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September 2, 1925

Vol. 141

No. 1

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How Does a
Fire Start?

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Contributors' Gallery The Pratt Teachers Agency

20 Fifth Avenue, New York Recoinwends teachers to colleges. public and private schools. C. is Expert Service.

lish critic of art and literature, a former correspondent of the “Interna

tional Interpreter," and the author of a SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES

number of books such as “Adventures California

Among Books,” “The Diary of a Looker

On," and "Things Seen in America."

Military Academy

tributes another article in his series Special advantages for study and all outdoor sports; Cavalry training is featured. Fall term on the labor-saving devices of modern opens Sept. 8. Boys 6 to 18 may enroll any time. For descriptive booklet write A.L.Stewari,Supt.

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Not with a big flame, but with a
“ Your Big Opportunity

tiny spark which, unnoticed, spreads Hall W-5898. Washington, D.C. The Education Movement in China and grows until it becomes a big

flame--a devastating force that burns VERY article in The Outlook by Pro- up a home, a factory, even a big city.

fessor and United States Represent- When it has grown big, it is hard

Safe ative Davenport thus far has been illu- to check. When it was a little spark, Ask for Horlick's minating. But his recent statement, in

it could have been put out in an Milk

instant. Malted Milk

the Honolulu article, August 9, 1925, "I
and Diet
had never heard of it (the national mass




your system in For INFANTS, Children, Invalids, education movement of China] until I

the same way. It begins with a tiny

spark, a little irregularity which, unNursing Mothers, etc. got two thousand miles out into the Paci

noticel and neglected, can grow into Avoid Imitations

fic, and I have not been able to find any- a devastating illness.
body since I reached home who ever You should know when the first
heard of it either," is astonishing. Can little spark of disease starts to burn
a good optician furnish the gifted college in your system. You can know,
man a pair of well-focussed eye-glasses?

if you have our Health Protective

The whole work of missionary educa-

In our laboratories we 'watch the
Want a
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Volume 141

September 2, 1925

Number 1


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Where Negligence Is Guilt

BOILER explosion on a passenger steamer in these days of

safety appliances and State and Federal inspection bears on its face a presumption of criminal neglect or criminal desire to make money at the cost of safety. Morally and legally the burden of proof is on the owners.

About forty persons died, most of them by the horrible death of scalding, when the excursion boat Mackinac's boiler exploded as she was passing through Narragansett Bay on her way to Newport on August 21. It was slated in newspaper accounts that examination by the Rhode Island authorities showed that the boiler was old, worn, and thin in places, and that it had been repaired and patched, and some reports asserted that hurried patching was done just before the trip which proved fatal to many passengers.

It was also stated that Senator Metcalf, of Rhode Island, had urged Secretary Hoover, of the Department of Commerce, to institute thorough investigation by the United States Government and that this was now under way.

In this case, of course, as in all such cases, judgment should be suspended till the evidence is in; but somebody is responsible.

The millions of people who use excursion boats and river and coast passenger steamers depend for life and safety on the expert supervision exercised under the laws by Federal and State officials. If this oversight is slack, experience has shown that some owners will neglect their duty and take risks. Such men are less afraid of disaster and prosecution than they are of small dividends. An example of severe punishment laid upon venal or careless inspectors and responsible owners rather than upon individual employees would do vast good in putting a stop to this deadly kind of criminal negligence.


pire, there is no sign of a compromise bought in small quantities is an obstacle, agreement. There is, however, a feeling but such action as that of the New Engthat what will happen may be a mere

land Governors looks in that direction. cessation of work instead of a formal New England suffered unduly in the strike. The difference seems negligible; strike of 1923. This is why Mr. John but, if the feelings of the combatants are Hays Hammond, noted engineer and saved thereby, and they begin to nego

head of the late United States Coal Comtiate in earnest, the consumer must per- mission, laid emphasis on the possible force be satisfied.

use of substitutes, and even said: In time of peace prepare against war. The operators realize they are losing If from this industrial battle the people

their markets to substitutes because of and Congress learn that the time to do

the increasing cost of their product,

and because of the constant fear of a something is when no strike impends,

shortage of supply. The miners are in much will be gained.

the same boat, absolutely, for a strike A step in the right direction was taken

means the loss of the market, and when a meeting of New England Gover- when they return they will find that nors, or their representatives, conferred

operations have been suspended. ... at Boston, and when in the same week the

Anthracite has always been a fetish.

We have come to realize that anthraBrooklyn Chamber of Commerce urged

cite is a luxury and not to be used at that the Borah Coal Regulation Bill (or,

too great a cost. We have plenty of we will add, some other adequate meas- substitutes and will have no trouble ure to throw light on coal production,

carrying on. freight, profits, and middlemen) be res- Probably, however, anthracite owners cued from the waste-basket, so to speak, and operators bank a good deal on the and amended, debated, and acted on by fact that consumers are loth to exchange the new Congress. If a permanent Na- better for poorer fuel or to install new tional Coal Commission existed to-day methods of heating because of the immeit would be valuable. Many think that diate expense and uncertainty. But they power to act in an emergency should be may push even the patient consumer too specifically given to the President.

far! The question is asked, Why should not anthracite consumers combine to protect

The Old New York ,

HEN Saint-Gaudens's beautiful country at least, the public interest?

