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FOR BOYS and GIRLS The right book at the right moment only happens when many good books are there all the time.


By Collodi Pictures by Attilio Mussino

$5.00 The most colorful editicn of the famous Italian story. Full of fun for youngsters of six to ten.


By Padraic Colum. $2.25



The epic of the search for the lost Atlantis, ending with the naming of the new world.

(Ages 10–12.)

reader will probably surmise that this is characters who from George Fox to an organization of four letters, the first Thomas Lurting were each one sui genof which is next to the last in the alpha- eris. In the ironical episode of William be and the last 'the first. At any rate, Penn committed unjustly to a debtors' the affair went as follows: The uplifter prison in his old age, in the cruel story read a seminar paper on the “program” of the Callow family exiled for years on which the association attempts to carry sailing vessels that were turned back out. It appeared that four great lines of from every port, flares up an indomitable work had been projected and are being spirit that suffered long and was the true followed out. Young men are being precursor of pacifism. It is well for this made physically “fit;" they are being generation, unaware of the spiritual intellectually “developed;" their religious properties of such a folk except as it enlife is being "deepened;" and they are countered them in the Great War, to being trained to "service.” The uplifter have this record. It opens our eyes to was asked to describe the methods of the fact that, far from being merely a checking up, and was unable to do so. meek and mild assemblage that sat silent

The sociologist appears rather severe in worship, the Quakers were among the on the reports made by the churches and most valiant of the world's pioneers and neighborhood houses, for he claims that fighters in the cause of toleration. They their reports are a flotsam of unverified called men “brothers” to some purpose. assertions, uncritical impressions, and The author says: “Compared with the optimistic forecasts, made, not to estab- primitive Quakers, the I. W. W. in the lish a fact, but to wheedle money for oil fields of Oklahoma led a sheltered more loose work of the same kind. Judg- and protected life. Far from being ing from such things, the author asserts drab, their lives were lurid. They that, as far as he knows, there is no rec- reached out toward danger as plants ord of a strictly scientific societal experi- toward the sun. They trekked the ment carried through on a large scale. world.” Tentative and partial experiments have

Politics and Government been made in workshops and in schools and by a few intelligently managed cor

By Philip Gibbs.

George H. Doran Company, New York. $2.50. porations, industrial or philanthropic.

The book is in four parts, respectively The lesson here is that if physicists and

entitled “The World War," "The Uncerchemists, biologists and psychologists, tain Peace," "The Present Perils,” and astronomers and geologists, are tirelessly “The Hope Ahead.” The best of these repeating their observations and meas

is "The World War," an excellent swift urements of presumptive fact, social

survey, in the ten years' perspective, of psychologists and sociologists must get

the main features of the struggle. The the habit.

second and third parts are very good OPIUM AS AN INTERNATIONAL PROBLEM. By journalese, but deal only superficially W. W. Willoughby. The Johns Hopkins Press,

and not always justly with the compliThis is a very full unofficial report on

cated matters discussed; one feels that the work of the two Opium Conferences the author is not a master of economic recently held in Geneva. The author problems. Sir Philip tries to end on a (Professor of Political Science at the note of optimism, but, so trying, is not Johns Hopkins University) served the convincing. A readable and in parts Chinese delegation at those Conferences stimulating book, but of ephemeral as counselor and expert. He has "at- quality. tempted to incorporate in this volume all

Miscellaneous the information needed for an accurate

FROM A PITMAN'S NOTE BOOK. understanding of the subject;" and he

The Dial Press, New York. has succeeded. He "hopes therefore that

Dataller, or day-taler, is a provincial it will serve as a guide or handbook to all

