Early Feminists and the Education Debates: England, France, Germany, 1760-1810

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Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2007 - 319 strán (strany)
This book examines late eighteenth- and early nineteenth century debates on the education of girls and women from spectrum of transnational as well as culturally specific ideological standpoints. As educational reformists of the [illegible] could not expect acceptance of their views, they [illegible] adapted several genres, including periodicals, [illegible] plans, treatises, petitions, manifestos, curricular plans, [illegible] fictional letters to sway potentially hostile audiences. Roche, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, Nicholas [illegible] de Condorcet, Catharine Macaulay, Mary [illegible] Theodor von Hippel, Amalia Holst, and Betty Gleim. [illegible] background on women's education in German lands, England, and France, as well as on relevant political events, [illegible] for novice readers in this field to fully [illegible] discussion of the texts examined in the major chapters. [illegible] Strauss Sotiropoulos teaches at Northern Michigan University.

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