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to endure, an agreement among the nations that they will stand by one another to localize and insulate war and, if possible, to suppress it altogether.

Biography TO READ Abingdon Books is to associate with the thoughtful,


Jean-Baptiste Barrès. Edited, with an Introconservative minds of the world. Nowhere can you find

duction, by His Grandson, Maurice Barrès.

Translated by Bernard Miall. Lincoln Mac. more informative, accurate reading on political and relig

Veagh, the Dial Press, New York. $1. ious phases of the current-day problems.

The memoirs of the military life of THE POLITICAL AWAKENING


Jean-Baptiste Barrès, who served under OF THE EAST


Napoleon and successively under Louis Studies of Political Progress in Egypt,

By Stanley High

XVIII, Charles X, and Louis Philippe, India, China, Japan and the Philippines This book is the product of personal By George Matthew Dutcher contacts, observations and study of the

make interesting reading, not so much “This book is one of the best compreEuropean problem during three extended

from the military point of view, or even hensive treatments of complicated mate

post-war tours in various European from their social and political aspects. rial we have ever read, and we recom

countries, including Russia. mend it with cheers.” Hartford Times.

Net, $2.00, postpaid.

They appeal to one rather as revealing

a character instinct with the moral prinNet, $2.00, postpaid.



ciples of the Revolution, withal a balOF THE UNITED STATES

By Lynn Harold Hough

anced nature in which a sense of ethical By George H. Blakeslee

Dr. Hough enjoys the distinction that values and love of beauty survived deThis volume covers the entire period has come only once before to an Ameri

spite unfavoring circumstances. Maurice of Mr. Hughes' service as Secretary of can, that of delivering the Fernley LecState. The purpose of Prof. Blakeslee ture before the Wesleyan Methodist

Barrès, grandson of the narrator, has is to present, compare and discuss the Conference. This lecture, consisting of condensed the record, but what remains recent distinctive foreign policies of the nine chapters, was delivered at the meet

in three-hundred-odd pages of octavo United States.

ing of the Wesleyan Conference at
Net, $2.00, postpaid.
Lincoln, England, 1925.

vividly portrays the man and his times. Net, $1.50, postpaid.

It is the diary of an officer who rose from
By Jacob H. Hollander

the ranks, like thousands in that demoAmong the "typical exhibits” of eco

By F. W. Boreham

cratic era. Barrès played a rôle which nomic liberalism there are four that may Boreham has an eye that sweeps the was neither too exalted to lose the combe designated as "outstanding issues at horizon, and a mind of wide range and the present time" — The Price Level,

mon touch nor yet too modest to deprive inclusive grasp. In this volume he uses Taxation, Trade Unionism, and Social "the crystal pointers" that arrest the eye him of those contacts with celebrities Reform, and to each of these subjects a and turn it toward the Southern Cross to

which add zest and color to reminischapter is devoted. The concluding lec- direct the mind's eye, and the heart of ture is on Economic Liberalism and the

cences. man as well, to "things that no man can American Spirit. afford to miss."

From the little town of Blesle, in Net, $1.50, postpaid.

Net, $1.75, postpaid.

Auvergne, the heart of France, where for Catalog of Abingdon Books will be sent anywhere free on request

five hundred years his ancestors had

dwelt worthily as notaries and physiAt the Better Bookshops

cians, a sedentary stock that had its roots deep in the soil, a youth of twenty was torn by the repercussions of the

Revolution. For thirty years he tramped New York


over half of Europe, route marching and

campaigning in his country's service unSafe | IMPORTANT TO SUBSCRIBERS til, in 1834, having advanced to the rank Ask for Horlick's

When you notify The Outlook of a

of major (commandant), he retired on Malted Milk

half pay. Thus he was able to give a and Diet change in your address, both the old

participant's account of Eylau, AusterFor INFANTS, and the new address should be given.

litz, and Friedland. Most affecting is his Children, Invalids, Kindly write, if possible, two weeks Nursing Mothers, etc.

account of the horrors of the retreat Avoid Imitations before the change is to take effect. after Leipsic.

