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A Charming Small Home

Tours and Travel

Hotels and Resorts


New York City AROUND THE WORLD 128 DAYS, $1,250 to $3,000 WITH DR. H. II. POWERS

HOTEL CLENDENING Including Hotels, Drives, Guides, Fees, etc. Limited party sails Jan. 16, 1926

202 West 103d Street From N. Y. Jan. 20, from Los Angeles

Within a few minutes of all New York

With extension to North Africa,

attractions. Comfortable


Buites. excentionally fine cuisine, and an Feb. 5, by specially chartered Cunard

Spain, and France, or Palestine, news s Laconia,' 20,000 tons. Fea


atmosphere that pleases particular people. Syria, Greece, and Italy. turing 26 days Japan and China includ

(Now open)

Write for Booklet O and Map of New York Special rates offered for three ing Peking; option 18 days in India ; weeks' Nile tour for those who

Old established clientele Cairo, Jerusalem, Athens, etc., with wish to join in Cairo February 18.

All recreational features Europe stop over.

Hotel Judson 53 Washington Sq., Write for rates and booklet.

For booklet and reservations,

Residential hotel of higliest type, combining apply

the facilities of hotel life with the comforts of CLARK'S 22d CRUISE, Jan. 30


an ideal home. American plan $4 per day and

up. European plan $1.50 per day and up. THE MEDITERRANEAN

or any tourist and travel bureau


Cable address: Princess Bermuda By, specially chartered

new SS * Transylvania,” 17,000 tons. 62 days' BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL

Virginia cruise, $600 to $1,700 including Hotels, 15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass. Drives, Guides, Fees, etc. Featuring

California 15 days in Egypt and Palestine ; Lis

COUNTRY BOARD Near Charlottesville. THE beanty, fascination, and mys

ΤΗ bon, Tunis, Spain, etc. tery of ile Orient lures visitors San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara Sitre references. Modern convenience store on

State , Va. from all over the world to CLARK'S 2d CRUISE, 1926

Unharmed by Earthquake Furnished bungalows of various sizes ; situated on the foothills among the orange

groves, overlooking the sea. Central diningMEDITERRANEAN

room, electric lights, hot and cold water.

Real Estate

Good tennis court. Iwo miles from ocean and
New ss“Lancastria" leaves June 30

The qnaintest and most interesting of all
countries. Come while the old age customs

country club, six miles from Santa Barbara.

Booklet. Address repeating this summer's most success- prevail. Write, mentioning Outlook


Manager San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara ful cruise, 53 days. $550 to $1,250. JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION Care Traffic Dept.

FOR SALE-Suburban Site Originator of Round the World JAPANESE GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS

in line of real developinents. Write Cruises. Longest experienced cruise


M. B. M., Avon Park, Fla., R. F. D. No. 2. management. Established 30 years.

for full information

Rales for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,
FRANK C. CLARK, Times Bldg., New York $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

Litchfield Co., Conn.

New Jersey
Thelfoothills of the Berkshires. A restful place
A WINTER IN THE SUN homer. hours from New York. Booklet A.
19 EUROPE 26
January 30 to April 28

MRS. J. E. CASTLE, Proprietor.

at a Very Reasonable Price JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER New York to New York

To be sold immediately, one of the most Comfortable Travel in Cool Countries Private Motor Tour de Luxe across

attractive small houses in Summit, N. J. (40 North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, District of Columbi a minutes by train from N; City), standing What you want is a PRICE you can Afford

Morocco, and Oases in Sahara) $555 $681 $849 $955 $1052

Eight rooms, all the most modern appliances. Small exclusive group. Social and offi- HOTEL POTOMAC Washington, Downstairs porch and sleeping-porch, teleWORTHWHILE TOURS cial entrées. 3 memberships open. Per

phone upstairs and downstairs, bathrooms, sonal and social references exchanged.

electricity, gas, steam heat, double garage Boston 30, Mass.

Quiet location,

Moderate rates.

with seryants' rooms; old oak and beech Address Miss Florence Fisher, Hartsdale, N. Y.

trees, garden, croquet lawn. An exceptionally attractive home, to be sold quickly.

