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Præliis audax neque té filebo,
Liber, & fævis inimica virgo
Belluis; nec te, metuende certa
Phoebe fagitta.

Dicam & Alciden, puerofque Ledæ;
Hunc equis, illum fuperare pugnis
Nobilem: quorum fimul alba nautis
Stella refulfit,

Defluit faxis agitatus humor;
Concidunt venti, fugiuntque nubes;
Et minax (quod fic (a) voluere) ponto
Unda recumbit.

Romulum poft hos prius, an quietum
Pompili regnum memorem, an fuperbos:
Tarquini fafces, dubito, an Catonis

Nobile lethum.

Regulum, et Scauros, animæque magnæ
Prodigum Paulum, fuperante Pœno,
Gratus infigni referam Camena,


Hunc, & incomtis Curium capillis
Utilem bello tulit, & Camillum
Sæva paupertas, & avitus apto
Cum lare fundus.





Crefcit, occulto velut arbor ævo
Fama Marcelli: micat inter omnes


Julium fidus, velut inter ignes

Luna minores.

Gentis humanæ pater atque cuftos,
Orte Saturno, tibi cura magni

(a) Sic Di voluere. HEINS. BENTL.



Neither will I pafs thee by in filence, O Bacchus, bold in combat: nor thee, O virgin,* who art an enemy to the favage beasts; nor thee, O Phoebus, formidable for your unerring dart. I will fing alfe of Hercules, and the two fonst of Leda, the one illustrious for his atchievements on horfeback, the other on foot; whofe benign conftellation, as foon as it has fhone forth to the sailors, the troubled furge falls down from the rocks, the winds cease, the clouds vanish, and the threatening waves fubfide in the fea, becaufe it was their will. After thefe, I am in doubt whom I fhall first commemorate, whether Romulus, or the peaceful reign of Numa, or the haughty enfigns of Tarquinius, or the glorious death of Cato? I will celebrate, out of gratitude, with the choiceft verfes, Regulus, and the Scauri, and Paulus, prodigal of his great foul, when Carthage conquer'd, and alfe Fabricius.

Severe poverty, and an hereditary farm, with a dwelling adapted to it, form'd this hero ufeful in war, as it did alfo Curius with his rough locks, and Camillus. The fame of Marcellus increafes, as a tree does in the infenfible progrefs of time. But the Julian constellation fhines amidst them all, as the moon amongst the leffer stars. O thou fon of Saturn, the author and preferver of the human race; the protection of Cæfar is committed to thy VOL, I. C charge

* Diana.

+ Caftor and Pollux,
Tarquinius Prifcus.

$ Emilius Paulus.

Cæfaris fata data: tu fecundo
Cæfare regnes.

Ille feu Parthos Latio imminentes
Egerit jufto domitos triumpho,
Sive fubjectos orientis oræ
Seras & Indos:

Te minor latum (a) reget æquus urbem :
Tu grayi curru quaties Olympum;


u parum caftis inimica mittes

Fulmina lucis.


CUM tu, Lydia, Telephi

Cervicem rofeam, cerea Telephi

Laudas, brachia, væ, meum

Fervens difficili bile tumet jecur. Tunc nec mens mihi, nec color Certa fede manet: humor et in

Furtim labitur, arguens


Quam lentis penitus macerer ignibus. Uror, feu tibi candidos

Turparunt humeros immodica mero Rixe five puer furens

Impreffit memorem dente labris notam. Non, fi me fatis audias,

Speres perpetuum, dulcia barbare Lædentem ofcula, quæ Venus

Quinta (b) parte fui nectaris imbuit. Felices ter, & amplius,

Quos irrupta tenet copula; nec malis Divulfus querimoniis,

Suprema citius folvet amor die.

(a) Lætum. (b) Quanta. DE PRADO,





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charge by the fates: thou fhalt reign fupreme with Cæfar for thy fecond. Whether he fhall fubdue with a just victory the Parthians making inroads upon Italy, or fhall render fubject the Šeres and Indians on the eastern coasts; he fhall rule the wide world with equity, in fubordination only to thee: thou shalt shake Olympus with thy tremendous car: thou shalt hurl thy hoftile thunderbolts against the polluted groves.


Horace defcribes his own Jealoufy.

LYDIA, when you commend Telephus's rofy neck, and the waxen arms of Telephus, alas my inflamed liver fwells with bitter choler, At that time, neither is my mind firm, nor does my colour maintain a certain fituation:* and the involuntary tears glide on my cheek, demonftrating with what lingering flames I am inwardly confumed. I am on fire, whether exceffive quarrels in your cups have flained your fair fhoulders; or whether the youth, in his fury, has impreffed with his teeth a memorial of himself on your lips. If you'll give due attention to my advice, never expect that he will be conftant, who inhumanly wounds those sweet kiffes, which Venus has steep'd in the quinteffence of her own nectar. O more than thrice happy are those, whom an indissoluble connection binds together; and whofe love, undivided by impious complainings, does not feparate them fooner than the day of death.

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* That is, my reason is confused, and my colour comes and goes.


NAVIS, referent in mare novi
Fluctus? O quid agis? Fortiter occupa
Portum nonne vides, ut

Nudum remigio latus,

Et malus celeri faucius Africa,
Antennæque gemant; ac fine funibus

Vix durare carinæ

Poffint imperiofius

Equor? Non tibi funt integra lintea;
Non Di, quos iterum preffa voces malo.

Quamvis Pontica pinus,

Silvæ filia nobilis

Jactes & genus, & nomen inutile:

Nil pictis timidus navita puppibus
Fidit, tu, nifi ventis

Debes ludibrium, cave.

Nuper follicitum quæ mihi tædium,
Nunc defiderium, curaque non levis,

Interfufa nitentes

Vites æquora Cycladas.


Nerei vaticinium de ruina Troja.

PASTOR cum traheret per freta navibus
Idæis Helenam perfidus hofpitam ;

Ingrato celeres obruit otio

Ventos, ut caneret fera

Nereus fata. Mala ducis avi domum,

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