During this sanguinary period of po

litical and social unrest the lot of a proEVIL COMMUNICATIONS or


fessional officer jealous of his honor was How true it is that the value of an important and oft-quoted text

grain, divinity circuit, round unenviable, frequent overturning of rélies in the accuracy of its translation and on its finer shades of meaning! Thus it is that, according to the American Standard

gimes entailing the choice between forBible First Corinthians, 15: 33, "evil companionships" rather than evil communications,"corrupt good morals-not

good man

of the publishers: $3.50 ners. So it is throughout this marvelously accurate version-the

swearing solemn oaths to a lost cause American

and sacrificing a career. Happily, there

was always a higher criterion to invoke (Edited by American Revision Committee) there are revisions which clarify meanings and throw new light on both text and application.

the good of France. Although by temUse the American Standard Bible in your reading; in your devotion; in your study; for it, more clearly than any ver

perament a moderate man, not easily sion that has gone before, reveals the THOMAS NELSON & SONS mind and will of God.

roused to enthusiasm, the Emperor's ge

381-B Fourth Ave., New York City The American Standard Bible text has been adopted by all the

nius captivated his imagination as readily




DEAR SIRS: Kindly send me a FREE copy of your book leading Colleges, Theological Seminaries, Y.M.C. A., Y. W.C. A.,

entitled "The Wonderful Story," telling how the Bible came and Bible Schools in the United States.

down through the ages. This does not obligate me in any The American Standard Bible text is used by over 13,000,000

as it did more fiery spirits. Of all solSabbath School scholars from which to study the International, Graded or other Bible lessons.

diers, those of the infantry are least The American Standard Bible is for sale by all booksellers

inclined to pose. Theirs is not the panIn writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook


Street No.


an eminent

was de


short-lived ancestors for four




try His on




Robert M.

oply, the élan of cavalry, nor the gun- happily with Jacqueline learning to drink

The human intestinal tract is the most prolific wer's scientific mastery. To the civilian tea for breakfast with her Duke. “The

source of disease."- Professor Foges, Vienna. their functions seem grim, dirty, and Reluctant Duchess" will make no enorabsurdly simple-to fire a few volleys, mous dent in literature, but as a confecadvance over a shell-torn plain, and tion it deserves a place in that dry, (Deo favente) overcome the enemy with bright American sun which colors so bayonet thrust and shattering gun butt. many of the days in the story, and it Such experiences were commonplace in has this rare distinction—the blurb on


By CHARLES M. CAMPBELL Barrès's day, yet that they did not bru- the jacket is not all blurb, but a perfectly

Associated with talize him is evident from the notable good review of the book.

ALBERT K. DETWILLER, M.D. tact and delicacy with which he handled

SUSPENSE. By Joseph Conrad. Doubleday, Page “How to Add 20 Years to Your Life" complex situations calling for diplomacy & Co., New York. $2. rather than resort to arms. During the

It must remain a deep satisfaction to

would be a good title for this book, says three turbulent days of the July revolu- all admirers of Joseph Conrad that his

Hon. Wm. R. Green, Chairman Ways and Means Committee, Congress tion of 1830, when he commanded a last unfinished novel promised to be--is

Sir Hermann Weber,

English detached battalion in Paris, his coolness -one of his best. The beautiful style

physician, and adroit judgment prevented much which already it is trite to praise is

scended from

tionally useless effusion of blood. A very compe- there; there, also, is a group of charactent officer, he seems to have earned the ters, each a finished portrait, although

generations. Making

a study of longevity, respect of his superiors by his devotion the broken story leaves their action in

for a long life. to duty and his incorruptibility. The complete; there, over all, magically

celebrated book book is in welcome contrast to the type evoked, broods the atmosphere of sus

"Longevity" was pub

lished in his 95th year of modern war literature that seeks to pense from which the title arises; there,

(1923). The principles prove a point by painting war all horror ever creeping forward to enshroud in his


fully digested in the or all glory. fortunes the actors so passionately con

chapter on Longevity cerned in their own drama, is the shadow

in "The Lazy Colon." Fiction of the man of Elba. And at the end,

Newer Methods in the treatment of intesMR. PETRE. By Hilaire Belloc.

tinal stasis (constipation and allied disMcBride & Co., New York. $2.50. which should not have been the end, orders) since the first use of the X-rays in

the study of the intestinal tract in 1907. Probably the extra fifty cents on the those final sentences which inevitably,

Derived from the investigations of over 350 price of this fantasia of finance is for

physicians and scientists of international with a curious thrill, bring back the read

reputation. One of the important books of Mr. G. K. Chesterton's illustrations, and er's mind from the living characters that

the decade, simple, full of details, authoritathey are well worth it. A victim of amspeak to their creator who is gone:

tive, very interesting. “ 'Where is his star now?' said Cosmo.

