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I am delighted with your new magazine in every way.

T. W. LAMONT. "I can't resist making myself heard in the cheering gallery for the new Harpers. Writing such as distinguished the September Harpers needs no other art to enliven it. I don't knop when I have seen so much literature spread on a single table of contents.



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HE new Harpers Magazine has achieved an unqualified success.

The September issue-its first appearance—was completely sold

out in ten days. And from all over the country, enthusiastic and wholly spontaneous letters continue to pour in, in gratifying appreciation of the vigorous, youthful, provocative personality of the new magazine.

Moreover, the editorial forecast promises for the coming months even richer material. The best in fiction from America and England; fearless and vivid discussions of significant phases of American life ; important points of view from and about Europe; brilliant criticism and absorbing problems involving the human equation.

In short, the new Harpers will triumphantly fulfill the promise of its first numbers just as it has already established itself as the periodical most sympathetic to the modern educated mind—a periodical of rapid wit

, clarity of judgment, independence of thought, and high literary flavor.

In the November Number
I BELIEVE IN MAN, by Dr. Harry E. Fosdick
THE HOME-TOWN MIND, by Duncan Aikman
THUNDER ON THE LEFT, Part III, by Christopher Morley

by Frederick Palmer
THE PROMISED LAND, by Hendrik Willem Van Loon
THE ONCE OPEN ROAD, by Charles Merz
STORIES, by Walter De La Mare, Roy Dickinson, Philip Curtiss

get him."


"I want to send you my congratulations on the September number of Harpers. It is a great magazine, and I should think that any author of creative literature would take especial pride in seeing his material in such good company and in such good form. . . . It is a handsome magazine in every day.


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We are continuing Our Special Anniversary Offer to new subscribers. For only $3.00 you may have Harpers for one year (The usual price is $4.00). Simply sign this form and we will bill you later. (Or, if you prefer, enclose your check.) Mail it to Harpers Magazine, 49 E. 33d St., New York. 0 2.



Address ..


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TEACHERS' AGENCY about folk-lore, he wrote several books of The Pratt Teachers Agency recollections. There are reminiscences of

20 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommewus teachers to colleges, public and private schools.

his life in his English parishes and of his Expert Service.

European travels. Open the book anySCHOOLS AND COLLEGES where, and you will find something odd District of Columbia

and entertaining: “The white owl does

not hoot, but snores.' Or a reference to EARN $2,500 TO $10,000 A YEAR

America's 4th Largest Industry. Step into a

a time when the author fell off his pony Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, are crying

for trained men and women. Big-Pay

as a result of drinking too much metheg-
Let us show you how you can
qualify—past experience un-

lin. HOTEL

necessary. We put you in touch

with positions. Big pay, fasciJOB!

nating work, quick advance. SOCIETY WOMEN OF SHAKESPEARE'S TIME.
ment, Write for FREE BOOK

By Violet A. Wilson. E. P. Dutton & Co.,
Your Big Opportunity

New York. $3.
Hall X-5898, Washington, D.C. Here are ladies—"learned women like

Lady Russell; clever stateswomen as

Lady Raleigh and Lady Warwick;

vengeful women like Lady Shrewsbury The Degree of Doctor

and Lady Somerset; a devout one in
A German institution preparing for the doctor's degree de-
sires, for current assignment of the proposals for conferment Lady Hoby, and a devoted mother in her
of the diploma, communication with American Institutious,
Commercial Colleges, or Universities having the right of sister-in-law, Lady Sidney. Beautiful,
beatowing academical degrees. Costs for prospectuses and
information willingly defrayed. Academical Repititorium, vivacious Lady Rich, impetuous Lady
Dr. jur. M. Deilmann, 22 Benratberstrasse, Düsseldorf (Germany).

