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of our Air Service. The problem is com- tion. Within the State his political Those sympathetic with the National plicated enough without the injection of power was very nearly, if not quite, su- Republican organization will support, the hostilities and feuds of individuais. preme. La Follette politically was Wis- rather unhopefully, an independent nomconsin personified.

inee, Mr. Dithmar. Primaries in WisExit Hylan

During his lifetime he found an able consin are open to all kinds of voters; L OOKING across the continent, Mayor lieutenant in his son, Robert M. La Fol- and, moreover, the great majority of the Hylan, of New York City, saw

voters in Wisconsin are nominally ReJames Rolph, Jr., in his fourteenth year

publican. There is little indication that and fourth term as Mayor of San Fran

the death of Senator La Follette has cisco. Why should New York be de- Great Britain's made much change in what is called prived of the further services of the best

Progressivism in Wisconsin. Mayor it had ever had, as he had often Industrial been assured, simply because he had

New Developments in Radio already served two terms? The answer


A LEADING radio engineer from the was given on primary day, and it was

Mid-West attending the Radio expressed in the single word “Tam

" Great Britain is World's Fair and the National Radio many." Governor Smith, who had sup

Exposition in New York was asked if he ported him for election four years ago,

to-day uneasy over her

felt that the ultimate in radio had been led the fight against the Mayor on behalf

economic position. ..

attained. of James J. Walker, and won a great vic- A year ago it seemed

"No, indeed," he said; "radio is far tory.

as if the country were from the ultimate point of perfection. I Arrayed against the Mayor was practi

at last overcoming the should say it is now in the stage where cally every newspaper of the city with

aftermath of war.

the automobile was when the six-cylinder the exception of the Hearst press.

Twelve months of engine appeared on the market. We can Mayor Hylan's denunciation of the

so-called 'tranquillity'

always expect improvements and refinenewspapers as servants of the “traction

ments in broadcast receivers from year crowd” and of Wall Street was not in- have, however, revealed

to year, just as the motorist looks fortelligent, but it hardly warranted the


industrial change, ward to a new model car each season." treatment which the press gave him in

sudden, swift, and for

There was scarcely a unit of a receivthis campaign. Weak and faulty as Mr.

the worse.”

ing set on display at the New York Hylan's administration of the city has

shows which did not incorporate some been, it has not lacked certain merits.

What this change is,

improvement. Many of the refinements The newspapers of New York would

how it vitally affects were slight, but when all are grouped have had more influence in guiding pub

British labor, British together and wired within a cabinet they lic opinion if they had been discriminat


industry, and ing critics of John F. Hylan. As it is,

tend for a more perfect machine that can

be easily operated by any member of the it seems likely that if Tammany controls

politics, P. W. Wilson

family. the next administration it will pay as explains simply and

It was apparent to radio enthusiasts little heed to the criticism of the press as clearly in next week's

visiting the shows that improved tone John F. Hylan did.

issue of The Outlook.

quality, simplified control, and circuits Mr. Waterman, who won

To read this article is which dispense with batteries and use whelming victory in the Republican pri

the house-lighting current are the outmaries, is now Tammany's outstanding

to gain an understand

ing of one of the opponent. His problem is to secure sup

standing developments this season.

world's most pressing port of independent voters who find in

Manufacturers point out that the pub

lic now buys radio for its entertainment Tammany's history little reason for sup

economic problems.

value instead of to fulfill a desire to hunt porting Tammany's candidate. Mr.

about the dials for feeble waves from Hylan has said that if Tammany were to

far-away cities. This has forced engiwin New York would be “wide open.” lette, Jr.; and now that son is regarded neers to improve tone quality and make What reason is there for doubting it?

as his successor. This is partly because the radio set truly a musical instrument, In La Follette's State

the younger La Follette has explicitly capable of reproducing broadcasts with

subscribed to the political beliefs of his entire fidelity. Therefore the tin horn O UTSIDE of Wisconsin the late Robert

father, but in no small measure because loudspeakers have been the center of M. La Follette's personality had no he has an engaging personality of his attack, because this unit which transsuch magic influence as it had within the

He has won the nomination for forms the electrical impulses back into State. So far as Mr. La Follette was a the Senatorship to succeed his father sound has been responsible for much dispower in the National Government it was after a personal canvass of the voters. tortion in radio concerts. as a Senator from Wisconsin. His great- Nationally there is no party signifi- It was evident at the shows that the est achievements were in the reform of cance in Mr. La Follette's capture of the goose-neck loudspeaker is fast losing the State laws and the State administra- Republican nomination in Wisconsin. favor and is destined to the same fate as