Judge E. H. Gary, head of U. S. Steel: “It is a nesia is taken for an eccentric multi

fine piece of work and I congratulate you."

Prof. John Dewey, Columbia University, N. Y.: millionaire. For all he knows, he may “Signore, it should be out—but who will

"I read the book with much interest, parts of it At all events, a share in gigantic miss it out of the sky?'

by making this material available."

With Conrad's death a star is extin- S. S. McClure, Editor McClure's Magazine: “One speculations is thrust upon him without

of the most informative books I have read in a guished which there are many indeed to long time." any demand for cash, and he piles up miss; how long its beams will continue

Amherst College, Dept. Hygiene and Physical money beyond the dreams of avarice.

Education : "I shall use the book as collateral When he finds his identity, he quickly still to travel undimmed athwart the reading for my class in Hygiene. Nowhere have I

seen so well solved the problem of giving at the world of letters we can guess but cannot

same time popular and authoritative information bags his millions and retires to country

on this subject." Signed by Prof. Paul C. Phillips. life. Whimsical and dryly funny. know. The secrets of fame belong to Martin W. Barr, M.D., noted physician and au

"Şat up most of last night reading this posterity.

delightful and masterly book." THE POWER AND THE GLORY. By Gilbert

Dr. J. H. Kellog5,- Battle Creek Sanitarium : Parker. Harper & Brothers, New York. $2. THE GREAT PACIFIC WAR. By Hector C. By

"The authors are to be congratulated on producing Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston.

this excellent work, which will no doubt have a La Salle was a heroic personality and

large sale."

$2.50 a great explorer. His courage and per- This is a history of an imaginary war

16th Thousand Since October sistence carried him through the intrigues —the American-Japanese war of 1931–3. Partial List of 37 Chapter Titles and hatred of the French Court as well The author-an Englishman, we believe

Biggest Dividends in Life Paid by a Healthy

Colon; Contrary to General Belief, There is Little as through the dangers of the wilderness. —is well informed upon naval matters,

Digestion in the Stomach: How Microscopic Plant

Life Promotes Putrefaction in the Colon; SurprisPre-eminently La Salle is a noble figure and has written "Sea Power in the

ing Theories of Water Drinking: Mysteries of the

Intestine revealed by X-Ray; Some Curious Causes for historical fiction. Sir Gilbert Parker Pacific.” A book of this kind may be

of Intestinal Stasis; Commonest Form of Stasis;

Startling Theories of Self-Poisoning; Story the has made him the center of a vivid, brill- sensational fiction—all dramatic events

Urine Tells; Hardening of the Arteries and Blood

Pressure; Purgatives—Their Proper_and Improper iant narrative. The tale combines a plot for popular reading; or, like some of

Use; Mineral Oil as a Laxative; Bran or Agar,

Vitamin Facts; The Ounce of Prevention; of jealousy and true love with the excit- the books which preceded the Great

Greatest Menace of_All; Intelligent Use of the

Enema; The Coated Tongue-Its Cause and Meaning events preceding and following La War, it may be a serious study of

ing; Is Sugar of Milk the Long-Sought Remedy?

New Light on Longevity: Effects of Tobacco on Salle's discovery of the mouth of the strategy. This is one of the serious books;

Longevity; Prominent Authorities on Good Com

plexion and Loss of Hair; A Bad Colon; Bad Mississippi. This book will undoubtedly the reader who is looking for exciting Teeth; Starting Right with Young Children. take a place among the best examples of narrative will find it heavy going. At

Price $2.25; by mail, $2.39; Europe, $2.50

EDUCATIONAL novels dealing with early Canadian and

PRESS the outbreak of the war Japan takes the

36 West 9th Street, New York American history.

Philippines, and later, after a fine deTHE RELUCTANT DUCHESS. fense, Guam.

