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HELP WANTED WANTED-Well-educated young lady, strictly underthirty-five, Protestant, cheerful, kindly, as resident companion-secretary to an elderly lady, quite deaf, living very quietly in New York. . Mending, writing letters to dictation, reading aloud, accompany lady to charitable meetings. Salary $65 and board. Personal interview a necessity. Address, giving particnlars of education, experience, and positively two letters of reference as to personal qualifications. 6,375, Outlook.

EGYPT and the NEAR EAST Hotel Webster

Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts

Real Estate
New York City

To EGYPT January 16, 1926, with Prof. Albert


and-BATH party. Abre Simbel Camp in the Fayum.

BUNGALOW. Modern conveniences.

Well furnished. About middle of East Coast. ROUND the WORLD January 6, 1926, with


Write C. F. NORTON, Germantowu, Md. the unspoiled hinterland. Motor 1200 miles in Jare.

M a ine To MISSION FIELDS in the far East. Sep

Square teinber 25, 1926, with Dr. Harlan P. Beach, our greatest authority


Broadway ou Interdenominational Missions.

coggin Lake. 4 acres, large barn suitable

for camp or studio, excelient fishing, delightat

ful summer or year-around home, modern To THE HOLY LAND April 8, 1926, with Bishop Shayler of


conveniences. Price moderate. May be seen Nebraska. A Churchmen's Pilgrimage with

September and October. Box 24, Wayne, Me. objectires primarily religious.


buys furnished camp on To NORTH AFRICA February 25, 1926, with

$1,100 Where an air of graciousness and

lake front. 20 miles Portland, L.A. Unique route including Biskra, etc.,

over Tarvia road. comfort prevails

Screened porch. Boat. by auto; following the blossoms in Sicily

MAINE LAKES & Coast Co., Portland, Maine. and Italy.

Away from the crowds but only a few min

ntes from the center of the city. Spacious, TEMPLE TOURS airy rooms, with an exceptionally attractive

New York and homelike atmosphere. Perfect service, 447-A Park Square Bldg. Boston, Mass. excellent restaurant. Furnished and unfur GENTLEMAN'S FARM

nished apartments available on lease, with
complete hotel service. Rates on request. In beautiful Dutchess Co., N. Y.

65 miles from New York. 100 acres self-sup-
porting through 30 acres apples. All nec-
essary farm buildings. Site for mansion

with wide views of Alpine scenery. One mile
Our tour sailing from New York January
16, 1976, includes Madeira, Gibraltar, Al-

(Near 5th Avenue)

to station. $15,000. G. W. K., 4,471, Outlook. giers, Monaco, Naples, Athens, Constan- 40 West 45th Street tinople, Alexandria and Cairo. The Nile Cruise of the Lotus


Instruction our own private steamer Directly in the fashionable club and shop

ping section. Within five minutes' walk to
followed by Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor, all principal theaters. A high-class hotel Opportunity to become TRAINED NURSE. $15
Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, and patronized by those desiring the best accom- monthly allowance. Ideal living conditions.
Great Britain in the ideal season.
modations at moderate cost.

Tennis, surf bathing. 3 hours from New York,
Rates and map gladly sent upon request.

B-hour day. 2% year course. Age 18 to 32;
? years high school. Send for descriptive

folder and application. Southampton Hospital

Association. Southampton, Long Island, N. Y. Write for illustrated booklet, now ready:

202 West 103d Street BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL Within a few minutes of all New York attractions. Comfortable rooms and

STATIONERY 15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass.

suites, exceptionally fine cuisine, and an
atmosphere that pleases particular people. WRITE for free saipples of embossed at $2

Write for Booklet O and Map of New York or printed stationery at $1.50 per box. Thou-
THE beauty, fascination, and mys-

Bands of Outlook customers. Lewis, stationer, tery of the Orient lures visitors

Troy, N. Y.
from all over the world to
Hotel Judson 53 Washington Sq.,

Residential hotel of highest type, combining 100 double sheets good boud paper with 100
the facilities of hotel life with the comforts of envelopes to match, printed in blue. $1.
an ideal home. American plan $4 per day and Hicks, Macedou Center, N. Y.
up. European plan $1.50 per day and up.