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the horn of the early phonograph. The Hundreds of broadcast listeners who New Brunswick, the Dominion Governpopular reproducers this season are in have been waiting for a batteryless set ment, the United States Power Commisthe form of a disk about eighteen inches found receivers at the shows to satisfy sion, and the International Joint Comin diameter, or a unit built in an elabo- their expectations. Several models con

mission between the United States and rate cabinet resembling a piece of furni- nect directly to the house-light socket, Great Britain, which passes on matters ture. The housewife is largely responsi- just as an electric iron or toaster, and no relating to boundary waters. ble for the gradual disappearance of the batteries are required. Other manufac- This sounds formidable, but there is horn, because she is the chief advocate turers have demonstrated external “B” no real opposition to the plan and no of something more decorative than an battery eliminators, which can be at- trouble has developed internationally. ungainly funnel in the living-room. The

The people of New Brunswick are known want of a more artistic reproducer and

to be enthusiastic, and not only see no the fact that listeners are becoming more

injury to them in the proposed use of critical of tone quality necessitated the

the waters of Passamaquoddy Bay but development of the radio receiver pri

believe that the establishing of this vast marily as a musical instrument.

engineering plan will be directly benefi

cial to New Brunswick. Both in Canada There was one loudspeaker at the Grand Central Palace designed as an

and Maine the expenditure of perhaps attractive piece of furniture, and differ

$100,000,000 for construction work is ent from all others in performance and

welcome enough.

With the international and local asmode of operation. It gives distortionless reproduction at volume equal to a

pects thus favorable and with general band or orchestra. It employs a rigid

acceptance by engineers of the feasibility

of the plan, only cost, time, and the cone, energized by a powerful electromagnet, with a new super-power ampli

drawbacks of working in remote and unfier tube serving as the source of driving

developed districts remain to be considpower for the cone.

ered. There seems to be more than a This development embodies a new principle, which enables

mere probability that the bold designer operation from the 110-volt, 60-cycle,

of the scheme, Dexter P. Cooper, may alternating current of the house-lighting

see the proposed "mass production of mains. It faithfully covers the complete

energy” (perhaps 700,000 horse-power) acoustical range, from the lowest notes of

become an actuality and the tides be thus the organ to the highest pitch of the

harnessed through electricity to the will

Paul Wayland Bartlett soprano, and the volume can be regulated from a whisper to a torrent of tached to any existing vacuum tube set.

Men America Could Ill sound, without the slightest indication of There were not as many “A” battery distortion. eliminators on display as there were “B”

Afford to Lose current supply devices.

of all men whose service has been Tuning in Easily Based on the amount of business ex

National in extent have been NaECEIVERS have been greatly simpli

hibitors booked at the shows, the many tionally known. Seymour L. Cromwell, fied and numerous models displayed improvements and beauty of design dis

whose recent death as the result of an at the two radio shows in New York closed in September have won a host of accident ended a life that was still in its were equipped with a single dial. Other new followers for broadcasting, and old- prime, was known and honored in what

timers have been enticed to cast aside the circuits did away with dials and used

is known as Wall Street. He contributed new methods of tuning. One manufac

old models for a 1925-6 receiver, with as President of the Stock Exchange in a turer introduced a uni-control revolving

which they hope to cover more mileage marked degree to the stability and weldrum tuner. Another style made use of through the ether this winter, with

fare of the Nation, but it would not be a narrow rectangular scale, with a pointer fidelity of tone and a minimum of inter

easy to find any public record or actraveling up and down in a slit or tiny ference.

knowledgment of what he did. To him window, in which the numbers corre

the Stock Exchange was not a mere piece The Tides of Fundy sponding to the various wave lengths are

of stabilizing machinery, but was a huvisible. The drum type is tuned by re- IN describing recently the gigantic man institution; and he made himself in volving the drum by means of two little project of utilizing the tides in the the highest sense the servant of every wheels, the milled rims of which protrude Bay of Fundy for power we pointed out one in the Exchange from the lowest emthrough the center of the slanting panel. that consent must be obtained from ployee up. He was a profound believer As the cylindrical form is turned differ- Maine because of a State law prohibiting in democracy in industry, as in all other ent stations are heard and the call letters the exportation of water power. This fields of American life. can be written on the face of the drum, consent was given by a large majority in Alfred Cotton Bedford was at the time so that in the future all the operator a special referendum election on Septem- of his death last week a recognized chief need do is to set the wheels in accordber 14.

authority on the production and distriance with the lettering on the drum. It remains to secure the approval of bution of petroleum and its products.


