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This day; ask of me, and the grant is made;
As thy possession I on thee bestow
The Heathen, and, as thy conquest to be sway'd
Earth's utmost bounds: them shalt thou bring full
With iron sceptre bruis'd, and them disperse [low
Like to a potter's vessel shiver'd so.
And now be wise at length ye kings averse,
Be taught ye judges of the earth; with fear
Jehovah serve, and let your joy converse
With trembling; kiss the Son lest he appear

In anger and ye perish in the way,
If once his wrath take fire like fuel sere.
Happy all those who have him in their stay.

PSALM III. AUG. 9, 1653.
When he fled from Absalom.

LORD, how many are my foes!
How many those

That in arms against me rise!
Many are they

That of my life distrustfully thus say,
No help for him in Goa there lies.
But thou Lord art my shield, my glory,
Thee through my story,

Th' exalter of my head I count;
Aloud I cried

Unto Jehovah, he full soon replied
And heard me from his holy mount.
I lay and slept, I wak'd again,
For my sustain

Was the Lord. Of many millions
The populous rout

I fear not, though encamping round about
They pitch against me their pavilions.
Rise, Lord, save me my God, for thou

Hast smote ere now

On the cheek-bone all my foes,
Of men abhorr'd

Hast broke the teeth. This help was from the Lord; Thy blessing on thy people flows.

PSALM IV. Aug. 10, 1653

ANSWER me when I call,
God of my righteousness,
In straits and in distress,

Thou didst me disenthrall
And set at large; now spare,

Now pity me, and hear my earnest prayer.
Great ones how long will ye
My glory have in scorn,
How long be thus forloin
Still to love vanity,
To love, to seek, to prize

Things false and vain, and nothing else but lies!
Yet know the Lord hath chose,
Chose to himself apart,
The good and meek of heart
(For whom to choose he knows)
Jehovah from on high

Will hear my voice, what time to him I cry
Be aw'd, and do not sin,
Speak to your hearts alone,
Upon your beds, each one,
And be at peace within.
Offer the offerings just
Of righteousness, and in Jehovah trust.
Many there be that

Who yet will show us good?
Talking like this world's brood;
But, Lord, thus let me pray,
On us lift up the light,

Lift up the favour of thy countenance bright.
Into my heart more joy
And gladness thou hast put,

Than when a year of glut
Their stores doth overcloy,
And from their plenteous grounds

With vast increase their corn and wine abounds. In

peace at once will I
Both lay me down and sleep,
For thou alone dost keep
Me safe where'er I lie ;
As in a rocky cell

Thou Lord alone in safety mak'st me dwell.

[blocks in formation]

Jehovan to my words give ear,

My meditation weigh,
The voice of my complaining hear,
My King and God; for unto thee I pray,

Jehovah thou my early voice

Shalt in the morning hear,
l' the morning I to thee with choice
Will rank my prayers, and watch till thou appear,
For thou art not a God that takes

In wickedness delight,
Evil with thee no biding makes,
Fools or mad men stand not within thy sight.
All workers of iniquity

Thou hat'st; and them unblest
Thou wilt destroy that speak a lie;
The bloody and guileful man God doth detest.
But I will in thy mercies dear

Thy numerous mercies go

Into thy house; I in thy fear
Will towards thy holy temple worship low.
Lord, lead me in thy righteousness,

Lead me because of those
That do observe if I transgress,
Set thy ways right before, where my step goes.
For in his faltering mouth unstable

No word is firm or sooth;
Their inside, troubles miserable; (smooth.
An open grave

their throat, their tongue they
God, find them guilty, let them fall

By their own counsels quell’d;
Push them in their rebellions all
Still on ; for against thee they have rebell’d.
Then all who trust in thee shall bring

Their joy, while thou from blame
Defend'st them, they shall ever sing
And shall triumph in thee, who love thy name.
For thou Jehovah wilt be found

To bless the just man still,
As with a shield thou wilt surround
Him with thy lasting favour and good will.

PSALM VI. Aug. 13, 1653.
LORD, in thine anger do not reprehend me,
Nor in thy hot displeasure me correct;
Pity me, Lord, for I am much deject,

weak and faint; heal and amend me : For all my bones, that even with anguish ake,

Are troubled, yea my soul is troubled sore,

And thou, O Lord, how long ? Turn Lord, restore My soul, O save me for thy goodness' sake : For in death no remembrance is of thee;

Who in the grave can celebrate thy praise ?

Wearied I am with sighing out my days, Nightly my couch I make a kind of sea; My bed I water with my tears; mine eye

Through grief consumes, is waxen old and dark

l' the midst of all mine enemies that mark. Depart all ye that work iniquity, Depart from me, for the voice of my weeping

The Lord hath heard, the Lord hath heard my

My supplication with acceptance fair (prayer, The Lord will own, and have me in his keeping. Mine enemies shall all be blank and dash'd

With much confusion; then grown red with shanie,

They shall return in haste the way they came, And in a moment shall be quite abash’d.

PSALM VII. Aug. 14, 1653.

Upon the words of Chush the Benjamite against him.

Lord my God, to thee I Ay,
Save me and secure me under
Thy protection while I cry;
Lest as a lion (and no wonder)
He haste to tear my soul asunder
Tearing and no rescue nigh.
Lord my God, if I have thought
Or done this, if wickedness
Be in my hands, if I have wrought
Ill to him that meant me peace,
Or to him have render'd less,
Ar not freed my foe for nought;
Let the enemy pursue my soul
And overtake it, let him tread
My life down to the earth, and roll
In the dust my glory dead,
In the dust and there out-spread
Lodge it with dishonour foul.
Rise Jehovah in thine ire,
Rouse thyself amidst the rage
Of my foes that urge like fire ;
And wake for me, their fury 'asswage;
Judgment here thou didst engage
And command which I desire.

So the assemblies of each nation
Will surround thee, seeking right,
Thence to thy glorious habitation
Return on high and in their sight.
Jehovah judgeth most upright
All people from the world's foundation.

Judge me, Lord, be judge in this
According to my righteousness,
And the innocence which is
Upon me: cause at length to cease,
Of evil men the wickedness
And their power that do amiss.

But the just establish fast,
Since thou art the just God that tries
Hearts and reins. On God is cast
My defence, and in him lies,
In him who, both just and wise,
Saves the upright of heart at last.
God is a just judge and severe,
And God is every day offended;
If the unjust will not forbear,
His sword he whets, his bow hath bended
Already, and for him intended
The tools of death, that wait him near.

His arrows purposely made he
For them that persecute.

He travels big with vanity,
Trouble he hath conceiv'd of old,
As in a womb, and from that mould
Hath at length brought forth a lie.

He digg'd a pit, and delv'd it deep,
And fell into the pit he made ;
His mischief that due course doth keep,
Turns on his head, and his ill trade
Of violence will undelay'd
Fall on his crown with ruin steep.

T'on will 1 Jehovah's praise
According to his justice raise,
And sing the Name and Deity
Of Jehovah the Most High.

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