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sending instrument. By an ingenious

cricket and that he highly valued the system, these signals, ranging from one

medal he once gained for saving the life two-hundredth to one-quarter of an inch

of an Englishwoman. long and one-hundredth of an inch high,

The British raj will be lucky if the appear in ink on a sheet of paper in ex

new Maharajah is half as good a sport actly the same position as the light and

or half as loyal to his overlords as was dark areas on the original picture. In

the dead prince who in his own Oriental this way the photograph or illustration is

way for forty years preserved peace and reproduced, in a manner similar to that

advanced the welfare of a semi-indepenemployed in making photo-engravings.

dent kingdom of 85,000 square miles and There was a new significance to ex

a population of about 3,500,000. perienced radio men who listened to

There is romance yet in Kashmir. the mysterious and seemingly meaningless characters carrying the photograph

Remembering Milton through the air on WJZ's invisible chran

at Vallombrosa nel. These men will never forget how suddenly broadcasting dawned five years

It is safe to say that the average school

trained English-speaking person who ago. Many of them had heard indistinct mutterings and discordant musical

hears the word Vallombrosa spoken

thinks immediately of Milton and his notes, but few took these strange sounds

famous lines about the autumn leaves. as an indication of the beginning of a revolutionary change in wireless. They

Certainly no traveler in Florence will found these noises, as they were called,

The Maharajah Sir Pratab Singh, of escape hearing them quoted. The fact mixed with the dots and dashes of com

Jammu and Kashmir

that Milton was actually in Tuscany, mercial and amateur stations, and they

that he visited and talked long with the cursed them because they caused inter

in which his nephew and presumptive imprisoned Galileo, and that his works

heir, Hari Singh (the "Mr. A” of the ference, just as broadcast listeners the

are filled with allusions to that happy case), was the victim. The tenderness time is well fixed in the Italian mind. other night might have considered the "noise" of the radio picture radiated by

with which the personality of Hari Singh There are no people like the Italians

was protected from publicity by the for recording in tangible form their own WJZ.

Court was ascribed to fear lest disclosure But now the old-timers have learned a

great men or those famous strangers who, of the heir's breach of caste rather than lesson. They know strange signals in

under these skies, lived, worked or died. his breach of morals should rouse violent the ether are likely to be highly signifi

Several English poets who loved this aversion to his succession. It is now cant of something radically new. This

country and made it a home, whether time the "noises” not only may be

believed that he will succeed his uncle, temporary or otherwise, are remembered the forerunner of photographs flashed although the late Maharajah was deeply by suitable tablets or monuments, and

shocked by the scandal. Probably rethrough the walls of homes throughout

in many a city one comes across inscripthe world, but, it is believed, radio mo

spect and regard for the uncle rather tions to Shelley, Keats, Byron, the

than for the nephew was at the back of tion pictures and television!

Brownings, and others to whom Italy the British reticence—which, as a matter These marvelous features of the ether

was an inspiration and a joy. of fact, insured silence only for a few may be perfected overnight, just as is

But for some reason, one does not

know why, there has been nothing to reradio telephony. The fundamental prin- days and doubled the réclame of the scandal.

call the visit of Milton until now. This ciples are known to radio research en

His Highness Sir Pratab Singh, Magineers. As C. Francis Jenkins, the

year, however, joint Italian and English radio-movie experimenter of Washington,

harajah of Jammu and Kashmir, was a committees took the matter in charge,

firm friend of the British as overrulers and recently there was a most interesting recently explained, only the details are left to be worked out, and he predicts “native states,” big and little. In his

of his realm and of all the many other ceremony at Vallombrosa, where a tablet that within five years practically every

was set in the wall of the building in household may have an attachment to

youth he knew and admired General which the poet was lodged when he came

Roberts (Kipling's "Bobs"). He gave there to visit the monks in 1638. the radio set in the form of a miniature

half a million dollars to help pay for Vallombrosa is a very beautiful spot, motion-picture screen which the

