Glossalalia: An Alphabet of Critical Keywords

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Psychology Press, 2003 - 400 strán (strany)
Glossalaliais not a conventional glossary or dictionary. Although arranged alphabetically, it is a cutting-edge introduction to the state of theory today. Here 26 newly commissioned "definitions" of theoretical keywords are presented in a playful A-Z format, ranging from "Animality" to "Zero." Leading theorists and critics including J. Hillis Miller, Gayatri Chavkravorty Spivak, Simon Critchley, Ernesto Laclau, and many others provide unusual and insightful interpretations of a range of unexpected terms such as "Zero," "X," and "Yarn." They also reflect with renewed vigor upon such familiar concerns as "Difference," "Jouissance," "Nation," and "Otherness." Like a standard glossary, the volume invites the reader to start almost anywhere. ButGlossala liasteps far beyond the parameters of a standard reference work that is simply "about theory" by encouraging readers to actively engage with and enjoy theory, and to consider the future possibilities of theory in the twenty-firstcentury.

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the alphabetic body1 iſ 129 reification261
Brian Rotman Thomas Pepper Silvia L López
Frederick Young Juliet Flower MacCannell Tamsin Lorraine
Christopher Johnson Margaret Russett Martin McQuillan
Ulmer Daniel Cottom Mark Currie
Arkady Plotnitsky Simon Critchley Steven Ungar
Julian Wolfreys John Brannigan Drew Milne
Ruth Robbins Julian Wolfreys Tom Conley
Stephanie A Smith Geoff Ward Valentine Cunningham
notes on contributors391
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Julian Wolfreys is Associate Professor of English at the University of Florida. He is author and editor of many books including Deconstruction: Derrida, The Derrida Reader: Writing Performances, Literary Theories: A Case Study in Critical Performance, and Literary Theories: A Reader and Guide. He is general editor of the Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Modern Criticism and Theory.

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