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Hotels and Resorts


Hotels and Resorts

New York City

Tours and Travel


San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara Hotel Webster 128 DAYS, $1,250 to $3,000

Unharmed by Earthquake Furnished bungalows of various sizes ; situated on the foothills among the orange groves, overlooking the sea. Central diningroom, electric lights, hot and cold water. Good' tennis court. Two miles from ocean and country club, six miles from Santa Barbara. Booklet. Address Maoager San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara


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Tours and

Travel Transylvania, " 17,000 tons. 62 days

The Sunshine City Your Tour Abroad | Flis, seu, eto.

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Hospitality and entertainment await you in the Sunshine City. Located between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg has a climate unsurpassed. Golf, bathing, fishing, boating, and other sports. Magnificent hotels and fur. nished apartments. For book. let and information address:


Chamber of

(Near 5th Avenue)

Including Hotels, Drives, Guides, Fees, etc. 40 West 45th Street From N. Y. Jan. 20, by specially, NEW YORK

chartered Cunard new s.s Laconia,

20,000 tons.. Featuring 26 days Japan
Directly in the fashionable club and shop and China including Peking; option
ping section. Withiu five minutes' walk to 18 days in India; Cairo, Jerusalem,
all principal theaters.. A bigh-class hotel
patronized by those desiring the best accom-

Athens, etc., with Europe stop over.
modations at moderate cost.
Rates and map gladly sent upon request.

CLARK'S 220 CRUISE, Jan. 30

By specially chartered

new SS
cruise, $600 to $1,700 including Hotels,
Drives, Guides, Fees, etc. Featuring
15 days in Egypt and Palestine ; Lis-

bon, Tunis, Spain, etc.
is too important a matter to be decided
without first investigating the advan-

tages offered by the Bureau of University
Travel, a unique institution operated

without private profits. Membership in MEDITERRANEAN
its tours insures best of leadership-low
cost-greatest satisfaction.

New gs“Lancastria " leaves June 30
Small parties will sail in January for repeating this summer's most success-
EGYPT, PALESTINE, ITALY, ful cruise, 53 days. $550 to $1,250.

Originator of Round the World
Write for illustrated booklet

Cruises. Longest experienced cruise
management. Established 30 years.

FRANK C. CLARK, Times Bldg., New York

15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass.

To EGYPT January

16, 1926, with Prof. Albert

E. Bailey-his eleventh Egyptian
party. Abu Simbel Camp in the Fayum.
ROUND the WORLD January 6, 1926, with

Arthur K. Peck. Visit
the unspoiled hiuterland. Motor 1200 miles
in Java,
To MISSION FIELDS in the far East. Sep-

teinber 25, 1926. with
Dr. Harlau P. Beach, our greatest authority
on Interdenominational Missions.
TO THE HOLY LAND April 8, 1926, with

Bishop Shayler of
Nebraska. A Churchmen's Pilgrimage with
objectives primarily religious.
To NORTH AFRICA February 25, 1926, with

I.A. Unique route including Biskra, etc.,
by auto; following the blossoms in Sicily
and Italy.

447-A Park Square Bldg. Boston, Mass.

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[ERE is a Book that shows

you how best to see the New Southwest. It is free published by the Gateway Club of El Paso who will send you a copy if you mail the coupon below.

Fill in the coupon and re. ceive 58 beautiful photos and a brief story of this great sun. shine country. You will enjoy the pictures of Old Mexico pleasure-loving Juarez! (a six cent car ride away). See also the views of prehistoric vil. lages, mountains, and many intimate shots of El Paso, the City where Sunshine spends the winter, and where there is room, health and prosperity for all.

Send for the Book today. Then plan a trip West and visit El Paso en route. All railways allow free, 10-day stopover. No trip to the Coast complete that does not include El Paso and vicinity.

Mail the coupon.

North Carolina

The Winter Country
Club of people of affairs.

Re-opens October 26th
with full program of sports.


El Paso

Calling for Suggestions The beauty, fascination, and more
for Your next Trip


Galeway Club




501 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., El Paso, Texas.