India's memorial to Queen Victoria. In Hertzian waves will paint with light

with its deep forests of pine and other the Great War he not only kept his peo- trees. The climate is ideal in summer, beams the scenes of distant cities and

ple true to British faith, but sent a little for it is over three thousand feet above events of international interest.

army of his own to the front (some sea-level, and it is now a favorite resort

10,000 men, we believe), accompanied during the hot months, while in the winMore than the Uncle

them in person, and paid his troops out ter, when the snow lies deep, people come of “ Mr. A."

of his own pocket. If anything were for the sports. In Milton's time it was, IN N newspaper headlines the death of lacking to make Sir Pratab Singh popu- of course, very solitary; a few peasants

Pratab Singh seems of interest only lar. syith Englishmen, it would be found är charcoal-burners possibly lived there, as it recalls the notorious blackmail case

in the fact that he loved the game of and no one else but the monks, who,


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under the guidance of the pious San

knowledge of world conditions. The Giovanni Gualberto, had retired from the

present appointee is a co-member in a world and founded a monastery. But it

great law firm with the recent Demowas the very place for a poet, and one

cratic candidate for the Presidency. can imagine what visions of solemn forest

In a sense this is a political appointaisles or green meadows came to Milton's

ment, but that does not mean a political memory in after years when feeble and

trade or political favoritism. We have blind and poor in troubled days in Eng

not yet reached the point where the great land.

Ambassadorships are always awarded to The recent ceremony took place in

men of long diplomatic experience. the green inclosure in front of the build

Where ability is unquestioned, the secing called “Il Paradisino,” part of the

tion or State of the appointee and the ancient monastery. The King sent a

preservation of a balance of preferment representative, the Duke of Pistoia (son

as between sections still exercise influof the Duke d'Aosta), while the British

ence. In this case no doubt a candidate Government, in the unavoidable absence

from New York, and backed by Senator of its Ambassador in England, was rep

Wadsworth, helps that political balance. resented by the head of the British press

One special reason which, it is said by in Rome.

some, might have indicated the selection The tablet is the work of Hendrik

of a diplomat of experience for appointAndersen, an American sculptor of Nor

ment to Japan lies in the fact that the wegian descent, who has lived long in Wide World Photos

Japanese Government and people bestow Rome, but was formerly at home in Bos

Charles VacVeagh

an extraordinary degree of respect and

United States Ambassador to Japan ton and New York. Below the bas

courtesy upon the American Ambassador. relief showing the head of the poet is the MacVeagh has the respect of the best

This is in reality a tribute to the Ameriinscription, written by Signor Ugo Ojetti, business and political advisers of the can people and Government, but men a distinguished scholar and orator, who Administration.

unaccustomed to diplomatic life might was the principal speaker on this occa- Yet he is neither a business man nor a

easily have their heads turned by a short sion. Its English version is as follows:

politician. He is a lawyer of high attain- sojourn in the Tokyo Embassy. In this "In 1638, here dwelt the great Eng- ments whose work has brought him into case there seems to be little danger in lish poet, John Milton, a student of our contact with wide-spreading affairs of

that direction. classics, devoted to our culture, a lover

commerce and finance. When his father, of this forest and of this sky. 30 August, Wayne MacVeagh, was made United

« The Great Pearl Burial" MCMXXV."


, Grant, that post was his first National town of Bainbridge, which has just Our Ambassador to Japan

office. Later Wayne Macl'eagh had yielded such picturesque and puzzling HE President's appointment of Mr. large political experience, became a Cabi- treasure to excavators representing the

Charles MacVeagh to be Mr. Ban- net Secretary, and later Ambassador to Ohio Archæological and Historical Mucroft's successor as American Ambassa- Italy, but, as with his son, his first Na- seum, is only one of hundreds of similar dor to Japan is a recess appointment. tional appointment was of a diplomatic tumuli, some as large, many much When the Senate meets, it is not likely character. Both came to diplomacy with smaller. Most of these mounds are to arouse serious opposition, for Mr. the best kind of legal training and a large found along the valleys of the Missis


