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Southern correspondent is less egotistic, although she does have a good deal to say about her feelings and their relation to the solemn speculations of her correspondent. Now and then her husband breaks into the game with a few words of hard common sense as welcome as rays of sunlight to the perplexed and wearied reader. It would seem that Paul fancied himself a poet and had come to New York to enter upon a literary career. Yet, with every opportunity for studying life and character in the cosmopolitan city and distilling from his fresh knowledge material suited to the intellectual needs of the woman for whom he entertains a growing sentimental regard, he confines his broodings to his own petty emotions. Through all the correspondence there is no indication that he has profited in any way by his months of residence in the metropolis of the country. Caroline also neglects to discuss subjects that would certainly interest a very large number of Northern readers, for Kentucky has its own distinctive character and people, not to mention its horses. Consider for a moment the interesting letters that might pass between a woman who longs for news of the intellectual and artistic worlds of New York, of which she has heard so much and knows so little, and consider also how much she could say about the blue grass country, the great racing stables, and the fine old plantation homes of Kentucky that would charm and enlighten every intelligent person north of Mason and Dixon's Line. Better this than the introspective broodings of two small souls.


George A. Gordon. Houghton Mifflin Com-

pany, Boston. $4. ASTHMA

"My Education and Religion” is really

an informal and extremely interesting The assurance of comfortable repose

A condensed set of health rules-many of which

autobiography of a celebrated Congregaappeals to every sufferer from asthma.

may be easily followed right in your own home, The popularity of Vapo-Cresolene is

or while traveling. You will find in this little

tional minister, for many years pastor of due to

book a wealth of information about food elements
and their relation to physical welfare.

the Old South Church, Boston. Continuous treatment while the pa

CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT WITHOUT DRUGS tient enjoys undisturbed rest.

Dr. Gordon was born in Scotland in

OR TIRESOME EXERCISES Avoidance of internal medication.

Effective weight control diets, acid and

1853, and at the age of eighteen came to

bland diets, laxative and blood-building Prompt relief. Unquestionable merit.

diets, and diets used in the correction this country. After the usual vicissitudes

of various chronic maladies.
“ Used
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common to the poor immigrant, he got while

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upon his feet, studied for the ministry at you

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the Bangor Theological Seminary, and

The housebold remedy for bronchial troubles

294 Good Health Building, Battle Creek, Mich.

later entered Harvard as a special stuSold by druggists

dent. His first parish was a small one in Send for descriptive booklet 31B THE VAPO-CRESOLENE CO.

PRICES Maine; his second, a large one in Green62 Cortlandt St., New York

CUT which, Connecticut, whence he went in or Leeming-Miles Bldg.,

1883 to the Old South Church in Boston. Montreal, Canada

World's bost makes-Under

The most interesting parts of the book wood, Remington, Oliverprices smashed to almost hall.

are those dealing with Scotland and

Scottish life. Dr. Gordon was one of a All late models, completely rebuilt and re

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Chicago, II. International Typewiiter E.., 186 W. Lake St., Dept. 1130, Chicago

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Vapo resolene




Art Craft Christmas Cards 2 and it's yours




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shire and his forebears were of that up-
right, intelligent, stern stock that has
given the Scottish character its high posi-
tion in the world. Many are the stories
he tells of his early life, all throwing light
upon a set of manners and customs that
seem strangely remote now. For change
has invaded even the conservatism of
Scottish rural life, and it will not long be
possible for such a book as Dr. Gordon's
to be written from personal experience.
The lad rebelled against Calvinism at an
early age. The doctrine of predestina-
tion revolted his sense of justice, so that
for ten years he says he had no religion
at all. He was a great friend of Phillips
Brooks, possessing much the same sun-
niness of character. The book is delight-
ful reading, being full of anecdote and

Hat Weavers"
Scots humor, and free from undue ego-


Dutton & Co., New York, $1.75.
"The Holiday Round” is well named,

Palm leaf hats for there are more than three hundred

in December Via the

and sixty-five laughs in it, and at least a
smile, if not a loud roar, for every day in