Pin this coupon to check. No letter needed. By Alice Duer

Her airplanes raid the

If dissatisfied can return in good condition in Miller. Dodd, Mead & Co., New York. $1.75. Pacific coast of the United States. Then

5 days for refund. Dept. 11. Jacqueline, the potential Duchess of America wins a few victories at sea, and

Educational Press, 36 W. 9th St., New York

I enclose check for $2.39. "The Lazy Colon." the story, is a charming youngster. Her at last recaptures the pesky Philippines. youthful agonies because of the social Both countries lose much and gain little,

(Print Out) ambitions of an undemocratic step- and in the end are heartily sorry. Japan mother are amusingly told, and end is represented as the aggressor, deliber

In writing to the above advertiser, please mention The Outlook


several times.

You have rendered us all a service






ately provoking the war to quell domestic disturbances. The book will appeal more to the student of warfare than to the general reader. One of its best points is that it emphasizes the wicked folly of a war between Japan and this country.


THE ISLES OF WISDOM. By Alexander Mosz

kowski. Translated from the German by H. J. Stenning. E. P. Dutton & Co., New York. $3. A German philosopher, accompanied by an American millionaire and his daughter, visit a series of imaginary islands in the Pacific. They find an

island whose inhabitants live by the doc4th Annual

trines of Plato; another known as the Cruise de Luxe

island of happy conditions; an island of

perversions; a mechanized island; a reacTO THE

tionary island; and a pacifist islandappropriately named O-Blaha. This is a book for the serious-minded reader, not

to say the highbrow. There is little adMadeira, Spain, Gibraltar, Algiers, Tunis, Constantinople,

venture, but much talk on philosophy, Greece, Italy, Sicily, Riviera, Monte Carlo, 'France, England

politics, and sociology.
Limited to 400 Gnests (Less than Half Capacity)

By Specially Chartered Magnificent New 20,000-Ton, Oil-Burning
Cunard S.S. “Scythia” Sailing from N. Y. Jan. 26–

Essays and Criticism

OCCIDENTAL GLEANINGS. By Lafcadio Hearn. The Cruise of the "Scythia” has become an annual classic. In every respect it is

Sketches and Essays now First Collected by unsurpassed. Pre-arranged shore excursions at every port included in the rate. Finest hotels and the best of everything. Unusually long stay, at the height of the

Albert Mordell. Dodd, Mead & Co., New season, in Egypt and Palestine.

York. 2 vols. $6.
Stop-over privilege in Europe without extra cost, returning via S.s.
Aquitania," “ Mauretania,” li Berengaria” or any Cunard Line Steamer.

These volumes follow the earlier collec-
Luxury Cruise WEST INDIES
Lvg. N. Y. Feb. 18–

tion of Hearn's writings, "An American to the

27 Days
by palatial S. S.“ VEENDAM”
Frank Tourist Co. in cooperation with Holland-America Line

Miscellany.” Mr. Mordell has iden-

tified--probably beyond doubt-contri542 Fifth Avenue, New York 1529 Locust Street, Philadelphia

butions by Hearn in the Cincinnati and 582 Market St., San Francisco

At Bank of America, Los Angeles

(Est. 1875)

New Orleans newspapers for which he

wrote regularly. Here in the present
work are many essays upon a wide va-
riety of subjects, with the emphasis upon

literature, art, music, and folk-lore, and STATEMENT OF THE OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT, ETC., REQUIRED BY THE ACT OF

CONGRESS OF AUGUST 24, 1912, OF THE OUTLOOK, PUBLISHED WEEKLY AT NEW upon the bizarre and macabre topics YORK, N. Y., FOR OCTOBER 1, 1925.

which especially delighted Hearn. It

should be remembered that this GræcoState of New York, County of New York, ss.