Northumberland; humble wives, defiant
wives, gentle docile wives like Lady
Southampton and Lady Essex.” The
conduct of some seems to justify John
Knox's First Blast against the "mon-


Summer Smiles

this Winter in

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Come this winter and live among these uphold Miss Wilson's commendation of

laughing Hawaiians, true children of the the Elizabethan period as "the truest, 100 to 300 Shaves Saves $5 wisest, greatest era of womanhood.” Per

Here within easy reach lies Eden for From Every Blade

to $10 haps Shakespeare did owe much of his all folk who want rest, warmth and new ROBT. H. INGER

a Year

inspiration in depicting womanhood to diversions in a romantic land. SOLL, to whom the world owes the Dollar

the living models whom he saw, from Book through your nearest railway, Watch and the first line of low priced depend

near or far, at Elizabeth's Court. The steamship or travel agency direct to Honoable watches, is now thesis does not add materially to the in

lulu. Travel on stately liners 5 to 6 days bringing before the American public another terest of an enjoyable book, and, when

direct from Los Angeles, San Francisco, article of great econ

Seattle, Vancouver or Victoria, B. C. onnie value--the IN

it does appear, seems rather often to
The INGER- have been lugged in by the ears. The

Surrounded by modern conveniences and
OUTFIT, an in-

comforts, and with moderate living costs, genious invention


brief chapter on Lady Essex and the for resharpening structed on an en

you'll want to enjoy several weeks or all makes of

murder of Sir Thomas Overbury introsafety razor tirely new principle.

months in this smiling territory of the It is so designed as to duces the interesting figure of Mrs. Turblades. Makes

U. S. A. Or make round trip from the every blade automatically bring the

ner, who ruined the fashion of wearing Coast in 3 to 4 weeks for $300 to $400, ingood for 100

edge of the blade in 10 300 contact with the leather | yellow ruffs, as Mrs. Manning (literally)

cluding all travel and incidental cost, a perfect strop at the proper angle,

week or two in the Islands and a side trip shapes. thus insuring a keen cutdid for black silk, merely by being

to Hawaii National Park. ting edge. It can be used

hanged in them. by anyone without skill or

Good golf, tennis, motoring, swimming, practice. The user cannot

deep-sea fishing, mountain hiking and amfail to get a supersharp edge.

Notes on New Books
Thousands already know the

ple first-class hotels on all islands. Interjoys of better shaves through this wonderful device.

island cruising. FRANCE FROM SEA TO SEA, By Arthur Stan

If you are thinking of ley Riggs. Robert M. McBride & Co., New visiting Hawaii this winter and wish deYork. $2.30.


Ten Days' Trial


scriptive, colored brochure and detailed THE STRATAGEMS AND THE AQUEDUCTS OF ROME. By Julius Frontinus. The Loeb

information, write nowProve the Ingersoll Stropper is all we say for it. Classical Library. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New It costs no more than a few

York. $2.50. WANTED

HAWAII TOURIST BUREAU blades and by resharpening


dull blades will save you from Translated by David Magie. The Loeb Classi- 223 MONADNOCK BUILDING, SAN FRANCISCO is meeting with na- $5 to $10 a year. Send $1.00 cal Library. "G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York. tion-wide approval

$2.30. for complete outfit, includ

352 FORT ST., HONOLULU, HAWAII, U. S. A. in fact it is sweeping ing patent Stropper (blade

LUCIAN. Translated by A. M. Harmon. the country.

The We want good men to

holder) and fine leather Strop. Loeb Classical Library. G. P. Putnam's Sons, present it to the millUse it ten days and if you

New York. $2.50. ions of men who are do not get the most comfort

THE HISTORIES. Vol. IV. By Polybius. The just waiting for it. No able, quickest, and cleanest Loeb Classical Library. G. P. Putnam's Sons, experience required. sbaves you ever had, return

New York. $2.50. Sells at sight. Wnie it and we will return your $1 for agents terms.

at once.

Vols. III and IV. Translations by W. R. M.
Lamb and Harold N. Fowler. The Loeb

Classical Library. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New
ROBT. H. INGERSOLL, Pres. New Era Mig. Co.

York. $2.30 each. Dept. 5210, 476 Broadway, N. Y. C.