Possession early in January. $30,000 furEUROPE TRAVEL 1926 Seven Summer Tours To EUROPE AND



nished, $25,000 unfurnished, Inquiries to

25 Pine Grove Ave., foot of Prospect St., Conducted Parties. Independent Tours $490 up. Naples to Edinburgh. Gibraltar.

Summit, N. J.
MotorTours. Select Service. Lowest Rates Africa (Tunis,, Carthage). , Vienna., Berlin.

28th year. Illustruted Red Book with Maps. Feb. 20 & Mar. 31. 84 days. $1395, all expenses

The Jobnson Tours, 210 E. Preston St., Baltimore

Earn Your Trip to EUROPE by securing


On beautiful St. John's River, 30 uniles south A Mart of the Unusual

of Jacksonville Famous warm sulphur spring,
berg for one of my tours. Established 1900,
BABCOCK'S Tours, Inc., East Orange, N. J.

golf and all sports Every comfort at most EUROPE-1926

moderate cost. Special rates by week or season.

Miss Horton's SCOTCH CAKE Folder O, describing both hotels, on request.

Home-Made Vacation Tours-Popular Tours. Con

Always au acceptable Keeps well and ducted and Independent Travel. Un

ships well. 3-1b. cake, $3.55, prepaid. usual Itineraries.

612 Lake Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. PIERCE TOURIST COMPANY

A unique and fascinating cake. 331 Madison Ave., New York

“ Have

tried Mrs. Blank's

Florida Citrus Fruit direct to Consumer delicious apricot marmalade?

Trial quarter box oranges or grapefruit $2.54, EARN FREE TOUR TO EUROPE Yes, it's advertised in the

or tangerines $3.25; delivery charges paid Tour prices reasonable. Write for par

Mart of the Unusual."

THE EXCELSIOR GRAND HOTEL request. s. L. MITCHILL, Mount Dora, Fla. tienjars to EDUCATIONAL TOURS, Inc., 59 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J. What do you make better than Superior first class order

STAMP COLLECTORS! 191 Varieties your neighbors ? Jam and pre

postpaid, in a rare old envelope. H. HALL, EARN TRIP Europe summer.serves, pickles, jelly, fruit cake,

219 Washington St., Winchester, Mass.

Europe $2,75; Palestine $390; round world $990: salted nuts, and candy are all
Student Internationale, 238 Back Bay, Boston home-made delicacies which are

Enjoy this winter at to

HOW TO ENTERTAIN a turning there shortly, would take charge

PLAYS, musical comedies and revnes, minof three or four young girls desirous of fin- the

strel music, blackface skits, vaudeville acts, ishing education abroad. Highest references

GREENFIELD, MASS. monologs, dialogs, recitations, entertaingiven and required. 4,615, Outlook. MART OF THE UNUSUAL Just the place for a rest in the country

ments, musical readings, stage handbooks, make-up goods. Big catalog free. T. 8. Deni

son & Co., 623 So. Wabash, Dept. 74, Chicago. Rates, information, gladly given on request. Winter sports featured. Excellent cuisine EARN YOUR EUROPEAN TRIP by

Orchestra every evening organ. Address The Outlook, 120 E. 16th St., New York izing a small party. Write for particulars to

Winter booklet and special rates

For Help Wanted, Situations Wanted, and STRATFORD TOURS, 452 Fifth Ave., N. Y.

J. Tennyson Seller, Mgr. Miscellaneous Advertiseinents see next parce In writing to the above advertisers. please mention The Outlook


New York



By the Way


STATIONERY WRITE for free sainplea of einbossed at $2 or printed stationery at $1.50 per box. Thou. sands of Outlook customers. Lewis, stationer, Troy, N.Y.

PERSONAL STATIONERY, 200 single sheets, 100 envelopes, postpaid $1.00, west of Mississippi River $1.10. White bond paper, blue ink, top center ouly. Cash with order. RUE PUBLISHING CO., DENTON, MD.

PERSONAL stationery-200 6x7 or 100 folded sheets, 100 envelopes, mailed for $1.00. Hammermill or Atlantic Bond. Hicks, Stationer, Macedon Center, N. Y.

PERSONAL stationery - 200 sheets. 100 envelopes, good bond, $1. Nadolny, Box 583, Tarrytown, N. Y.

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SECRETARIES, social workers, superintendents, matrons, housekeepers, dietítians, cateteria inanagers, companions, governesses, mothers' helpers. The Richards Burean, 68 Barues St., Providence.


