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Furnished bungalows of various sizes ; situated on the foothills among the orange groves, overlooking the sea. Central diningrooin, electric lights, hot and cold water. Good' tennis court. Two miles from ocean and country club, six miles from Santa Barbara. Booklet. Address

Manager San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara


AUTUMNAL glories

of mountain heights
with a healthful, spicy air
for sports. World famous
golf. A thousand miles
for motoring. Great tourist
hotels and inns. Metro-
politan, social, musical,
and theatrical features.
Through Pullmans via
Southern Railway.

For information address


"Where Broadway

Crosses TOEBEN
Quiet, dignified atınosphere : ser-
vice that is satisfying without be-
ing obtrusive; a restaurant which
serves superior food at moderate
prices; spacious, airy rooms; trans-
portation by subway, bus and trol-
ley in a few minutes to all theaters,
shops and railroads.

Furnished and unfurnished
apartments available on lease.

Write for rates.

District of Columbia


This sunny Wonderland

bids you come


Hotel Webster

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"E want you to come to Tucson,

Here is the West of your

dreams-the open spaces, the moun(Near 5th Avenue)

tain tops, strange new sights, dry in

vigorating air and countless days of 40 West 45th Street

brilliant sunshine. NEW YORK

NORTH CAROLINA Here children play outdoors the Directly in the fashionable club and shop

year round. Lawns are green, ping section. Within five minutes' walk to ali principal theaters. A high class hotel

flowers are blooming. Winter is unpatronized by those desiring the best accom- South Carolina

known. Your first visit to Tucson modations at moderate cost. Rates and map gladly sent upon request.

will refresh you—make a new man Pine Ridge Camp the Pines. Ideal

of you. Each year hundreds find place for outdoor life in winter. Main house

physical regeneration in this ManHOTEL CLENDENING and cabins with sleeping-porches. Modern Building climate. For "nerves",

improvements. Pure water. Electric lights.
202 West 103d Street
Excellent table. Rates moderate. Open all

overwork, asthma and pulmonary the year. Write Miss SANBORN, Aiken, S. C.

troubles there is often complete reWithin a few minutes of all New York attractions. Comfortable rooms and

lief in this dry, sunny climate. enites. excentionally fine cuisine, and an atmosphere that pleases particular people.

Tucson, modern plateau city of this Write for Booklet 0 and Map of New York

Wonderland, welcomes you. Town

and Country Clubs open to visitors.

Tours and Travel Golf, tennis, polo, riding, motoring,
Hotel Judson 53 Washington Sq.,

Old Mexico close at hand.
Residential hotel of highest type, counbining

the facilities of hotel lile with the counforts of

Winter excursion rates now via au ideal home. American plan $1 per day and AROUND THE WORLD Rock Island and Southern Pacific np. European pian $1.50 per day and up. SAMUEL NAYLOR, Manager. 128 DAYS, $1,250 to $3,000 lines. Stop-overs on all tickets. lacluding Hotels, Drives, Guides, Fees, etc.

Send for profusely illustrated book. North Carolina From N. Y. Jan. 20, by specially

Mail the coupon today.
chartered Cunard news s * Laconia,"
20,000 tons. Featuring 26 days Japan TUCSON
18 days in India; Cairo, Jerusalem, Sunshine-Climate Club

CLARK'S 22d CRUISE, Jan. 30
By specially chartered

i Tucson Sunshine-Climate Club, “ Transylvania," 17.000 tons. 62 days' 501 Old Pueblo Bldg., Tucson, Ariz.

1 cruise, $600 to $1,700 including Hotels, Please send me your free book, | NORTH CAROLINA

Drives, Guides, Fees, etc. Featuring "Man-Building in the Sunshine-
The world of sunshine, pine fragrance and
15 days in Egypt and Palestine ; Lis-

sport. CAROLINA HOTEL now open.
bon, Tunis, Spain, etc.

Four 18-hole Golf Courses.
Tennis, Trap and Rifle Shooting, CLARK'S 2d CRUISE, 1926

Horseback Riding, Racing,
Driving, Motoring

For Information or Reservations


Address General Office, Pinehurst, N. C.


izing a small party. Write for particulars to News 8“Lancastria " leaves June 30 STRATFORD TOURS, 452 Fifth Ave., N. Y. WHITE HOUSE INN ful cruise, 53 days. $550 to $1,250.

repeating this summer's most successASHEVILLE, N. C.