The quaintest and most interesting of all

EMPLOYMENT AGENCY conntries. Come while the old age customs

New York prevail. Write, mentioning "Outlook to


rooms, weifare organizations, supplied with

workers. Positions for secretaries, social Care Traffic Dept.


workers, superintendents, matrons, houseJAPANESE GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS Altitude 1,571 ft. A voted place for health

keepers, dietitians, cafeteria managers. The TOKYO

and rest. Write for folder and particulars. Richards Bureau, 68 Barnes St., Providence. for full information

C. FENTON PARKER, Number Four, N. Y. Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

HELP WANTED $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

COMPETENT, settled woman as house-
Board-Rooms worker; desirable farın home, conveniences;

moderate salary. References. 6,374, Outlook.
High-Class Rooms and Board.

EARN $110 to $250 monthly, ex peuses paid,

Fine residence. Beautifully as railway traffic mispector. Position gnarau. JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER furnished house. Private baths. Numhe


wter completion of 3 inonths' home study Comfortable Travel in Cool Countries of boarders taken limited. Garasin

se or money refunded. Excellent opportion. Near D., L. & W. station. Address Mir. ties. Write for free booklet CM-27. What you Want is a PRICE you can Afford

Thomas, General Delivery, East Orange, N.J. odard Business Training Institution, Buf$540 $660 $500 $920 $1005 $1035

N. Y.

A Lady Living in Her House

VOMEN. Nation-wide demand for high-
Boston 30, Mass.
Well-Appointed Home Faces Aaried inen and womeu. Past experience

desires to secure two permanent

mecessary. We train you by mail and put

Golf paying guests. References ex-Grounds

you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay,

fine living interesting work, quick advanceAutomobile Tours Italy, switz

changed. Write to


inent, permanent. Write for free book. Miss E. DEBRAY LONGCHAMP

** YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Lewis erland, etc. Marcel Michel, experienced Lakehurst, New Jersey

Hotel Training Schools, Suite W-5842, WashiFrench courier-owner-interpreter, will ar

ington, D. C. range satisfactory, and comfortable private WANTED—1 or 2 permanent companionable tours. Rates surprisingly reasonable forevery boarders, elderly, semi-invalids. Modern,

NURSE-governesg, active, intelligent, for expense. References. For information address well-located home. Refined adult family. Write boy six, twins three; preferably English. W. E. HETZELL, 732 Westview St. Philadelphia, Pa. Berkshires, Gen. Del., Gt. Barrington, Mass.

Good recent references. Live Scarsdale, N. Y.


SALESMEN wanted. $10 daily easy. We start you in auto accessory business. No investment, no experience necessary. Exclusive territory. Motor Products Co., 1760

Lunt Ave., Chicago. JANUARY 16—Party Limited to 8

SEAMSTRESS and mother's helper, active RESER TOURS, 171 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N.Y. A partneret Wanted. Young



SITUATIONS WANTED EDUCATED, experienced governess and mother's assistant. 6,386, Outlook.

HOUSEHOLD manager. I have successfully reared my family of two girls and a boy and have enjoyed wide human and social coutacts and activities. I am ready for a position as hostess, companion, housekeeper, or similar occupation where experience and a spirit of helpfulness may benefit mutually. 6,381, Outlook.

HOUSEKEEPER, matron. Young woman with school, hospital, and hotel experience. Excellent references.' 6,379, Outlook.

LADY,experienced managing housekeeper, excellent cook, desires position as cook. No general housework. 6,383, Outlook.

LADY with son going to school desires position-housekeeper or position of trust. Wining to make herself generally useful. Experienced, capable, highly recommended. Country or small town, 6,380, Outlook.

MANAGING housekeeper. Experienced, educated, refined. 6,371, Outlook.

MATRON, housemother for school, club, or college, or private family. Capable housekeeper with best references. 6,372, Outlook.

MATRON wishes position institution, or housekeeper hotel or iun. Experienced. 6,318, Outlook.

NURSERY (kindergartner) governese, American. Protestant. Excellent physical care. Family going Florida. References. 6,389, Outlook.