EVOLUTION FOR JOHN DOE. By Henshaw I enclose $1 for which send me one Ingersoll Dollar Stropping

Ward. The Bobbs-Merrill Company, IndianOutfit complete, including the Ingersoll Specially Prepared

apolis. $3.50. Leather Strop. It is understood that I can return the Outfit in 19 days if not satisfied, and that you will return my dollar.

A simple explanation. Intended especially for those who think that "evolution

means that man is descended from monName.....


Major J. W. Powell. The Macmillan Com

pany, New York. $2. Make of Razor Used.

A record of the first exploration of the
If interested in agents' proposition, check here

Colorado River in 1869-70.
In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook


Tarpaulin Muster"





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says he.

NEVER met him till to-day. We upon my floor there lies his sole baggage
Upper Michigan Ave.

sat talking at the dinner table when -a fishing kit.
and Lake Shore Drive
the telephone rang.

"Sing me a chantey, shipmate, for the CHICAGO

“I'd like to see ye, shipmate," came a old days' sake," I ask him, and he rises voice unknown to me.

slowly. His breath is short and wheezy. *AR-FAMED is THE

He had started to walk to me from his voice quavers; but his shoulders DRAKE and its splendid

many miles away, taking rides as they hunch, his old hands grip and haul. location on the restful shores were offered.

“Ranzo was no sailor, of Lake Michigan. Charming The page almost touching his nose, he

Ranzo, boys, Ranzo!" views from every window ..

sits reading behind my chair. His sight He sings a topsail to the masthead. .... Exceedingly popular is

is almost gone.

His left leg is out- The missis looks in from the kitchen. The Terrace, where summer

stretched. When he rises, it will be some He sits on my doorstep, tying a Spanguests find joy in lunching,

moments ere he can walk without pain. ish bowline, a masthead knot, the sheet dining, and dancing to en

His leg is swollen to nearly twice its and carrick bends. trancing music.

natural size, wide white scars from knee “You ought to rig a mast, shipmate,
to ankle. He is toothless. His thick, with a couple of yards across, so we'd
rough curly hair is streaked with gray. know where you live when we go by,"
His shoulders are immense, but his
hands small. On the back of his right When I ask how he sleeps of nights,
hand is tattooed a blue anchor.

he answers me, “Wake at eight bells, and The table is set again. He is hungry. maybe when the wind shifts, shipmate.'

"Shipmate," said he when I found him His face is close against the pages of at the street corner where he awaited me, the “Everlasting Mercy,” held in a shaky "I've got to tell ye. I'm flat."

hand on the back of which is the little I said, "Tarpaulin muster!”

blue anchor. Under THE BLACKSTONE Management You know what a tarpaulin muster is,

“Don't want to bother ye, shipmate. don't you? A sailor has a dime. Two Just wanted to see ye.” sailors have a nickel.

It is night. He sleeps upon my couch. He tells my wife how to make cracker Ship bells are silent. Sea winds are still. hash, dandy funk, dogsbody, and strike- Three days are gone, and he is gone to me-blind. When, forgetting the last, cook for a farm-hand crew; to make she refers to it as "smack-in-the-face, johnny-cake and bergoo, to fry sow-belly he leans back in his chair and chuckles.

and to boil beans. “That's a good one, shipmate," says he. One day I took him to the library. He talks of ship's pork coming green

When they brought him "Iron Men and from the cask, of hardtack with weevils

Wooden Ships," his eyes shone. Finding in it, and of moon-bows in the mists of Cutty Sark pictured, he leapt to his feet far-away seas. We feel a dent in his

with an excited cry. head, where a mate once struck him with

I watched him about the street corner. a belaying-pin.

