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THE present edition of Burke's works is more complete than any one which has hitherto appeared either in England or America. It comprises the entire contents of the English edition of his works in sixteen octavo volumes, including two volumes of speeches on the trial of Hastings, published in 1827, and which have never before been republished in this country. It also contains a reprint of the work entitled "An Account of the European Settlements in America," first published in 1761, which, though published anonymously, is well known to have been written by Burke. This is not contained in the English edition of his collected works. Although the present edition contains a volume more than the latest and best English one, it is offered at less than one half the price. It has been the aim of the publishers to present the work in a form and style worthy of its contents; and it is confidently offered to the favorable regard of the public from its completeness, its moderate price, and its typographical excellence.

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