English term for day laborer, with some those who may need to know the situa

special meaning among miners, we gather tion;" the hope is justified. A thoroughly

from its use in this book. Pseudonym workmanlike job. Printed among the

or not, it serves well a writer whose peoappendices are the conventions, etc., of

ple have been coal miners for many genthe First and Second Opium Confer

erations. "No mediæval parchment has

our name, no cunning fingers traced our Religion

lineaments, or gave us awkward life upon the old-time screed. And yet we are not

upstart here. Our roots are deeply "Rebel Saints" affords romantic read- driven in the earth; and all we are and ing of a high order. It is a fascinating all we have is of the soil-how intimate history of the Quakers, not only as an you who do not know the mine can never individual sect, but as a collection of guess. Three hundred years and more



By Padraic Colum. $2.25



A magical book of strange folk stories of fire, water, earth, and air, told to the beat of the blacksmith's hammer. (Ages 6–8.)

For the parents of book-loving boys and girls, and for parents who wish to help their young people to love books:

By Roger




By Anne Carroll Moore. $2.50

A book about children's books, their authors, artists, and critics, with practical suggestions put in readable form, useful lists, etc.

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The Macmillan Company


New York Boston Chicago

Dallas San Francisco

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"The Sunshine Belt to the Orient

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my horny-handed forebears were wrestling with the coal."

The passage, a little emotional, a little over-literate, gives the tone of the book. It is the utterance of a "toiler” acutely self-conscious and class-conscious, equal

aesthetic and humanitarian in his impuises, and a profound believer in that sublime paradox, the superiority of the average man—"workingman," of course. When the diarist calls his record "a human plea,” he means a plea not for nationalization or class legislation, but for recognition. He wants to have the collier, like the soldier and the sailor, given credit for his human virtues, his fidelity, his courage, his prodigies of effort, his frequent heroism. And the book finds its motto in H. M. Tomlinson's "The Pit Mouth:” “The common people! Greatness is as common as that!”


The strong security of improved, in

come-producing city property; The protection of safeguards that have

resulted in our record of no loss to

any investor in 52 years; A definite, dependable income of 7%

The Lure of strange, new adventure

in the Orient

HESE, in brief, are the advantages

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Notes on New Books

investment of your January funds. Moreover, since every Smith Bond is created by the same standards of safety and protected by the same system of safeguards, men and women who lack investment experience are enabled to invest with the same assurance as experienced investors. When you invest now in Smith Bonds, a choice of maturities from 2 years to 10 years enables you to assure a 7% income over a period when interest rates, in all probability, will be substantially lower that they are today.

Denominations: $100, $500, $1,000 You may buy 7% Smith Bonds in denominations of $100, $500 and $1,000, outright or under our Investment Savings Plan. Under the latter plan, after an initial payment of 10% or more, you have 10 months to complete your purchase on any terms convenient to you. Every payment earns 7%. Send your name and address today, on the form below, for descriptions of our January offerings. We also will send you our booklet, "Fifty-two Years of Proven Safety,” explaining the time-tested safeguards that have made Smith Bonds the choice of investors in 48 states and 30 foreign lands.


Lothrop Stoddard. Charles Scribner's Sons,

New York. $2. NEW ASPECTS OF POLITICS. By Charles E.

Merriam. The University of Chicago Press,

Chicago. $2.50. By the Professor of Political Science in the University of Chicago. ECONOMIC LIBERALISM. By Jacob H. Hol

lander. The Abingdon Press, New York. $1.50. Liberalism as applied to prices, taxation, trade-unionism, and other economic subjects. THE MISTY FLATS. By Helen Woodbury. Little,

Brown & Co., Boston. $2.
A novel about a girl's life in New Eng-

BRYAN. Foreword by Mrs. Bryan. The
Fleming H. Revell Company, New York.

$1. Written after the end of the Dayton trial. MOVEMENTS IN EUROPEAN HISTORY, By

D. H. Lawrence. The Oxford University Press, New York. $1.50. You would never guess to look at this school text-book that the author was the famous novelist who wrote “Sons and Lovers" and other works. ARNOLD BENNETT. By Mrs. Arnold Bennett.