Cast off winter's chains this


year The book is a collection of

a ginger-flower lei! Wear bathing suit, ITEM T'S summer right now on short stories, plays, and other incidents

Hawaiian hat and let Waikiki's warm

sands thaw the chill from the “Open Window and accidents in humor, each with a


bones. Route" to California. charm of its own, a charm that belongs

An Adventure-in comfort Romance-Scenery-Adventure especially to A. A. Milne. "Little Plays Sailing with the sun you turn off the -all in a delightful, balmy climate. for Amateurs" is a chapter of highly steam in your stateroom. Luxurious Superb service and equipment,

amusing burlesque on plays of the Vic- ships, these that voyage the smooth seas taking you through the heart of torian order, and the directions to the direct to Honolulu from Los Angeles, the great storied Southwest.

actors are half the fun. Another delight- San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and
Stop over at New Orleans, ful chapter is the “Stories of Successful Victoria, B. C.
Houston, San Antonio, El Paso. Lives,” a delicate satire on several of the In 5 to 6 days you're sitting under a monkey-
Fine hotels, country clubs, splen- esteemed professions. But these are only pod tree rubbing your eyes, wondering if you

can make the folks back home understand did automobile roads, golf, tennis a couple of drops in this bucket full of

how different Hawaii is! and many other features to make clever nonsense. If you have ever had a

Costs so little!
your visit enjoyable.

picnic go wrong, or come to tea with only
one of a pair of spats, or if you are inter-

Linger a while in Uncle Sam's exotic mid

Pacific territory; you may do so at little extra An all-steel, de luxe train operated ested in the "Sardine Defense League,”

cost. Hotel, apartment and cottage rates are daily from New Orleans to Los or even should you only care to know moderate; you'll be surrounded by all accusAngeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

that Artichoke is not a girl's, but a boy's tomed comforts and conveniences. Or, if your
Convenient service for the 120-mile
motor side trip over the famous name, you will want to read the book. time is limited, make round trip from the Pacific

Coast in 3 or 4 weeks for as little as $300 or
Apache Trail Highway. Also to San One is only sorry not to find in it any of
Diego via California's marvelous

$400, including first-class travel and all inCarriso Gorge.

Mr. Milne's charming verses, but some cidentals, allowing a week or two in Hawaii. For information and literature address of his prose reads like verse.

Book through your local railway, steamship

or travel agent direct to Honolulu. SOUTHERN PACIFIC LINES


Golf courses on all larger islands. Swimming, New York

Chicago 165 Broadway

ALMOST HUMAN. 35 W. Jackson Blvd.

surfing, deep-sea fishing, motoring, mountain

By Robert M. Yerkes.
New Orleans

hiking—all outdoor sports the year around. See Houston

Century Company, New York. $3.
Pan Am. Bank Bldg. So. Pacific Bldg.
Dr. Yerkes has a very high opinion of

volcanic wonderland of Hawaii National Park. Los Angeles

Hawaiian music and dancing in its native locale.
Pacific Electric Bldg. Southern Pacific Bldg. apes and monkeys as subjects for experi-

For illustrated, colored brochure-
mentation, not for the obvious ends of
medical research alone, but for enlarge-
ment of our knowledge of the educa-
tional process, and even for our guidance
in the better conduct of human affairs.

He comments on the fact that zoölogical


TOURIST parks, circuses, menageries, and variety

BUREAU shows have in the past fifty years spent

hundreds of thousands of dollars to satSOUTHERN PACIFIC LINES isfy human curiosity, "whereas only paltry sums have been devoted to the 223 MONADNOCK BUILDING, SAN FRANCISCO

352 FORT STREET, HONOLULU, HAWAII, U.S.A. In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook



San Francisco




BRIARCLIFF LODGE FOR those who seek fascinating surroundings the appeal of Briarcliff Lodge is delightful

