The Modern Traveller: A Description, Geographical, Historical, and Topographical, of the Various Countries of the Globe, Zväzok 4

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Wells & Lilly, 1830

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Strana 141 - Between the woody hills there are diversified romantic prospects into the valleys below. Sometimes you traverse open spots, where a stronger light is reflected from the flowery ground, or from the shining leaves of the neighbouring high trees ; sometimes you enter a cool, shady bower. Here a thick wreath of paulliniae, securidacee, mikanias, passion-flowers, adorned with an incredible number of flowers, climb through the crowns of the celtis...
Strana 171 - ... trunk, with outspread wings awaiting the approach of evening. Myriads of the most brilliant beetles buzz in the air, and sparkle like jewels on the fresh green of the leaves, or on the odorous flowers. Meantime, agile lizards, remarkable for their form, size, and brilliant colours...
Strana 254 - They then rinse their bowls in a larger vessel of clean water, leaving the gold in it ; and begin again. The washing of each bowlful occupies from five to eight or nine minutes ; the gold produced is extremely variable in quantity, and in the size of its particles, some of which are so minute, that they float, while others are found as large as peas, and not unfrequently much larger.
Strana 33 - Having passed by these keepers you came into a quadrangle, planted with trees and watered by a silver fountain which spouted through four golden pipes. The gate of the palace was of copper; it was very small, and its bolt was received into the solid rock. Within, a golden sun was placed upon an altar of silver, and four lamps were kept burning before it day and night.
Strana 299 - An ecclesiastical vestment worn by all grades of the Roman Catholic clergy. It is very simple in form, being a circular piece of cloth with a hole in the middle, through which the head is thrust. It is put on last and covers all the other vestments. In early times it was the same length before as behind, but in the nth century the front was considerably shorter than the back. Soon afterwards, however, it 8i CHA ART DICTIONARY.
Strana 13 - Discouraged by the loss of their commander, the surviving Spaniards set sail for Europe, without aiming at any further discovery. The king of Portugal claimed their cargoes, and remonstrated so effectually against the interference of Spain, that when Magalhaens, three years afterwards, touched at Rio de Janeiro, he would purchase nothing of the natives but provisions.
Strana 20 - He usually took with him four or five of these little choristers on his preaching expeditions ; when they approached an inhabited place, one carried the crucifix before them, and they began singing the litany. The savages, like snakes, were won by the voice of the charmer ; they received him joyfully, and when he departed with the same ceremony, the children followed the music. He set the catechism, creed, and ordinary prayers to...
Strana 169 - ... (bind-weed), which descend from the highest summits of the trees, or closely twine round the strongest trunks, and gradually kill them ; lastly, those parasitical plants by which old trees are invested with the garment of youth, the grotesque species of the pothos and...
Strana 174 - ... the cunning animals of the feline race, steal through the obscurity of the wood watching for prey, till at last the howling monkeys, the sloth with a cry as of one in distress, the croaking frogs, and the chirping grasshoppers with their monotonous note, conclude the day ; the cries of the macuc, the capueira, the goat-sucker, and the bass notes of the bull-frog announce the approach of night.
Strana 21 - Ah, my grandson," said the old convert, " my stomach goes against every thing. There is but one thing which I think I could touch. If I had the little hand of a little tender Tapuya boy, I think I could pick the little .bones ; — but woe is me, there is nobody to go out and shoot one for me !

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