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A new way to

lighten cloudy teeth

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old-fashioned deep-sea type, and the au-
thor is deeply impressed by the skill and
coolness with which he manages the ves-
sel during storms. The first harbor
reached is Port Adelaide, after a voyage
of ninety-seven days, and here the men

S sappers mine
go ashore. Mr. Clements is surprised to
find the town far different from anything

defenses, so gum-dethat he had imagined, but very much like

cay tunnels through

the normal gum line the cities he has seen in his native Eng

and produces tooth land. The colonials whom he meets also

decay in its most

painful form. impress him as very much like his fellow

This gum decay or countrymen. Far more interesting are

Pyorrhea is most dan

gerous. The gums be the islands of the South Pacific which lie

come devitalized, re

laxed. They recede. remote from the usual track. On the

They shrink and age

the mouth. Gum tenwest coast of South America the ship

derness is present.

The teeth loosen. Al stops at Callao, the port of Lima, and

so Pyorrhea pockets there the author is, to quote his own

breed bacteria which

drain into the system words, impressed "by the amazing polite

and cause many or

BRUSH YOUR TEETH ganic diseases of ness of everybody”—Spaniards, Negroes,

mid-life. Indians, and every possible combination


Four people out

of five over forty of the three. Other ports are visited, in

suffer from this Pyor

rhea; but Forhan's

FORMULA OF cluding Santa Rosa, Peru, and here he

positively prevents

Pyorrhea if used in rejoices in the picturesqueness of the life,

time and used con

sistently. the charm of the women, and the cordial

Forhan's hardens

NEW YORK CITY ity of every one toward strangers. A

the gums. It con

serves the gums that fairly interesting sea yarn Mr. Clements


hug the teeth and

hold them firm. It -and without bleaching or harsh grit. The has told, but it is not likely to replace


touches the funda

mentals of tooth way foremost dentists now are urging for Dana's “Two Years Before the Mast" as

PREPARED FOR THE health in fact, And dassling teeth and firm and healthy gums.

all this while you a classic of the ocean.


are cleansing your

teeth scientifically.

DENTAL PROFESSION DULL teeth, dingy teeth, teeth that

Forhan's is cool, an Science

tiseptic and pleas lack gleam and luster-modern

ant to the taste. science has discovered a new way to THE MEDICAL FOLLIES. By Morris Fishbein,

If gum-shrinkage M.D. Boni & Liveright, New York. $2.

has already set in, correct them.

start using Forhan's One of the first of our humorous medi

and consult a den In a short time you can work a

tist immediately for transformation. In ten days you can cal authors was Woods Hutchinson—a

special treatment. later and more voluminous Holmes. Dr. have whiter, more gleaming teeth than


35c and 60c tubes

in U.S. and Can. Fishbein, editor of the “Journal of the you ever thought possible.

Formuls et THE

R.J.Forban,D.D.E. Film is that viscous coat you feel, American Medical Association," is a


New York

GUMS worthy follower. He is witty and sound that clings to teeth, gets into crevices

Forhar's, Ltd.

Montreal and stays. It hides the natural luster and useful as he flays the fakers. He of your teeth.

talks about all the lovely foolish fads It also holds food substance which that delight the newspapers and their Meaty Pecans ferments and causes acid. In contact credulous readers; about rejuvenation From New Orleans to You with teeth, this acid invites decay. and birth control and chiropractic and These delicious nuts average 50 to 55 to the pound. Millions of germs breed in it. And osteopathy and many another thing. His Delivered prepaid-C.O.D. or on receipt of money

order or personal check. 1 lb. $1.25; 51 bs. $5.35; 10 they, with tartar, are the chief cause book is good fun. He is especially

Ibs. $10.25; 25 lbs. $25.00. All orders will be shipped of pyorrhea.

soon as possible from new Fall crop. Address Dept. B.O. amusing as he writes about the "big

Every Pecan Trademarked Now modern dental science has

muscle boys"-the physical culture found two new combatants. They

teachers, who love to be photographed are embodied in a new type tooth paste called Pepsodent.

all lumpy muscle and wearing a leopard VIVIAN PECAN

skin and a ferocious pompadour. Make a test to-day. Clip the cou

V.J.GELPI pon for a free 10-day tube. Why fol

Miscellaneous low old methods when world's dental


SIZE authorities urge a better way?