. In a



disinterested study of our nearest of

kin.” These remarks come with some The Winter Season at

suddenness at the very end of a book devoted up to the last chapter to the description of the magnificent collection of primates which Señora Rosalía Abreu has maintained on her estate, Quinta Palatino, at Havana. Almost every conceivable type from lemurs to gorillas is

presented in the text and in the remarkbeautiful 300-acre estate, only 50 minutes from Fifth able illustrations from photographs. Yet, Avenue, and favored with the exhilarating air of

while every reader can draw his own

conclusions from these studies of the 600 feet elevation—the Lodge nestles in a retreat of

behavioristic psychology of the apes, it unequaled picturesqueness.

would be interesting to have stated more

fully the direction in which Dr. Yerkes Briarcliff Lodge is more than an hotel—it is a mag- would have these proceed. nificent home. The social atmosphere, exclusiveness

of the surroundings, the excellence of the table,
the charm and sheer enjoyment which In the Other Fellow's
you find at Briarcliff Lodge will make

you feel the delight of living de-luxe.

Special winter rates in effect from
November 1st to May 1 st.

AST night I lay awake thinking of

Lhasa, of Peru, of Dunk Island, BRIARCLIFF LODGE

of the sea, and of many places Chauncey Depew Steele, Prop.

that I had meant to have visited. When

so thinking, I am conscious that I am

Briarcliff Manor A spill-an excit.

still in my early twenties. Something ing toboggan slide

Westchester County, N. Y. with sweeping

seems to whisper to me that age does not

(Scarborough Station) slopes--and plenty

matter, though those places of desire are of thrills.

Telephone Briarcliff 1640

still there, and I cannot go to see them. With health, one may go just where one wishes. I suppose that there will be at

some future time things to much more At Christmas Time

than compensate for what we must miss The

to-day. But I am unable to comprehend The Employer Gives a

any more lovely world than the world in

which I live. It is, indeed, good enough . Special Thought to

for me. I suppose that my job is to be His Helpers

Lake Shore Drive and

good enough for it. There is no finer recognition of the

Upper Michigan Ave.

The Tibetan woman has five husloyalty and good will of employeesi


bands, the Turk five wives. The fellow than Group Life Insurance protection for their dependents, obtained

Under THE BLACKSTONE Management

from old Calabar .is black as your hat, through the instrumentality of the employer.

and the Whampoa man is yellow. You

THE fascination of its surOver 9,000 employers in the United


and I are white, pinky white. I wonder States have taken this means of

roundings and the incom

if we appear untasty to the other fellow? protecting some 3,000,000 employees

parable nicety of service under a single contract. No physi

Were I a black man, I think that I might cal examination required. Policies

which impresses the first-time

feel a bit "sick at my stomach” when range from $500 to $10,000, accord

guestat THE DRAKE, Chicago, ing to the position occupied and

is reflected in the patronage

looking at my first white man. He would plan adopted by the employers. All covered, and the protective

record year after year. Thus is

appear to be underdone, or, perhaps, like benefits of the permanent and total

explained, perhaps, the rea- a worm. Before I'd have five wives I'd disability clause are additional features.

son why so many, who may go drown myself. Imagine having to go GROUP INSURANCE has proved

change hotelaccommodations

shopping with, not one, but five. One's its value to those who have adopted

from time to time invariably life would be spent outside the five-andit, as is shown by the large and

come back to THE DRAKE. increasing Group Insurance Fami

ten-cent store cussing femininity. The lies in progressive management

Rates are moderate

five-and-ten-cent store is curse enough as throughout the world.

it is. When Woolworth stores spread Our booklet on Group Life Insurance," a valuable brochure

over the earth, there will be no more for any executive, gladly mailed

polygamy. As for being one of five husupon request.

bands! Those Tibetans can have no pride. What a grand time an Irishman

could have there! He would be in an LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY

everlasting rumpus. It is a queer world. Something will come of it yet. Civilization your eye! We haven't started. We

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Hotels and Resorts

New York City
San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara
Unharmed by Earthquake

Hotel Furnished bungalows of various sizes ; situated on the foothills among the orange SHERMAN groves, overlooking the sea. Central diningrooin, electric lights, hot and cold water. Good' tennis court. Two miles from ocean and country club, six miles from Santa Barbara. SQUARE Booklet. Address Manager Saa Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara

wqWhere Broadurgy

Crosses TOLSEN District of Columbia

Quiet, dignified atmosphere ; service that is satisfying withont be

ing obtrusive; a restaurant which WASHINGTON

serves superior food at moderate

prices ; spacious, airy rooms; transD.C.

portation by subway, bus and trol ley in a few minutes to all theaters, shops and railroads.

