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Rolls and Discs

By LAWRENCE JACOB ABBOTT NE reason why the phonograph paniment around the two notes of the has not been more popular in cuckoo's call. The scoring is well repro

the past is that it has always re- duced, especially the piano tone. mained aloof-has made its reproduc

MINSTRELS from the First Book of Preludes; tions only in miniature. This has been

THE GOLLIWOGG'S CAKE WALK (Debustrue even when it has caught tone-quality

Played by Leopold Godowsky.

wick. to perfection. And as a result there has

Two whimsical and episodic piano been little emotional appeal in phono; pieces which well illustrate the playful


and fertile imagination of Debussy. away” by recordings of music that has

Godowsky's performance brings these swept concert audiences off their feet. But the improved phonograph no longer qualities out in strong high-lights

. And sounds far away. And perhaps its great

so well

recorded that it really sounds like a est contribution to recorded music is that

piano. The sharp, barking bass of it can produce enough volume-volume

"Minstrels" is the best piano reproducall the way down to the bass—to make a

tion we have heard.
climax by a symphony orchestra truly

In addition to the Orthophonic Vic-

TROUBLE I'VE SEEN (White). Played by

Albert Spalding. Brunswick. trola, another improved type of talking

Albert Spalding ranks extremely high machine has been announced, which

as a violinist. Even to those claiming achieves similar results through electri

to be Kreisler fans it will seem that this cal amplification by radio tubes. The

American musician is stepping danger-
Brunswick Panatrope and the Victor ously on Kreisler's toes.
Electrola are the two examples of this graph record—and one thing undeniable
type. Both, we understand, use the

about phonograph records is that they same equipment, which is built by the

are cold and harsh judges of musicianGeneral Electric Company. We have

shipfurnishes another witness to his been able to hear only the Panatrope;

mastery over his instrument, his fullness it seemed to surpass slightly even the

of tone, and excellent shading of expresOrthophonic Victrola in clarity and free


“Guitarre” impetuously sweeps dom from foreign sounds. But any dif

through the whole range of the violin. ference between the two types is infini

On the other hand, the Negro melody is tesimal as compared with the difference simple and melodious—but not trashy. between the Orthophonic and the oldstyle machines. The electrically repro- QUARTET

MAJOR-Emperor Quartet

(Haydn). Played by the London String Quarducing machines are also much higher

tet. In six parts, on three records. Columbia. in price.

The string quartet form reveals Haydn

at his best, and the "Emperor” is as fine Phonograph Records

as any of his quartets. In the second LE CARNAVAL DES ANIMAUX (Saint-Saëns). movement, which consists of variations

Played by Symphony Orchestra conducted by
Sir Hamilton Harty.

on the familiar "Austrian Hymn," the

four instruments are handled with exOnly recently has this "zoological fan- quisite perfection. Haydn never seems tasy” been heard in public, for it was not transcendent—but therefore the limitaallowed to be published until after the tions of chamber music and of recording composer's death. It is a delightful ex- detract less from him than might otherample of that rarity in music-humor. wise be true. The London Quartet gives There is on the whole so little humor in a careful performance. music that the great public—meaning, of

QUARTET IN G MINOR (Grieg). Played by the course, neither you nor I, but the rest of

In two parts, on them—has not been properly educated in its appreciation. It was pathetic to see Sometimes Grieg attempts to be symthe majority of a concert audience sitting phonic in his chamber music, which in grim solemnity throughout Honegger's tends to make the string quartet seem "Pacific 231,” which was quite evidently puny and ineffective. But when he fits to be taken in light vein. "Le Carnaval his style of writing to the medium, his des Animaux” is broad humor, but also music succeeds in attaining loveliness. a musicianly work that commands re- Most of the G Minor Quartet can claim spect. Sometimes it has haunting beauty this success. It is reproduced with ex

-as in “The Cuckoo," where a back- cellent balance and the rich, full tone ground of two pianos weaves an accom- which is so desirable in chamber music




In six parts, on three




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New York String Quartet.
one record, Brunswick.