[graphic][merged small][merged small]

sippi and Ohio Rivers, although a few from that of the American Indian as to
are scattered at distant points. Prob- indicate some mighty influence from
ably they were built from three to five outside is at least probable.
thousand years ago.

teaches, that there can be no vital conflict or contradiction between the truth revealed to man by God in the natural order and that made manifest by him in

The skeletons found in the mounds do A Cardinal Pays Tribute the supernatural.”

to Science A


not differ essentially from those of the

In the spirit of these remarks there is Indians who were in North America

little, if anything, that can be reconciled when the white man arrived. But some

MONG Catholics as well

with the spirit of the following. We take things found in the mounds do not cor

verbatim the postscript of a letter writ

among Protestants there is a respond with the culture or customs of

division between those who fear

ten by Mr. P. H. Callahan, regarded in our red man. the results of the discoveries of science

some quarters as the foremost Catholic In the mound at Bainbridge, for in

layman in America, to Father John A. and those who welcome them. stance, were half-helmets of beaten cop

Cardinal Hayes, Roman

Ryan, of the Catholic University. These

Roman Catholic per, strings of pearls (the news accounts

are Mr. Callahan's words: Archbishop of New York, has placed say that some were as large as hickory

P.S.—You can imagine how long a nuts), fragments and prints from woven

teacher would be allowed to remain in cloth, tortoise-shell ornaments with carv

a Catholic university or a Catholic ings of birds, and something which it is

school who would teach that man had thought may be a musical instrument.

descended from a lower order of ani

mals. No matter whether he were Evidently the four skeletons in this

cleric or lay he would be fired like mound were those of people of conse

Shanley, the restaurant man, used to quence and in a way rich and honored.

discharge his waiters caught cheating The number of pearls was so great that

-a good strong kick going out the

door and their hat and coat thrown the place has been called “the great pearl

after them which system Shanley burial.”

brought from Ireland and used to say Who were the mound builders? No

was the best plan to retain the morale doubt the Ohio discoveries will cause a

of his organization. revival of an old and sharply contested

It would be hard to find a greater condebate on this question. One school of

trast than that between this attitude and archæologists believes that the mound

the attitude expressed in Cardinal men were racially the direct ancestors of

Hayes's words, "Truth, always, everythe American Indian we know, and that

where, at any cost.” Indeed, a British mound interment, pearl-collecting, and

periodical, “The Month,” conducted unother ways of the mound builders had

der the auspices of the Jesuit Fathers, simply died out. Other students of the

makes a statement which directly contraproblem find that answer too simple and

dicts that of this Catholic layman. It also not capable of explaining known International

Cardinal Hayes

says of the Catholic Church: facts. They see analogies between the

Her belief in the inspiration of mound builders, the Incas of Peru, and himself openly among those who in the

God's Word cannot be shaken by the Mayas of Yucatan, and ask whether

name of religion applaud and encourage scientific discoveries, in making which the mound builders may not have been the searchers for truth by the pathway indeed her members have been among exploring parties from some southern

of science. At the opening of the radio the foremost; nor does she deny wellrace, sent northward to find such things station of the Paulist Fathers in New

supported scientific truth—the case

of Galileo only illustrates the factas copper and pearls. Beyond that supYork City a few days ago he said:

because it seems opposed to revelation. position rises again the fascinating specu

To-night we offer a tribute of praise She has never forbidden the teaching lation as to whether the civilization that

and gratitude to our scientists, to those of evolution in her schools, because, left temples and carvings and even litera- devoted servants of truth who dedicate employing always Catholic teachers, ture to the south of us may not have had

their lives to the advancement of hu- she knows that no theory of human its origin in adventurous parties

man knowledge.

origins will be taught that contradicts

either scientific or revealed truth. India or elsewhere in the Far East, voy- He made it plain that this was not aging by degrees through the Polynesian merely a tribute to the practitioners of The same line of division runs through seas and making stations at many islands physical science, that, as he said, "has all churches that separates the Baptist until there came the great jump from contributed enormously to human com- Fundamentalist from the Rev. Dr. Harry Easter Island (where there are traces of fort and health and life;" it was a tribute Emerson Fosdick. them) to the American coast.

to the students of pure science, “real, not But there is a more fundamental difThis takes us a long way from Bain: false science,” which discloses as its ideal ference than that between those who in bridge, Ohio.