Seated beside a farmer, he turned to He has sailed with Tam o' Shanter,

wave a hand. Rob Roy, and Cutty Sark, in the days

"Meet ye off the Horn, shipmate!” he of tea and wool and clipper ships. When shouted, while all the passers stared. Bayard was becalmed for thirty days This afternoon I went out to see the

upon the line, he lost his teeth—scurvy. ATLANTIC CITY

sailor who dropped in on me so unSouth of Cape Stiff he was knocked down expectedly last week. I was anxious to see

and swept against a fife-rail by the sea. how he was getting along, cooking for a holidays happy days

That was when his leg was broken. The harvest crew. I found him living alone,

skipper set it, a compound fracture; and, in a little old tumble-down shanty be-winter or summer,

seeking for a better mend, they broke it neath a big oak tree at the edge of a spring or fall.

again in Valparaiso. There was blood barley field. On one side the barley

poison, and cutting, over and over, in a brushes his shanty. On the other is a Fall and Winter Outdoors

water-front hospital. Now and again he slough where frogs croak and water shifts uneasily-rheumatism.

snakes glide through the rushes. RedHe speaks of Marryat and Dana, of wing blackbirds dart past his door.

Russell, Bullen, Masefield, and Conrad. Buzzards wheel overhead. Mosquitoes Aviation

The missis and the kid look at him, hum in clouds. A rattlesnake slipped On the Beach and the Boardwalk. In the very center of things. American

astonished. It is a steamy summer day. from my path. Plan only; always open.

Illustrated folder and rates on request.

Beneath his wool shirt is a winter under- The air shimmers above the dry white LEEDS and LIPPINCOTT COMPANY shirt; above the shirt, heavy waistcoat barley. The harvest crew is not yet Tune in on WPG and Chalfonte-Haddon Hall and jacket. Green wool socks show un- come.

der his woolen trousers. In a little bag As I approached unseen, I saw the In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook



will make your


on the Beach Boardwalk



Hotels and Resorts

Tours and Travel
North Carolina


AROUND THE WORLD San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara

The Winter Country Unharmed by Earthquake

128 DAYS, $1,250 to $3,000

Club of people of affairs. Furnished bungalows of various sizes ; ait

Including Hotels, Drives, Guides, Fees, etc. nated on the foothills among the orange

CAROLINA HOTEL groves, overlooking the sea. Central dining

From N. Y. Jan. 20, by specially, room, electric lights, hot and cold water.

chartered Cunard new ss * Laconia, Good tennis court. Two miles from ocean and

Re-opens October 26th

20,000 tons. Featuring 26 days Japan country club, six miles from Santa Barbara.

with full program of sports. Booklet. Address

and China including, Peking; option Manager San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara

18 days in India ; Cairo, Jerusalem,

Athens, etc., with Europe stop over. District of Columbia



Four 18-hole Golf Courses. By specially chartered new Quiet location.

Moderate rates. Tennis, Trap and Rifle Shooting, Transylvania,”' 17,000 tons. 62 days?

Horseback Riding, Racing, Driving, cruise, $600 to $1,700 including Hotels,


Drives, Guides, Fees, etc. Featuring
For Information or Reserrations
15 days in Egypt and Palestine ; Lis-

Glorious Outdoor Life
Address General Office, Pinehurst, N. C.
Going South, visit

bon, Tunis, Spain, etc.

All the Sunny Winter
South Carolina

Tucson, garden city of Arizona, bids Historical Southern town,

you come this winter. Vasaracademy.emitowany between Wasliing: Pine Ridge Camp the panies. ldeal

Actually Mid NORWAY and WESTERN

Boundless stretches of open country, ton and Baltimore, on electric car and motor bus lines.

place for outdoor life in inter. Main house MEDITERRANEAN skies that are blue, days brilliant be

and cabins with sleeping-porches. Modern Finest modern accominodations and food, improvements. Pure water. Electric lights, Newss" Lancastria" leaves June 30

yond compare await you here. with all the charm of a real Colonial mansion at Carvel Hall the year. Write Miss SANBORN, Aiken, s. c. repeating this summer's most success

Send for Booklet ful cruise, 53 days. $550 to $1,250,

Now, while this invitation is before Originator of Round the World

you, take the first step toward comNew York City


Cruises. Longest experienced cruise ing to Tucson — fill in the coupon

management. Established 30 years. and mail it today.
A Lady Living in Her House FRANK C. CLARK, Times Bldg., New York