December at
Haddon Hall
Best Month

on the

ocean decks

on the beach
On the Beach and the Boardwalk. In
the very center of things. American
Plan only; always open. Illustrated

folder and rates on request. LEEDS and LIPPINCOTT COMPANY Tune in on WPG and Chalfonte-Haddon Hall

In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook



for such music suggests the salon rather
than a huge auditorium.

Played by the New York Philharmonic Orches-
tra conducted by Willem Mengelberg. In two
parts, on one record. Victor.

A distinguished performance, well re-
S the soil nour

produced. The tones of individual in-
ishes the tree-
roots the gums nourish

struments are delicate and clear—even to
the teeth. And as the
tree decays if you bare

the rumbling of the kettledrums. The
the tree-roots, so do
the teeth decay if the

overture represents Wagner in a manner
gums shrink down from

in some ways quite unlike that of his
the tooth-base.

This condition is com- later operas. A symphonic style is ap-
mon. It is known as
Pyorrhea. Four out of parent—at times we catch even traces of
five people who are

Beethoven. But, again, those agitated,
over forty suffer from it.
Ordinary tooth-pastes mysterious passages give Wagner away.
will not prevent it.

Forhan's Preparation FANTAISIE IMPROMPTU
does prevent it if used

(Chopin), CAPRICE in time and used con

(On airs de ba let from the opera "Alceste). sistently. So Forhan's

Played by Harold Bauer. Victor. protects the tooth at

From the lightning sweep of melody in
the tooth-base which is
BRUSH YOUR TEETH unprotectedby enamel. its opening through a contrasting section

On top of this For-

han's preserves gums of contemplative wistfulness back to the
in their pink, normal,
vital condition. Use it brilliancy with which it started, the

At night time when the soldiers
daily and their firmed
tissue-structure will “Fantaisie” moves masterfully under the

sleep, the sentry stands guard. It vigorously support the Beforhanraas en

is his duty to watch—to see that They will not

guidance of Mr. Bauer. The "Caprice"
loosen. Neither will
the mouth premature
forms quite a contrast. It is a simple

all is well. To be on his guard for NEW YORK CITY ly flatten through re. minuet, with a shimmering, delicate ac- anything unusual which might in

ceding gums. Further,
SPECIALIST IN your gums will nei-
companiment played with a remarkable

dicate danger.
ther tender-up nor
singing tone.

You need a sentry-A HEALTH Gums and teeth PREPARED FOR THE alike will be sounder, SYMPHONY IN G MAJOR—Surprise Symphony

SENTRY, A sentry who will warn and your teeth will

(Haydn). Played by the New Queen's Hall PRESCRIPTION OF THE be scientifically pol

Orchestra conducted by Sir Henry J. Wood. you of the first signs of symptoms ished, too. DENTAL PROFESSION

In five parts, on three records. Columbia.
If gum - shrinkage

of disease.
has already set in, Papa Haydn's little joke, which gives
start using Forhan's
and consult a den- the symphony its name—that unexpected Without a sentry your health's
tist immediately for
special treatment. crashing chord in the andante movement enemy—DISEASE-can creep on
In 35c and 60c

-fails utterly in the record. The reason you, unsuspected. tubes at all druggists

in the United States. for that is in the limitations of mechaniFOR

Let us be your HEALTH SEN-
Formula of cal recording, which allows far less differ-

TRY. Let us keep guard on your THE

ence between very soft and very loud

health and watch for the "Danger New Yorle GUMS passages than does the concert stage.

Forhan's, Ltd. But in spite of that disappointment the
symphony has many enjoyable features.

In our laboratories we watch the In some ways extremely old-fashioned, it state of your health as revealed by succeeds in being for the most part star

urinalysis. Our scientific "Sentry tlingly modern and fresh.

Duty” enables us to warn you of

impending danger.
Piano Rolls

Our sentry duty is RELIABLE.
Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, Siegfried, and

Mail coupon for interesting bro-
Die Götterdämmerung, together with separate
recordings of leading motives from The Ring

chure “THE SPAN OF LIFE” (Wagner). Played by Ralph Leopold. On

which will be sent to you free. twelve rolls. Duo-Art. These twelve rolls of music from the

Get your Health Sentry Now. four Wagner music-dramas comprising "The Ring" may be obtained separately, National Bureau of Analysis but they are really parts of a unit. Mr.

