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less of death, and that of hardy Iberia obeys thee the Sicambrians, who delight in flaughter, laying aside their arms, revere.


To AUGUSTUS, on the Restoration of Peace.

PHOEBUS chided me, when I was meditating

to sing of battles and conquered cities on the lyre; that I might not fet my little fails along the vaft Tyrrhenian fea. Your age, oh Cæfar, has both restored plenteous crops to the fields, and has brought back to our Jupiter* the Roman standards, torn from the proud pillars of the Parthians; and

shut up the temple of Janus founded by Romulus, now free from the war; and has impofed a due discipline upon head-strong licentiousness, and has extirpated crimes, and recalled the antient arts ; by which the Latine name and strength of Italy have increased, and the fame and majesty of the empire is extended from the sun's western bed, even to the east. While Cæfar is at the head of affairs, neither civil rage, nor violence, shall disturb the general tranquillity; nor hatred which forges fwords and fets at variance unhappy states. Not those,

who * The temple of Jupiter Capitolinus.

85 .

Non qui profundum Danubium bibung,
Edicta rumpent Julia ; non Getae,
Non Seres, infidive Perfae,

Non Tanaim prope flumen orti.
Nosque et profestis lucibus et facris,
Inter jocosi munera Liberi,
Cum prole, matronisque noftris,

Rite Deos prius apprecati,
Virtute functos, more patrum, duces,
Lydis remifto carmine tibiis,
Trojamque, et Anchisen, et almae

Progeniem Veneris canemus.



who drink of the deep Danube, shall now break the Julian edicts; not the Getae, not the Seres, or the perfidious Persians, nor those born upon the river Tanais. And let us, both on common and festal days, amidst the gifts of joyous Bacchus, together with our wives and families, having first duly invoked the gods, celebrate, after the manner of our ancestors, with songs accompanied with Lydian pipes, our late valiant commanders, and Troy, and Anchises, and the offspring of benign Venus.





C A R M E N I.

Ad bellum Altiacum profecturo comitem fe offert.
BIS Liburnis inter alta navium,

Amice, propugnacula,
Paratus omne Cæsaris periculum
Subire, Maecenas, tuo.

5 Quid nos ? Quibus te vita [a] fi fuperftite

Jucunda; fi contra, gravis : Utrumne jussi persequemur otium Non dulce, ni tecum simul ?

An [-] Vita fit superstite.

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Horace offers to accompany him on his departure for the

Astian expedition YOU will go my friend Maecenas, with Libur

nian gallies amongst the towering forts of Antony's large ships, ready at your own hazard to undergo any of Cæsar's dangers. What shall I do? to whom life may indeed be agreeable if you survive, but, if otherwise, it will be insupportable. Whether shall I at your commands pursue my eafe, which cannot be pleasing unless in your company?


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