Please send me the free booklet,

"El Paso and the New Southwest." Name. Address


tery of the Orient lures visitor's
Four 18-hole Golf Courses.

from all over the world to
Tennis, Trap and Rifle Shooting,
Horseback Riding, Racing, Driving,

You do the calling-
For Information or Reservations
Address General Office, Pinehurst, N. C.

we'll do the answering

The quaintest and most interesting of all
New York City
Just tell us when and where prevail. Write mentioning outlook" "ro


Care Traffic Dept. HOTEL CLENDENING | ask for any travel information



for full information 202 West 103d Street

Rales for a single room without bath and with 3 meals, Within a few ininutes of all New York

At Your Service

$5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country attractions. Comfortable suites. exceptionally fine cuisine, and an

Without Charge atmosphere that pleases particular people.

Write for Booklet 0 and Map of New York
Hotel and Travel Bureau JANUARY 16—Party Limited to 8

Hotel Judson

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53 Washington Sq.,

RESER TOURS, 171 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N, Y.
Hesidential botel of highest type, combining
the facilities of hotel life with the comforts of
an ideal home. American plan $4 per day and

120 East 16th Street New York Earn Your Trip to EUROPE by securing up, European pian $1.50 per day and up.

bers for one of my tours. Established 1900, SAMUEL NAYLOR, Mauager.

BABCOCK'S Tours, Inc., East Orange, N. J.
In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

New York

For Real Estate and other Classified Adver.

tisements see next page

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symphony is one of Tchaikowsky's greatNURSE-Active, intelligent, for care baby 10 months, and assist 3 older children, boy

est—thrilling in its climaxes, emotionally 6, twing 3; preferably English. Good recent

alive from first to last. Its arrangement references. Live Scarsdale, N. Y. Address 6,373, Outlook.

is interesting in that its treatment by a SALESMEN wanted. $10 daily easy. We start you in auto accessory biisiness. No

solo pianist often differs markedly from investment, no experience necessary. Exclusive territory. Motor Products Co., 1760

the usual orchestral interpretation. The Lunt Ave., Chicago. WANTED, at once, mother's helper and

"Pique Dame" Overture is interesting in companion to two girls, 7 and 10, going to school. Must be Protestant, of pleasing per

a different way. Its military precision of sonality, perfect health, be able to play piano. Age 30-35. Personal interview desired.

handling creates the illusion of an orSend references and answer to Mrs. J. R, B. Moore, Morristown, N. J.

chestral performance. The music itself WANTED.-Companion for elderly, lady who is to spend winter in a Southern' hotel.

is merely light entertainment. PersonExperienced, capable woman about forty preferred. Box 6,399, Outlook.

ally we should prefer to hear Bodanzky WANTED-companion, Protestant. Re

conduct something more interesting and fined, willing, and obliging. Musical preferred. Age 30–35. Able to supervise house

substantial. keeping. 6,406, Outlook.

WANTED, near Wilmington, Delaware, mother's helper for 3 children. Yomug, con

CONCERTO IN E MINOR, Opus 11 (Chopin). petent woman desired. Personal interview

Played by Josef Hofmann. Duo-Art.
necessary. Mrs. N. T. Booth, New Castle,

Chopin is for the most part not a com-
WANTED-Pleasant young woman com-
panion for elderly lady. Light housework
duties. 6,377, Outlook.

poser of surprises. The E Minor ConWANTED.-Useful companion to widow

certo discloses him as we expect to find living in suburbs of New York. Pleasing personality. Neat sewer. Some experience murs.

him, with a characteristically resonant ing; willing to assist light chamberwork. l'rotestant. At once. Well recommended.

use of the pianoforte, delicate grace of 6,396, Outlook.

melody, and a mood of soft, gentle sad

ness. He becomes sometimes monotoSITUATIONS WANTED

nous—as with the disquieting regularity AS companionable house manager to semiinvalid or to assist in adult household like

of his accompaniment in the second meinber of family. References exchanged. L., 94 Cottage St., New Haven, Conn.

movement—but never unpleasant. HofCOLLEGE position wanted by university graduate iu social sciences. 6,409, Outlook.

mann's performance shows precision and ENGLISH woman of refinement, traveled

shading. He has also skillfully blended and experienced, as companion, assisting in supervision of household. Has held similar

the orchestral and piano parts into
position fourteen years. Excellent references.
6,397, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED teacher wishes grade
position. Mrs. W. S. George, Route, 23,
Winthrop, Me.