EARN $110 to $250 monthly, expenses paid, as railway traffic inspector. We secure position for you after completion of 3 months home study course or money refunded. Excellent opportunities. Write for free booklet CM-27. Staudard Business Training Institution, Buffalo, N. Y.

HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for highsalaried men and women. Past experience uunecessary. We train you by mail and put you in touch with big opportuuities. Big pay, fine living, interesting work, quick advancemeut, perinauent. Write for free book, ** YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Lewis Hotel Training Schools, Suite Z-5842, Washington, D.C.

LECTURERS: Clergy who can speak on current events and who would be interested in several engagements each mouth in the churches of their State. Good payment. State qualifications in first letter.6,573, Outlook.

SALESMEN wanted. $10 daily easy. We start you in auto accessory business. No investinent, no experience necessary. Exclusive territory. Motor Products Co., 1760 Lund Ave., Chicago.


AMERICAN man, 28, single, with executive ability acquired through fourteen years' practical retail business experience, seeks respousible position in or near New York City. 6,590, Outlook.

COMPANIONS - Severa) exceptional women available for positions requiring culture, tact, and background. Executive Service Corporation (Agency), 1515 Pershing Square Building, New York.

GOVERNESS, kindergartner, Protestant. Experienced, excellent plıysical care.

Go Florida. References. Address 6,594, Outlook.

GRADUATE tuberculosis nurse desires patient to take South. 6,589, Outlook.

NURSE-companion, position with elderly lady, semi-invalid. New York preferred. 6,588, Outlook.

PRACTICAL dietitian wishes position after January 1. 6,565, Outlook.

PRACTICAL nurse and companion would care for invalid or elderly lady. Can give heavy massage. Efficieut and kind. Best references. Willing to go South with patient. Christian preferred. 6,591, Outlook.

REFINED American woman, educated, capable, as managing housekeeper, chaperon, coin paniou to a lady. 6,583, Outlook.

SEVERAL trained and experienced religious workers for better-class positions, Executive Service Co. poration (Agency), 1515 Pershing Square Building, New York.

His is the time of year when some of .. The movie news reels have shown us think only of the present.

themselves superior to the newspapers by

refusing to admit any pictures relating to Basket-ball players who staged a Sab

the Kip Rhinelander trial. Will Hays is bath Day game in the new Madison

said to be responsible.

Mary Miles Square Garden, New York, were arrested

Minter, erstwhile player of "darling and fined $10 each for violating the Sab

child” rôles in the films, recently telebath law. Such fines have little effect

phoned from New York to Hollywood to when the gate receipts of the one game

learn of her grandmother's condition. amounted to over $20,000. On the same

Her mother, on the other end of the Sunday “Red" Grange drew 70,000 peo

wire, refused to talk to her daughter, and ple to a football game, with seats selling

the actress had to request the police to up to $3 each. Sunday hockey games

call for the desired information regardwith seating accommodations for 18,000

ing her sick granny. are now planned for the Madison Square Garden and, in view of the supposed The proper time to buy coal, accordsympathy of Mayor-elect Walker, the ing to the Columbia "Record," was ten Broadway theaters are contemplating years ago.

. Sunday-night performances.

At a recent newspaper-club dinner the If Jesse James had had the advantages city editor of the New York “Herald of a movie education, what a bandit he Tribune” received a wire from the office would have been!

night desk man. It read: “We have

been able to find the weather reports for Michael Arlen has pocketed $66,

next week, also yesterday's, but what 964.50 as the royalties on the first hun

have you done with the one for to-day?” dred nights of his dramatized. "Green Hat." However, brawn still tops the Those who lean upon their dignity are market, thanks to "Red" Grange's earn- in need of a better support. ing of an equal sum in four or five afternoons. . . . Several of the oldest and most We wonder how much "Red" Wallingreputable stores in New York are run- ford Grange (*non-grad) will contribute ning large display advertisements in the to the next University of Illinois drive daily papers featuring silver flasks that for funds. His college fame now brings "will hold a pint of almost anything him money even for things he does not one's taste runs to" and cocktail sets do. A cigarette firm has paid him with the caption, “A popular custom can

$1,000 for his recommendation, and be much enhanced with this handsome

“Red” does not smoke.
cocktail set.” ... An organist in Fargo,
North Dakota, received from Stockholm,

An old joke from “Life” comes to

mind in this Christmas season: Sweden, a post-card announcing that her

Delia-"Interesting lecture, wasn't radio program in Fargo was enjoyed in

Sweden. ... America's popular songs
have also been the rage in England.

