The Rock of Ages at the Taj Mahal: Unquiet Meditations

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Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, 1998 - 72 strán (strany)
A flash of truth, cutting to the core of life -- such insights often go unspoken. Meg Barnhouse is unafraid to infuse such wisdoms with voice and strong honesty. These unquiet meditations of a Southern feminist and Unitarian Universalist minister spark awareness, energy and laughter in mind and heart.

Part of the UUA Meditation Manual series.


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Strana 7 - All will be well and all will be well and all manner of things will be well, which showed how much she trusted in God to bring about that which was right.
Strana 49 - IN the bleak mid-winter Frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, Water like a stone ; Snow had fallen, snow on snow, Snow on snow, In the bleak mid-winter Long ago. Our God, Heaven cannot hold Him Nor earth sustain ; Heaven and earth shall flee away When He comes to reign : In the bleak mid-winter A stable-place sufficed The Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ.
Strana 69 - I hear about the peaceable kingdom where the lion will lie down with the lamb...
Strana 7 - Lord, if this is how you treat your friends, it's no wonder you have so few!
Strana 21 - Usually it is clear to me that 1 have the choice to stew about things or to be there for my life. In her book The Intuitive Body, Aikido Master Wendy Palmer writes that you get what you pay for when it comes to your attention. Whatever you pay attention to, that is what you get. If you pay attention to the things that are nuisances...
Strana 55 - ... fairy. I have matured in compassion because the karma fairy has visited on me every single thing I used to look down on other people for having. You meet the karma fairy when, right after you curse righteously at someone who has cut in front of your car, you cut off someone else within the hour.
Strana 56 - ... driver. It must be his fault. Your sneaking suspicion, though, is that you just did the very thing for which you were pouring contempt on someone else. Now that the karma fairy has taught me about being sick, I'm more compassionate toward other people. Not to myss self, though.
Strana 18 - I have been rich and 1 didn't know it. 1 have lived with a washer and dryer right in the same house with me. My new house didn't have either appliance, so for the first week I took my clothes to the Clean 1 Washeteria. It looks the same as the laundromat 1 used at school in New Jersey.
Strana 18 - There are rows of washing machines, rows of dryers, a woman supervising the room, and a blaring TV. People sit on plastic chairs reading or watching soap operas while their laundry washes and dries. I have a problem with sitting. I'm recently divorced and still in that attention-deficit stage where I can't focus on anything for longer than fifteen minutes. I could no more...
Strana 26 - ... my church, my garden, and taking small comfort in remembering that I had never missed a day of work. As I lie on my death bed, what do I want to remember? Right now my relationship with my father is painful. I asked him four or five years ago to stop quoting the Bible to me because it made me feel like throwing up and screaming.

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