Irish writer was happiest in Oriental or Before me, a Notary Public in and for the State and county aforesaid, personally appeared Harold T. Pulsifer, who, having been duly sworn according to law,

tropical countries, and among almost any deposes and says that he is the Managing Editor of THE OUTLOOK, and that peoples rather than the Anglo-Saxon. He the following is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the could write, soberly and well, upon sober ownership, management, etc., of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in

topics, but he loved the queer, the exthe above caption, required by the Act of August 24, 1912, embodied in section 411, Postal Laws and regulations, to wit:

otic, the mysterious. This was one of his 1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business manager are:

chief attractions. Publisher-The Outlook Company, 120 East 16th St., N. Y. City. Editor - Ernest H. Abbott, 120 East 16th St., N. Y. City Managing Editor-Harold T. Pulsifer, 120 East 16th St., N. Y. City. Business Manager-The Outlook AMERICAN AND BRITISH LITERATURE SINCE Company, 120 East 16th St., N. Y. City.

1890. By Carl Van Doren and Mark Van 2. That the owners are: The Outlook Company, 120 East 16th St., N. Y. City.

Doren. The Century Company, New York. Stockholders of The Outlook Company owning 1 per cent or more of the total amount of stock:

$2.50. Lawrence F. Abbott..120 East 16th St., New York City Estate of Frank C. Hoyt. Upper Montclair, N. J. Ernest H. Abbott.....120 East 16th St., New York City Harriet Abbott Jordan...415 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, A first-rate book. Brief characterizaBeatrice V. Abbott....Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y.

N. Y. Theodore J. Abbott....160 East 81st St., New York City Helen R. Mabie ........ Summit, N. J.

tions of the poets, novelists, dramatists, Herbert V. Abbott.... Smith Col.,Northampton, Mass. Harold T. Pulsifer ......120 East 16th St., New York City

and critics of England, Ireland, and Alice D. Abbott.......care Lawrence F. Abbott, 120 Susan Nichols Pulsifer. .455 East 51st St., New York City East 16th St., New York City N. T. Pulsifer............ Valentine & Co., 456 Fourth

America. Nearly all of them are now William H. Childs.....17 Battery Place, New York City

Ave., New York City
Walter H. Crittenden.305 Broadway, New York City Lawson V. Pulsifer...... Valentine & Co., 456 Fourth living. The judgment upon them is fair,
William C. Gregg......330 Prospect Ave., Hackensack,

Ave., New York City

Dorothea V. A. Swift....27 East 62d St., New York City or as nearly fair as is humanly possible, 3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of and the expression of it is pungent. total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities are: None. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names of the

owners, stockholders, and security holders, if any, GENIUS AND DISASTER: STUDIES IN DRUGS contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the company, but

AND GENIUS. By Jeannette Marks. The also, in cases where the stockholder or security holder appears upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee is acting, is given ; also that

Adelphi Company, New York. $3. the said two paragraphs contain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which

stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the books of the company as Essays on Poe, De Quincey, Coleridge, trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of a bona fide owner; and this affiant has no reason to believe that any other person, association, or corporation has any interest direct or indirect in the said stock, Rossetti, James Thompson, Swinburne, bonds, or other securities than as so stated by him.

Francis Thompson, Ernest Dowson, and (Signed) HAROLD T. Pulsiker, Managing Editor. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 30th day of September, 1925. (Signed) J. LYNN EDDY.

other writers who were at one time or an(SEAL) Notary Public, Westchester County: New York County Clerk's No. 68 ; New York County

other addicted to the misuse of drugs or Register's No. 6067; Certificate filed in New York County ; Commission expires March 30, 1926.

of alcohol. These are interesting specuIn writing to the above advertiser, please mention The Outlook

"The Sunshine Belt to the Orient

Tour the

to find new interests, strange adventures and lands

of infinite charm


lations; it is well to remember that much
of it is guesswork. Poets who have taken
opium have written weird things; so have
other poets who did not take opium at
all. Poe and Swinburne were queer and
unexplainable men because they were
geniuses. Their lives would have been
different if they had never touched alco-
hol. Perhaps their poetry would have
been exactly the same.

History "talked

A HISTORY OF ENGLAND. By Hilaire Belloc.