Diana descended the other day The fact that domestic coal is mostly from her aerial post on the tower of

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Madison Square Garden, the cry was, fare, savoring its wines, and talking wit called by the death last month of the "There goes the guardian of Old New and wisdom as well as gossip. With it "Negro potato king,” Julius C. Groves, York. Soon nothing of historic fame will disappears also the famous up-town res- of Kansas. Born a slave, he died the be left.”

taurant of Mouquin, once deservedly es- richest Negro in Kansas. He began to But that Diana was uncast, unmod- teemed by editors, artists, and literary work at forty cents a day; in time, aided eled, and undreamed of for thirty-five people.

by his seven sons, he raised and sold in years after Grisi and Mario opened the With the passing of things old and one year 72,150 bushels of potatoes. Academy of Music in the opera of “Nor- held in affection, we are glad to note the But with all the expansion in finance, ma.” In fact, Diana's birth was exactly seventy-fifth birthday of one elderly business, and in the professions, Dr. Mothe half-way mark between that real Old friend who is as enjoyable and brisk as ton repeated and emphasized the words New York when the Academy was new ever. We won't say that we have read of Booker Washington that "the ultimate and the present year.

"Harper's Magazine" for seventy-five seat of power in a democracy is with The fiat has gone forth that the old years, but we know that it has given those who own the land." Accordingly, Academy is to go. It is not, and never pleasure to Americans for all that time, Dr. Moton advised his people to save was, a thing of beauty, and its joyous that it has been encouraging and helpful money, buy land, and raise intelligent memories of music, song, and society do to American writers and artists, and that families. He is as urgent as was Dr. not fit in well with its present sordid it well deserves to live and entertain until Washington that passion and agitation surroundings of push-carts and jazzing it is thrice its present age.

for theoretical recognition should be disphonographs. The hall where fashion

couraged and effort for improvement and able New York gathered in the '50's (be- The Negro as a Business Man intelligence take their place. As to what ginning, to be exact, in 1854) was then it is a sign of growing race tolerance

the Negro in America wants Dr. Moton up-town; now it is just one moving- that the city of Tulsa, in Oklahoma,

said: picture house among the rest. The old best known by many as the scene of race

Thoughtful Negroes, whether North New Yorker is glad that the husk of the war, riot, and house-burning in 1921, in

or South, in the last analysis, want

an equal chance with other AmeriAcademy is to go; he can remember bet- vited the National Negro Business

can citizens, whether in banking, ter without it than with it the night when League to come there for its annual merchandising, business in general, Patti made her debut (and probably meeting this summer. Dr. Moton, of and even in religious matters. They later some of her positively final and last Tuskegee, in his address, expressed his

want for themselves and their children farewells), when the gigantic, bird-voiced pleasure that both races joined in the

an absolutely equal chance for life, Parepa sang “Five O'Clock in the invitation and the welcome, and his pride

liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,

unhampered by creed or color, and Morning" and her tiny husband, Carl that with indomitable pluck and determi

judged only by the merits of the indiRosa, stood by her side with his violin, nation Tulsa whites and Negroes had

vidual or group.

They, like other when on one occasion Jenny Lind sang joined in restoring the damage done Americans, want to be dealt with by "Home, Sweet Home” to an audience of when passion and prejudice ran riot.

constituted legal authority. Mobs, three thousand-enormous for those This address showed an encouraging,

lynchings, and burnings have never days. Our American songster, Clara

solved any problem; they have rather even surprising, advance in the business

aggravated and intensified the feeling Louise Kellogg, is a not less charming resources and activity of the colored peo- of bitterness and hatred. memory.

ple. Thus, the seventy-three banks they The spirit of Tuskegee and Hampton Gradually the majestic and genial own and run have since 1918 raised their

is doing much to make the colored race reign of Colonel Mapleson declined. Per- capitalization from two and a half to six patiently persistent and ambitious to imhaps he was too yielding to his song- and a quarter million dollars; their own prove morally and intellectually and to birds---some people's memory of the insurance companies have policies in become useful citizens. Academy is that of going to see some force amounting to a quarter of a billion opera or diva and having the old “Faust” dollars; the estimated value of property

Hard Luck! (and perhaps some old diva also) sub- owned by Negroes in America to-day is ITH great reluctance on the part stituted. over $1,800,000,000.

of Commander MacMillan, of There followed a memorable if not One curious situation in regard to Ne- the Arctic expedition, and still greater glorious era of drama. One remembers gro wealth was brought out when Dr. reluctance on the part of Commander the two Sotherns, Otis Skinner, Julia Moton said: “At this moment I am Byrd, of the Naval contingent, it has Marlowe, and some popular romantic or thinking of the vast opportunities in the been found inadvisable to continue furhomely dramas. That era and the days hands of our people represented by the ther this summer the efforts to fly over when great balls and big functions took holdings in oil lands which they possess the great unexplored region north and place in the Academy (the ball in honor in Oklahoma, in Texas, in Arkansas, and west of Greenland. After the Naval auof Edward, Prince of Wales, was a fa- in Louisiana. What a blessing it would thorities at home had become convinced mous affair) gave place to the cheap, the be to our entire race if the boys and girls that this was wise, Commander Byrd common, and the noisy. The real Acad- who are now the legal heirs of this wealth was still anxious to make one more try emy died twenty-five years ago; we are could be developed and trained for its to establish an advance post for his Navy glad that its shell is to be removed. wise direction when they come to matu- planes, but of course yielded when the

The Old New Yorker is more likely to rity. Here alone is sufficient capital to actual order was issued. The questions mourn the disappearance of the last ves- develop many lines of business which involved were fully discussd by wireless tige of up-town Delmonico's. Its rooms Negroes are now prepared to operate.” or radio talk between Etah and Washhave seen famous men and women of An example of what can be done by a ington-and this was the first time, we social prominence of decades enjoying its single hard-working colored man is re- believe, that an expedition already in the


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