The theory of Mayan "truth, always, everywhere, at any cost.” the name of religion fear science and migration, colonization, and trade in the By implication Cardinal Hayes denied those who welcome it. This is the differMississippi Valley is far from being es- that there was any warfare between ence between those who regard religion tablished. But that the mounds show science and religion, for he declared that as primarily and essentially a theory, a racial and economic life differing so much the true scientist realizes, “as the Church view, a doctrine, to be received on au




thority, and those who regard religion as

those who insist that the creed is religion them are nasty eyesores on a fine old essentially a life.

and those who say that the creed is no road. There are both Catholics and Protes- more religion than botany is a flower. As you enter the town appear more tants who regard religion as something

and more signs of the triumph of the to be believed on the authority of a

automobile. The change is more noticeCreed or a Church or a Book. Some of The New New England able than in a city. The few scared these do not fear any conflict between

pedestrians who are left wear the hunted conclusions established by science and

EST INJY LANE looks at look which is their usual expression the dogmas of their religion because they

first sight as it has always everywhere. How long will it be before keep them in separate compartments of

looked. The apple trees- we read in the papers that a man has their minds. They do not allow their bearing a good crop this year—still line been before court, charged with coming knowledge to heckle their belief. They the road, inside the stone walls. There outdoors on foot, and that the judge, follow the Fourth Commandment as if it are a few elms in front of the widely remarking that this is a second offense, read: “Six days shalt thou think; but separated farmhouses. The door of imposes a fine and ten days' imprisonthe seventh day is the Sabbath, in which Deacon Noyes's barn stands open, and

ment? More traffic cops and more thou shalt do no manner of thinking.” the swallows flash in and out, as they “silent policemen” guard the street corIn the laboratory they can welcome truth did when the Deacon's grandfather was ners in the old town. Frantic warnings without qualms, but at the altar they are a boy. But at the corner, at the cross- against parking are displayed near the ready to accept anything that comes to roads, stands a novel figure. Is that site of the hitching-post where Uncle them from their ecclesiastical superiors. really Constable Pingree, who used to Jimmy Currier used to anchor his old But there are also .both Catholics and patrol the streets, wearing a policeman's white horse and buggy. And the street, Protestants who regard religion as a way gray helmet and swinging a billy? He where Dr. Frothingham's horse used to of living. They recognize that people has changed his appearance extraordi- paw a hollow in the ground, is neatly cannot live without thinking about life; narily; in fact, he is all dolled up. He covered with asphalt and checked off that no one with a mind can keep that has the smart cap of a metropolitan with white lines for the further guidance mind from considering and weighing police officer; he stands beside a revolv- of motorists. On Elm Street is the fortheories; but they distinguish between ing sign with “Stop” and “Go” on it. mer home of Wigglesworth, the plumber, theories about life and the life itself. From time to time he blows a piercing built on his ill-gotten gains in the EgreFather George Tyrrell was a Catholic of shriek on a whistle, and holds up the gious Eighties, and in the most atrocious this sort. In his “Confidential Letter to palm of one white-gloved hand, beckon- style of Queen Anne architecture—all a Friend who is a Professor of Anthro- ing impatiently with the other hand. towers, minarets, and points. Di Palma, pology," which led to his expulsion from Think of it-a traffic cop on West Injy the fruit dealer, owns it now, and has the Jesuit order, he set forth very clearly Lane!

