Life of Sir William Rowan Hamilton: Knt., LL. D., D. C. L., M. R. I. A., Andrews Professor of Astronomy in the University of Dublin, and Royal Astronomer of Ireland, Etc. Etc.: Including Selections from His Poems, Correspondence, and Miscellaneous Writings, Zväzok 3

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Hodges, Figgis, & Company, 1889

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W R H July 12 Dublin election Beautiful aspect of city and river
A De M Aug 23 F Bailys correspondence Your handwriting diminish
W R H Sep 2 Satisfaction about the Wolfe autograph My Preface
W R H April 25 Quaternions a Calculus
A De M Oct 5 Irish bulls Boole has got hold of the true connexion
W R H May 12 Algebra the Science of Pure Time Kant P S Triplets
W R H Jan 2831 J T Graves confirms recollections about Argand Buée
W R H April 4 Returned from fairyland an investigation in the applica
W R H July 7 A new symbol of operation
A De M July 29 Disputes both you and Encke
A De M Oct 4 Guild of Literature and Art C Dickens F Bailys
W R H July 16 Book Lectures on Quaternions actually
A De M Jan 10 Death of his daughter Horners Method and its author
W R H May 12 20 Calculation with quaternions geometrical interpretation
A DeM July 10 Rule for giving an extempore lecture Stevinus Joseph
A De M Nov 20 Cauchys principal value Curves that do not inclose
A De M July 13 Puns Pitching into a joker a good service Jokes
A De M May 4 Newtons Varenius Story for story What is history?
W R H Dec 14 Transition from Double to Quadruple Algebra
W R H Jan 4 Cauchy admire his mathematical talents My investiga
W R H Dec 1 Deference to your criticisms
A De M Mar 6 Inferential nonaffirmation
A De M April 1 7 Ranges the authorities on both sides of the differential
W R H April 16 Line at infinity in given plane Plane and circle
W R H April4 6 10 Cipher Series for f x + h with a foreign and arbitrary
A De M June 26 Case in which both middles may be particular Double
A De M July 31 Seeing the very objects So words for objects Distance
Letters with an Asterisk are to be found at pages 623632
page 537
W R H Oct 26 Asks for a sketch of the history of Double Algebra
A DeM April 11 Anticipation of your theorem by Murphy Anticipation

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