Earn Your Trip to EUROPE by securing Near Country Club. An all year guest house Originator of Round the World bers for one of my tours. Established 1900. and tea room catering to the needs of those who desire the retined atmosphere and home Cruises. Longest experienced cruise

BABCOCK'S Tours, Inc., East Orange, N. J. cooking of a home rather than that of a large management.

Established 30 years. hotel. For reservations write Mrs. E. C.

For Tours and Travel and other Clau EHLE, 26 Edgemont Road, Asheville, N. C. FRANK C. CLARK, Times Bldg., New York

Advertisements see nert pro In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook




Annapolis Carvel Hall Maryland

A delightful place to spend several
days or weeks. Mild climate. Conve-
nient to Washington and Baltimore
by electric car or motor bus.

Attractive modern hotel facilities.
On your way South, plan to visit historical old
Annapolis, home of the U. S. Naval Academy

Send for descriptive folder 0.



Tours and Travel

Real Estate


SITUATIONS WANTED COOK-Good cook and manager who will

DARTMOUTH junior would go South as New York launder finer household lineu. Pleasant young

tutor or companiou FOR EXPENSES. 6,436, Scotch maid also employed. Permanent home

Outlook. two miles back of Hudson. Kindly write, giv- EXPERIENCED, educated, capable woman Half a Dozen Congenial Neigh-ing references in detail, P. 0. Box 10», as companion for elderly lady. Reading, bors Who Desire Homes from Irvington-ou-Hudson, N. Y.

shopping, traveling, light housework. Refer With Dr. George H. Allen

EARN $110 to $250 monthly, expenses paid,

ences. 6,488, Outlook. Small party sails from New York

as railway tratfic inspector. Position gualan-

HOUSEHOLD manager, 52. Refined, tact-
January 7, 1926
can obtain benefit of a special opportunity by
teed after completion of 3 inonths' home study

ful. Supervise widower's home, children, course or inoney refunded. Excellent oppor

servants. Lewis trained. Experience. Ref EGYPT communicating with the undersigned. I have

tunities. Write for free booklet CM-27. erences exchanged. 6,491, Outlook. had 28 years' experience in real estate, and

Standard Business Traiving Institution, Buf. LADY of culture and refinement as head PALESTINE, SYRIA, GREECE, ITALY with a group of friends I am now developing falo, N. Y.

in motherless household. Trained linguist, what I consider will be the best section for


musician, and needlewoman. Sails from New York January 16, 1926 $30,000 to $50,000 homes in the New York GOVERNESS-A woman with sympathetic, Both

Apply Plaza 0341, New York, 2-3 P.M. tours include the

suburbs. I am building my own home there. intelligent understanding of children to care

Address S. L. A., 2,690, Outlook. cruise of the Lotus, our own

MANAGING housekeeper. Experienced. for two little girls, four and six, in suburban home. Must be experienced in physical care

educated, refined. 6,478, Outlook. private steamer on the Nile.

North Carolina and able to direct and enter into normal chile MOTHER'S helper or companion. Capable, Write for illustrated booklel, now ready:

dren's activities, outside of their school and well-educated Protestant woman would assist kindergarten work. Resident. References.

with grown children or help in home. ModFOR RENT

Satisfactory compensation.

Interview required. Mrs. Edivin C. Slater, Rockledge

erate salary. Country preferred. Best refIn Pine Bluff, North Carolina

erences. 6,493, Outlook.
Drive, Pelhain Manor, New York.
Seven-room bungalow, completely furnished,

REFINED middle aged woman, position BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL all modern conveniences, garage, servants' HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND housekeeper. No laundry, heavy cleaning, or

quarters. $700 for season, six months. Address WOMEN. Nation-wide demaud for high15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass.

children. Excellent references. 6,480, Oatlook. E. H. ROBERTS, 414 N. Perry St., Titusville, Pa. salaried ineu and worden. Past experience unnecessary. We train you by mail and put

