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Here, surely, if

ever, is genius, MOST TOST bookish people have heard of the fa- He had met, too, these strange and ever-be

-Hugh Walpole mous Sun Dial Edition of Joseph Conrad. witching women who move through his pages. The great novelist autographed it, and wrote a They were real people, all of them ; he knew their The only writing of special preface to each one of the twenty-four lives, their “ stories.” And what breathless narra- the last twelve years volumes. The sets sold for $175.75 each, and 735 tives they are! “ Such tales as men tell under the English language to wealthy book-collectors paid a total sum of $129,- haunting stars ”—that, in a phrase, typifies them. 176.25 for this edition.

-Galsworthy The new Inclusive Edition, offered here, is

Sent for Examination

Here, at last, is a printed from the same style and size of type as

novelist who underthe Sun Dial Edition. It contains the same fas

One of the truest things ever said of Conrad stands as the poets do. cinating special prefaces by Conrad. But, instead was the comment of Gouverneur Morris. (It is


Morley of selling for $175.75 cash, like the autographed among those in the panel at the right.) No one Sun Dial Edition, its price is only $35.00 and who professes to appreciate good literature can

In all his novels even this sum may be paid in convenient small afford not to be familiar with every one of his there is a harmony

tone absolutely amounts, if desired. great novels.

orchestral in effect. For those who want to own Conrad completeIf you do not as yet have Conrad among your

- Joseph and what intelligent book-lover does not-this books at home, this is an exceptional opportunity.

Hergesheimer is the best opportunity ever presented.

The new Inclusive Edition—twenty-four volumes
—will be sent to you for examination. Read some

him ; there is no one of Conrad's own wonderful prefaces ; above all, remotely like him. “Romance Is Dead-Not Conrad”

read some of his stories. You will realize quickly -H. L. Mencken The story of Conrad is one of the most amaz- why the world's greatest writers acclaimed him ing in the annals of literature. He did not speak as Master of them all.

To stand in a sum

mer-stified, English until past twenty. He had never written The publishers advise immediate acceptance of smelling city street a line before he was forty. Yet, the world's most

and to feel suddenly this offer, for at this popular price the edition is

a fresh salt wind from famous authors ultimately paid homage to him as fast being exhausted.

the far-off pastures of the greatest of them all; his original manuscripts,

the sea- this is a sen

sation when one comes at an auction before his death, sold for $110,998 Doubleday, Page & Company

upon a book by Joseph (probably no such tribute had ever been paid to

Conrad. Garden City Dept. C-1810 New York an author while he was still alive); above all,

- Mary Austin thousands of intelligent people all over the world counted every story from him as an event.

DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY “Romance is dead now, not Conrad,” one wo

Dept. C-1810, Garden City, New York man wrote when she heard of his death. It ex

Please send for my inspection the New Inclusive Edition of Joseph Conrad in 24 volumes that includes pressed beautifully how thousands felt about the

the complete works and also the the specially written prefaces. Within a week I agree to return the passing of this great Master.

set, or else to send you $2.00 first payment and ONLY $3.00 A MONTH until the special price of

$35.00 is paid. Cash discount 5%. The Secret of Conrad The secret of Conrad's fascination lies, above all, in the exciting narratives he had to tell. No one could ever tell a story like Conrad, and no one has ever had such tales to tell. He himself had met these men he wrote about-the riffraff of the world thrown up in the mysterious East-outcasts, References (or occupation).. adventurers, sailors, rough traders, thieves, mur

Check here if you want to inspect the rich leather binding, and change terms to $60; payable derers.

$5.00 a month.
Please mention The Outlook when writing to DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & Co.

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Cover: Provincial Parliament Buildings in

By the way.

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PELMANISM-Ben B. Lindsey P

He says:

ELMANISM is a big, vital, signifi

limiting their efforts to the development of cant contribution to the mental life

some single sense. What Pelmanism does of America. I have the deep con

is to consider the mind as a whole and treat viction that it is going to strike at the

it as a whole. It goes in for mental team very roots of individual failure, for I see

play, training the mind as a unity. in it a new power, a great driving force.

Its big value, however, is the instruc

tional note. Each lesson is accompanied by I first heard of Pelmanism while in

a work sheet that is really a progress sheet. England on war work. Sooner or later

The student goes forward under a teacher in almost every conversation touched on it,

the sense that he is followed through from for the movement seemed to have the

first to last, helped, guided and encouraged sweep of a religious conviction. Men and

at every turn by conscientious experts. women of every class and circumstance

Pelmanism is no miracle. It calls for were acclaiming it as a new departure in

application. But I know of nothing that mental training that gave promise of end

pays larger returns on an investment of ing that preventable inefficiency which

one's spare time from day to day. acts as a brake on human progress. Even

(Signed) BEN B. LINDSEY. in France I did not escape the word, for

Note: As Judge Lindsey has pointed out, thousands of officers and men were Pel

Pelmanism is neither an experiment nor a manizing in order to fit themselves for

theory. For almost a quarter of a century, return to civil life.

