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In this issue of The Outlook

Vol. 141

September 30, 1925

No. 5


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The Railroad Centennial .

By LAWRENCE F. ABBOTT China's Friends at Johns Hopkins . Special Correspondence from Baltimore

by Sydney GREENBIE The Worm in the Rose What's Wrong with Reclamation ? An Interview by William C. Grego with HUBERT Work, Secretary of

the Interior
Hamlet in a Lounge Suit

A London Drama Letter by C. Lewis



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Cover: Hamlet upbraids his mother. Courtesy

of the London Sphere
Contributors' Gallery
By the Way
Courage and Light
Three Answers Wanted
Exit Hylan
In La Follette's State.
New Developments in Radio
Let it serve for table talk

Cartoons of the Week
Tuning in Easily
The Tides of Fundy
Men America Could Ill Afford to Lose
The French Debt.
The Little War in Syria
The Troubles of the League
The Voice of the Bells
Carillons in Sky-Scrapers. Why Not?
What's Wrong with Reclamation ?
Ideas in Quarantine
The Spirit of the Northwest

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Irish “ Wit" and Irish « Humor"


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The Book Table :

The Yankee Lord
Current Books

Notes on New Books .
The Mail Bag: Deliberate Distraction;

Leadership and the Rules of the
Game; Triumphant Ices

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Why Play

Tennis ?

Vincent Richards celebrates the close of the tennis season by answering this question for Outlook readers.

He has, too, a stirring story to tell of the ambition and achievements of René La Coste.

Published weekly by The Outlook Company, 120 East 16th Street, New York. Copyright, 1925, by The Outlook Company. By subscription $5.00 a'year for the United States and Canada. Single copies 15 cents each. Foreign

subscription to countries in the postal Union, $6.56.

HAROLD T. PULSIFER, President and Managing Editor

ERNEST HAMLIN ABBOTT, Editor-in-Chief and Secretary NATHAN T. PULSIFER, Vice-President

ARTHUR E. CARPENTER, Advertising Manager
LAWRENCE F. ABBOTT, Contributing Editor

The Thousandfold

Thrill of Life A de

By the Way


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Out. 2

Contributors' Gallery

HAW DESMOND is one of Ireland's

most brilliant novelists and lecturers.

An Irishman himself, he is an able in-
terpreter both of Irish politics and Irish
YDNEY GREENBIE has for years been a

close observer of Far Eastern affairs
and has lectured extensively on this sub-
ject all over America. He is the author
of two successful books, "Japan, Real

and Imaginary” and “The Pacific Trianhorny-handed and sin-seared skipper, a gle.” A third book, "Gold of Ophir, or

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The Outlook

Volume 141

September 30, 1925

Number 5

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Courage and Light

series on prohibition which appeared in associates include such men as General *F that report represents the spirit of The Outlook during the past year. By James G. Harbord, Admiral Frank

the churches to-day, I belong back the facts prohibition must be judged, Fletcher, Howard E. Coffin, and Senator in the ranks."

only through facts can the great social Hiram Bingham. At its opening session Such was the comment which we heard experiment be salvaged. It is a poor the Committee heard testimony from from one man who has been an habitual cause that cannot stand the light of Acting Secretary of War Dwight Davis, absentee from church services for a num- truth.

General Patrick, General Hines, and ber of years. It was made after reading

General Drum. the report issued by the Federal Council Three Answers Wanted

The second investigation is confined of Churches on the status of prohibition It is not often that a single field of exclusively to the cause of the wreck of enforcement in the United States.

governmental activity undergoes the giant dirigible Shenandoah. It is a The conclusions of this report were three investigations of National interest Naval Board inquiry, and its function is first published in The Outlook in our at the same time. That is the luck (or technical. issue of September 9. The report has misfortune) of the Air Service, naval and The third investigation awaits initiasince appeared in more extended form in military. The purpose of these three tion. It will undoubtedly result in the the daily press. We believe that the investigations should be sharply and court martial of Colonel William Mitchfrank and courageous report of the Fed- clearly defined.

ell for the manner of his criticisms of eral Council will be of greater assistance The first and most far reaching of all his superior officers. The court martial in the enforcement of the Prohibition is that conducted by the Air Board, re- will deal only with the question of disciLaw than all the rosy-tinted conclusions cently appointed by President Coolidge, pline. In that court Colonel Mitchell of prohibition propagandists which have to ascertain the best means of developing will be on trial, not the Air Service. hitherto appeared. The report of the and applying aviation in the National It is to be hoped that this court marFederal Council faces the facts just as defense. Dwight W. Morrow is the tial will result in the elimination of perMr. Mandeville faced the facts in his Chairman of the Air Board, and his able sonal recriminations from the discussions

[graphic][merged small]

The President and his Aircraft Investigating Committee. The chairman, Dwight W. Morrow, is the third from the left

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