Furnished and unfurnished apartments available on lease.

Write for rates.

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CLARK'S 220 CRUISE, Jan. 30 THE MEDITERRANEAN By, specially chartered

"Transylvania,”' 17,000 tons. 62 days' cruise, $600 to $1,700 including Hotels, Drives, Guides, Fees, etc. Featuring 15 days in Egypt and Palestine ; Lisbon, Tunis, Spain, etc.



North Carolina

Land of the Sky



MEDITERRANEAN Newss“Lancastria " leaves June 30 repeating this summer's most successful cruise, 53 days. $550 to $1,250. Originator of Round the World Cruises. Longest experienced cruise management.

Established 30 years. FRANK C. CLARK, Times Bldg., New York

, and tery of the Orient. lures visitors from all over the world to


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COME to Tucson for a few months --play or rest among the palms and flowers. Here's a land that's differ. ent; it offers you golden sunshine 336 days a year—and glowing health. The Natural Way to Health

Play golf and tennis (Clubs open to visitors); ride horseback; motor through giant Sahuara Cactus forests; live on a real cattle ranch; camp, hunt—all under clear, blue skies.

Tucson's dry sunny air will freshen you up-fit you for another year of work. Come to Tucson if you are tired out, suffering from nerves or overwork, asthma or pulmonary troubles. You'll be surprised how soon your eyes sparkle with the joy of just living.

Lawns are now green; roses, zinnias and chrysanthemums are blooming. This sunny land, where winter is unknown, will give you the cordial welcome of the West.

Write for Free Book Winter excursion rates now effective via Rock Island and Southern Pacific lines. Stop-over on all tickets.

You will enjoy our illustrated book. Mail the coupon for it today.

Georgia Owen Heights, Zebulon, Ga. Spend your winter in Georgia, 50 miles south of Atlanta. Nice country home with electric lights and water, Excellent fare. An ideal place for rest and quiet. Rates $12 per week. Mrs. Early Owen, Proprietress.

For Fall and Winter every feature of metropolitan life and outdoor activity high amid mile high mountains. Great hotels. Golf. Motoring. Horseback Riding. Music. Social functions. Through Pullmans via

Southern Railway
Direct motor highways

For booklet, write


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TUCSON Sunshine-Climate Club


New York City Hotel Webster

Tours and Travel

-EGYPT with Dr. H. H. Powers


with Dr. George H. Allen Limited party sails Jan. 16, 1926


1926, with Arthur K. Peck, TO EGYPT, January 16, 1926, with Profes

gor Albert E. Bailey. TO NORTH AFRICA, February 25,

1926, with Albert Kelsey, F.A.I.A. TO THE HOLY LAND, April 8, 1926,

with Bishop Shayler of Nebraska. TO EUROPE, March 6, 1926, eastbound by the Mediterranean route with shore trips at Madeira, Gibraltar, Algiers, and Monaco (Monte Carlo). Send for the booklet that interests you.

TEMPLE TOURS 447-A Park Square Bldg., Boston, Mass. EUROPE TRAVEL 1926 Conducted Parties. Independent Tours Motor Tours. Select Service. Lowest Rates

EGYPT-PALESTINE-ITALY Feb. 20 & Mar. 31. 84 days. $1395, all expenses

Tucson Sunshine-Climate Club, 501 Old Pueblo Bldg., Tucson, Ariz. | Please send me your free

book, “Man-Building in 1 the Sunshine-Climate.'

(Near 5th Avenue)
40 West 45th Street

NEW YORK Directly in the fashionable club and shopping section. Within five minutes' walk to all principal theaters. A bigh-class hotel patronized by those desiring the best accommodations at moderate cost. Rates and map gladly sent upon request.