F. G. Soule, President & Founder Leopold, noted for his Wagnerian lec- O 125 Republic Bldg.,

CHICAGO ture-recitals, has skillfully blended the excerpts into continuous "movements."

His result is a severe test for Wagner;

O 125 Republic Bldg., Chicago, Ill.
Try The Outlook's
for the trappings and finery of an opera-

house stage, the rich and colorful instru-

Please send me, free of charge, your Classified Advertising Section mentation of the Wagner orchestra, the interesting brochure "THE SPAN OF

blaring brasses and delcate violin har-
Pages 535, 536
monics have been removed. Wagner

stands bare. And he suffers consider-
ably from the piano's lack of contrasting Address
tone-colors. It may be heresy to say it,

but in more than one spot he sounds like In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook


Where to find it?

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commonplace movie music. Yet in other
places, notably in "Siegfried” and the
fire music from "Die Walküre,” there are
remarkably fine effects. Of course, when
the true Wagnerite hears these rolls he
can fill in the gaps, the orchestral brill-
iance, and the illusion of a stage setting
with his imagination. For him this is a
notable group of recordings.
SONATA IN B MINOR, Opus 58 (Chopin). Played

by Benno Moisewitsch. On four rolls. Ampico. The first movement has already been available, but the last three are new. There is a scherzo, with ripples and sparkling bubbles of tone, a largo of motionless quiet but melancholy beauty, and a presto of continuous intensity and a breadth and personality that reminds us of Schumann. The sonata is played with the contrast it deserves.



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By the Way


3-in-One Quality oil


3-in-One Oil is packed four ways that everybody may have his “pet” size—1-oz., 3-oz. or 72 pt. bottles or 3-oz. Handy Oil Cans.

UCTION shops on the Great White You'll suit yourself, of course, but here's a friendly tip: The Y2 pt.

Way in New York City are paying bottle is most economical. Contains more oil for your money. rentals as high as $30,000 per year. You'll need a good supply when you see the great number of uses How do they do it? Some light may be shown in the unique Dictionary, wrapped around every bottle of

shed on the mystery by the story of one The High

man who recently bid $40 for a ring Oil

marked $120, and then took it to a Lubricates all light mechanisms in home Prevents Rust and Tarnish on all metals.

jeweler for appraisal and, after paying or office; tools, hinges, bolts, locks, small Try on your razor blades.

the charge of a dollar, found that his motors, typewriters, dictating and calcu- You don't have to hunt for 3-in-One. It lating machines, etc. is sold at all good stores. Look for the

possession was worth $20. Cleans and Polishes furniture, fixtures, Big Red “One” on the label. woodwork, floors, linoleum, enameled


Generous sample and Dictionary of surfaces.

A cork from a whisky bottle is being Uses. Request both on a postal card.

exhibited in a New York club. It is THREE-IN-ONE OIL CO., 130 LE. William St., New York, N. Y.

stamped “Edinberg, Scotland.” This Factories : Rahway, N. J., and Montreal

leads one to believe that it came from a bottle which had been “cut” and that the "cutter" was of Hebrew extraction and a poor speller.

Mother—"You are at the foot of the to Florida this winter? spelling class again, are you?”

Boy-"Yes'm." It's bigger and better than ever-for instance, there's a whole new city

Mother—"How did that happen?" where only ocean grew before, and another where nothing more sociable

Boy-"Got too many z's in scissors.” than rattlesnakes foregathered just a few months ago.