GENTLEWOMAN desires position as com-
panion to young, or middle-aged woman,
Would manage household, do secretarial
work or travel. Excellent references. 6,395,

POSITION as companion and home manager, at once. Would travel or not as desired. 6,393, Outlook.

POSITION desired by, young American woman as useful companion and household assistant. References. Address 6,387, Outlook. PRACTICAL middle-aged gentlewoman

INCENT RICHARDS has been for (not servant), assistant in refined home where such service is needed. Moderate coinpensa

two years a member of the United tion. References exchanged. 6,411, Outlook.

States team in the Davis Cup matches.
REFINED, educated woinan desires posi-
tion as companion to young or middle-aged

In 1924 he won the Olympic Tennis
Will travel. Address E. R. L., 228
Garfield St., Kennett Square, Pa.

Championship and with William Tilden
REFINED young woman desires position
taking care of children. Kiud and gentle

2d has held the National Doubles Chamdiscipline, capable in sickness. Scotch. $100 a mouth. 6,398, Outlook.

pionship. He is noteworthy for his good REFINED young woman, pleasing person

sportsmanship in a game where good ality, experienced, desires position, nursery governess, "elder sister," or companion. Al references. 6,404, Outlook.

sportsmanship is taken for granted. SAILING early November,two professional women, experienced travelers, will escort children or adults requiring companions to

ARL CHRISTMAS was born in Kansas, destinations in England or Europe. State terins. 6,403, Outlook.

and grew up on an Oklahoma farm. SUPERINTENDENT or matron children's home or any institution. Experienced. 6,408,

He was graduated from the University Outlook.

of Oklahoma and later took a course in TEACHER, companion, counselor. Virile Westerner, now in East. Interested in higher

journalism at the University of Missouri. things. Fond of boys and outdoors. Willing, trustworthy, and strictly temperate. athlete who doubts value of athletics. 6,394,

Following graduation he traveled over Outlook.

most of the Middle West, and eventually TEACHER of great gympathy and understanding will tutor (Calvert System) children

settled in St. Paul, where he has since under 8 in their own homes. Brooklyn or New York. Interview requested. 6,413,

been engaged in journalism. Outlook.


House A Lady Living in Her

New Well-Appointed Home Face desires to secure two permanent Golf paying guests. References ex- Grounds changed. Write to

Lakehurst, New Jersey

boarders, elderly, semi-invalids. Modern,
well-located home.Refined adult family. Write
Berkshires, Gen. Del., Gt. Barringtou, Mass.






MANUSCRIPTS WOMEN'S CLUBS EVERYWHERE.Help given and advice in preparing papers and speeches-either by interview or correspondence. Address 6,402, Outlook.

STATIONERY WRITE for free samples of embossed at $2 or printed stationery at $1.50 per box. Thonsands of Outlook customers. Lewis, stationer, Troy, N.Y.

PERSONAL STATIONERY-200 single or 100 double sheets good bond paper with 100 envelopes to match, printed in blue. $1. Hicks, Macedon Center, N. Y.


EMPLOYMENT AGENCY SCHOOLS, hospitals, hotels, clubs, tearooms, welfare organizations, supplied with workerg. Positions for secretaries, social workers, superintendents, matrons, housekeepers, dietitians. cafeteria managers. The Richards Bureau, 68 Barnes St., Providence.



HELP WANTED EARN $110 to $250 monthly, expenses paid, as railway traffic inspector. Position guaranteed after completion of 3 inonths' home study course or mouey refunded. Excellent oppor. tunities. Write for free booklet CM27. Standard Business Training Institution, Buffalo, N. Y.

EXPER'ENCED NURSERY GOVERN. ESS for girls one and three years old. Prefer one speaking French, but specially seek competent, amiable person for permanent position. Dougherty, 103 East 86th St., New York.

HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for highsalaried men and women. Past experience mecessary. We train you by mail and put you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay, tine living. interesting work, quick advanceiment, permanent. Write for free book, * YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Lewis Hotel Training Schools, Suite X-5842, Washington, D.C.

TO young women desiring training in the
care of obstetricul patients & uix mouths'
nurses' aid course is offered by the Lying-In
Hospital. 307 Second Ave., New York. Aids
are provided with maintenance and given a
mont biy ailowance of $10. For further par-
ticulars audress Directress of Nurses.