Stokes. E. P. Dutton & Co., New York, $1.
Protect the enamel

This little book is one of a series.
Pepsodent disintegrates the

They are chiefly named after classical film, then removes it with

personages, and are quite serious-all agent far softer than enamel. Beware of harsh grit. about science, and sociology, the future

THE its of women, and the other heavy subjects, readers, clipped from their favorite newspaper.

cartoon should have the sender's name and address together such as would probably form the subject with the name and date of the newspaper from which it is Mail this

taken pinned or pasted to its back. Cartoons should be for REG.U.S.

of conversation on a picnic party consist- mailed flat, not rolled. We pay one dollar ($1) for each 10-Day The New-Day Quality Dentifrice

cartoon which we find available for reproduction. Some Tube Endorsed by World's Dental Authorities ing, say, of an editor of the "New Re

readers in the past have lost payment to which they were THE PEPSODENT COMPANY.

entitled because they have failed to give the information public," Dr. Havelock Ellis, Mr. Ber

which we require. It is impossible for us to acknowledige Dept. 79 , 1104 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, III., U.S.A. trand Russell, Miss Ruth Hale, Miss or return cartoons which prove unavailable for publication, Namo

Rebecca West, and other intellectual The Editors of The Outlook lights or glowworms. Somehow, Mr.

120 East 16th Street, New York City Only one tube to a family.

Scott Stokes, the author of this book,
in writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook




FREE Pepsodent

I Address...



was invited, and he chose to talk upon the hopelessly useless and altogether fascinating topic of dragons. All about their origin, birth, and death; what their insides are good for; where dragons came from; how they act; and what you had better do if you meet one. There isn't an atom of self-improvement in the book; no word of woman's future; nothing about the wage scale in Lancashire or Oregon. And, for our part-our own shameless part—we are content to let all the lofty domes talk as they will under the elms. We will step aside with Mr. Scott Stokes, and learn about dragons.



Its accuracy protects you, SMITH & WESSON

In the proven accuracy of your revolver lies the assurance of protection.

Every match in the recent Indoor Championships of the United States Revolver Association was won with a Smith & Wesson.

Smith & Wesson arms for many years have been the choice of

expert revolver users— positive proof of their unfailing accuracy.

In choosing your personal arm you can do no better than follow the example of champions—demand a Smith & Wesson.

SMITH & WESSON Manufacturers of Superior Revolvers


Western Representative: Andrew Carrigan Company, Rialto Bldg., San Francisco, Cal.- Los Angeles, Cal.; Seattle, Wash.




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Notes on New Books


By Orville E. Crain. The Abingdon Press,

New York. 50c.
A review of the history of this ancient
SOBRIETY. By Edgar Cole. The Meroduk Pub-

lishing Company, Philadelphia. $1.
The author intimates that Washington
won the battle of Trenton because his men
were sober and the enemy had been weak-
ened by alcohol. Mr. Cole's intentions are
doubtless better than his knowledge of his-

PLE. By Herbert Carleton Mayer. The Cen

tury Company, New York. $2.
"A text-book of adolescent religious edu-
cation in the local church."

Co., Boston. $1.
Six hundred and fifty attempts to concoct
a good epigram.

GENCE. By Vernon Lee. E. P. Dutton &
Co., New York. $1.
A critic of art and literature considers a
new theory of intelligence.

Dorothy Mills. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New

An introduction to the history of Greece.
RACE OR NATION, By Gino Speranza. The

Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis. $3.
The rivalry between loyalty to the race
and to the American Nation.
JOHN HEYL VINCENT. By Leon H. Vincent,

The Macmillan Company, New York. $3.50.
The biography of Bishop Vincent, with
references to the origins of Chautauqua.

and Frank C. Lockwood, D. C. Heath & Co.,

New York.
A guide to college life for girls.