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BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL 15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass.

202 West 103d Street Within a few minutes of all New York attractions. Comfortable rooms and suites. exceptionally fine cuisine, and an

atmosphere thac pleases particular people. Write for Booklet 0 and Map of New York Hotel Judson 53 Washington Sq.,

New York City Residential hotel of highest type, combining the facilities of hotel lile with the comforts of an ideal lome. American plau $4 per day and up. European plan $1.50 per day and np.

[blocks in formation]

New York

organizing a small party. Write for particulars to STRATFORD TOURS, 452 Fifth Ave., N. Y.

Special private tour to the

January 16

Party of 8
Also Ideal Summer Tour of EUROPE
Reser Tours, 171 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

five members for one of my tours. Established 1900, BABCOCK'S Tours, Inc., East Orange, N. J.


enced leaders, splendid accom-
dations, moderate prices.

Attractive terms to organizers.

Bennett's Travel Bureau 500 Fifth Avenue, New York City

South America Unique Adventure Tours

visiting the musual. Jan.-feb., 1926. Select Party. Booklet T." Le Roy Tours, 1 West 47th St., New York,

Tour prices reasonable. Write for par-
Inc., 59 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J.

For Real Estate and other Classified Adver.

tisements see next page

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are still in the nursery. I sometimes COMPANION of equality, to lady not invalid. Cultured single American, alone.

think that the white child is the biggest Exceptional. 6,519, Outlook.

trouble-maker in the family.
COMPANION or companion-housekeeper
for elderly people or others. November to

It is better than being an insect,
April. Educated American Protestant. Good
health. Good family. Forty-five years. Cau
make home very coinfortable. Would go into

though. Fancy being a spider, and fallcountry if house is heated and couveuieut, or would travel. Fifteen dollars a week.

ing in love. You would be saying to Please inake letters explicit and allow a week for answer. Address E. M., East Dorset, Vt.

your wife, “You are so sweet I could eat CULTURED young lady as social secretary or companion. References exchanged. 6,517,

you,” and before you knew what was Outlook. PRACTICAL nurse, competent and experi

happening she would very positively be enced, desires position as companion or nurse

eating you.
for elderly person or child going South for the
winter. Best references. 6,513, Outlook.

Had I a twin brother, had he through
REFINED lady wants start in library or
secretarial work for expenses. 6.523, Outlook.

some means been brought up in a TurkREFINED woman desires position as companion to young or elderly woman: would

ish family, he would be as sure of his manage household, do secretarial work. Excellent references. 6,483, Outlook.

religion as am I of mine. The same, had SECRETARIAL and housekeeping position wanted by experienced stenographer,

he been nurtured in Timbuctoo or Tientintelligent and tactful. Willing to do some cooking. 6 522, Outlook.

sin. We are a cock-sure lot; each given SOCIAL secretary.companion. Cultured, educnted American lady desires superio: po

to contempt for the other fellow's beliefs. sition with lady. Attractive personality, good reader, excellent social and secretarial

Every tribe swears by its own soldiery as experience. 6,521, Outlook. SOMEWHERE there must be a family who

the bravest, by its women as the love-
needs a high grade, superior type woman
(Protestant Americau), in every way worthy

of responsibility and explicit trust. Success-
fully experienced in care of children, sewing,

I want to live in a little street where
shopping. care of accounts, correspondence.
Exceptionally helpful and willing. Free to

all may sit down and consider things in a go anywhere. 6,528, Outlook. WANTED, about December 1, position as

friendly fashion. Maybe we'd have a companion to an elderly or middle aged lady. Have had considerable experience with el

free fight once in a while, to purify our derly people and have been very successful in aulding to their happiness. Am adaptable

blood and sweeten the air. But there'd to any age. Protestant. 6,525, Outlook. WOMAN of refinement desires position as

be none of this killing. A hard fist is a companion, managing household, or assisting with children. Highest credentials. 6,515,

fine thing to have, a hard heart a foul Outlook.