The Adelphi Company, New York. $2. A biographical sketch of the author by his wife. THE HOME AND SCHOOL IDEA IN EDUCA

TION. By Raymond E. Manchester. The

Collegiate Press, Menasha, Wisconsin. A RANDOM RECORD OF TRAVEL DURING

FIFTY YEARS. By William Dudley Foulke. The Oxford University Press, New York. $2.30. Recollections of travel in all parts of the world. BILL PORTER. By Upton Sinclair. Published by

the Author, Pasadena, California. An interesting contribution to the literature about O. Henry. This is a drama about 0. Henry's experiences in prison. AMERICAN BEGINNINGS IN EUROPE. By

Wilbur Fisk Gordy. Charles Scribner's Sons,

New York. $1.12. A school text-book. THE FAITH, THE FALSITY, THE FAILURE OF

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. By Woodbridge Riley, Frederick W. Peabody, and Charles E. Humiston. The Fleming H. Revell Company, New

York. $3.50. One of those rare books which attack Christian Science. A frank life of Mrs. Eddy, written a number of years ago, has disappeared, but the official biography, a nice coat of whitewash, is easily obtainable. THE PENCILED FROWN. By James Gray.

Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. $2. A novel about a dramatic critic in a modern American city.

The tales that favorite story-tellers spin of the Orientare more fact than fiction. For there is mysticism and charm and rare adventure in these lands across the Pacific.

Hawaii is like a painting where brilliant colors are blended by a master artist. It is gorgeous beyond description, a scenic masterpiece.

Japan and China-we know much of these countries and yet have little real appreciation of their interest. They combine the new and the old -customs, architecture and a civilization that antedates any other in the world.

Manila is followed by Malaya, Ceylon, India. Here are the haunts of those real seekers after the color and romance of the Orient.

You find famed artisans in gold, silver and ivory, Precious stones, silks, batiks and pottery are to be bargained for and treasured ever after.

Follow your travels into Java and Australia or continue on Dollar Liners to Egypt, Italy, France and Round the World.

Palatial President Liners depart every Saturday from San Francisco. They are magnificent, luxurious and commodious, excellently served and providing a world-famous cuisine.

Likewise there are fortnightly sailings from Boston and New York for the Orientand Round the World via Havana, Panama and California.

For full information communicate with any ticket or tourist agent or with

604 Fifth Avenue, New York City

177 State Street, Boston, Mass. 112 West Adams Street, Chicago, Ill. 101 Bourse Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 628 So. Spring Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

Hugh Mackenzie, G. P. A.

Robert Dollar Building
San Francisco, California

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By the Way


"Lunch" could not be Imagined


Cocoa and


TATISTICS tell us that the number of know how the announcers continually

American house servants have de- request letters or post-cards. No doubt clined from 25,337 per million of popu- the greater part of this is legitimate busilation in 1870 to 16,285 in 1920, a drop ness, but it is reported that several anof 36 per cent. This may partially ex- nouncers have been approached with plain to housewives the soaring wages of offers of large bribes if they will disclose domestic help. Also that the number of the names and addresses for these farmers has fallen off 25 per cent per "sucker lists.” million of population in fifty years; that iron and steel workers have multiplied

Domestic science as put in verse by by 558 per cent and office help by 1,285

the "Farm Journal:” per cent; that less than five per cent of

Give me a spoon of oleo, ma, the students who enroll and pay part of

And the sodium alkali, their fees in correspondence schools ever

For I'm going to make a pie, mamma! finish their course; and that while you

I'm going to make a pie.

For dad will be hungry and tired, ma, were reading this Henry Ford made ten

And his tissues will decompose; dollars.

So give me a gram of phosphate, and Delicious The Baltimore “Sun” claims that

And the carbon and cellulose. Chocolate Cake

Now give me a chunk of casein, ma, there was once a man who went through

To shorten the thermic fat, his desk and knew why he had saved all

And give me the oxygen bottle, ma, the papers he found there.

