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[The following Announcements will explain the History of

the present Work.]



DURING the last forty years, many excellent Sermons, Tracts, and Pamphlets, have appeared on the subject of Missions to the Heathen ; but the want of a comprehensive work, embracing all the topics directly and collaterally involved in the general theme, has long been felt and very generally acknowledged. It has occurred to a few friends of the Missionary enterprise in Scotland, that this desideratum in our Christian literature might be supplied by means of friendly competition, were the theme of Missions proposed as the subject of a Prize Essay. Dispensing, for the present, with the consideration of the causes that may instrumentally have retarded the progress of Christianity throughout the world, and with the investigation of the most approved methods of practically conducting Missions abroad, a Prize of Two HUNDRED GUINEAS is hereby offered for the best Essay; and another Prize of FIFTY GUINEAS for the second best Essay, on “The Duty, Privilege, and Encouragement of Christians to send the Gospel of Salvation to the unenlightened Nations of the Earth.” The grand object of Missions, viz., the regeneration of a lost world, through the allsufficient atonement of the Lord our Righteousness and the renewing of the Holy Ghost, must be distinctly unfolded, and vindicated from the Sacred Scriptures. The Duty, Privilege, &c., must be illustrated as enjoined or sanctioned by Divine commands, Evangelical motives, and explicit prophecies, as well as recommended by a review of the beneficial effects of Christianity on the civilization of the world and the reflex influence of the Missionary enterprise in improving the Spiritual tone and condition of the Reformed Churches. Under the head of Duty, must be comprehended the obligation to advance the kingdom of the Redeemer by means of prayer, counsel, pecuniary contribution, and personal services. Answers must also be furnished to all the most plausible objections that have from time to time been urged against the cause of Missions.

In order at once to demonstrate the Catholicity of the present design, and inspire universal confidence in the rectitude of the decision, the following Gentlemen have been requested, and have kindly consented, to become adjudicators, viz. The Rev. DAVID WELSH, D.D., Professor of Church History

in the University of Edinburgh. The Rev. RALPH WARDLAW, D.D., Glasgow. The Rev. HENRY MELVILL, B.D., Camberwell, late Fellow

and Tutor of St. Peter's College, Cambridge.
The Rev. JABEZ BUNTING, D.D., President of the Wesleyan

Conference, London.
The Rev. THOMAS CRISP, President of the Baptist College,


The Essays will be received on or before 1st June, 1839, by the Secretaries of the Church of England, Baptist, and Wesleyan Missionary Societies, at the respective Mission Houses in London ; and by the Rev. Dr. Brunton, Convener, or Rev. Dr. Gordon, Secretary of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland's Committee for Foreign Missions, Edinburgh. Each must be accompanied with a Sealed Letter, enclosing the Name and Address of the Author—the Letter and Essay bearing some motto or superscription common to both. No Essay need be forwarded which is not written or copied, in a clear, distinct, legible hand. The Adjudicators are expected to make their decision known on or before 1st June, 1840; after which date, the Essays will be returned, on proper application at the several Offices where they were originally left, with the letters unopened, except those accompanying the successful Treatises. Half of the Profits arising from the Sale of the Copyright of the Essay, to which the Prize of Two Hundred Guineas shall be awarded, to be given to the Author ; the other half to be applied to such object, promotive of the great cause of Missions, as the Contributors to the present Prize may deem most expedient.

In name of the Contributors,

Professor of Divinity in the University of Glasgow.

Professor of Divinity in the University of Edinburgh. ALEXANDER DUFF, D.D.,

Church of Scotland Mission, Calcutta.

February 5th, 1838.


The Committee have now to announce that the Adjudicators have given in their Decision.

The First Prize, of Two Hundred Guineas, has been awarded to the Rev. Dr. John Harris, Author of “ Mammon,” &c. &c.

The Second Prize, of Fifty Guineas, to the Rev. Richard Winter Hamilton, of Belgrave Chapel, Leeds.


Secretary and Treasurer.

Glasgow, October 29th, 1841.

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