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fumed Phaeton strikes terror into ambitious hopes, and the winged Pegafus, not ftomaching to bear the earth-born rider Bellerophon, affords a terrible example, that you ought always to pursue things that are fuitable to you; and that you fhould avoid a disproportioned match, by thinking it a crime to entertain a hope beyond what is allowable. Come then, thou last of my loves (for hereafter I fhall burn for no other woman) learn with me fuch measures, as you may recite with your lovely voice: our gloomy cares fhall be mitigated with an ode.



Horace invites him to fupper, upon confideration that he brings fomething towards the entertainment along with him.


HE Thracian * breezes, thofe attendants on the fpring, that moderate the raging fea, now fill the fails; now neither are the meadows stiff with froft, nor roar the rivers, fwollen with winter's fnow. The unhappy bird,† that piteously bemoans the fate of Itys, and is the eternal difgrace of the houfe of Cecrops; because the wickedly revenged the cruel liberties that kings will take, now builds P 5

* Zephyrs blowing from Thrace.


The Swallow into which Progne was metamorphofed for revenging the rape of Philomela, by ferving up Tereus's fon Itys to him in a banquet.

Dicunt in tenero gramine pinguium
Cuftodes ovium carmina fiftula;
Delectantque [a] Deum, cui pecus et nigri
Colles Arcadiae placent.

Adduxere fitim tempora, Virgili :
Sed preffum Calibus ducere Liberum
Si geftis, juvenum nobilium cliens,

Nardo vina mcrebere:

Nardi parvus onyx eliciet cadum,
Qui nunc Sulpitis accubat horreis,
Spes donare novas largus, amaraque
Curarum eluere efficax.

Ad quae
fi properas gaudia, cum tua
Velox merce veni: non ego te meis
Immunem meditor tingere proculis,
Plena dives ut in domo.

Verum pone moras et ftudium lucri;
Nigrorumque memor, dum licet, ignium,
Mifce ftultitiam confiliis brevem :

Dulce eft defipere in loco.

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her neft. The keepers of the fheep play tunes the pipe amidit the tender herbage, and delights that god, to whom flocks and the fhady. hills of Arcadia are agreeable. The time of year, O Virgil, has brought on a drought: but if you defire to quaff wine from the Calenian prefs, you that are a conftant companion of young noblemen, muft earn your liquor by bringing fome fpikenard: a fmall box of fpikenard fhail draw out a cafk, which now lies in the Sulpician ftore-house, bounteous in the indulgence of fresh hopes, and efficacious in the wafhing away the bitterness of care. To which joys if you haften, come instantly with your merchandife: I do not intend to dip you in my cups fcot-free, like a man of wealth in a houfe abounding with plenty. But however, lay afide delay, and the defire of gain; and, mindful of the gloomy funeral flames, intermix, while you may, your grave ftudies with a little light gaiety: it is delightful to give a loofe on a proper occafion.


* Pan.



Infultat ei quod contemnatur a juvenculis. AUDIVERE, Lyce, Di mea vota, Di

Audivere, Lyce: fis anus, et tamen Vis formofa videri ;

Ludifque et bibis impudens ;

Et cantu tremulo pota Cupidinem
Lentum folicitas. ille virentis et
Doftae pfallere Chiae

Pulchris excubat in genis,
Importunus enim tranfvolat aridas
Quercus, et refugit te, quia luridi

Dentes, te, quia rugae

Turpant, et capitis nives.

Nec Coae referunt jam tibi purpurae,

Nec [a] clari lapides tempora, quae femel
Notis condita faftis

Inclufit volucris dies.

Quo fugit Venus? Heu! quove color? decens
Quo motus? Quid habes illius, illius,

Quae fpirabat amores,

Quae me furpuerat mihi?"

Felix poft Cynaram, notaque et artium

Gratarum facies: fed Cynarae breves
Annos fata dederunt,

Servatura diu parem






[a] Nec cari lapides.



He infults her on being the contempt of the young



HE gods have heard my prayers, oh Lyce,oh, Lyce, the gods have heard my prayers: you are become an old woman, and yet you would have the appearance of a beauty; and you wanton and drink in an audacious manner; and when in for it, folicit tardy Cupid with an affected quavering of voice. He bafks in the charming cheeks of the blooming Chia, who is a proficient on the lyre. The teazing urchin flies over blafted oaks, and starts back at the fight of you, because foul teeth, because wrinkles and fnowy hair render you odious. Now neither Coan purples, nor fparkling jewels, reftore thofe years which winged time has inferted in the public annals. Whither is beauty gone? alas! or whither your bloom? Whither your graceful deportment? What have you remaining of her, of her who breathed loves, and ravifhed me from myfelf? Happy in accomplishments next to Cynara, and diftinguished for an afpect of graceful delicacies: but, the fates granted but a few years to Cynara, intending to preferve for a long time Lyce


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