Celia—“Yes, indeed; I thought out

two Christmas presents."
Britain, however, has somewhat reversed
the matter by sending over her song

And another one about the young man "Show Me the Way to Go Home," which

who asked his brother, "Are you going now ranks as the best-seller in this coun

to give any presents this Christmas?" try. "Brown Eyes, Why Are You

and the brother's reply, “No; everything Blue?” holds second place.

I got last year was useful.”
This is the time of year when the

This is another of those puzzles of meanest man in the world is the one who

which we are so very fond. It is an tells his children that Santa Claus has

original one from a subscriber in Mattacommitted suicide.

poisett, Massachusetts. What is needed

to complete the poem are five words, December 28 will be the thirtieth an

each composed of the same five letters: niversary of the first public showing of a moving picture. ... In a recent film Among the

of Scotland green

The popularity contest in London American

can wander at their will, moving pictures were awarded the first

Till man appears with — keen

And his arms, intent to kill. four places. They were, respectively,

The sort of man is he
“The Ten Commandments," "The

Who kills for sport, it seems to me.
Hunchback of Notre Dame," "Abraham
Lincoln," and "The Thief of Bagdad." Answer next week.


TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a six inonths' nurses' aid course is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Aids are provided with maintenance and given a montbiy allowance of $10. For further particuare address Directress of Nurses.

TRAINED nurse, graduate of Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, will take a limited number of infants and small children in her country home. Individual care given. Six years' experience. Rates reasonable. Refer. ences exchanged. Elizabeth T. Gordon, R. N., Mountainville, N. Y.

UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY-Woman of refinement, college graduate, will assume in her own home in California the entire care of a healthy child between the ages of one and three. References exchanged. For further particulars enquire of Sherman & Peters, Attorneys, Mills Building, San Francisco, Cal.

EXPERIENCED trained nurse with pleasant Long Island home will board backward child needing special care. Terms reasonable. 6,564, Outlook.

In writing to the above advertisere, please mention The Outlook

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HE poem of Rudolph Ruste came to

us in a letter from a subscriber of The Outlook, a lecturer on rural education in South Dakota. In the letter he wrote:

The other day, in my ramblings, I ran into a small school away out on the prairies that was taught by the son of a pioneer Norwegian minister. The teacher is a product of this environment, and is remarkably well educated. He told me he wrote poetry, and I made him show me some of it. As a result of this inspection "The Last of the Virgin Sod” was promptly forwarded to The Outlook, and as promptly accepted.

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To the Wise

ILLIAM C. GREGG's article on the

two proposed National Parks will be followed in subsequent issues by two articles on "An Alpine National Monument" and "Glacier Park, Montana,"

The assurance of comfortable repose both of which deal with America's forest

appeals to every sufferer from asthma. land. For next week's issue Congress

The popularity of Vapo-Cresolene is man F. M. Davenport will tell for

due to

Continuous treatment while the paOutlook readers some delightful anec- Three words tell as much as a book

tient enjoys undisturbed rest. dotes about Roosevelt in the Yellow

Avoidance of internal medication.

Prompt relief. Unquestionable merit. stone. Classified Advertising Pays!

while ILLIAM ROSE BENÉT is associated

e 음 you with the “Saturday Review of

Sleep" Literature," a magazine brought out by

The bousehold remedy for bronchial troubles the former staff of the Literary Review See the Classified Advertising

Sold by druggists of the "Evening Post," of which Mr.

Section, beginning on page

Send for descriptive booklet 31B Benét was a member. Mr. Benét is the

679 of this issue


62 Cortlandt St., New York author of numerous books, mostly of

or Leeming-Miles Bldg., poetry.

Montreal, Canada In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

“ Used


In this issue of The Outlook

Vol. 141

December 30, 1925

No. 18

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Two New National Parks ?.

By William C. GREGG
The kind of Co-operation that Will

Afford Farm Relief

Power from the Heights .