POSITION as hostess or hostess-managerhotel. Entertainment provided for all ages, children included. Supervision of help if de sired. 6,385, Outlook.

POSITION desired by, young American woman as useful companion and household assistant. References. Address 6,387, Outlook.

PRIMARY teacher desires position as governess or companion. Genial, adaptable, good reader, willing to be useful. Small

salary. Ref. erences. Prefer Middle West. 6,391, Outlook

REFINED, educated woman desires position. Companion to lady, or nurse to semiinvalid. Vicinity Philadelphia. References. Will travel. 6,370, Outlook.

REFINED lady desires position-com panion to invalid or manager of home for aged couple. References. 6,388, Outlook.

YOUNG lady, experienced, Protestant, de sires position as companion to lady. Write Harriet Howland, New Milford, Conn.

YOUNG woman of refinement, with fourteen years' secretarial experience, desires private secretarial position. 6,378, Outlook.


19 EUROPE 26

MISCELLANEOUS EXPERIENCED tutor, traveled, hospital training, will receive young children in midSouthern home. Instruction in grade subjects, piano, French. Outdoor games. Competent, tactful assistants. New Englaud management. Address 6,330, Outlook.

TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a six mouths' nurses' aid course is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Aids are provided with maintevance and given a monthiy allowance of $10. For further particulars audress Directress of Nurses.

BOYS OF SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE, three such under thirteen years received in small home school near Philadelphia. Moderate rates. References. 6,367, Outlook.

TEACHER in private school wanted as head councilor in well-equipped girls' camp, Maine lake region, Excellent salary. Partnership cousidered. 6,382, Outlook.

TO a few children, aged 10 to 14, needing outdoor life and plenty of nourishing food a home of culture and refinement is open. Tutoring by college graduate. Address Box 71. Croton Falls, N. Y.

and experienced, not a servant, for boy 12 November 20, desire to sub-rent snall apart

and girl 8, at Summit, N. J.; good wages. ment in or near Philadelphia for several

Room 163, 10 Wall St., N. Y. Tel. John 47118 Earn Your Trip to EUROPE by secnring

months. Price must be reasonable. Best of WANTED-Pleasant young woman combers for one of my tours. Established 1900, care will be given apartment. Prefer loca- panion for elderly lady. Light house words BABOCK'S TOURS, Inc., East Orange, N.J. tion on main line railroad. 4,487, Outlook. duties. 6,377, Outlook.

In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

SHOPPING by New York expert who will send thugs, services free. Referenc Hattie Gutiwan, 309 West 99th St.



The Mail Bag

Te editorial," Autocrats of the High

æsthetic relation. It is clearly in the I

that for a time he was “President of the Theodore Dreiser against his critics. Some educated and enlightened men who know Russian Far Eastern Republic" and "Abso- critics have found Dreiser too depressing lute Ruler over half of the Czar's Empire." and too much preoccupied with sex. Others

the value of legal protection for their Dear, dear, how many things there are go- merely remark that his novels are dread

lives and properties. They are quick to ing on in this world!

fully long, and murmur as they lay one
down: “I arise from reams of thee!"

demand the protection of the law they THE AUTUMN TRAIL. By Samuel Minturn Peck. The Torch Press, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

AMERICA AND WORLD PEACE. By Honorable openly defy. The issue is far deeper Recent poems by a favorite and popular

John H. Clarke. Henry Holt & Co., New

York. Collected from various newspapers poet.


than the effect of alcoholic liquor on the and other publications.

The former Associate Justice of the Su

human mind and body. The law is preme Court of the United States argues THE CHRYSALIS OF ROMANCE. By Inez G.

that the United States shouid join the merely a set of rules adopted to enable Howard. The Times Mirror Press, Los Angeles. League of Nations.

us to live together with peace and jusEssays by a Californian writer upon a

THE WEST INDIES. By George Manington. variety of subjects.

