A new and literal translation of Juvenal and Persius; with notes by M. Madan. [2 issues].

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Strana 288 - For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.
Strana 252 - Ne collapsa ruant subductis tecta columnis. Stratus humi palmes viduas desiderat ulmos. Esto bonus miles, tutor bonus, arbiter idem Integer. Ambiguae si quando citabere testis 80 Incertaeque rei ; Phalaris licet imperet, ut sis Falsus, et admoto dictet perjuria tauro, Summum crede nefas animam praeferre pudori, Et propter vitam vivendi perdere causas.
Strana 108 - For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall.
Strana 275 - I'll tell you, friend! a wise man and a fool. You'll find, if once the monarch acts the monk Or, cobbler-like, the parson will be drunk, Worth makes the man, and want of it the fellow, The rest is all but leather or prunella.
Strana 194 - Audio quid veteres olim moneatis amici. " Pone seram, cohibe." Sed quis custodiet ipsos Custodes ? Cauta est et ab illis incipit uxor.
Strana 190 - Hannibal et stantes Collina turre mariti. nunc patimur longae pacis mala, saevior armis luxuria incubuit victumque ulciscitur orbem.
Strana 125 - The praise of Bacchus then the sweet musician sung, Of Bacchus ever fair, and ever young. The jolly god in triumph comes ; Sound the trumpets, beat the drums ; Flushed with a purple grace He shows his honest face : Now give the hautboys breath ; he comes, he comes.
Strana 34 - Rutulumque ferocem Committas, nulli gravis est percussus Achilles Aut multum quaesitus Hylas urnamque secutus ; Ense velut stricto quoties Lucilius ardens Infremuit, rubet auditor, cui frigida mens est Criminibus, tacita sudant praecordia culpa.
Strana 68 - quando artibus' inquit 'honestis nullus in urbe locus, nulla emolumenta laborum, res hodie minor est here quam fuit atque eadem eras deteret exiguis aliquid, proponimus illuc ire, fatigatas ubi Daedalus exuit alas, 25 dum nova canities, dum prima et recta senectus, dum superest Lachesi quod torqueat et pedibus me porto meis nullo dextram subeunte bacillo.
Strana 3 - satirical poets, Horace, " Juvenal, and Persius, may contribute wonderfully to give a " man a detestation -of vice, and a contempt of the common " methods of mankind ; which they have set out in such true "colours, that they must give a very generous sense to those " who delight in reading them often.

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