Wider Aspects of Education

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The University Press, 1924 - 79 strán (strany)

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Strana 64 - The next year he may decide to take charge of two, four, or six cows according to his age. He must do all the work himself and keep detailed records in order to secure credit for the work at school.
Strana 63 - There is no particular cultural value in a boy milking cows, for instance, or cultivating corn, after he has done it a few times, but if he will do a certain amount of reading in connection with the work, keep records of yield and cost, and make experiments which require him to think, that is educational. In the Northampton (Mass.) High-School course of four years the students have four home tasks for which they are given credit. Each task consumes a year. If the student essays to cultivate an acre...
Strana 3 - In a more recent work published by the Cambridge University Press, entitled, "The Wider Aspects of Education," which contains papers by Dr. GP Gooch, he as a historian called the doctrine of the unfettered sovereignty of the individual state as "the curse of the modern world.
Strana 7 - From the end of the fifteenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth century the large region which is vaguely known as 'the Middle East' had little interest for the nations of Western Europe.
Strana 23 - ... that those of us who are connected with teaching and the teaching profession will be gravely neglecting our duties if we do not do all that lies in our power first to convince ourselves of this fundamental fact of the unity of civilisation and the mutual obligation of all the members of the civilised family of man; and, in the second place, if we do not do all that we can to pass on this great revealing and inspiring conception to those with whom we come in contact and to those whose training...
Strana 67 - We have not yet secured in our schools freedom for ideals. Let us get rid of the drill sergeant in education. A few years ago, at a famous public school, an attempt was made by reasonable masters interested in real things, to guide — I think in a wise and intelligent way — the sympathies of their pupils. These masters interested them in the study of contemporary history and events, and the result of that experiment was to stir up an amount of interest and enthusiasm in real things which had an...
Strana 22 - War, but also by our experience of the results of the struggle. He believes it will take a very long time for this conception to work itself into the consciousness and the sub-consciousness of statesmen, of the man in the street, and of the schoolmaster and of the author of school history ; but it has got to come, and it will come. He is, perfectly certain that those of us who are connected with teaching and the teaching profession will be gravely neglecting our duties if we do not do all that lies...
Strana 60 - ... operation of the cooperative course. First, the old apprentice course was too rigid to adapt itself readily to the varied and changing conditions of commercial production. It seemed advisable to abandon the ironclad contract, and modify the terms of a student's employment, so as to facilitate his being transferred from one kind of work to another when a change seemed desirable. Then, in order to keep the proper emphasis on the instructional phase of a student's work, it seemed advisable to handle...

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