Flavian Poetry

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Ruurd Robijn Nauta, Harm-Jan Van Dam, Johannes Jacobus Louis Smolenaars
BRILL, 2006 - 408 strán (strany)
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The reign of the Flavian emperors (69-96) saw the production of a large and varied body of Latin poetry: the epics of Valerius Flaccus, Silius Italicus and Statius, the "Silvae" of the same Statius, and the Epigrams of Martial. This poetry, long seen as derivative or decadent, is now increasingly appreciated for the daring originality of its responses both to the Latin literary tradition and to the contemporary Roman world. In the summer of 2003, the first-ever international conference on Flavian poetry, was held at Groningen, The Netherlands, bringing together leading scholars in the field from Europe, North America and Australasia. This volume offers a selection of the papers delivered on that occasion.

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Quintilian and the perception of the system of poetic genres in the Flavian age
The recusatio in Flavian poetry
Luxury and love The encomium as aestheticisation of power in Flavian poetry
The female gaze in Flavian epic Looking out from the walls in Valerius Flaccus and Statius
Sailing and seastorm in Valerius Flaccus and Statius
Silius Italicus and the Roman Sublime
Rome then and now Linking the Saguntum and Cannae episodes in Silius Italicus Punica
Queen Dirce and the Spartoi Wandering through Statius Theban past and the Thebaids early printed editions
Satirical elements in Statius Silvae A literary and sociological approach
Identity and irony Martials tenth book Horace and the tradition of Roman satire
The unity of Martials Epigrams
Contextualizing Martials metres
Invaluable collections The illusion of poetic presence in Martials Xenia and Apophoreta
Martial and the writer Canius Rufus
Identified quotations and literary models The example of Martial 241
Martials modes of mourning Sepulchral epitaphs in the Epigrams

The perils of prophecy Statius Amphiaraus and his literary antecedents
The Silvae and epic
Multiple imitation of epic models in the Silvae
Statius Ovidian poetics and the tree of Atedius Melior Silvae 23
Ideology and poetics along the Via Domitiana Statius Silv 43

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O tomto autorovi (2006)

Ruurd R. Nauta is Professor of Latin at Groningen University. He is the author of Poetry for Patrons. Literary Communication in the Age of Domitian (Brill, 2002), and co-editor of Catullus' Poem on Attis (Brill, 2005).
Harm-Jan van Dam is Associate Professor of Latin at Free University Amsterdam. He is the author of Statius Silvae II, A Commentary (Brill, 1984) and Hugo Grotius De imperio summarum potestatum circa sacra (Brill, 2001).
Johannes J.L. Smolenaars is Associate Professor of Latin at Amsterdam University. He is the author of Statius Thebaid VII, A Commentary (Brill, 1994), and published widely on Virgil, Ovid, Seneca tragicus and Statius.

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