In return a copy of “Man-Building
Well-Appointed Home Faces

in the Sunshine-Climate will be desires to secure two permanent Golf

sent you. This illustrated book tells paying guests. References ex-Grounds changed. Write to Hotel

in simple, straightforward language Mi88 E. DEBRAY LONGCHAMP

the facts you will want to know Lakehurst, New Jersey SICILY, NORTH AFRICA, SPAIN

about Tucson, of how hundreds each

With Dr. George H. Allen Where Broadway

winter find benefit—often complete
Crosses 70 sen TO RENT

Small party sails from New York
Heights, well furnished, large,

relief — from pulmonary infections,

January 7, 1926 Quiet, dignified atmosphere ; sersunny room. Fireplace. Quiet street near Clark

physical depletion,“nerves”, asthma vice that is satisfying without beStreet station ou Interborough. 5 minutes


and other disorders responding to outdoor ing obtrusive ; a restaurant which

from Wall Street. References. 4,509, Outlook. serves superior food at moderate


living and favorable climatic conditions. prices: spacious, airy rooms; trans

Tucson is the ideal place to play, rest, portation by subway, bus and trol- Ridgewood, New Jersey Private family can Sails from New York January 16, 1926

or rebuild physically. Splendid hotels; ley in a few minutes to all theaters,

Both tours include the shops and railroads. or two guests. Commuting Erie, Central.

golf and town clubs open to visitors. Ridgewood 125 M. 83 Woodside Ave.

cruise of the Lotus, our own Frarnished and unfurnished

private steamer on the Nile.

Low Rates epartments available on lease.

Write for illustrated booklet, now ready :

Winter excursion rates now in effect via Write for rates.

the Rock Island and Southern Pacific

Lines. Stop-overs permitted on all tickets.
Tours and Travel

Mail the coupon today.


15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass.
To EGYPT January 16, 1926, with Prof. Albert
(Near 5th Avenue)

party. Abu Simbel. Camp in the Foyum.
40 West 45th Street ROUND the WORLD January 6, 1926, wit) THE beanty, fascination, and niys-

tery of the Orient lures visitors NEW YORK

the unspoiled hinterland. Motor 1200 miles from all over the world to

in Javu. Directly in the fashionable club and shop- To MISSION FIELDS in the far East. Sep

Tucson Sunshine-Climate Club, ping section. Within five minutes' walk to

Dr. Harlan P. Beach, our greatest authority all principal theaters. A high-class hotel

501 Old Pueblo Bldg., Tucson, Ariz. patronized by those desiring the best accomon Interdenominational Missions. The qnaintest and most interesting of all

Please send me your free book, modations at moderate cost. To THE HOLY LAND April 8, 1926, with

1 Rates and map gladly sent upon request.

Come while the old age customs Man-Building in the SunshineNebraska. A Churchmen's Pilgrimage with prevail. Write. mentioning "Outlook" to

Climate. objectives primarily religious.



Care Tratfic Dept.
To February 25,

I.A. Unique route including Biskra, etc.,

Address: 202 West 103d Street

TOKYO by anto; following the blossoms in Sicily

for full information Within a few minutes of all New York and Italy. Rales for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

SPECIAL PRIVATE TOUR TO attractions. Comfortable rooms and TEMPLE TOURS suites, exceptionally fine cuisine, and an

$5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country The MEDITERRANEAN atmosphere that pleases particular people. 447-A Park Square Bldg. Boston, Mass. Write for Booklet 0 and Map of New York

JANUARY 16-Party Limited to 8 Earn Your Trip to EUROPE by securing

EUROPE SERECCE 1926 RESER TOURS, 171 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y, bers for one of my tours. Established 1900,

Earn your trip by organizing a small
Hotel Judson 53 Washington Sq.,
BABCOCK'S Tours, Inc., East Orange, N. J.

UROPE, 1926 Tours now ready, party.

Mediterranean - Bermuda

$695 to $2,000. Liberal commissions Residential hotel of highest type, combining

Around the World. Conducted Parties

to organizer's Address EDUCATIONAL the facilities of hotel life with the comforts of South America Unique Adventure Tours

Independent Tours.