Garrett. The Christopher Publishing House,

Boston. This book is described by the publishers as an advance study in organic and cosmic evolution presented through an unusual and absorbing sea story of high rank. Far be it from us to contradict them. WANDERINGS AND EXCURSIONS. By J. Ram

say MacDonald, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis. $3. Essays on travel and on politics by the former Prime Minister of Great Britain. He is an admirable observer and a true lover of nature. EVERYDAY LIFE IN ROMAN BRITAIN. By

Marjorie and C. H. B. Quennell. G. P. Put

nam's Sons, New York. The Romans lived longer in Britain than Europeans have lived in America, and this is a well-illustrated account of their life. THE TANGRAM BOOK. By F. Gregory Harts

wick. Simon & Schuster, New York. $2.30.
A story illustrated with colored designs
formed by triangles and squares. A word
with you privately-we have not read the

By Thomas James Norton. Little, Brown &
Co., Boston. $2.
A commentary on the provisions of the

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By the Way


BOUT fifty of our readers very kindly

responded to our plea for the answer to the Palmerston riddle, published in the August 19 issue, thereby showing themselves possessed of a keen knowledge of the Bible and a nimble mind. The answer seems to be the image that Michal, the wife of David, put in his bed in order to deceive his enemies who were coming to kill him. Together with the solution many people sent in other Biblical riddles which they desired to have solved. Here is one from Miss Frances Hastings, of Rochester. Can anybody guess it?

A SCRIPTURE PUZZLE Find two words of equal length, Equal in syllabic strength; Find them once and look no more, Vain the search in Bible lore. There we see them sundered wide, Elsewhere often side by side; Twice three letters each contains. Think not of time's earliest stages, Pore not o'er New Testament pages. On the intervening ground Both dissyllables are found. Common things the words denote, Things not seldom sold and bought; Bought and sold for sacred use, Both exposed to much abuse. One is little, one is great; Each has served both Church and

State; Though the great includes the small, Power does not to greatness fall. One the body, one the heart; Neither found to act apart; First in point of time, the great Still must for the other wait. One for many, one for few; Plain and ornate, old and new; Cheap and costly, foul and fair, Fondly sought and shunned with care. One for men alone to use, One designed for all who choose. Children of a tender age, Dullest boor and wisest sage; Helpful both and influential, They are not to man essential. While we pray they many abound, Ready substitutes are found. Now the Bible bids us prize them, Holds them guilty who despise them; Now for earth's advantage given, They will not be found in heaven. Such the words in mystery pent, Such the things they represent; Those who know their Bible best Soon will make successful quest.

Here is an exercise in punctuation. All those who have been reading Mr. Law. rence Abbott's articles on English grammar to the fore:

Every lady in this land
Has twenty nails on each hand.
Five and twenty on hands and feet,
This is true without deceit.

[graphic][merged small][subsumed]

There's the HelpWanted section ready-made to
your requirements. Just send in your copy for an
advertisement with payment at 10c. a word (25c. for
the use of a box number).
Thousands of people have successfully filled positions
by advertising in The Outlook-why not try it ?

NOTE: A Situations Wanted section is provided for
those seeking connections. The rate is the same.
Department of Classified Advertising

THE OUTLOOK 120 East 16th Street

New York

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Rolls and Discs





NEVERAL times in the past our Messrs. Catterall and Bridge there is a

monthly collection of records has whole-hearted enthusiasm. The orches

contained what we might have tra is kept very much in the background, called an “imposing array” of worth-' but that is probably necessary to avoid a while selections. But now we realize confusion of sound that would obscure that at the time we had no conception the solo instruments. On the reverse of of the extent to which an "imposing the last record the extra space is utilized array" might reach. This month brings by the celebrated aria from the Overture

You, Too, Should a staggering list of new records. An in D. This is often heard in transcripUse This Plan

to invest your savings

with proven safety A


by Robert Murcie and orchestra conducted by Sir Hamilton Harty.




by Lionel Tertis.
records. Columbia

other catalogue of the Columbia Master- tion as the “Air for- G String,” but is
works Series has been issued, and in it here played by Sir Hamilton Harty and
are some thirty-odd additions to the col- orchestra as originally written.
lection most of them major works, such


Played as symphonies, sonatas, quartettes, and orchestral suites. Incidentally, all of

V Investment Savings Plan that is

In four parts, on two records. these recordings were made in England. In certain ways this suite outdoes the

women of moderate means to invest on a It seems that England's thirst for the D Minor Concerto.' Some of the dances

par with large investors, by applying their highest forms of music on the phono- are full of life and movement; others, savings toward the purchase of our 7% graph has been greater than America's like the "Sarabande,” are sheer loveli- First Mortgage Bonds. and accordingly the British cousins of ness. One advantage for the phonograph