turned it into a wayside hotel. “The this distinction between his religion, His are no mere "gestures,” however; Homlyke Inn," he calls it, and anything which he called Catholicism, and its dog- nor is his presence an idle imitation of less homelike, this side the Mosque of St. mas. The scientist had come to Father the customs of the cities. This is on the Sophia, cannot be imagined. Tyrrell for counsel because he had felt highroad between Boston and Portland, But the old Sir William Pepperellthat the intellectual defense of the Cath- and the motor cars whiz by in endless the tavern which dates from 1760—has olic Church had broken down and be procession. Yesterday, while Pingree been restored, in good taste, to a style cause he could no longer reconcile his was off duty and a winking green light really Georgian. And the smoothly scientific conclusions with the doctrines in a white pillar was supposed to take paved streets, the good country roads, he had been taught. Should he leave the his place, two women in a Ford tried to are certainly better than the old lanes of Church? “Yes," answered Father Tyr- charge around the corner in defiance of rut and mud-hole. When the filling rell, “if theological intellectualism'be common sense, and knocked another car stations are a little thinned out and less right; if faith mean mental assent to a into the ditch. The innocent occupants insulting to the eye, when some thousystem of conceptions of the understand- of the other car were, of course, the ones sands of the hot-dog shanties are blown ing; if Catholicism be primarily a theol- who had to be carried to the hospital. up, when there ceases to be Ye Olde Gifte ogy or at most a system of practical There are a few other changes along Shoppe every half-mile for the sale of observances regulated by that theology. the Lane. There used not to stand, in fake antiques and ornaments brought No, if Catholicism be primarily a life, front of Captain Bannister's house, from the cities, when the tea-rooms quit and the Church a spiritual organism in tables and trays offering green corn, being so very, very quaint and full of whose life we participate, and if theol- tomatoes, and apples for sale, with signs whimsy, and when a tunnel is dug underogy be but an attempt of that life to announcing honey straight from the bee. ground for those low varlets who still try formulate and understand itself—an at- Down at the corner, on the site of the to walk along the country roads, but get tempt which may fail wholly or in part grocery, young Dave Adams has made their carcasses in the way of the facile without affecting the value and reality of the place hideous with his red gasoline operation of an automobile—when all the said life.”

pumps, oil tanks, and other gaudy ap- these things are done the voice of the Here is the issue which is raised anew paratus of a filling station. Farther on, turtle will be heard again, and the comin these days. It is a mistake to think near the old Patmos Bower Road (now mon hound dog will frisk once more in that the chief differences within the Argonne Avenue), there are two greasy- the lanes, where now no dog dare venture Church are differences of creeds. The looking shacks for the sale of hot dogs unless he is encased in a stale roll and difference that counts is that between and one devoted to fried clams. All of covered with a swipe of mustard.


COLONEL Mitchell has

181 Donald as Prime Minister took the adIreland's Divided House

received the royal assent. Not less sigvice of the Judicial Committee of the nificant was the fact that the Chairman BLOOD-CLOT is no bigger Privy Council in London, which body of of the Commission, who holds the casting than the head of a pin, but if it law lords constitutes the

the Supreme vote, has been no less a person than obstructs the brain it brings Court of the British Commonwealth of Chief Justice Feetham, of Australia. It death. If the Irish question is to-day Nations. The authority of this august means that the entire British Empire, in unsettled, it is because there is still an tribunal was reinforced for the occasion so far as it is self-governing, has been obstacle to peace, trivial in dimensions

mobilized as a steam-hammer to crack and local in intrinsic importance, but

this nut; and without avail. It is a most deadly.

admirable illustration of compulsory arThe total population of Ireland is only

The Aviators'

bitration defied by one of the parties 4,500,000, or one in 400 of the human

thereto. And if, as is possible, the Free race; and yet there are two sovereignties


State appeals to the League of Nations, —the Free State to the south and a re

the sovereignty of the British Empire will duced Ulster to the north; on the map

be brought into discussion at Geneva. mere territorial fragments, but spiritually

That Ulster is unreasonable cannot be

brought down upon his the citadels of that fierce rivalry between

head the ire of his superiors.

