium mero Curabis, et porco bimestri,

IS Cum famulis operum folutis.

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- [a] Illo ducit originem. HEINS

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He exhorts him to spend the morrow, which threatened

to be dark and cloudy, in a liberal indulgence, O Ælius, who art nobly descended from the

ancient Lamus (* for as much as they report, that both the first of the Lamian family had their name from hence, and all the race of the descendants through faithful records) you derive your origin from that founder, who is said to have poffessed, as prince, the Formian walls, and Liris gliding to the shores of Marica-an extensive potentate. To-morrow a tempest sent forth from the east shall strew the grove with many leaves, and the shore with useless sea-weed, unless that old prophetess of rain, the raver, deceives me. Pile up the dry wood while you may; to-morrow you shall indulge your genius with wine, and with a pig of two months old, with your flaves dismissed from their labours.

L 5


This parenthesis is judiciously omitted by SANADON.




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Ut sibi propitius fit.
AUNE, Nympharum fugientum amator,

Per meos fines et apriea rura
Lenis incedas, abeasque parvis

Aequus alumnis :
Si tener pleno cadit hoedus anno,
Larga nec desunt Veneris fodali
Vina craterae ; vetus ara multo

Fumat odore :
Ludit herboso pecus omne campo,
Cum tibi Nonae redeunt Decembres :
Feftus in pratis vacat otiofo

Cum bove pagus :
Inter audaces lupus errat agnos:
Spargit agreftes tibi filva frondes:
Gaudet invisam pepuliffe fosfor

Ter pede terram.




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