Also, because of the proven safety eviour own phonograph companies have of a suite is that each part is completed

denced by our record of no loss to any

inbrought out highly interesting and merion a single record face. There is no

vestor in 52 years, men and women who torious recordings of fine music. And sudden pause in the middle of a move- lack investment experience may invest now the American Columbia Company ment, as is the disturbing fact in a sym- with the same assurance as experienced has imported by the wholesale matrices' phony recording. The strings are excel- judges of securities. from the British Columbia Company and lent in reproduction; the flute is a little has presented the American public with overpowered. Mr. Murcie is at his best

Every Payment Earns 7% a really astounding collection of the best in the rapid and cheerful "Badinerie"

Under our Investment Savings Plan, after music. which closes the suite.

an initial payment of 10% (more if you

wish), you have ten months to complete Among the recordings are symphonies

(HACONNE FOR VIOLA ONLY (Bach). Played your purchase of a $100, $500 or $1,000 by Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven;

four parts, on

First Mortgage Bond. You may make orchestral works by Richard Strauss, Gustav Holst-to say nothing of Papa

There is something at least unusual in payments monthly, or at irregular inter

vals, as suits your convenience. Every Bach; and much chamber music of

a lengthy composition for a melodic inHaydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, strument with no accompaniment. As it

payment earns the full rate of bond in

terest. Brahms, Franck, and Ravel. It is a dehappens, there is more than novelty in

Thus, if your savings average $10, $20, $50 or more light simply to thumb over the pages of this particular example of an obsolete

a month, you can get 7% interest without waiting to dance form. A large portion is composed accumulate the full price of a bond. the catalogue. The Columbia Company is to be congratulated on making a brave, of figures which are repeated and de

Bond Interest Compounded move. Unfortunately, the list is so great

veloped. But there is melody, too. The that it is impossible to comment on all viola covers a wide range, giving itself a

Another advantage of the Investment Savings Plan

is that you may compound your interest at the bond chance to exhibit its full warmth of tone. the records adequately in this month's

rate by applying your interest to the purchase of adcolumn. So a few will be reviewed now,

ditional investments. The results you can accomIn some double-stopped passages there is

plish in this manner are truly surprising. and more later.

all the sonority of the harmonizings of a
Tuskegee quartette.

For example, if you invest $50 a month in 7% Smith

Bonds, reinvesting your interest at 7%, you will Phonograph Records BENI MORA-ORIENTAL SUITE (Gustav Holst).

have, in ten years, $8,657.10. This is enough to give

Played by the London Symphony Orchestra you, at 7%, a monthly income of more than $50-a CONCERTO IN D MINOR FOR TWO VIOLINS

In four parts, monthly income greater than (Bach). Played by Arthur Catterall and John

your monthly investment. 6. Bridge, with orchestra conducted by Sir Hamilton Harty. In five parts,


An interesting expression of Oriental on

Send your name and address records. Columbia.

atmosphere, with rich prismatic effects today, on the coupon below, One of the most popular as well as and exotic, dissonant harmonies. Mr.

for our booklets, telling the

facts you will want to know beautiful of Bach's compositions, this Holst has a strong sense of the dramatic. about 7 Smith Bonds, and concerto flows along from start to finish In the "Street of the Ouled Nails” he

explaining all details of our | with noble and majestic dignity. Its builds a complexity of themes one upon

Investment Savings Plan. second movement, very similar in mood the other, as in imitation of the conflictto the famous Handel Largo, could be

The effect profitably substituted on many pro- ; is not soothing to the ears, but delight

Founded 1873
New York

Pittsburgh grammes for that greatly overplayed fully stimulating.

Philadelphia Smith Bldg.,

.,Washington, D.C. Minneapolis composition, and not lose a speck of its SYMPHONY NO. in C Minor (Beethoven). freshness. The whole concerto seems to

Played by the London Symphony Orchestra

conducted by Felix Weingartner. In eight sail in a sea of melody in which each of

conducted by Gustav Holst.
on two records. Columbia.




parts, on four records. Columbia. the solo violins vies with the other for From the baton of Weingartner comes

Address... supremacy. In the performance of

Please print name and address plainly
a careful and complete version of the
In writing to the above advertiser, please mention The Outlook


The Luxury Cruise to the

[blocks in formation]

most grandiose of Beethoven's sym

things as repeats
are taken into account. The symphony
is conducted with admirable contrasts-
especially the second movement. Its
chief weakness is in reproduction. The
famous double-bass passage

in the
scherzo, instead of being played with
powerful elephantine zest, sounds timidly
thin and remote. From the first we were
aware of a disappointed feeling that the
tone of the orchestra did not come out
as fully, clearly, and colorfully as it
should. And Beethoven's Fifth, even
when conducted by Weingartner, loses
much effectiveness when it lacks a full
majestic power of tone.
IN THE VILLAGE (Ippolitow-Iwanow); PRINCE

