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“ His name was called JESUS.”—Luke ü. 21.

Many and glorious are the names given to our adorable Redeemer, in the inspired word; but there is a peculiar sweetness in this name, JESUS. We are always using it, and yet we never weary of it. The very pronouncing of it sometimes sounds sweet as the choicest music. We love the name, Jesus, and the great fact represented by it. Jesus signifies Saviour ; a Divine Saviour. The angel said, “ Call His name Jesus :" Mary said “His name is Jesus." The circumcising priest pronounced Him, Jesus. Overlooking angels shouted, Jesus. O! Spirit of God, unfold to us the glories of this precious name, sculpture it deep on our hearts, and pronounce it day by day in the hearing of our souls !

“His name was called JESUS,” for He engaged to save. His far-reaching and all-see

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cation. And at length He came forth from His obscurity, was baptized by John, received the Holy Spirit from His father, wrestled with and conquered Satan in the desert, proclaimed the good news of the coming kingdom, wrought many mighty works, and ac. tively fulfilled all the requirements of the holy law. What He did, He did as God's righteous servant; what He did, He did as man's substitute and surety; what He did, He did to merit and deserve the name He wore, even Jesus, the Saviour of His people from their sins. When he had finished His active obedience, He presented himself before His Father's omniscient eye, and with meek countenance, honest heart and humble voice, said : “Father, the hour is come, glorify Thy Son, that Thy Son also may glorify Thee. I have glorified Thee on the earth ; I have fi. nished the work which Thou gavest me to do.”

"He was called JESUS," for He died to save. All His tremendous and unparalleled sufferings, which terminated in His death on the accursed tree, were the desert of our sins. Our sins were imputed to Him according to the arrangements of the everlasting cove. nant, and being imputed to Him, He was punished for them. Our desert was put into a cup; that cup was presented to Him by His Father; in taking it his nature shuddered, His soul was troubled, His body was baptised in its own blood, and He feared

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