TOURS, luc., 59 l'rospect St., E. Orange, N. J. ap. European plan $1.50 per day and up. Jan-Feb., 1926. Select Party. Booklet "T."


New York For Real Estate and other Classified Adrer. SAMUEL NAYLOR, Manager. Le Roy Tours, 1 West 4ith St., New York.

tisements see next page In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

TUCSON Sunshine-Climate Club ARIZONA

Real Estate

sailor hobbling toward his shanty door, EXPERIENCED graduate nurse desires Massachusetts position, bome or school, with opportunity

his great bowed shoulders bare. Heat in for doing constructive work in character building. Address Miss A., Room 4104 du Pont

the windless river bottom-lands is terrific. On Cape Cod-Only $3,5001 * Building, Wilmington, Del. Insured $5,000. Near Shore GOVERNESS and mother's helper, Prot

I saw him sit down upon the shanty Where pleasure of fishing, bathing, and


active and experienced. Children over gunuing in seasou are yours for the taking; four. Good seamstress. 6,430, Outlook.

step, and, so seeing him, saw him elseideal for tea-room, filling station or summer HOUSEHOLD manager. Educated young boarders; 2 acres for gardens ; on boulevard

where—upon the fo'c's'le head of Cutty woman. best family, desires positiou in reBoston to Provincetown; attractive 8-rooin

fined hoine. house, summer kitchen, barn, poultry house.

Very capable, conscieutious. 6,441, Outlook.

Sark, swift sailing down the trades. I Sacrificed at $3,500, complete furniture included to quick buyer. Terms if desired. E. A. MIDDLE aged woman desires position as

saw the

lad at her wheel. I heard

young STROUT Farm Agency, Harwichport, Mass. chaperon or companion, in or near New York City. References. 6,444, Outlook.

him sing her anchor in:
NURSE - companion, . secretary,

New York
permanent position with elderly person.

"Good-by, fare you well,
Efficient, pleasing, experienced, educated,
Half a Dozen Congenial Neigh-
traveled. Highest references from prominent

Good-by, fare you well, people. 6,457, Outlook. bors Who Desire Homes from POSITION matron or housekeeper, small

Hurrah, my lads, we're homeward institution, desired by experienced traiued $30,000-$50,000

bound!woman. 6,451, Outlook. can obtain benefit of a special opportunitylby

REFINED woman wishes companion or communicating with the undersigned. I have invalid attendant position. Best of references.

I came to him, and, still unheard, unhad 28 years' experience in real estate, and 6,448, Outlook. with a group of friends I am now developing REGISTERED nurse, experienced, pleas

seen, looked over his old shoulder. what I consider will be the best section for $30,000 to $50,000 homes in the New York

ing personality, wishing to spend winter in
warm climate, would act as coinpanion or take

Sensing me, he looked up, closing the suburbs. I am building my own home there.

full charge of infant. Terms moderate. Per.
Address S. L. A., 2,690, Outlook.
sonal interview desired. 6,438, Outlook.

book he held.
SUPERINTENDENT or matron children's
home or any institution. Experienced. 6,408,

"Some yarn, ain't it?" said he.

I nodded. A Mart of the Unusual TEACHER of great sympathy and understanding will tutor (Calvert System) children

“There ain't no one like him, is there, under 8 in their own homes. Brooklyn or HARDY PHLOX field grown New York. Interview requested. 6,413, finest varie

shipmate?" the old sailor said.
ties-21c. each, Six varieties $i, labeled.
R. B. LUTT, Nurseryman, Eatontown, N. J.
WANTED, by November 15, position as

I shook my head.
caretaker. Refined English-American adult
family. E. J. Smith, North Kent, Conn.