And look at the thermostat.
News of the week contains the follow-

And if the electric oven is cold
ing gems: Gerald Chapman, master

Just turn it on half an ohm,

For I want to have supper ready crook, disagrees with President Coolidge

As soon as dad comes home. on the ethics of the use of the reprieve.

.. Of the $15,000 which was paid to A syndicated story purporting to ex"Red" Grange for his first professional pose the Atlantic City Beauty Pageant football game, $8,250 went to his man- as a "fixed” affair has been running

ager, Charles Pyle. It is said that Pyle's daily in newspapers all over the country. Delightful foods and

contract calls for fifty-five per cent of all The story claims that Earl Carroll, of beverages of high quality, Grange's earnings. . . . B. G. Burt, of musical revue fame, had arranged bepure and healthful.

Jamestown, New York, adds another forehand that one of his chorus girls was

non-stop record by playing the piano to get the prize. Carroll phoned to the Walter Baker & Co.Ltd.

continuously for 52 hours and 20 min- source of the syndicated story and de

utes. . . . George Bernard Shaw declares scribed himself as a friendly enemy and Established 1780

that in an idealistic Socialist state the said that he would sue for libel and DORCHESTER, MASS.

standard day would be four hours' work, named $500,000 as the figure. He was Montreal, Canada

eight hours' sleep, and four hours for immediately told that unless he made it Booklet of Choice Recipes

drinking, dressing, undressing, and a lit- a million he couldn't expect it to reach sent free.

tle resting. That would leave eight the front pages—so a million it is.
hours for leisure, ... A New York State
college football star was arrested for

The recollections of Thomas R. Marsmuggling twenty quarts of liquor into

shall contain this tale of the country Williams College and attempting to sell justice of the peace who, after hearing it there. In defense he said that he had

the counsel for the plaintiff, refused to to support his wife and defray the costs

let the other counsel speak, insisting that of his education so that he might keep the plaintiff had won. But when the his amateur standing in college football. counsel for the defense insisted upon be

ing heard, the justice said: “Well

, don't “Placing the blame,” always ends the

that beat the dickens? Now you win.” Asthma, Spasmodic

controversy if you place the blame on Croup, Bronchitis yourself.

From "Life:Coughs, Influenza

The place where you turned into the A household remedy avoiding drugs. Creso

You have often heard of "sucker lists,” lane when bringing home the cows has lene is vaporized at the bedside during the night. It has become in the past forty-six years

those compilations of names and ad- been rented for a barbecue. Just across the most widely used remedy for whooping dresses which irregular stock promoters the way a company has leased ground cough and spasmodic croup.

When children complain of sore throat or and their ilk pay high prices for, in order cough, use at once.

from grandpa for a filling station. The to canvas these supposed "easy marks” wood lot is a camp for tin-can tourists. for their get-rich-quick schemes. It is The old homestead is an antique shop. now rumored, with some reason, that the The pasture is a golf course. Grandpa is

radio is being made the prey for these Send for descriptive booklet 31A

a Floridian. The only familiar thing For Sale by Druggists

list seekers. A Mid-Western radio station about the old farm is the mortgage. THE VAPO-CRESOLENE CO.

is reported to have received 27,000 let62 Cortlandt St., New York or Leeming-Miles Bldg., Montreal, Canada

ters through a single request. We all Answer to last week's riddle: "Prelate.” In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook


while you sleep

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TUCSON Comprehensive router experi: Sunshine-Climate Club ЯІВ,


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WANTED-To get in touch with persons interested in giving financial support to im. proved education for exceptionally bright children. Address Margaret V. Cobb, 78 Morningside Drive, New York City.

LADY desires partner in starting book shop. 6,582, Outlook. For Help Wanted, Situations Wanted, and Miscellaneous Advertisements see next page

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HOLIDAY CARDS CHRISTMAS cards-Original and artistic designs, beautifully hand colored, excellent quality. Box of 12 assorted cards, $1. The Card Shop, Marlboro, Mass.

of man.