REFINED woman desires position as comyou in touch with big opportunities. Big pay,

panion to young or elderly woman; would tery of the Orient lures visitors

fine living, interesting work, quick advance.

manage household, do secretarial work. Exfrom all over the world to

ment, perinanent. Write for free book,

cellent references. 6,483, Outlook. A Mart of the Unusual "YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Lewis TRAINED church worker desires position Hotel Training Schools, Suite Y-5842, Washi

as companion or secretary. Will travel. 6,452, for HOLIDAY GIFTS. ington, D.C. ANTIQUES

Outlook. Furniture, mirrors, clocks, SALESMEN wanted. $10 daily easy. We WANTED, by elderly couple, position as hooked rugs, prints, pewter, trays, samplers, pink lustre, quilts, Stiegel and pressed glass,

start you in auto accessory business. No caretakers. References. 6,484, Outlook. The quaintest and most interesting of all

Exsilver. List. M. H. DODGE, Pawling, N. Y.

investment, no experience necessary. countries. Come while the old age custoins

clusive territory. Motor Products Co., 1760

YOUNG MAN desires part-time work in Lunt Ave., Chicago.

exchange for home. prevail. Write, mentiouing "Outlook" to

Agricultural college

aud university training, Student of politics. JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION Knit and Crocheted Articles Made to WANTED, housekeeper. A person of expe

law, and religion. Editorial experience. Care Traffic Dept.

rience and refinement to take charge of large 6,487, Outlook. at reasonable rates. Write for information. private house in New York City. Highest JAPANESE GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS Mrs. J. B. MERRIAM, Charlton Depot, Mass. references both as to character and ability TOKYO

required. Apply to Miss Gertrude Moore, for full information

Room 1416, 25 Broadway, New York City.

MISCELLANEOUS Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

WANTED-Mother's helper or nursery

TO young women desiring training in the $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

governess, New York. Assist chamberwork.

care of obstetrical patients a six months' Good home. Must be fond of children. 6,482,

nurses' aid course is offered by the Lying.In WRITE for free samples of embossed at $2 Outlook.

Hospital, 307 Second Ave.. New York. Aids

are provided with maintenance and given a or priuted stationery at $1.50 per box. Thonsauds of Outlook custoiners. Lewis, stationer,

WANTED–Woman of refinement and ex- monthly allowance of $14. For further parTroy, N. Y.

perience as mother's helper in family of sev- ticulars audress Directress of Nurkes. ROUND THE WORLD, January 6,

eral children. New York suburb. Salary $70. 1926, with Arthur K. Peck.

UNUSUALLY comfortable accommoda-

Reply P. O. Box 286, Short Hills, N. J.
Time to

tions offered a nervous or convalescent patient TO EGYPT, January 16, 1926, with Profes. order Christmas boxes now. Using better

in doctor's own home. Finest medical atteusor Albert E. Bailey.

paper and boxes, no change in price, $1. TO NORTH AFRICA, February 25, Hicks, Stationer, Macedon Center, N. Y.

tion, under owu physiciau's direction if de1926, with Albert Kelsey, F.A.I.A.

sired. Further particulars and references TO THE HOLY LAND, April 8, 1926, PERSONAL stationery-25 calling cards,

SITUATIONS WANTED furnished on request. S. Mary Ives, M.D., with Bishop Shayler of Nebraska. 200 sheets bond paper, 100 envelopes, $1.

230 Washington St., Middletown, Conn. Nadolny, Box 583, Tarrytown, N. Y.

AID in research work. TO EUROPE, March 6, 1926, eastbound

Proof reading, LADIES-Let Patricia Dix help you with by the Mediterranean route with shore

typing, manuscripts, etc. References. 6,489,

Outlook. trips at Madeira, Gibraltar, Algiers, and

that next club or study paper. Informa

tion upon request. Rates reasonable. 6,28 Monaco (Monte Carlo). EMPLOYMENT AGENCY COLLEGE-bred, experienced, governess

Send for the booklet that interests you.
SECRETARIES, social workers, superin-

wishes position with family going abroad. SPEECHES, club papers, debates, promptly
Highest references, 6,474, Outlook.

elaborated. TEMPLE TOURS tendents, matrons, housekeepers, dietítians,

Authors Research Buirean, 546 cafeteria managers, companions, governesses, COMPANION-housekeeper for elderly lady

Fifth Ave., New York. 447-A Park Square Bldg., Boston, Mass.

mothers' helpers. The Richards Bureau, 68 by middle aged woman. Refined. Reference. WANTED-Woman companion for South-
Barnes St., Providence.
Will go South. 6,485, Outlook.

ern trip. Dutch treat. 6,494, Outlook.