Vol. I. Pagan England; Catholic England; a bout":

The Dark Ages, B.C. 55 to A.D. 1066. G. P.

Putnam's Sons, New York, The new books being talked

From the raids led by Julius Cæsar to about are:

the Conquest by William of Normandy. Howard

A thousand years of English history, told Vincent O'Brien's

in 400 pages, in this author's vigorous WHAT A MAN WANTS. The

and distinctive manner. story of a man who wanted some.

There is little thing he couldn't pay for. $2.00

space for any one event (the battle of Stewart

Hastings gets about three pages), but Edward White's

Mr. Belloc has a talent for condensation, SKOOKUM CHUCK $2.00

and at the same time for a telling use of David Grayson's

words. He emphasizes the effects of reADVENTURES IN

ligion upon history. UNDERSTANDING Illustrated by Thomas Fogarty.

Miscellaneous $2.50

THE STORY OF WOMAN. By W. L. George. Ben Travers'

Harper & Erothers, New York. $3. MISCHIEF. Like a French farce,

Like Wells's “Story of Mankind,” this and causing mischief everywhere.


work begins as history and ends as tract.

The first three-quarters of it summarizes, Joseph Conrad's

in the colorless fashion of an elementary SUSPENSE


text-book, the known facts about woAt all

man's history and status up to the bookstores Doubleday, Page & Co.

nineteenth century. The narrative was
prepared for popular American consump-

tion; we marvel nevertheless at what TEACHERS' AGENCY

appears to be its studied banality of The Pratt Teachers Agency style. It is the author of "The Second

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools.

Blooming" who says primly of the
Expert Service.

"Decameron," "Hardly one of the tales SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES

fails to bring a blush into the cheeks of
the modest”! As we draw towards mod-
ern times there is an occasional glimmer
of spirit in the historian's manner.

FREE TUITION, including even board and room, to young
women, ages 18 to 35, learning in city institutions this dig: takes satisfaction in saying a good word
Dified profession, paying $200 a month on graduation and
which is of real service to the world. Good times while for Madame de Pompadour and a very

Free catalogs and advice on ALL
Nurses Schools in U.S. American Schools Assoc., bad one for Marie Antoinette. But it is

1211-0) Tiines Bldg., New York
or 1204-0 Stevens Bidg., Chicago with the nineteenth century and the
District of Columbia

beginning of the struggle for women's

social and political rights that Mr.
EARN $2,500 TO $10,000 A YEAR
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George begins to perk up. It is woman's
for trained men and women.
Let us show you how you can

revolt against Victorian respectability
qualify-past experience un-
necessary. We put you in touch

that fills him with cheer and eloquence. with positions. Big pay, fasciJOB!

nating work, quick advance. In the final chapter he emerges frankly

Your Big Opportunity as woman's champion and prophet. He
Hall X-5898, Washington, D.C.

predicts complete equality of opportunity

for woman. He admits that she still Illinois

lacks capacity to compete with man in

all fields, but lays this to the fact that JESUS' WAY OF LIVING


The days you spend in the Orient will always be numbered among your most delightful experiences.

No two are alike. For the Orient is constantly new and alluring to those who visit its lands.

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The Philippines, Malaya, Ceylon, India-each has its own distinct individuality, its mysticism, its quaintness and its interesting people.

The Nile, the Pyramids, the Sphinx are but a few of the better known sights in Egypt. They represent the age-old civilization of the Pharaohs. But there is much else, the newer developments of this great land to see.

The Holy Land is nearby. And crossing the Mediterranean, you visit Italy and France.

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"she is still suffering from the subordinaA modern Bible Study Course. Considered with spe

tion which was enforced upon her during cial relation to our modern life. Nine studies. Published monthly in The Institute. Annualsubscription

so many centuries.” He admits no other 75e. Five or more copies to one address 60c. 16| handicap, takes into account no differcompleted courses at same price. The American lostitute of Sacred Literature

ence of nature or function between woThe University of Chicago Dept. 96. Chicago, m. man and man. And he has the astound

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ing effrontery, in the face of history, to assume that in our little present woman has emerged a new creature, not before known to the world, and sure to hold and improve her place therein. The peroration: "There cling to-day about women's feet many swaddling bands. Though in the days that approach woman thus hampered may still trip slowly, no period which now lies in the womb of time will find the strength or the desire to add new bands to woman's feet, as she pursues her unknown course into the future.”