San Francisco, California, can now Florida’s really the thing this year, but it is going to do a rushing business boast the best-paid short story writer in a little later on, so you had better make your reservations early. Where the country. The judge of a local police would you like to stay? If there's anything you are doubtful about, ask court there asked the prisoner at the bar us. We know all the old and the new, the luxurious-at-a-price and the what his occupation was. “A short-story comfortable-but-not-expensive places, and we'll tell you,


writer," replied the prisoner. The detec

tive, in stating his complaint against the Better write to-day !

man in the dock, bore out the prisoner's

testimony by replying: "He certainly is HOTEL AND TRAVEL BUREAU

a fiction writer. He wrote ten words on At your service without charge

a check and collected one hundred and

fifty dollars." THE OUTLOOK

From the New York “Telegram:” 120 East 16th Street

New York

"Well, Bunk has retired. He accuP.S.-If not Florida, how about Bermuda, California, or the

mulated a big fortune last year.' other Southern States? Or a little invigorating cold weather ?

"How come?” Or a cruise ? Any kind of travel information, on request.

"He put in junk shops at all important

grade crossings." In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

ask us.

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Come, romp with the sun!

San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara

Unharmed by Earthquake Furnished bungalows of various sizes ; sitnated on the foothills among the orange groves, overlooking the sen. Central diningroom, electric lights, hot and cold water. Good'tenvis court. Two miles from ocean and country club, six miles from Santa Barbara. Booklet. Address

Manager San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara

Hotel Webster


(Near 5th Avenue)
40 West 45th Street

Directly in the fashionable club and shop-
ping section. Within five minutes' walk to
all principal theaters. A high-class hotel
patronized by those desiring the best accom-
modations at moderate cost.

Rates and map gladly sent upon request.

District of Columbia



GLORIOUS stretches of open country await you in Tucson. Skies are blue. Daye are invigorating beyond compare. Sparkling air, clean and dry, invites you to romp in the man-building sunshine.

Spring Days Now Now is the time to come to Tucson. Lawns are green. Zinnias, roses and chrysanthemums are blooming in unrivaled glory. Here, indeed, is a land where winter is unknown.

Let Tucson be a wonderful adventure in new delights and interests for you! Throughout the sunny winter you can play golf, tennis, hunt, ride, live on a real cattle ranch, motor, or just loaf—all in the luxurious sunshine. Each winter hundreds come to Tucson and find relief from "nerves," asthma, overwork, pulmonary troubles, etc.

Fares Reduced Excursion rates now effective via Rock Island and Soutbern Pacific gystems, Stop-overs granted on all tickets. Special excursions to Mexico.

Send for book filled with interesting photographs, telling of life in Tucson. Mail the coupon today.



Tours and Travel

with Dr. H. H. Powers


with Dr. George H. Allen
Limited party sails Jan. 16, 1926

202 West 103d Street Within a few ininutes of all New York attractions. Counfortable rooms and guites. exceptionally fine cuisine, and an

atmosphere that pleases particular people. Write for Booklet 0 and Map of New York

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TUCSON Sunshine Climate Club ARIZONA

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Tucson Sunshine-Climate Club, 501 Old Pueblo Bldg., Tucson, Ariz. | Please send me your free book, “Man-Building in

HOT!" POTOMAC Washington, North Carolina

Quiet location.
Moderate rates

Greatest golf center in

the world-PINEHURST.

Championship events in
every field of sport thru

entire season. CAROLINA Annapolis Carvel Hall Maryland

HOTEL now open. Holly

Inn and the Berkshire A delightful place to spend severa)

open in January. days or weeks. Mild climate. Convepient to Washington and Baltimore by electric car or notor bus.


The quaintest and juost interesting of all
countries. Come while the old age customs
prevail. Write, inentioning "Outlook" to

the Sunshine-Climate,

Attractive modern hotel facilities.
On your way South, plan to visit historical old
Annapolis, home of the U. S. Naval Academy
Send for descriptive folder 0.

Four 18-hole Golf Courses.

Tennis, Trap and Rifle Shooting,

Horseback Riding, Racing,

Driving, Motoring

For Information or Reservations Enjoy this winter at

Address General Office, Pinehurst, N. C. The WELDON

GREENFIELD, MASS. WHITE HOUSE INN Just the place for a rest in the country


Near Country Club. An all year guest house Winter sports featured. Excellent cuisine and tea room catering to the peeds of those Orchestra every evening

who desire the refined atmosphere and home Winter book let and special rates

cooking of a home rather than that of a large

hotel. For reservations write Mrs. E. C. J. Tennyson Seller, Mgr. EHLE, 26 Edgemont Road, Asheville, N. C.