EMPLOYMENT AGENCY SECRETARIES, social workers, superin. tendents, matrons, housekeepers, dietitians, cafeteria inanagers, companions, governesses, mothers' helpers. The Richards Bureau, 68 Barues St., Providence.

HELP WANTED EARN $110 to $250 monthly, expenses paid, as railway traffic inspector. We secure position for you after completion of 3 inonths' home study course or money refunded. Excellent opportunities. Write for free booklet CM-27. Staudard Business Training Institution, Buffalo, N. Y.

HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for highsalaried men and womeu. Past experieuce unnecessary. We train you by mail and put you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay, fine living, interesting work, quick advancement, perinanent. Write for free book, ** YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Lewis Hotel Training Schools, Suite 2-5842, Washingtou. D.C.

LECTURERS: Clergy who can speak on current events and who would be interested in several engagements each month in the churches of their State. Good payment. State qualifications in first letter. 6,573, Outlook.

MOTHER'S assistant for pleasant home on Long Island, one hour from city. Physical care one year old boy, assist with nine and five year old girls. Sewing and light household dut'es. Two indoor servants and outside man kept. 6,587, Outlook.

WOMAN – Publishing house has permanent sales position with executive future to offer woman of keen intelligence who has heretofore earned $50 or more a week. Previous sales experience not necessary, expie. rience in educational work helpful. Refinement and determination essential for success. Traveling required-all transportation paidliberal drawing account and commissionsbasis. Write, statiug age and qualifications, to B. E. Sparrow, 50 W. 47th St., New York City.

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SITUATIONS WANTED ADAPTABLE, refined young woman, some hospital training, as nursery goveruese, care delicate or backward child, institutioual work, or any position of trust. A 1 references. 6,578, Outlook.

CAPABLE, refined lady desires position as companion, governess. Would travel. Best references. 587, Outlook.

COMPANIONS - Several exceptional women available for positions requiring culture, tact, and background. Executive Service Corporation (Agency), 1515 Pershing Square Building, New York.

NURSE, capable, refined, desires position with invalid. Excellent recommendations. Willing to travel or go country. 6,519, Outlook.

POSITION as working housekeeper where girl of school age is no objection. 6,585, Outlook.

PRACTICAL dietitian wishes position after January 1. 6,565, Outlook.

REFINED American woman, educated, capable, as managing housekeeper, chaperon, companiou to a lady. 6,583, Outlook.

SEVERAL trained and experienced religious workers for better-class positions. Executive Service Corporation (Agency), 1515 Pershing Square Building, New York.

TEACHER for nervous or epileptic child; well titted. 1012 Clarendon Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

WANTED, by trained nurse, position in family of refinement where she may have entire charge of one or more children, giving them expert physical care and instructive and loving guidance. Highest references as to character or ability. 6,580, Outlook.

WANTED, by woman of refinement, position as housekeeper-companion to lady living alone or seini-invalid. Capable housekeeper and cook, cheerful disposition. Refereuces exchanged. Box 1, Hampton, Van

WANTED- Nurse-companion wants permanent position-care elderly person or in. valid. Moderate salary. References furnished. 6,581, Outlook.

The Finger of Evolution much.

much. His religion is the brotherhood By BILL ADAMS

We talked of Fundamentalism and of 'HE mail man has just been here, and

evolution; of the long stairway from the THE

is on his way up the street whistling gloom of doubt, from the darkness of a hymn tune. He sings in the choir of

mistrust, from the shadows of discorda Sunday and whistles and hums all

ancy, toward the ladder-head and light week; an every-day sort of fellow, who,

that is our goal. When he arrived, I was unaware of the magic in a post-mark, reading an article, written by an admiral, brings to my door winds of America and

upon battleships, cruisers, and great of the world. To-day there is a pretty through how many more centuries man

guns. When he left, I sat wondering yellow check from an editor, and I try to visualize the office in which the letters

kind must struggle up the stairway. were formed. Perhaps the writer had a

We look toward the Orient, and speak flower in his buttonhole. Perhaps he had

of the "problem of the Pacific.” Looka sick child at home and was waiting ing toward our shore, the people of the cagerly for quitting time. quitting time. Perhaps he

