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An hunc laborem mente laturi, decet
Qua ferre non molles viros?
Feremus; et te, vel per Alpium juga,
Inhofpitalem et Caucafum,

Vel occidentis ufque ad ultimum finum
Forti fequemur pectore.

Roges, tuum labore quid juvem meo,
Imbellis ac firmus parum?

Comes minore [a] fum futurus in metu,
Qui major abfentes habet :

Ut aflidens implumibus pullis avis
Serpentium allapfus timet

Magis relictis; non, ut adfit, auxili
Latura plus praefentibus.
Libenter hoc et omne militabitur
Bellum in tuae fpem gratiae:

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Non ut juvencis [b] illigata pluribus
Aratra [c] nitantur meis;
Pecufve Calabris ante fidus fervidum
Lucana mutet pafcuis :

Nec ut [d] fuperni villa candens Tufculi

Circaea tangat moenia

Satis fuperque nte benignitas tua

Ditavit: haud paravero,

Quod aut, avarus ut Chremes, terra premam ;

Difcinctus aut perdam ut nepos.

[a] Sim futurus in metu. HEINS.

[b] Juvencis alligata pluribus.
[c] Aratra nectantur meis.
[d] Nec ut fupini. BENTL

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or fhall I endure the toil with fuch a courage as becomes uneffeminate men to bear-I will bear it; and with an intrepid foul will I follow you, either through the fummits of the Alps, and the inhofpitable Caucafus, or to the furtheft western bay. You may ask, perhaps, how I, unwarlike and infirm, can affift your labours by mine? While I am your companion I fhall be in lefs anxiety, which takes poffeffion of the abfent in a greater meafure. As the bird that has unfledged young, is in greater dread of ferpents approaches, when they are left ;Not that if fhe fhould be prefent when they came, fhe could be of any more fervice. Not only this, but every other war, fhall be chearfully embraced by me for the hopes of your favour: and this not that my ploughs fhould labour yoked to a greater number of teams of mine own oxen; or that my cattle before the fcorching dog-ftar fhould change the Calabrian for the Lucanian pasture: neither that my white country box fhould reach (approach in magnificence) the Circaean* walls of lofty Tufculum. Your generofity has already enriched me enough, and more than enough: I fhall never with to amafs, what either, like the mifer Chremes in the play, I may bury in the earth, or luxuriously fquander like a prodigal rake.


Circaean, because Tufculum was built by Telegonus the fon of Circe-Telegoni juga parricida.



Alphius foenerator, velut artis fuae pertaefus, laudat
vitam rufticam; fed mox, avaritia victus, ad inge
nium priftinum, vivendi rationem redit.
BEATUS ille, qui procul negotiis,
Ut prifca gens mortalium,

Paterna rura bobus exercet fuis,
Solutus omni foenore;

Nec excitatur claffico miles truci,
Nec horret iratum mare;

Forumque vitat, et fuperba civium
Potentiorum limina.

Ergo aut adulta vitium propagine
Altas maritat populos:
Aut in reducta valle mugientium
Profpectat errantes greges;
Inutilefque falce ramos amputans,
Feliciores inferit:

Aut preffa puris mella condit amphoris;

Aut tondet infirmas oves.

Vel, cum decorum mitibus pomis caput.

Autumnis arvis extulit,

Ut gaudet infitiva decerpens pyra,

Certantem et uvam purpurae,

Qua muneretur te, Priape, et te, pater

Sylvane, tutor finium !

Libet jacere modo fub antiqua ilice,
Modo in tenaci gramine:

Labuntur altis interim [a] rivis aquae;

[a] Altis interim ripis.




25 Que


The PRAISES of a COUNTRY LIFE. Alphius the ufurer, weary as it were with his craft, praifes a country life; but shortly overcome with avarice, he returns to his natural bent, and his old way of living.

HAPPY the man, who remote from business,

after the manner of the ancient race of mortals, cultivates his paternal lands with his own oxen, difengaged from every kind of ufury; he is neither alarmed with the horrible trumpet, as a foldier, nor dreads he the angry fea; he fhuns both the bar, and the proud portals of the men in Wherefore he either weds the lofty poppower. lars to the mature branches of the vine; or lopping off the ufelefs boughs with his pruning-knife, he ingrafts more fruitful ones; or takes a profpect of the herds of his lowing cattle wandering about in a lonely vale; or ftores his honey, preffed from the combs, in clean vessels; or fhears his tender fheep. Or, when autumn has lifted up in the fields his head adorned with mellow fruits, how glad is he while he gathers the pears grafted by himself, and the grape that vies with the purple, with which he may recompenfe thee, Oh Priapus, and thee, father Sylvanus, the guardian of his boundaries! fometimes he delights to lie under an aged holm-tree, fometimes on the matted grafs : mean while the waters glide down from steep clefts; the birds warble in the woods; and the fountains murmur with their purling ftreams,


Queruntur in filvis aves ;

Frontefque lymphis obftrepunt manantibus,
Somnos quod invitet leves

At cum tonantis annus hibernus Jovis

Imbres nivefque. comparat;

Aut trudit acres hinc et hinc multa cane

Apros in obftantes plagas :

Aut amite levi rara tendit retia,

Turdis edacibus dolos;


Pavidumque leporem, et advenam laqueo gruem 35

Jucunda captat praemia.

Quis non malarum, quas amor curas habet,

Haec inter oblivifcitur?

Quod fi pudica mulier in partem juvet

Domum atque dulces liberos,


(Sabina qualis, aut perufta folibus

Pernicis uxor Appuli)

Sacrum vetuftis extruat lignis focum,

Laffi fub adventum viri;

[blocks in formation]

Hiems ad hoc vertat mare:

Non Afra avis defcendat in ventrem meum,

Non attagen Ionicus

Jucundior, quam lecta de pinguiffimis

Oliva ramis arborum,



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