Care Traffic Dept.


for full inforination
Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,
$5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country


Conducted Parties. Independent Tours
MotorTours. Select Service. Lowest Rates

Feb. 20 & Mar. 31. 84 days. $1395, all expenses

New York

EUROPE-1926Vacation Tours-Popular Tours. Conducted and Independent Travel. Un

usual Itineraries. PIERCE TOURIST COMPANY 331 Madison Ave., New York

bers for one of my tours. Established 1900.
BABCOCK'S TOURS, Inc., East Orange, N. J.

ALL-EUROPE $69010 Countries
36 days $290, Holy Land $390, Round World $990
CHURCH TOURING GUILD, 238 Back Bay, Boston

For other Tours and Travel and Classified

Advertisements see next page

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Tours and Travel



fare 62

Real Estate


SITUATIONS WANTED WRITE for free sain ples of embossed at $? COMPANION to elderly lady, older chilRhode Island or printed stationery at $1.50 per box. Thon. dren. Capable household management. sands of Outlook customers. Lewis, stationer. Cheerful, adaptable; intellectual

interests, Troy, N. Y.

6,552, Outlook. WESTERLY, R. I. PERSONAL STATIONERY – Time to CULTURED young lady as social secretary

order Christmas boxes now. Using better or companion. References exchanged. 6,517, FOR SALE paper and boxes, 110 change in price, $1.

Outlook. A very desirable year-around home on the Hicks, Stationer, Macedon Center, N. Y. GRADUATE nurse as nurse-companion to best residential street in an attractive and thriving New England town, a short ride

AT Christmas, say it with PERSONAL

semi-invalid or elderly lady. 6,550, Outlook. from the ocean shore at Watch Hill. House

STATIONERY 200 single sheets, 100 en- HEADMASTER of a New York junior has 20 rooms, 4 baths, and every modern con

velopes, postpaid $1. White bond paper, blue school would go to California as companion venience. Large stable and garage.

iuk. top center only. Cash with order. FOR EXPENSES. To start December 19;

Sale to close an estate

return January 5. 6,548, Outlook.
Address FRANK W.COY, Agent, Westerly, R. I.

NURSE, capable, refined, desires position

with invalid. Excellent recommendations. EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Willing to travel or go country. 6,549,

SECRETARIES, social workers, superin-

REFINED gentlewoman desires position
A Mart of the Unusual tendents, matrons, housekeepers, dietitians,
cafeteria inanagers, companions, governesses,

as companion or home manager. Refermothers' helpers. The kiciards Bureani, 68

Address A. R. B., 3723 N. 15th St.,
Barnes St., Provideuce.

Philadelphia, Pa.

SEVERAL trained and experienced re-

ligious workers for better-class positions. SUITLENGTHS CUT TO ORDER

Executive Service Corporation (Agency), 1515 AT MANUFACTURERS' PRICE


Pershing Square Building, New York.
$2.00 per Yd. Carriage Paid
Patterns Free
EARN $110 to $250 monthly, expenses paid, particularly well fitted. 6,553, Outlook.

TEACHER for invalid or backward child;
S. A. NEWALL & SONS, 127 Stornoway, Scotland as railway traffic inspector. We secure posi-
State Shades Desired

tion for you after completion of 3 months' TEACHER-Southern gentlewoman wishes
home study course or money refunded. Ex. position. College training, successful expe-
cellent opportunities. Write for free booklet

rience. Exceptional references. 6,551, Outlook. Florida Citrus Fruit direct to Consumer tion, Buffalo, N. Y.