Orient whisper also of the “problem of had a toothache. I wonder, and, as

the Pacific.” It seems to the missionary

and to me that there is but one true though imbued with life, the figures look

Fundamentalism-reverence for manup at me. "Go along now, and buy your winter wood,” they say, “and don't for

kind. The finger of the evolutionist get to be grateful. Many better men

points in the same direction-toward the
than you are sleeping in ditches.” Very light at the head of our stairway.
grateful I am. Life's adventure makes
one humble.

Contributors' Gallery
I was humbled yesterday also. As
from far up the street came the mail-

OHN R. McQUIGG, National Comcarrier's whistling, there was a rap at my

mander of the American Legion, has door. A little shriveled man asked if he

been serving the organization in impormight have a cup of coffee.

tant capacities since its inception seven (So let your gate swing open,

years ago. He was the first Commander However poor the yard,

of the Engineers Post of Cleveland, a Lest weary people visit you

delegate to the first department ConvenAnd find the passage barred.) tion in 1919, and also to the first Na

tional Convention. His military record My stranger laid his blanket roll down under the honeysuckle and entered. He

is equally distinguished. He served in was thin-haired, had but two or three

the Spanish-American War; went to the

Mexican border in 1916, and in 1917, teeth, and wore an intimidated look. I do not like to see any of my fellow-men shortly after war was declared, he was intimidated. He was an itinerant la

commissioned a full colonel of the 112th

Engineers. borer, and is "past the age limit.” The age limit, after which big construction LARA BELLINGER GREEN, who has camps and so forth do not take one on, often contributed book reviews to is forty-five. So that, unless one has The Outlook's Book Table, is a New been hale and hushy all summer, winter Yorker, although she was educated in becomes a dread. I also am past the age New England and has for several years limit.

made her home in Boston. The day before yesterday, too, there

YDNEY FRISSELL in his story in this a

week's issue describes the plight in him to be an agent, or one of those determined and somewhat comical people

which the Virginia tobacco farmer finds

himself as the last American to organize who once a week leave tucked under the handle a pamphlet which assures me that

his industry. Mr. Frissell writes: “millions now living will never die.” As

Since my first article on this subject though mere death matters so greatly!

(co-operative marketing movement)

appeared in the "Review of Reviews" But he proved to be a missionary, lately

four years ago, the co-operative movecome from seventeen years in China, and

ment has gained tremendous momensent to my door by a friend. We had

tum in the South, more than 97,000 what sailors call a "gam," discussing the farmers in the tobacco association weather, the experiences and courses of alone having marketed 480,000,000 our voyage. He spoke of the people of pounds of tobacco, thereby maintainthe Orient as of his own people, just as, ing a decent price for their labor by to him, the Galilean is of his own people. using modern methods of big business. He is one of the great denominations, Sydney Frissell is secretary of the but has risen above sectarianism. De- organization of tobacco growers denominations, as such, do not interest him scribed in his article.


MISCELLANEOUS TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a six iponths' murges' aid course is offered by the Lying-In Hospital. 307 Second Ave.. New York. Aids are provided with inaintenance and given a mont biy allowance of $10. For further particulars audress Directress of Nurses.

TRAINED nurse, graduate of Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, will take a limited number of infants and small children in her country home. Individual care given. Six years' experience. Rates reasonable. References exchanged. Elizabeth T. Gordon, R. N., Mountainville, N. Y.

UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY--Woman of retirement, college graduate, will assume in her own home in California the entire care of a healthy child between the ages of one and three. References exchanged. For further particulars enqnire of Sherman & l'eters, Attorneys, Mills Building, San Francisco, Cal.

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