By Elbert Francis BALDWIN
The Last of the Virgin Sod (Poem)

By Rudolf Ruste
Liquor on the Continent

The American University

By M. C. Hollis



Contributors' Gallery

649 Mitchell's Conviction.

651 Good for the House !

651 Now for the Senate

652 The World Court's Opponents

652 America and the Move for Disarmament 652 Uncle Sam's Railway Experience 653 Bigger and Better Reclamation

653 A University Gets a Forest .

653 A Department Gets a Home Mosul Still a Bone of Contention

654 Correction and instruction must both work Ere this rude beast will profit

Cartoons of the Week
Is France Pulling Itself Together ? 656
Canada and the Pan-American Union. 656
Of Interest to Business Men.

656 War and the Law .

657 A Plague on Both Your Houses! 658 The Greatest Foe of Militarism in China 658 Shakespeare in a New Dress

659 By LAWRENCE F. ABBOTT The Film Trust vs. the Government . 661

By E. W. M.

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Published weekly by The Outlook Company, 120 East 16th Street, New York. Copyright, 1925, by The Outlook
Company. By subscription $5.00 a year for the United States and Canada. Single copies 15 cents each. Foreign

subscription to countries in the postal Union, $6.56. HAROLD T. PULSIFER, President and Managing Editor

ERNEST HAMLIN ABBOTT, Editor-in-Chief and Secretary
NATHAN T. PULSIFER, Vice-President

ARTHUR E. CARPENTER, Advertising Manager
LAWRENCE F. ABBOTT, Contributing Editor

Index and title-page for Volume 141 (September 2-December 30, 1925) of The Outlook, printed separately for

binding, will be furnished gratis, on application, to any reader who desires them for this purpose

Volume 141

December 30, 1925

Number 18


Mitchell's Conviction


N undisciplined army is a contra

diction in terms. It is not an

army; it is a mob. And where there is no discipline there is no freedom. Mobs are notoriously tyrannical, arbitrary, cruel. The greatest foes of liberty to-day in America are those who would turn the home into a boarding-house without even the obligation of payment of board, the school into a play resort, and the army into a mob.

Maintenance of discipline is therefore a service to liberty.

The question that arises at the close of the Mitchell trial is not whether Colonel Mitchell should have been tried, or even whether his conviction was according to evidence. The great majority of thoughtful and informed people are convinced that the maintenance of elementary order in the Army required his trial and conviction. The question is whether his sentence serves the end of discipline.

On that point there is a great divergence of opinion. Technically less severe than dismissal would have been, suspension without pay for five years is really severer. His status is that of an unpaid private soldier subject to army discipline at all times. He has received the Distinguished Service Medal and the Distinguished Service Cross of the United States, the Croix de Guerre and the rank of Commander in the Legion of Honor from the French Republic, and decora- (C) Harris & Ewing tions from the British and Italian Gov

An Apparently Happy Family ernments. The gallantry thus testified

In spite of the conviction of the "Flying Colonel,” William Mitchell, on charges of insubordination,

the baby is the only one of the three that looks worried to might well be taken into account in mitigation of his punishment; but, on the reducing two of his trial judges, or other- will stand, regardless of any or all follies other hand, the honors he has received wise, may be dismissed from attention as that the House may commit later along place him under special obligation and frivolous. The President is still the A record of service is already made, and aggravate his offense. Airplanes with- Commander-in-Chief of the Army under cannot be wholly marred. out number could not compensate the the Constitution.

Ordinarily, the House of RepresentaNation for the disorganization of its

tives fritters away the time between the Army. Good for the House !

beginning of the session and the Christ

HERE are those who hold it unsafe to mas recess. But this Congress got fied by those higher in authority than the eulogize a man before he is dead. squarely down to boot heels and bitucourt martial that tried him, it will be There are those, more numerous, who lithic on the opening day, and has been because the interest of true discipline more strongly hold it unsafe to applaud genuinely and constructively busy ever (which is something different from mere a Congress before it adjourns. But gen- since. The first result is the passage of harsh treatment or the imposition of au- erosity is a greater virtue than safety the Tax-Reduction Bill in record time. thority) requires modification.

first. We therefore take the risk of de- It was finally passed by the House on The bills introduced into Congress claring that the House of Representa- December 18. which affect to take out of the Presi- tives of the Sixty-ninth Congress is the This result would not have been posdent's hands the right of appointment to best House of Representatives we have sible, of course, had not the Ways and the Army hy reinstating Mitchell and had in many years. And this statement Means Committee departed from the old

If Colonel Mitchell's sentence is modi. THE

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