The sailor of the Cutty Sark is out
WOMAN of culture and refinement wishes
a position as companion or hostess in a home

there alone to-night-yet not alone. He where there are motherless children. 6,440, WRITE for free sain ples of embossed at $2 Outlook.

has for company the “Nigger of the Naror printed stationery at $1.500 per box. Thou. YOUNG woman, capable, experienced, edusands of Outlook customers. Lewis, stationer, cated, possessing charm and sterling worth,

cissus." Troy, N.Y.

desires direct motherless home for Protestant PERSONAL STATIONERY—200 single or

American gentleman, or companion to lady 100 double sheets good bond paper with 100

going South. Interesting references. 6.450,

Outlook. envelopes to match, printed in blue. $1. Hicks, Macedon Center, N. Y.

Contributors' Gallery MISCELLANEOUS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY TO young women deairing training in the

H care of obstetrical patients a six inonths'

ERVEY ALLEN is one of the out

Η SECRETARIES, social workers, superintendents, matrons, housekeepers, dietítians, nurses' aid course is offered by the Lying.In

standing poets of the South. Cocafeteria managers, companions, governesses,

Hospital, 307 Secoud Ave., New York. Aids mothers' helpers. The Richards Bureau, 68 are provided with maintenance and given a

lumbia University recently borrowed him Barnes St., Providence.

monthly allowance of $10. For further par.
ticulars address Directress of Nurses.

from Charleston, South Carolina, to help
CHILD care for winter months. Northern
woman of culture, going South for winter,

in pumping water from the well of Engwill take care of healthy child for the season. COOK-housekeeper wanted for farm man- References. 6,407, Outlook.

lish undefiled. aged by college women, forty miles from

WANTED-Home care, cheerful, refined New York City. Address Airlie Farm, companionship, and supervision for a sweet Bedford, N. Y.

young woman afflicted with slight nervous EARN $110 to $250 monthly, expenses paid or mental disorder. In vicinity of Washington,

SPECIAL correspon as railway traffic inspector. Position guaran D.C., or Baltimore. Preferably Washington.

dence in this teed after completion of 3 inonths' home study 6,447, Outlook. course or money refunded. Excellent opporUNUSUALLY comfortable accommoda

issue includes

a tunities. Write for free booklet CM-27. Standard Business Training Institution, Buf

ţions offered a nervous or convalescent patient
in doctor's own home. Finest medical atten-

London art letter falo, N. Y.

tion, under own physiciau's direction if deHOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND sired. Further particulars and references

from C. Lewis Hind, WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for high

furnished on request. S. Mary Ives, M.D., salaried men and woinen. Past experience 230 Washington St., Middletowu, Conu.

the English critic of necessary. We train you by mail and put you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay,

art and literature fine living, interesting work, quick advancemnent, permanent. Write for free books,

who so frequently "YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Lewis Hotel Training Schools, Suite X-5842, Wash- For the woman who has a

contributes to The ington, D. C. NURSE or nursery governess for girl 5 talent for dainty sewing

Outlook. Mr. Hind and boy 4. Protestant; American, Scotch, or French-Swiss. Human, young, cheerful, and

is the author of a patient. Care of clothes, but no chamberwork. Kindergarten, French, and music Many women make beautiful

large number of books, his first appeardesired but not necessary. Experience in little things by hand-luncheon physical care. Write Mrs. C. E. Dodge, Riverdale-on-Hudson, New York City. sets, handkerchiefs, baby things,

ing in 1898. REFINED Protestant companion for two and SO on—for which they little girls, 7 and 10, going to school. Assist

REGORY MASON is a former member with lessons at home. Must be musical can readily develop a paying deand able to assist with music. Pleasing per:

mand. sonality. Between 25 and 35. Must have good

of The Outlook's staff and a conliealth. Penllyn, Morristown, N. J. If

tributor of long standing. He has been

have time and a talent SALESMEN wanted. $10 daily easy. We

you start you in auto accessory biisiness. No like this, why not turn it to

The Outlook's correspondent in Japan, investment, no experience necessary. Exclusive territory. Motor Products Co., 1760 profit?

Mexico, Russia, Germany, and during Lunt Ave., Chicago. There's still time to take orders

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Martof the Unusual


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