Charles Scribner's Sons, New York.

tice. We cannot get along without it,

$4. THEODORE DREISER. By Burton Rascoe. Rob- Historical and descriptive chapters on the and we cannot elect to discredit a part ert M. McBride & Co., New York. $1. West Indian islands, with added chapters

of it because it interferes with our pleasIn this monograph Mr. Rascoe defends on British Guiana and British Honduras.

ure without damaging the whole structure. Even a baseball game requires rules that are respected by the players.

The issue cannot be dodged. The

heart of the whole problem is this perniDeliberate Distraction only those that in his judgment did not cious demand from the very men to increase the dangers of the road.

whom the Nation has a right to look for It will be observed by those who re,

intelligent patriotic leadership. The rest sent the increasing exclusion of oppor- of it is as a whiff of summer breeze to the discusses the really fearful dangers of braving our increasing automobile traffic, tryside resulting from this billboard tunity to view the scenery of the coun- Leviathan.


Chicago, Illinois. and cites the proposition of certain tests

"enterprise" of doubtful and unprovable for drivers, quoting the statement of Dr.

advertising value that the proposition Walter F. Bingham, Chairman of the above described does not rest upon any

Triumphant Ices Committee on Causes of Accidents of the

Do not know which one of your force National Conference on Street and High

interest of the public safety, and might is responsible for the article "Iceway Safety, to the effect that ninety per

well be advocated by the National Con- Cream" in the August 5 number. I wish cent of all accidents is attributable to

ference on Street and Highway Safety. to give to the one who wrote it another certain "prone-to-accident" drivers. The

J. HORACE MCFARLAND. Conference also is said to be responsible

illustration of how this American deli

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. for criticism of highway authorities for

cacy has won its way in the world. I

am just back from Japan, and one of the placing danger signs "where there is no

Leadership and the Rules of

most vivid memories of a Japan summer real danger.”

the Game

is of ice-cream. The Japanese children Seemingly, the Conference wholly

like cold things. Even before I had disdanger, affecting especially the inatten

carded an overcoat I saw at temple fesarticle in your issue of August 26

tivals men with blocks of ice, off the bottive or "prone-to-accident" group, appar- does not completely answer the question

toms of which were shaved little handent to any thoughtful traveler who notes propounded by its title="What Ails

fuls of ice shavings at the call of small the vast area of billboards on private Prohibition?" property facing main-traveled highways. The principal thing that ails prohibi

boys and girls with coppers to spend. These billboards are erected for no other tion is the demand created by people

And with the advent of summer the who can afford to pay $10 a quart. purpose than that of attracting and fix

streets acquired a new attraction; stalls ing the attention of passing motorists by Starting with this demand, we wind up

and hand-carts of ice-cream, with the urgent invitations to buy something. with the carnival of corruption and bri

metal coverings of the cans projecting There can be no dispute of this state- bery attending its supply. The potential

above the wooden top of the cart, and an ment, for the only basis on which the profit in $10 a quart makes possible the

array of little dishes for service. Chilbillboard-erecting concerns can possibly carrying of a large overhead charge for

dren flocked around them quite as they

do on the streets of American cities. At get business is to convince the advertiser expenses. that their erections will effectively divert It is a self-evident fact that only peo

the larger railroad stations the incoming the attention of the automobile operator ple of some means can habitually pay

train is greeted by boys selling papers as well as that of his passengers from the $10 a quart. PW., mother way,

and books, others selling lunches-anda incidents and the dangers of the road,

good lunches too-bottles of hot tea, and those who create and sustain this de

iced coffee. But over the strident voices and from the cautionary and informative mand are very largely people who are

of the venders rings out “I-scree," and signs erected to guide the traveler and to successful in business—whose success reduce the accident hazard. and good fortune were made possible and

down the platform comes a boy with a This point of view has so appealed to

box marked in large characters with the are now protected by the law they coolly the highway authorities of Pennsylvania and cynically discredit. Any one who

nearest approach to "ice-cream” that the that they fostered the drafting by the has any extensive acquaintance with

Japanese syllabary can furnish. On the Attorney-General of that State of an act successful business men knows beyond

box is a pile of cones. They are pink, offered in the last session of the Legisla- any doubt where the prominent bootleg- ica; but then the money which is ex

and they are smaller than those of Amerture placing all advertising signs and de- gers do business. vices visible from any highways main

changed for them is also less in value.