denied. She declares, however, that she Catholic and Protestant which for cen

only acquiesced in the Irish Free State on

His fate will be determined turies deluged Europe with waves of war.

condition that the two counties be inBetween these kingdoms of the soul

by a court martial.

cluded in her province, and she quotes a the boundary is still in dispute. Just as Colonel Mitchell is not

letter from Lord Birkenhead, wher. Lord Denmark has had her Schleswig-Hol

Chancellor, to Earl Balfour, giving assur

the only man in the Service stein, and France her Alsace-Lorraine,

who believes that the organ

ances to that general effect. With the and Latin America her Tacna-Arica, so

terms of this letter Stanley Baldwin, then

ization of our air defense is has Ireland her Fermanagh and Tyrone

a Die-Hard, certainly would have -no more than two out of thirty-eight upon an intolerable basis.

agreed; and for the Conservative Govcounties, with a combined population of

The Outlook commis

ernment, with its Unionist tradition, to little over 200,000 persons—and the fate


employ force against Ulster would unof these counties has affected, not only

doubtedly alienate many supporters in the rise and fall of British Governments, Colonel Laurence both houses of Parliament. As Winston but the peace of the world itself.

Churchill's father, Lord Randolph, said, In July, 1914, it was agreed that

thirty years ago, “Ulster will fight, and Southern Ireland should have Home

to make a first-hand study

Ulster will be right!” The proposal that Rule and that Northern Ireland should

of the dissatisfaction in the

Londonderry, now predominantly Cathbe allowed the privilege of choosing to

olic, should pass out of Ulster's control,

Air Service to record the remain under the British Parliament.

seems to the Protestants who have celeThis was the basis of the famous con

thoughts and feelings of the

brated so often the famous siege as unference at Buckingham Palace, the suc

men who have kept out of

thinkable as it would be to Boston to cess of which might have prevented

the headlines and trouble.

cede Bunker Hill to Britain. And yet Germany from pushing on to war. What

Londonderry, Newry, and other towns

Colonel Driggs, in an airbroke up the Round Table and post

are hard hit by the Free State tariff wall,

plane, reached the personnel poned Home Rule was the claim of both

cutting them off as it does from their sides to Fermanagh and Tyrone.

in many of the country's

normal markets. If the drama be acted In December, 1921, after seven costly

most important flying-fields.

on a small stage, it is none the less inyears of bloodshed and a civil war in His dramatic revelations of

tense on that account. Ireland itself, a treaty was signed the state of mind of the Air It is surmised, then, first, that Chief creating the Free State, but leaving the Service will appear in the next

Justice Feetham's award is substantially future of Fermanagh and Tyrone still

two issues of The Outlook. favorable to the Irish Free State, and, uncertain. Provisionally, they were in

secondly, that Northern Ireland will be, cluded in Northern Ireland, but on con

to put it mildly, disinclined to surrender dition that a Boundary Commission of by the presence of eminent judges from

the areas thus awarded to her neighbor. Three be appointed-one member by the Australia and Canada. The decision of

If this happens, it will be asked why Free State, a second by Northern Irethe Judicial Committee was that until

the rest of mankind should worry. Supland, and a third by Britain—which Northern Ireland appointed a delegate

pose that a few Protestants do remain looked hopeful. But what then hap

the Boundary Commission could not be under Roman Catholic rule and a few pened was that Ulster refused to appoint brought into being without fresh legisla

Roman Catholics under Protestant rule; a delegate to the Commission. In other tion. And so important was the matter who seriously suffers? The important words, Ulster refused to comply with the considered to be that, in October of last problem for Sir James (r. Prime Minarrangement that the British Govern- year, with a general election pending, ister in the North, is

iling ment had made in consultation with Parliament was called into special session unemployment in Ulster's leaders.

and a statute enabling the Government to President Cosgrave Faced by this deadlock, Ramsay Mac- appoint a delegate for Northern Ireland penditure by the F

La Tourette Driggs


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