(C) International

of man.



During the war he was Chairman of the situation which will have to be put The Little War in Syria
Petroleum Committee of the Council of into effect will entail hardships on the
National Defense. Since 1882 he had French people

; but American officials From about the end of July a violent

anti-French uprising has been going been an employee or officer of the Stand- believe that such fiscal house-cleaning

on in the Druse Province near Damasard Oil Company or one of its subsid- was necessary, in any event, and that

cus, in Syria. Two French detachments, iaries, or one of the component parts of France will benefit by it. The first step

one numbering 170 men and the other the original company, finally becoming to this end, by which the French Gov

over 3,000, were attacked at the beginChairman of the Board of Directors of ernment is undertaking to replace six per ning of August by Druses, Mohammedan the Standard Oil Company of New Jer- cent treasury notes with similar obliga

sectarians inhabiting the province, and sey. He was one of the strongest sup

suffered considerable losses. Druses have porters of the Young Men's Christian

besieged the French garrison of Soueida, Association; and he did great service to

the capital of the province. French solthe restoration of world stability as

diers and officials also have been atChairman of the American Section of

tacked in other places. the International Chamber of Com

The French have had great difficulties merce.

in coping with the uprising, which, it Paul Wayland Bartlett was one of the

seems, is not yet suppressed. It is true most distinguished of modern sculptors.

that the whole province numbers only His death is a loss to France as well as

some 60,000 inhabitants, whose armed to America, for he spent much of his

forces do not exceed 15,000 riders. But time in France, did much of his work

the country is covered with deserts and there, and would have contributed fur

mountains and has no ways of communither to the sculpture of that country.

cation except tortuous paths. Besides, One of his best-known works was the

the French forces stationed there hardly statue of Lafayette which was given by

count 7,000 men. American school-children to the French

Whatever be its results, the Druse upRepublic and stands to-day near the

rising is, of course, a purely local affair. Louvre in Paris. His statue of Franklin

As such it is unimportant. But it is unwas carried on a pilgrimage in 1921 from

doubtedly an important symptom of the Baltimore to Philadelphia, and thence to

general unrest in Syria. New York and to Boston, and finally

Syria and the Lebanon, which have erected at Westbury, Connecticut. Paul

Joseph Caillaux

been placed by the League of Nations

French Minister of Finance Bartlett understood his medium and used

under French administration, or, to be it with both technical mastery and imagi

tions bearing only four per cent, is in more exact, French mandate, are the bulnation. .

operation already. It is hoped that this wark of the Arab culture and the head

effort will be completed by October 15. quarters of the Arab intelligentsia in the The French Debt

There seems to be every disposition on Near East. The flourishing commercial ITH the arrival in the United the part of the American Government to city of Aleppo, beautiful Damascus,

States of Joseph Caillaux, French make the payments during the first which has been the main center of MoMinister of Finance, as head of a special years, while France is attempting to get

years, while France is attempting to get hammedan learning ever since the days debt commission, and the beginning of on her feet again financially and eco- of the Khalifate, Beirût with its Amerinegotiations with the American Debt nomically, as light as possible. During can and Jesuit schools and colleges, as Funding Commission, there is good rea- the later years of the sixty-two-year well as many other cities, lend to Syria son to hope that a solution of the delicate period over which the payments are ex- the rôle of a leading country in the life and complicated French debt problem is pected to run France's financial pros- of the Islamic Near East. Even before at hand. For France it opens a vista of perity will, it is believed, permit her to the Great War, while Syria was still a commercial progress.