it has been showing men and women how

to lead happy, successful, well rounded When I learned that Pelmanism had

lives. 650,000 Pelmanists in every country been brought to America by Americans

on the globe are the guarantee of what for Americans, I was among the first to


Pelman training can do for you. enroll. My reasons were two: first, be

No matter what your own particular difficause I have always felt that every mind

culties are—poor memory, mind wandering, needed regular, systematic and scientific

Judge Ben B. Lindsey is

indecision, timidity, nervousness or lack of exercise, and secondly, because I wanted

personality-Pelmanism will show you the to find out if Pelmanism was the thing known throughout the whole way to correct and overcome them. And that I could recommend to the hundreds

civilized world for his work on the positive side, it will uncover and dewho continually ask my advice in relation

velop qualities which you never dreamed to their lives, problems and ambitions.

in the Juvenile Court of existed in you. It will be of direct, tangible Denver.

value to you in your business and social

life. In the files at the Pelman Institute of Failure is a sad word in any language,

America are hundreds of letters from suc. but it is peculiarly tragic here in America

cessful Pelmanists telling how they doubled, where institutions and resources join to “ The human mind is not

trebled and even quadrupled their salaries put success within the reach of every in

an automatic device. It will

thanks to Pelman training. dividual. In the twenty years that I have sat on the bench of the Juvenile Court of not take care of itself.' Will "Scientific Mind Training" is the name of Denver, almost every variety of human

the absorbingly interesting booklet which power, originality, decision,

tells about Pelmanism in detail. It is fascifailure has passed before me in melan

resourcefulnes, imagination,

nating in itself with its wealth of original choly procession. By failure I do not

thought and clear observation. “Scientific mean the merely criminal mistakes of the

initiative, courage — these Mind Training" makes an interesting addi. individual, but the faults of training that

tion to your library. keep a life from full development and

things are not gifts but recomplete expression.

sults. Every one of these

Your copy is waiting for you. It is abso


lutely free. Simply fill out the coupon and

qualities can be developed mail it today. It costs you nothing, it obliIt is to these needs and these lacks that Pelmanism

gates you to nothing, but it is absolutely comes as an answer. The

by effort, just as muscles can "twelve little gray books" are a remarkable

sure to show you the way to success and achievement. Not only do they contain the

happiness. Don't put it off and then forget be developed by exercise."

about it. discoveries that science knows about the

Don't miss a big opportunity.

MAIL THE COUPON NOW. mind and its workings, but the treatment is so simple that the truths may be grasped brings each hidden power to full strength

THE PELMAN INSTITUTE by anyone of average education. without strain or break.

In plain words, what Pelmanism has
The human mind is not an automatic

Suite 310, 19 West 44th Street, New York Cit done is to take psychology out of the col

device. It will not "take care of itself." Approved as a correspondence school under the laws of the lege and put it into harness for the day's

State of Neir York. Will power, originality, decision, resourcework. It lifts great, helpful truths out of

fulness, imagination, initiative, couragethe back water and plants them in the these things are not gifts but results. Every

The Pelman Institute of America living stream.

Suite 310, 19 West 44th Street, New York City one of these qualities can be developed by effort just as muscles can be developed by

Please send me without obligation your free 64-page As a matter of fact, Pelmanism ought to

book let, “Scientific Mind Training." exercise. I do not mean by this that the be the beginning of education instead of a

individual can add to the brains that God remedy for its faults. First of all, it gave him, but he can learn to make use of

I Name.... teaches the science of self-realization; it

the brains that he has instead of letting makes the student discover himself; it ac

them fall into flabbiness through disuse. quaints him with his sleeping powers and

Address.. shows him how to develop them. The Other methods and systems that I have method is exercise, not of the haphazard examined, while realizing the value of sort, but a steady, increasing kind that mental exercise, have made the mistake of Please mention The Outlook when writing to the PELMAN INSTITUTE OF AMERICA



| City.



By the Way A




What the new store of McCutcheon's reveals to you!

SUBSCRIBER in Porto Alegre, Brazil,

has sent us an amusing advertising circular which he recently received from a firm of tailors in that city. We quote from it as follows:

Atelier de Costuras

Porto Alegre
Ladies s Gentlemens

We beg to inform Joy and please grant permission for the opporternity to point out the well established permanent Ladies s Gentstailoring at above adress, also that we are plain as fancy dessmakers for travel and at home. Competent fursworkes aswell.

With over 20 Tears of experience in leading London firms of West-End we are in possition to please all costuemers in every direction

Jou will choice, we shall do the work, please not-prices: all dresses from cloth or silk fr... 30$ costums (tailor made).... 90$ over e covercoats as complets. . . 110$

other combinations by agreement, first class trimings.