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At your service without charge

120 East 16th Street, New York

Apartments wanted - Inexpensive furnished

apartment in New York City. 2 ladies for 2 or 3 months. 2 rooms, kitchenette, bath. Mrs. E. SHELTON, Stratford, Comu.

In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook


If You Want a Set of the Famous

Encyclopaedia Britannica

NEW FORM) at nearly half-price




NLY a few sets of the famous En-

cyclopædia Britannica in the New

Form, at the present amazingly low price, are left. Not nearly enough to take care of orders of the thousands who are saying: "Some day I will own a set of this great work."

The success of this, our greatest sale, is astounding. Orders have jumped from 100, to 150, to more than 160 sets a day. Therefore, we are emphasizing the fact that if you really want one of these last sets—at the lowest price at which the large type, large page Britannica has ever been offered-you must act at once.

As fast as orders come in, we are shipping the very last sets that remain of a printing of 10,000 sets. With each set is included the handsome mahogany-finish bookcase, given free while this offer lasts.

Brings You All the Knowledge of the World

Think of the advantages of having within easy reach all the world's knowledge, ready to help you when in need of authoritative information, ready to give you hours of reading pleasure. The newest and latest revised issue of this famous work—the Britannica in the New Formcontains not only a complete and unbiased account of the World War and its momentous consequences, but authentic information on every subject of human interest-science, art, biography, history, literature, invention, industry, etc.

Within its 33,000 pages are 15,600 illustrations and 49,000,000 words-as much material as is contained in 476 books of average size printed on ordinary paper.

Small First Payment Easy Monthly Amounts

A small first payment puts the complete 16 double volumes and the handsome free bookcase in your home. The balance is payable in monthly payments so small they will never be missed. But don't put off sending for information.

This Beautiful Bookcase Free
This beautiful bookcase, in Mahogany finish especially
designed by Maple&

Co. of London, will be given free
with each set in the New Form while this offer lasts.

Act Now If up to this time you have merely thought of buying the Britannica-and have not sent for the free booklet-do so now. This illustrated 56-page booklet, which tells all about the New Form Britannica, and the convenient terms on which you can obtain a set, will be sent you by return mail.

When the Britannica in the New Form was brought out, less than 14 months ago, it created a sensation-it was the result of revolutionary changes in book publishing.


It would not be possible for us to print any more sets for nearly a year. We could not guarantee delivery before next September. It requires four months to make the paper and another five or six months to print and bind.

Therefore, if you want to make of one of these last sets of the Britannica in the New Form-at a saving of 46% and payable in convenient terms—you must act.

We have given you the plain facts. Now look at it this way: You have long desired to own this famous work which is the greatest source of all knowledge ever published. You probably have considered a thousand and one ways in which the Britannica would prove valuable and profitable to you. Then why delay this may be your last chance to get the celebrated Britannica, greatest of all reference books, at a saving of 46%.

[blocks in formation]

What Makes It

Such a Bargain By means of a number of innovations, we were enabled to reduce the price of the Britannica in the New Form 46% less than the price of the famous large type, large page Cambridge issue.

Total sales of the Britannica in the New Form have exceeded 37,000 sets. Our last printing was of 10,000 sets. Now these are almost gone. And you must act immediately if you hope to get a set.

at once.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. 05-3K 342 Madison Avenue, New York

Please send me complete information about the Encyclopaedia Britannica in the New Form. Also send me the illustrated 56-page Specimen Boo full details of your present low-price offer and your easy plan of small monthly payments. This does not obligate me in any way.



Mail this Coupon Today!


Mahogany-finish bookcase free while the offer lasts.

Please mention The Outlook when writing to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, INC.