For the United

make the larger payments required. It part of the Turkish Empire, a strong States it means the end of a disturbing is particularly desirable that concession movement for complete political indeuncertainty.

should be made as to amortization and pendence was going on there. Neither the French Government nor interest rates, so as to lighten the burden The Druse uprising, as well as most the American Administration desires to of the debt during these years when the of the uprisings that have taken place see the present negotiations fail.

other burdens which France has to bear in recent years in Syria, is but one Whatever the causes of the financial are disproportionately heavy.

phase of the general Arabic movement difficulties in which France has been After the settlement of the French for independence. And it is exactly in floundering, the American Government debt, settlements with other nations these terms that Sultan El Attrash recognizes the existence of those diffi

should soon follow, and President Cool- Pasha, the hereditary Druse chieftain, culties and the effort which France is idge should be able to submit to the has characterized it in an interview with now making to extricate herself from coming Congress funding arrangements the correspondent of the "Deutsche Allethem.

with all, or virtually all, of the countries gemeine Zeitung.” Our ultimate aim, he The reforms in the French financial on the debtor list.

said, is the complete independence of


Wide World Photos

W "

high passes between Turkey and Irak. For obvious reasons the League is at home in delay and discussion, but lost in doubt as to how it may, can, or should act.

One certainly sensible negative decision was reached by the League when it dropped the Danish proposal to establish a Conciliation Court. What was proposed was not a court at all, but a mediation commission. To attach this function even indirectly to a World Court would be to cloud the purpose and value of the World Court as such and to duplicate mediative agencies already existing at The Hague and in the League. The distinction between a court and an arbitration committee, big or little, is perfectly obvious. It would be injurious to the judicial value of the World Court to connect it with political claims and counter-claims.

Another negative decision was against a proposal by Uruguay for revising the World Court's basis, supposedly for the purpose of making it easier for the United States to come in. The debate brought out a strong pronouncement by

Sir Cecil Hurst of England's positive Kadel & Herbert One of the huge bells in the Rockefeller carillon, being hoisted into position

disapproval of attempts at coercive or in the belfry of the Park Avenue Baptist Church

compulsory arbitration on non-juridical

quarrels. Syria, with the French participating in The Troubles of the League

One affirmative tendency (not yet an

'HE League of Nations has of late action, however) was shown in the He

been deeply concerned over disturb- League Assembly when it approved of ing the example of the Druses, all Syrian ing and important world problems. That beginning technical preparation and provinces would rise against the French. it has found definite solutions as to its planning with a view to a new DisarmaHe said the moment for such a rising was own powers and purpose in these matters ment Conference to be held under especially propitious just now, when the does not appear.

League auspices. The delegates seemed French were busy in Morocco. Whether The Mosul dispute peculiarly worries sure that this was the only right plan for this will happen or not is, of course, a the League, as is natural, for Turkey, not such a conference, but the elaborate prequestion, but it is feared by most observ- a League member, had, as the League liminary conferences and “paper work” ers familiar with the situation.

avers, consented to accept the findings of planned do not indicate that the world The dissatisfaction with the French a Commission appointed by the League. will soon see an actual Disarmament rule in Syria seems to have become par- But Turkey did nothing of the sort. In- Conference. The League has been urged ticularly acute since the spring of this stead Tewfik Bey brusquely told the to approve the China Conference, and year, when the former High Commis- League's Council that his nation stood on probably will, but it is holding back besioner of the country, General Gouraud, the Lausanne Treaty and, in effect, that cause it does not like the form of the was replaced by General Serrail. The the settlement lay between Turkey and resolution before it. Still another prolatter, a radical and an anti-clerical, has Great Britain. The same day the League posed conference is to engage the decreed a series of measures that have heard news that Christians were being League's attention—and there is nothing stirred up the religious feelings of the deported from the Mosul border' region, the League loves better than to discuss population; thus he decided to secularize where a Turkish army had been moved. conferences. France, through M. Louthe education in the local schools. Simi- At our last accounts the League has cheur, has introduced in the Assembly a lar blunders, of course, may have added "passed the buck” to the World Court

"passed the buck” to the World Court resolution for an international conference fuel to the flames. Yet the deeper cause by asking it for an opinion on the to study national and international ecoof the unrest lies in the movement for League's Council's duties under the Lau- nomic conditions which might breed war. independence above mentioned, which in sanne Treaty, while, according to one This is rightly considered one of the our days is characteristic of the Syrian correspondent, "high officials” of the most important matters before the Arabic countries just as it is of India, League.comfort themselves with the feel- League, but it is arousing vigorous oppoChina, and other Asiatic lands.

ing that before long snow will close the sition as a dangerous fomenter of discord.


our governmental life only as advisers

. THE League of Nations has of late

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