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Notes on New Books

MANON LESCAUT. By L'Abbé Prévost. Trans

lated with Introduction by George Dunning Gribble. (The Broadway Translations.) E. P.

Dutton & Co., New York, $3. The famous old romance of love, sentiment, and tragedy, which still finds readers and makes them weep. BRITTANY. A "Blue Guide" edited by Findlay

Muirhead and Marcel Monmarché. The Mac

millan Company, London. is. 6d. Muirhead's guide to one of the most picturesque and romantic sections of the earth. ARISTOPHANES; HIS PLAYS AND HIS INFLU

ENCE. By Louis E. Lord, Professor of Latin,
Oberlin_College. The Marshall Jones Com-
Boston. (Our Debt to Greece

and Rome Series.) Brief and simple description of Aristophanes, his plays, and their great effect upon dramatic comedy and satire. NOVELTY AND ROMANCEMENT. By Lewis

Carroll. With Introduction by Randolph
Edgar. The B. J. Brimmer Company, Boston.

$1.50. A story-of little interest-by the author of "Alice in Wonderland." Collectors and bibliographers will desire it; mere readers could do nicely without it. It was written before the "Alice" books, and hows no resemblance to them. THE RECTOR OF MALISEET. By Leslie Reid,

E. P. Dutton & Co., New York. $2. The first novel by a Canadian author. The scene is in the west of England. SIMON AND SCHUSTER’S CROSSWORD PUZ

ZLE MANUAL. Simon & Schuster, New York.

$2.50. First aid for the cross-word pl. zzler; a dictionary of words arranged according to the number of letters in each, and advice in making cross-word puzzles. A GUIDE TO GOOD GOLF. By James M. Barnes.

Dodd, Mead & Co., New York. $2. By the famous Jim Barnes, former open champion of Great Britain and the United States. THE MODERN IBSEN. By Hermann Weigand.

Henry Holt & Co., New York. A study of twelve of Ibsen's most important plays. COMMON WEALTH. By C. G. Campbell. The

Century Company, New York. $3. A study in social philosophy. LIFE'S LITTLE PITFALLS. By A. Maude Roy

den. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York. Advice on the conduct of life. BUSINESS POWER THROUGH PSYCHOLOGY.

By Edgar James Swift. Charles Scribner's

Sons, New York. $3. Chiefly on salesmanship and business management. THE MORAL STANDARDS OF DEMOCRACY.

By Henry Wilkes Wright. D. Appleton & Co., New York. $3. By the Professor of Philosophy in the University of Manitoba. WHAT JESUS READ. By Thomas Walker.

Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. $1.73. What Jesus had read, and how far he depended on this reading. CAN A MAN BE A CHRISTIAN TO-DAY! By

William Louis Poteat. The University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, N. C. $1.50. By the President of Wake Forest College. LYSISTRATA. By Anthony M. Ludovici.

E. P. Dutton & Co., New York. $1. Woman's future and future woman.


Make this winter count--for all time. Experience the fascination, the glamor, the ease and pleasure of a Mediterranean cruise on the Adriatic or Lapland. The glorious countries where time has piled up fabled treasures. And in supreme comfort all the way. On board-courteous service and lux. urious accommodations. On shore -interesting guidance. Every step of the way planned with the expert ness of 54 years travel experience.

White Star liner Adriatic

Jan. 7 and Feb. 25
Red Star liner Lapland

Jan. 16 and Mar. 6 Returning 45 days later. Liberal stop-over privileges from one ship to the other or with return via North European port, permitting visits to Paris or London. Itinerary: New York, Madeira, Gibraltar, Algiers, Monaco, Naples, Athens, Dardanelles, Constantinople, Haifa (for Holy Land), Alexandria (for Egypt), Syracuse, Naples, Monaco, Gibraltar. $690 and up, including shore trips

West Indies Cruises: 30-31 Days White Star liner Megantic Jan. 23 Feb.27

Name Street City

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