The men who constitute this market tained in whole or in part by the State for liquor at $10 a quart are not ignorant for liquor at $10 a quart are not ignorant foreign. They are good Japanese.

The thing and its name are no longer under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of of their country's history nor of the con

IRVING F. Wood. Highways, with instructions to license sequences of their example. They are

Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts.

overlooked an increasing and avoidable The very interesting and instructive

[merged small][graphic]

THE youth hesitates, hand on glass. Will he obey the imperious look of command in the eyes of the beautiful Lucreziaof Cæsar Borgia and partake of the proffered cup? Or will he be warned before it is too late by the sinister glance shot from the cruel eyes of the old Pontiff as he coldly calculates the destruction of the young gallani.

To comply or refuse is equally hazardous. If he decline the poisoned draught, will he escape the knife of the hired assassin even now lurking in the shadows of the papal palace ?

Rodrigo Borgia (Alexander VI), Lucrezia and Cæsar formed the diabolical trinity which sat for eleven years upon the papal throne in Rome, an impious parody of the Holy Trinity-the most perfect incarnation of evil that ever existed on earth. How many gallant lives thus darkly and without commotion passed out of sight, whirled away by the headlong torrent of the ambition of that terrible triumvirate, is told as only that great weaver of word pictures, Alexandre Dumas, could tell in





"Fascinating History."

The New York Herald.

This most important work."

The New York Times.

NEVER BEFORE COMPLETELY TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH They form a collection of stories of the most sensational The millions of admirers of the works of Dumas will hail crimes; crimes prompted by illicit love, envy, ambition, religion with keen delight this, the first and absolutely the only com-stories of poison plots, abduction, treachery, intrigue, and

plete and unabridged translation of this astonishing series. conspiracies, gleaned from hidden archives. We pass through secret passages, see stealthy lurking figures and the gleam of

Printed from the same plates as the edition de luce, sold at the assassin's blade; we hear the muffled moan, the splash,

$100.00 a set, the edition offered our patrons is illustrated by hurried footsteps—but to appreciate these books you must see Jacques Wagrez of Paris and beautifully bound in cloth, the books themselves, look through them, and read them.

stamped with emblematic design in gold. NONE OF THE EDITIONS OF DUMAS CONTAIN THESE STORIES, AND NO SET OF DUMAS IS COMPLETE WITHOUT THEM Intrigues of a Licentious Court Nothing in the World Like Them

Examine these Books Free In one of the volumes Dumas brilliantly in the world's history that one cannot ob"Great crimes have played so large a part

in Your Home works into a vivid picture of the Dark

To appreciate their value you must see Ages the vices and crimes of that extraortain a thorough knowledge of past times

the books themselves, look through them, dinary family, the Borgias, that furnished without the aid of such a book as this,"

and read them. We want you to do this says The New York Herald, when reviewone Pope of Rome and some of the black

and will send you the books for free exest pages in history. Here we see the whole ing this series. The lover of history is en

amination. If you do not want to keep them murderous, poisonous crew with their raptured with the wealth of facts, from

you may return them in five days and the new authorities, brought to bear by Dumas greedy craving for debauchery, flattery,

examination will cost you nothing. If you titles, and gold. We watch the career of upon the life of the charming and beauti

wish to keep them—as we are sure you will the beautiful but depraved Lucrezia, a ful but indiscreet and ill-fated Mary Stuart

-you may pay for them on easy monthly as Queen of France and Scotland. Read the Messalina with the features of a Madonna.

payments as shown on the Coupon. We see the intrigues of the mediæval pa

story of her amours, and of her barbarous pal court-the murders, abductions, poiimprisonment and murderous execution,

Seeing is Believing sonings-drawn from the chronicles of

which constitute one of the greatest crimes eye-witnesses, those naïve accounts which, There is no other work like this. Nowhere of history, told as Dumas alone can tell it. Send no money now. Just mail the Cou

pon to-day. "To-day" doesn't mean next without embarrassment, call a spade a spade.

else can you get so intimate a view of the week or the following. At this especially men and women whose misdeeds in every low price these sets will be quickly sold. quarter of Europe, from Russia to Spain, Don't miss this opportunity. Act at once.

from Turkey to Scotland, have contributed Mail the Coupon. The Man in the Iron Mask

so much of tragedy to the romantic por-
tion of the history of the Old World. And

One of the strangest and most mysteri- every word is just as Dumas wrote it.