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"DO A MURDER GET COMMIT ?" (From an Indian native newspaper in the London

"Morning Post") The news of England we tell the latest. Written in perfect style and much earliest. Do a murder get commit we hear and tell of it. Do a mighty chief die we publish it in borders of sombre. Staff has each one been college, and write like the Kipling and the Dickens. We circulate town, and extortionate not for advertisements.


LWAYS bountiful, the stocks of Table Damasks, Fancy

Linens, Household Linens, Handkerchiefs and fine Linens by-the-yard have been increased. Blankets and Comfortables have more space to show their beauty and variety. These departments are on the first floor.

Feminine visitors will go direct from the Fifth Avenue entrance to the counters that display Novelty Jewelry, Bags, Imported Flowers, Scarfs and Umbrellas. Hosiery, too, will claim their attention on the first floor.

The Men's Furnishings Department is enlarged and readily accessible through the 49th Street entrance.

Children's and Infants' Wear, Blouses, Women's Sport Frocks, Hats and Coats are shown in all their Fall smartness on the second floor. Lovely Underthings for women, and also Corsets and Negligees are on this floor.

A new department greets the visitor to the third floor. For McCutcheon's has added a complete line of superior quality Silks, Satins, Velvets, Georgettes, etc., to its Dress Fabrics Department. And, of course, you will find here the newest and smartest in Dress Cottons and Dress Linens. Laces, too, share the interest on this floor.

On the fourth floor is the new Home Decorating Departo ment. Here are shown curtains, upholstery, fabrics, draperies, tapestries, screens, cushions and many other handsome things that add to the intimate charm of any room.

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In writing to the above advertiser, please mention The Outlook

Volume 141

October 21, 1925

Number 8

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The Legion and the Air Service No one has a better right to discuss unsettlement of private business" will not

\HE supporters of Colonel Mitchell the problems of our National defense be permitted to clutter the Department went before the Convention of than the American Legion. It acted

and confuse the country. Crystallization

of this attitude in the Department of the American Legion, pleading properly in declining to mention Colonel for an indorsement of his criticisms of

Mitchell by name in its resolution. The Justice under Attorney-General Sargent the Air Service. The Legion adopted a friends of Colonel Mitchell would have has been indicated by the Attorney

General himself on several occasions. resolution, the most significant paragraph acted more wisely if they had not atof which reads:

tempted to bring his name into the pic- The indication of public approval of

ture. It is not in accord with American this course comes from newspaper comThe Legion, in National Convention assembled, is profoundly impressed

traditions for army officers to appeal to ment, not on the report of the assistant with the proposal to reorganize our civil bodies for support in a controversy

to the Attorney-General, but upon a speNational defense under one Cabinet with their superiors.

cific action of the Secretary of Agriculofficer, with subdivisions of equal im

ture. portance for the land, sea, and air The Tide of

Two years or more ago the Armour forces, because of the promised cenIndustrial Consolidation

and the Morris packing interests were tralized control, enhanced efficiency, and economy in operation.

HERE are indications that a new era consolidated. Something of a storm of

of business and industrial consoli- protest arose, with charges of violations Colonel Mitchell's name is not men

of the Anti-Trust Law. After some detioned in the resolution, but the resolu

dation is beginning in the United States. tion is a virtual indorsement of one of his

There is not in this anything particularly lay, Henry C. Wallace, then Secretary of chief contentions.

surprising. To persons whose thinking Agriculture, began dissolution proceedhas gone

much beneath the surface it has appeared for a long time inevitable, as possibly the only road to development leading elsewhere than to Government ownership. But the indications are, too, that the thing may be accomplished without undue official interference and with a pretty full measure of public approval. Heretofore there has been sometimes official interference where it was not needed even if there may have been lack of it where it was needed, and always there has been a considerable section of the public which looked upon any consolidation as an infringement of the public right. This section of the public, or a part of it, looked more or less longingly, perhaps, toward Government ownership. But the number holding this view has apparently dwindled and the

number looking favorably upon legitiWide World Photos

mate consolidation has as evidently (C) Keystone
John Rea McQuigg

Dwight F. Davis
That the Federal Government, at OHN W. WEEKS, Secretary of

least, is not to interfere needlessly with War, has resigned from the Omaha chose as its Combusiness is shown by the recent report of

Cabinet. It has been announced mander for next year John Rea McQuigg, lawyer and banker of William J. Donovan, assistant to the

that his place will be filled by East Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Mc- Attorney-General in charge of anti-trust

Dwight F. Davis, who has ably

served as Acting Secretary of War Quigg was Commander of the Ohio work. Mr. Donovan makes it clear that

during Secretary Weeks's illness. Department of the American Lecases involving violations of law will be

Mr. Davis first acquired internagion in 1920-1. He served in the

vigorously prosecuted, but he makes it tional fame as the organizer of war overseas as an engineer officer and was wounded in action. equally clear that "the investigation of

international tennis and donor of unsubstantial complaints that tend to the

the Davis Trophy.

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