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Published weekly by The Outlook Company, 120 East 16th Street, New York. Copyright, 1925, by The Outlook Company. By subscription $5.00 a year for the United States and Canada. Single copies 15 cents each. Foreign

subscription to countries in the postal Union, $6.56. HAROLD T. PULSIFER, President and Managing Editor

ERNEST HAMLIN ABBOTT, Editor-in-Chief and Secretary NATHAN T. PULSIFER, Vice-President

ARTHUR E. CARPENTER, Advertising Manager
LAWRENCE F. ABBOTT, Contributing Editor

Now you can learn to speak French the

way the French speak it

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HEN you take that trip abroad, will foreigners be able to understand your French? Or is your knowledge of

that charming language limited to a few rules, idioms and irregular verbs that you learned in school, and can put to no practical use?

It is a well known fact that conversational French is rarely learned in American schools. And yet, it is a very simple matter to learn to speak everyday French, fluently and correctly, if you learn it by the right method.

And now you can learn French by the true European method, -the method created and perfected by the great house of Hugo, publishers of language text books which are world-famous, and conductors of language institutes which are known all over

Europe as headquarters for language instruction. The Hugo family has been engaged in this work for generations. Millions of copies of its language books have been sold.

From this wonderful background of linguistic experience, the Hugos have evolved a method of teaching French that is recognized everywhere as the most advanced, most authoritative and most practical meihod in existence. Many thousands of men and women of other nationalities have acquired practical vocabularies, correct pronunciation and cultured accent by the famous method.

Now, for the first time, the Hugos have prepared a special edition of their course for American use. To introduce it in this country, an amazingly liberal offer is made.


24 Fascinating Lessons by Mail-Special Introductory Offer

You will never realize how easy it is to learn to speak French correctly, until you have started on this course! For, in just a few weeks' time, you will actually be able to express your ideas in idiomatic, conversational French, as easily as you have previously expressed them in English!

In the famous Hugo "At-Sight" method, there are no rules and tiresome verb lists to learn. You start with easy French sentences, fascinating because they deal with subjects that you discuss every day! New ideas, word forms and constructions are gradually introduced and used over and over, so that you learn them unconsciously and without effort.

You will be delighted with the ingenious plan for learning pronunciation, which will soon enable you to speak French easily and elegantly, as the French themselves speak it!

The Complete Course for Only $12.00

if you Act Quickly!
In order to acquaint the American public with
a method of learning French that has been used
satisfactorily by so many thousands of Euro-
peans, Hugo's Language Institute of London has
now authorized us to offer their complete course
of twenty-four lessons at the astonishingly low
price of $12.00, payable on the convenient terms
of only $2.00 a month. This is only a fraction
of the regular price and only a limited number
of courses will be cffered at this reduced rate.

the complete course of twenty-four lessons. То all who enroll now, we will also give a year's subscription to Le Petit Journal without extra cost. This entertaining little French magazine will be of great assistance in furthering your knowledge of French language, life, literature and customs. Don't run the risk of missing this remarkable opportunity through unnecessary delay. Mail the coupon NOW!

Mail the Coupon Today
To get the benefit of this low price you must
be prompt. The coupon below will enroll you for

Doubleday, Page & Co.

Dept, F-3411
American Representatives of Hugo's Language

İnstitute of London)
Garden City, New York

This Remarkable Offer Includes

A year's subscription
to Le Petit Journal

Doubleday, Page & Co., Dept. F-3411
(American Representatives of Hugo's Language Institute
of London), Garden City, New York
Gentlemen : I am interested in learning to


speak French as the French speak it. Please send me the Hugo "French At-Sight" Course, in 24 weekly lessons, for free examination. Within 5 days I will either return the Course or send you $2.00 at that time and $2.00 each month thereafter until a total of $12.00 has been paid. I am also to receive a year's subscription to Le Petit Journal «16 issues) without additional cost.

Published twice-a-month, eight months of the year, in everyday French, this delightful illustrated magazine contains current news, extracts from French newspapers and periodicals, interesting notes on French life and customs and humorous sketches. It will prove a wonderful aid in furthering your knowledge of modern French. By taking advantage of this special offer you receive a full year's subscription, 16 issues, without any additional cost.




State 3 per cent discount for cash with order

Please mention The Outlook when writing to DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & Co.

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