Est. 1873-18 Medals and Diplomas ous crimes is that of The Man in the Iron Mask. Who was he? What was his past?

Dumas' Masterpiece

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Pa. Was it the dissolute life of the courtier ?

You may send me for my inspection, charges preThink of a fascinating historical series

paid, the 8-volume set of celebrated Crimes by Was it the devious ways of an intriguing of which only the highly privileged few Alexandre Dumas, bound in dark blue cloth. I will diplomat? Did some fair one within the heretofore have had any knowledge-by either return the set in 5 days or send you only $1 ag hallowed circle of royalty love not wisely your favorite author, vivacious, witty, ar- a first payment and $2 a month for seven months. but too well? Why after over two hundred dent, brilliant, big-hearted Alexandre Duyears does he still excite such intense in- mas, who gave you your first real taste for

Name..... terest and retain so strong a hold on the European history while following the ad

Address imagination? Why does he always arouse ventures of D'Artagnan in The Three

0. 10-7 a feeling of terror that will not down? Musketeers.

Please mention The Outlook when writing to the RITTEN HOUSE PRESS

In this issue of The Outlook

Vol. 141

October 7, 1925

No. 6

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The Amazing Molders of Stone

By CHARLES FITZHUGH TALMAN The Industrial Crisis in Great Britain

By P. W. Wilson Why Play Tennis ?

By Vincent RICHARDS The Unborn (Poem)

By GEORGE STERLING Realizing on Rainier

By George MARVIN The Happiest Man




176 176 176


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In the Day's Work
Home Again
Investigating the Army's Wings
The Navy's Aircraft
A Tempest in a Teapot”
The babbling gossip of the air cry out

Cartoons of the Week
Uncle Sam Requests
Radio Looks Back and Forward
Audible Pictures
More than the Uncle of Mr. A"
Remembering Milton at Vallombrosa
Our Ambassador to Japan
« The Great Pearl Burial”
A Cardinal Pays Tribute to Science
The New New England
Ireland's Divided House

Second-Best Poems: A Proposed An-

A London Literary Letter by C. Lewis


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The Book Table :

Is Free Verse Poetry?
A Review by Clara BellingER GREEN
Current Books

199 Notes on New Books .

203 By the Way

204 Rolls and Discs

205 By LAWRENCE Jacob ABBOTT Contributors' Gallery .



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In Next Week's Outlook

- Silly

Drunk in
Alessandro's, York City. It is called «The Finest' at Its Worst."

a plain-clothes man showed us his badge, his cartridge-
belt, his revolver, and his enormous Aask, and went
out among the people of New York to enforce the
law.” This is the opening passage in Rollin Lynde



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U.S.Pat. Off.

You are cordially invited to visit the

new home of McCutcheon's

on or about October 15th

OR THREE CENTURIES, New York has been moving up

town. Where Madame in crinoline once shopped is now
the district of factories and tenements. Where Madame of to-
day buys laces and linens was—not so long ago-open country.

October 1925, marks a decisive date in this progress up the
Island. For on or about October 15th, McCutcheon's will be
at home in its own sumptuous new building at Forty-Ninth
Street and Fifth Avenue.

A new store-but the old spirit of sincere service and friendly cooperation that has endeared McCutcheon's to four generations of shoppers will be there. The old, uncompromising supreme quality which has made McCutcheon's famous as “The Greatest Treasure House of Linens in America,” will be there as well. And, as always, prices will be as moderate as is compatible with the McCutcheon standard of merchandise.

These are all McCutcheon traditions. They shall be maintained as unfalteringly in the future as they have been for the past seventy years.

Cordially McCutcheon's invites you to inspect its new quarters. On October 15th, and thereafter as long as you please, McCutcheon's is “at home” to its friends.

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Please mention The Outlook when writing to MCCUTCHEON'S

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