LADIES-Let Patricia Dix help you with
that next club or study paper. Iuforina-
tion upon request. Rates reasonable. 6,298,

CHILD care for winter months. Northern woman of culture, going South for winter, will take care of healthy child for the season. References. 6,407, Outlook.

EORGE STERLING has for many years

made his home on the Pacific coast. He is the author of some ten volumes of poetry. He is one of the most distinguished lyricists of America.

N this issue George Marvin dares to

wonder if go-getting is the chief end of man.

In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

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CARNEGIE knew the value of millions, You know something about this great

but there was one thing which he library already, but you owe it to yourself valued even more.

to read the whole story in Dr. Eliot's own

words. The story is printed in a free As a young man he worked for Colonel

book, “ Fifteen Minutes a Day." Anderson, a man of wide culture and fine tastes. Colonel Anderson took an interest This handsome and famous book tells in him, welcomed him to his library, how Dr. Eliot, from his lifetime of readguided him in his reading and choice of ing, study and teaching, selected for you books.

the few really great books that everyone “ To him,” said Carnegie, “I owe a taste

must know to be well-read, and how in for literature which I would not exchange

only fifteen minutes a day you can gain for all the millions ever amassed by man.

from this wasteless library the broad Life would be quite intolerable without

viewpoint and the culture that are the

tools of success in modern it.”

life. What Colonel Anderson did for Car

But let the free book negie, Dr. Eliot, for forty years President of Harvard University, has done for busy

tell the story. There's no men and women everywhere. The free

obligation—just mail this book offered below gives the secret by

coupon today, and it will which anyone may acquire a real taste for

come to you by return literature; it gives the scope and purpose

mail. of the most famous library in the world,


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250 Park Avenue, New York City
By mail, free, send me the guide book to the most
famous books in the world, describing Dr. Eliot's
Five-Foot Shelf of Books (The Harvard Classics)
and containing the plan of reading recommended
by Dr. Eliot of Harvard. Also, please advise how
I may secure the books by small monthly pay-

Name Mrs.
Miss S


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the Golden Anniversary of the House of Collier-Fifty years of publishing the world's best books at low prices and on easy terms.

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Please mention The Outlook when writing to P. F. COLLIER & SON COMPANY

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The Aviators' Rebellion

225 By LAURENCE LA TOURETTE DRIGGS Why Not Parachutes for Dirigibles ? 227

By Lewis E. Theiss
The Stockholm Conference

229 By Arthur Judson Brown “ The Finest” at Its Worst .

231 By Rollin Lynde Hartt Glass-Making Extraordinary

234 By Charles FITZHUGH TALMAN Shall the Blind Lead the Blind ?

237 By John B. Burnham



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Cover : Cartoon by Cargill in the Kansas City

“Journal” Senator La Follette the Second

213 S-51

213 A Multimillionaire Tax Collector

213 Philadelphia's Police

213 The All-Europe Idea .

214 The Difference Between the English and French Views

214 British Labor and Moscow

214 To gather in some debts .

215 Cartoons of the Week The Aims of the Interparliamentary Union

216 Leon Bourgeois

216 A Report of Progress in the Philippines 217 The Flying Temperament and the Art of Command

218 A Settlement in Principle O Tempora-0 Morons.

219 America After the War: The Presi. dent's Omaha Address

219 The Battle of the Ducks . “ Red" Grange, Goldfish A Wall Street Settlement

By LAWRENCE F. ABBOTT Natural Disasters and Federal Insurance 223

By Hugh A. STUDDERT KENNEDY What a Frenchman Thinks of the French Debt to Us

224 By ELBERT FRANCIS BALDWIN, The Outlook's Editor in Europe

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Published weekly by The Outlook Company, 120 East 16th Street, New York. Copyright, 1925, by The Outlook Company. By subscription $5.00 a year for the United States and Canada. Single copies 15 cents each. Foreign

subscription to countries in the postal Union, $6.56. HAROLD T. PULSIFER, President and Managing Editor

ERNEST HAMLIN ABBOTT, Editor-in-Chief and Secretary NATHAN T. PULSIFER, Vice-President

ARTHUR E. CARPENTER, Advertising Manager
LAWRENCE F. ABBOTT, Contributing Editor

"The Best American Biography

Produced to Date" "T:

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THE President was never

in danger of forgetting that this in a firmer, more self

is the story of Lincoln's inner as contained mood than on

well as outer life. When I closed the last night of the session"

the book I felt that I knew (March 3, 1865). “He was in his

Lincoln. I have never had the room at the Capitol signing the

privilege before. I believe that last minute bills. Stanton was

the publication of this book bewith him. On receiving a tele

gins a new era of American gram from Grant, the Secretary

biographical writing." handed it to the President. Grant reported that Lee had

But Professor Nichols's estimate proposed a conference for the

is only one item in a perfect avapurpose of a satisfactory ad

lanche of commendation from justment of the present unhappy

historical scholars of recognized difficulties by means of a mili

authority, from prominent writtary convention.'

ers, from journals whose book

notices carry great weight-and “ Without asking for the Secre

all of a favorable tone that is tary's opinion, Lincoln wrote

extraordinary. out a reply which he directed him to sign and despatch imme

“ The most satisfactory life,” diately.

says Professor Allen Johnson,

of Yale ; “ Deserves unqualified 666 The President directs me to

praise,” says the New York Hersay that he wishes you to have

ald Tribune ; “ Brilliant,” says no conference with General Lee,

Senator Albert J. Beveridge; unless it be for the capitulation

“ The most brilliant life of Linof General Lee's army, or on

coln ever written," says Joseph some minor or purely military

Lawton Newton, editor of the matter. He instructs me to say

Christian Century; “Marvelthat you are not to decide, dis

ous,” says Frederick E. Taylor, cuss, or confer on any political “Before we knew Lincoln not at all;

President of the Northern Bapquestions, such questions the here we meet him face to face”

tist Convention (referring espePresident holds in his own

cially to Stephenson's analysis hands and will submit them to no military conferences or con- of the psychology of the great President); "A triumph of ventions. Meanwhile, you are to press to the utmost your imaginative realism,” says Stewart B. Sherman ; “ Fascinatmilitary advantages.'

ing," says the New York Times; “Superb,” says Warren P.

Hall, Professor of History at Princeton University. “ In the second inaugural delivered the next day, there is not the faintest shadow of anxiety. It breathes a lofty confidence

The Verdict Is Almost Unanimous as if his soul was gazing meditatively downward upon life, and upon his own work, from a secure height.

Few books equal it in vivid interest and charm. It is fasci* The world has shown a sound instinct in fixing upon one

nating in its skillful delineation of the gradual development of

Lincoln's mind and character and as an illuminating study in expression, with malice toward none, with charity for all,' as the key-note of the final Lincoln. These words form the

personality and springs of action. opening line of that paragraph of unsurpassable prose in In the face of such a wealth of laudation from such sources, it which the second inaugural culminates :

would seem to be a hopeless task here to construct another

pæan of praise even with the highest skill in phrase making. “With malice toward none; with charity for all ; with firm

This is a story of the development of a man's soul told with the ness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive

consummate skill of an artist, carrying the reader along at a tenon to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's

sion which, as the New York World says,“ mounts and mounts wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan-to do all which may

into the crashing finale of victory, and the hero's death.” achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves, The book is handsomely bound in dark blue cloth, stamped in and with all nations.'—From STEPHENSON'S “ LINCOLN.” gold, printed on heavy book paper, and contains 478 pages. It is

strikingly illustrated with portraits and rare prints. The price, $3. The Key-Note to the Final Lincoln

Get Your Copy Today. Just Mail Coupon When a great and discriminating book store such as Brentano's The Outlook Company, Book Division in New York City issues a notice like the following, you may be 120 East 16th Street, New York sure that it marks a notable event in the history of authorship

Please send me, postage prepaid, my copy of Stephenson's and book publishing. On a little card widely distributed by “Lincoln." Upon receipt of the book and bill for same I will

remit $3. If for any reason I am not satisfied I will return the that house is printed: “We recommend LINCOLN, by book at your expense and owe you nothing.

0. 10-11-25 Nathaniel Wright Stephenson, as one of the best American biographies of the last ten years."

Name .. And Professor Roy Franklin Nichols, of the Department of His

Address. tory at Columbia University, goes even further. He says: “In my opinion, it is one of the best, or perhaps more accurately, the


State.. best American biography produced to date. You are never





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