IGOR-Polovetzki Dance (Borodin). Played
by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra con-
ducted by Leopold Stokowski. Victor.
It becomes more and more surprising
what the phonograph can do in orches-
tral recording. In the delicate scoring of
“In the Village” the deeper stringed in-
struments as well as oboe and violins
sound almost too vividly real. Right in
back of that dark slotted opening in the
phonograph out of which the sound
comes, the orchestra breathes-alive. In
both these Russian numbers it has a
chance to show itself off to advantage,
with Eastern melodies, crisp rhythms,
and weird touches.



A pleasure cruise exceeding every expectatior-luxurious comfort, perfect service, enjoyable entertainment, on board the Rotterdam." Scenic splendor, strange and thrilling sights

in interesting Old World lands.

By the Famous “ROTTERDAM"

5th Cruise Leaving New York

February 2, 1926
Under the

own management

The “ROTTERDAM” 24,170 tons register 37,190 tons displacement Has a world-wide reputation for the magnihcence and comfort of her appointments, the surpassing excellence of her cuisine and the high standards of service and management on board.

Sixty-seven Days of Delightful Diversion ITINERARY includes Madeira, Lisbon, Cadiz, Seville, Gibraltar, Algiers, Tunis, Athens, Constantinople, the Holy Land and Egypt, Italy and the Riviera. Carefully planned Shore Excursions. Stopover in Europe.

Cruise limited to 550 guests American Express Co. Agents in Charge of

Shore Excursions

Illustrated Folder "J" on request
For choice selection of accommodations

make reservations early HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE 21-24 State Street, New York

Boston, Philadelphia,
Pirtsburgh, Chicago
Minneapolis St. Louis.
Detroit, Atlanta, Ga
Searle. New Orleane

LALITY Cuise to the

27 days
(Holland-America Line
in cooperacion with the

Frank Tourist Co.)
by the Luxurious

ly. New York Feb. 18. 1926

San Francisco, Mexico

De any authorized
Srear ship Acm

PIRATE SONG (Stevenson-Gilbert); CAPTAIN

STRATTON'S FANCY (Masefield-Taylor).
Sung by Reinald Werrenrath. Victor.


Two rousing good tunes, especially Deems Taylor's setting of John Masefield's "Captain Stratton's Fancy.” The latter is far from commonplace. The words get lost in the shuffle, which is a pity, for the whole character of the song depends upon the telling of the goodly narrative.





will make your holidays happy days -winter or summer,

Piano Rolls

(Arranged by
Sowerby). Played by Leo Sowerby. Ampico.

We cannot refrain from placing first Have You a Specialty?

among the piano rolls a setting of this

gay little country-dance tune which must Do you make extra good jam or

be familiar to almost everybody. It is candy, or put up pickles that your

the one to which the would-be humorists family and the neighbors rave about? Does your green tomato conserve beat

sing “The Assyrian came down like a anything that's sold in the stores, if you

wolf on the fold." In Sowerby's piano do say so yourself ?

arrangement it is put through elaborate Why not sell some?

paces. The result is a piece of genuine If you can make any delicacy that is

beauty. There is an atmosphere of unusually good, adoertise the fact. De

charm altogether strange for this overvelop a market for your home-made familiar little reel that has emerged from wares through the MART OF THE many a rustic fiddle or accordion. UNUSUAL. Write and tell us what

SYMPHONY NO. 5–First and second movements you've got that's different, and let us

(Tchaikowsky). Played by Albert Stoessel. quote rates and help you with copy.

D'uo- Art.

PIQUE DAME OVERTURE (von Suppé). Played Mart OF THE UNUSUAL by Milton Suskind and Julius Buerger; con

ducted by Artur Bodanzky. The Outlook

Here are two totally different piano 120 East 16th Street

New York' recordings of orchestral music. The

spring or fall.

Fall and Winter


on the Beach


On the Beach and the Boardwalk. In
the very center of things. American
Plan only; always open.

folder and rates on request.
Tune in on WPG and Chalfonte-Haddon Hall


In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

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