When I was little, I was forever in TO young women desiring training in the

trouble through asking questions. Very care of obstetrical patients a six months' nurses' aid course is offered by the Lying-In

often I was in for a licking. You cannot Hospital. 307 Second Ave.. New York. Aids are provided with inaintenance and given a

stifle knowledge, and to refuse an answer monthiy allowance of $10. For further particulars address Directress of Nurses.

is a crime when youth inquires. To UNUSUALLY comfortable accommodations offered a nervous or convalescent patient

hedge but makes youth suspicious of in doctor's own home. Finest medical attention, under own physician's direction if de

your motives. I am suspicious yet, often sired. Further particulars and references furnished on request. S. Mary Ives, M.D.,

apt to be. One of these days dawn will 230 Washington St., Middletown, Conn. SPEECHES, club papers, debates, promptly

break and the nursery blind will be elaborated. Authors Research Bureau, 500 Fifth Ave., New York.

pulled up to let the bright light in. Then we shall know. How long it seems till dawn! Meanwhile, what? The faith of a child, let us hope. There is good in humanity, and we must dig it out.

If America does not solve some of the We're not satisfied !

many questions of this earth, some of A lot of you people who read its graver ones, if America does not conThe Outlook have let us help

trive to lead mankind toward some fuller you with your travel plans—but

brotherhood, America will have turned not enough. We have the facilities to answer your inquiries

the dream which gave to her her birth

into a nightmare. We have to get rid of about

any part of the world, and we do love to work. We know

all fanaticism, of every fetish. We have we can please you, too, because

little more than started. We praise great those we have served write us

men, and do not follow them. Material things like this

well-being, an empty thing beside the “Let me tell you I appreciate to the

deeper thing, is apt to blind men's eyes. fullest extent all you did for me and

Centuries pass, and it becomes but a mine. We had a nice trip over . was grateful for all your sugges

mummy. The deeper thing is as a lily tions; they came in so handy.'

bulb which, planted in some shady corIt's a service for


ner by a child, spreads over and beauti

fies all of a wide field. It is a beauty How may we help you with

your next trip?

that does not die. It is the yeast which

makes our cake rise, and renders the At your service without charge

bread of life digestible.

The Tibetan, who uses barley balls in

his buttered tea, would scorn my metaTHE OUTLOOK

phor. Or is it a simile? My education 120 East 16th Street New York

is long ago shot up, and I leave it to you.


EMPLOYMENT AGENCY SECRETARIES, social workers, superintendente, matrons, housekeepers, dietitians, cafeteria panagers, companions, governesses, mothers' helpers. The Richards Burean, 68 Barnes St., Providence.


A business woman, thirty five miles from
New York, wants a woman for simple house-
work. A woman desiring a home preferred.
Possibly a writer who wants quiet. 6,520,

EARN $110 to $250 monthly, expenses paid, as railway traffic inspector. Position guaranteed after completion of 3 inonths' home study course or money refunded. Excellent opportunities. Write for free booklet CM-27. Standard Business Training Institution, Buffalo, N. Y.

HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for highsalaried men and women. Past experience unnecessary. We train you by mail and put you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay, fine living interesting work, quick advancement. permanent. Write for free book, "YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Lewis Hotel Training Schools, Suite Y-5842, Washington. D. C.

SALESMEN wanted. $10 daily easy. We start you in auto accessory business. No investment, no experience necessary. Ex: clusive territory. Motor Products Co., 1760 Lunt Ave., Chicago.

TEACHER in girls' school wanted as head councilor in well-equipped girls' camp. Southern Maine. Excellent salary. 6,518, Outlook.

WANTED-Christian councilor who can bring campers. 6,524, Outlook.

Hotel and Travel Bureau

SITUATIONS WANTED ATTENDANT - companion (male nurse) seeks position. Box 1641, Boston, Mass.

COMPANION-Graduate nurse desires position as traveling companion to young or middle aged lady. Willing to go abroad. References exchanged. Personal interview. 6,526, Outlook.

In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

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