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ruore rubros obstetríx pannos lavit, tcunque fortis exfilis puerpera.



UID obferatis auribus fundis preces?

Non faxa nudis surdiora navitis
Jeptunus alto tundit hibernus falo..

55 multus ut tu riseris Cotyttia

ulgata, facrum liberi Cupidinis ? Ct Esquilini pontifex venefici mpune et Urbem nomine impleris meo? Quid proderit ditafTe Pelignas anus elociufve mifcuiffe toxicum, i [a] tardiora fata te votis manent? ngrata misero vita ducenda est, in hoc, Jovis út ufque fuppetas doloribus. Optat quietem Pelopis [b] infidi pater, 65 Cgens benignae Tantalus semper dapis ; Optat Promatheus obligatus aliti : ptat fupremo collocare Sisyphus n monte faxum : fed vetant leges Jovis. Toles modo altis defilire turribus,

70 Todo ense pectus Norico recludere; raftraque vincla gutturi innectes tuo,


[a] Sed tardiora fata.
ib) Pelopis infidus pater.

womb fruitful one ; and, whenever you bring forth, you spring up with unabated vigour.

CANIDIA's ANSWER. WHY do you pour forth your intreaties to cars

that are obstinately shut up against them? The wintry ocean, with its briny teinpests, does not lath rocks more deaf to the cries of the naked mariners. What shall you, without being made an example of, deride the Cotyttiant mysteries, sacred to unrestrained love, which were divulged by you ? And shall you, assuming the office of Pontiff, with regard to my Esquilian incantations, fill the city with my name, unpunished ? What will it avail me to have enriched the Pelignian forceresses, with my charins, and to have prepared poison of more expedition than others, if a flower fate awaits you than is agreeable to my wishes ? An irksome life shall be protracted by you, wretch as you are, only for this purpose, that you may perpetually be able to endure new tortures. Tantalus, the fire of the perfidious Pelops, always in want of that plenteous banquet, which is always before him, wishes for refpite : Prometheus, chained to the vulture, wishes for rejt: Sisyphus wishes to place the stone upon the summit of the mountain : but the laws of Jupiter forbid. Thus you, in hopes of relief, shall defire at one time to leap down from an high tower, at another to lay open your breast with the Noric sword; and, grieving with your tedious indisposition, thall tie nooses about your neck in vain.

For † Cotytto, or Cotys, was the goddess of impurity,


Fastidiosa tristis aegrimonia.
Tectabor humeris tunc


eques :
Teaeque terra cedet insolentiae.
An quae movere cereas imagines,
Ut ipfe nofti curiosus) et polo
Deripere lunam vocibus [a] poflim meis,
Poflim crematos excitare murtuos,
Defiderique temperare poculum ;
Plorem artis in te [b] nil valentis exitum!



[a] Vocibus poffum meis, poffum.
[b Nullum habentis cxitum.

For I at that time will ride on your odious shoulders; and the whole earth shall acknowledge my unexampled power. What shall I, who can give motion to waxen images (as you yourself, inquisitive as you are, were convinced of) and snatch the moon from heaven by my incantations ; I, who can raise the dead after they are burned, and duly prepare the potion of love ; Shall I bewail the successdels event of my art having no efficacy upon you.

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: 3:OPI profanum vulgus, et arceo.


Favete linguis : carmina non prius
Audita Mufarum facerdos
Virginibus puerisque canto.

The Secular Poem. The Poet to the People.

In conformity to the opinion of M. SANADON, and many other ingenious editors of our author, it is here thought proper to collect together in one view, the several parts the Secular Ode may be supposed to have originally coufisted of. Whether or no the generality of competent judges of antiquity and Horatian elegance, be convinced that this is the form in which its author wrote, and Rome admired it; moft, I believe, will allow, that in this condi. tion every part is consistent, each division adds dignity to the whole, and that there arises a poem which is at once the finest monument of heathen worship, and perhaps the noblest fpecimen of lyric poetry that is any where remaining.-Tranlations of the several parts will be found by the references in the margia.

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