OM-27. Standard Business Training Institu-
Trial quarter box oranges or grapefruit $2.50,

GOVERNESS for Detroit. Young Protes-
or tangerines $3.25; delivery charges paid

MISCELLANEOUS East of Mississippi River. Season price list on

tant with French, piano, and physical care, to

teach when traveling. References in this
request. S. L. MITCHILL, Mount Dora, Fla.
position required. Best salary. R. D. Chapin,

TO young women desiring training in the
Miss Horton's SCOTCH CAKE
Hudson Motor Car Company, Detroit, Mich.

care of obstetrical patients a six months'

nurses' aid course is offered by the Lying-In Home-Made

HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND Hospital. 307 Second Ave.. New York. Aids Always an acceptable gift. Keeps well and

WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for high- are provided with maintenance and given a ships well. 3-lb. cake, $3.55, prepaid. salaried men and women. Past experience

mouthiy allowance of $10. For further par612 Lake Avenue, St. Lonis, Mo.

unnecessary. . We train you by mail and put ticulars address Directress of Nurses. A unique and fascinating cake. you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay,

UNUSUALLY comfortable accommodafine living, interesting work, quick advanceWrite for free book,

tions offered a nervous or convalescent patient A RARE CHRISTMAS GIFT nentpermanent. "YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Lewis

in doctor's own home. Finest medical attenBeautiful Paisley shawl. Scarlet center. Ex- Hotel Training Schools, Suite 2-5842, Wash

tion, under own physician's direction if de

sired. Further particulars and references cellent condition. Price $50. 4,595, Outlook. ington, D. C.

furnished on request. S. Mary Ives, M.D.,

230 Washington St., Middletown, Conn. Enjoy Whiffsfrom the Maine Woods

A family of three desire to spend a month Fir balsampillows,cretonne covered, 12'x14%, SITUATIONS WANTED

or more this winter on a plantation in South $1 postpaid. Mrs. Wallace Weston, Madison, Me.

Carolina or Georgia. Reasonably good shootCAPABLE, refined woman wishes position ing and horseback riding required, also comas companion (would travel), secretary, fort and good Southern cooking. Write, stathousekeeper. 6,538, Outlook.

ing terms and giving references. Answer HOLIDAY CARDS

8. T. B., 6,545, Outlook.

COMPANIONS - Severa) exceptional woCHRISTMAS cards-Original and artistic men available for positions requiring culture, LADIES-Let Patricia Dix help you with designs, beantitully hand colored, excellent tact, and background. Executive Service that next club or study paper. Informaquality Box of 12 assorted cards, $1. The Corporation (Agency), 1515 Pershing Square tion upon request. Rates reasonable. 6,298, Card Shop, Marlboro, Mass. Building, New York.




trolley from El Paso-for 6¢ cost and 6 minutes ride -you can go to Old Mexico. This year come Southwest to El Paso and cross over to the "foreign country" while you are here.

Come to our modern city and then visit the gay Mexican resort, Juarez !

- with its quaint scenic and historic attractions. Be sure not to miss Juarez -it is so different! Ten days of "foreign travel

Every day in El Paso gives you something new-something you have never done before. Bass fishing in Elephant Butte Dam ... shirt-sleeve golf in midwinter . . . rugged moun. tains ... New Year's dinner in the open air ... a thousand unusual delights! See the wonderful Rio Grande Valley, Fort Bliss (1st Div. U.S. Cavalry), many other points of interest.

Come now to El Paso where Sun. shine spends the Winter!

Write for free Booklet before you start. Railways allow free 10-day stopover. If you drive, Old Spanish Trail, Lee and Bankhead Highways, Southwestern and Ozark Trails all lead into El Paso. Mail the coupon.

[merged small][ocr errors][subsumed][merged small]



93 501 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., I El Paso, Texas.

Please send me the free booklet,

"El Paso and the New Southwest". Name. Address

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[blocks in formation]

For your convenience, first and all the time.
When you are going to take a trip and want sugges-
tions for places to go, hotels to stop at, conveyance
there and back-turn to the Classified Section.
When you want to find a choice site for a home or a
bungalow for a season or property of any kind-
turn to Real Estate, Classified.
When you are looking for either a position or a
worker-read the Help and Situations Wanted
columns, Classified.
Or what do you want? Try the
Classified Advertising Section of

The Outlook

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organizing a small party. Write for particulars to STRATFORD TOURS, 452 Fifth Ave., N. Y.

in writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

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