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MARCH, 1851.

VOL. III.--NO. 11.


(Continued from Vol. II. No. III.)

Of the Holy Supper of our Lord. On those days on which the Lord's Supper is to be celebrated, the minister shall direct bis sermon as much as possible to the subsequent service, and study brevity. After the sermon; and the public confession of sin and prayer, the following exhortation shall be read slowly and intelligibly, with emphasis and earnest. ness, at the table around which the supper is to be celebrated.

Form for the administration of the Holy Supper. lostitution of the

Beloved in the Lord Jesus Christ : AtLord's Supper accur- lend to the words of the institution of the

ding to St. Paul. SSupper of our Lord Jesus Christ, recorded by the Holy Apostle Paul in his first Epistle to the Corinthians, the 11th chapt: "For I have received of the Lord, that which I also delivered unto you, that the Lord Jesus, the same night in which He was betrayed, took bread; and when He had gir. en thanks, He brake it, and said : Take eat; this is my body, which is broken for you : this do in remembrance of me.' After VOL. III.-NO. II.

the gaino manner also He took the

when He had

81!pped, saying: "This cup is the New Testament in my blood: tliis do ye, as ofi as ye drink ii, in remembrance of me. For is oft as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do show forih the Lord's deaih, till He coine. Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup unworihily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. But let i min cxilline himsell, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup; for he that catech and drinkeih unworthily, eateth and drinketh concemnation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body."

That we now may celebrate the supper of the Lord 10 our comfort it is above all things necessity that we vigtitiy examine ourselves; and in the next place that we direct it to that end, for which the Lord Jesus appointed it, namely the remembranco of Him. 1. Acknowledge ? Sincere sell-examination consists of these

meal of sin. Šthree paris: In the first place ihaleiery one soleinnly consider the greamess of liis sins and conden nasion, 80 08.10 abhor and humble bimself before God; remembering that the wruh of God against sin is so great, that rather than suffer il 10 go unpunished, He hath punished the same in His beloved Son Jesus Christ, with the bitter and shameful death of the croes.

2. Faith in 2 In the next place, let every one cxamine his Jesus Christ. S heart, and see whichier he really believes the certain promise of God, that all his sins are forgiven, alone for the sake of the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ; and ihat the perfect righteousness of Christ is imputadani freely granted unio him is his own, as though he had himself made salislacrion for all his sins in his own person, and ruloled all righteousness.

3. Pious purpose. In the third place, let every one search to lead a hulytise. his conscience, whether he is sincerely resolved, henceforth, with his whole life, to prove liis graviude to God, and to walk uprightly before Him. And also whether he unseignedly and hearily renounces all enmiy, envy, ind hatred, and hive determined henceforth to live in true love and peace with his fellowmen.

As many therefore as aie thus reminded, may feel assured that God will receive thein in mercy, and acknowledge them as wor. thy guests of His Son Jesus Christ.

Warning against ) Those on the contrary who have not this im penitant singers. Štestimony of a good conscience, cat and drink judgment to themselves. Wherefore, according to the command of Christ and the Apesile Paul, we admonish all to

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abstain from the table of the Lord, who know themselves to be guilty of the following sins, and declare unto them that they have no part in the kingdom of Jesus Christ: All idolaters; ail who invoke deceased saints, angels, or other creatures ; worship pers of images; enchanters or diviners, using enchantments with caitle, mankind, or other things, and such as trust in those charms; all desp sers of God, of His word, or the holy sacraments; blasphemiers; schisinatics and those who exciic fedition in Church or Stute; perjurers; all such as are disobedient to their parents and superiors; all murderers, contentious and quarrelsome persons, who live in envy and hatred with their neighbors; adulterers, whoremongers, drunkards, thieves, tisurers, robbers, gamesters, misers, and all who lead a scandalo:is life. These all, as long as they persist in such sins, must consider themselves excluded from pisiaking of this holy supper, and abstain therefroin, lest their judyinent and damnation be more fevere.

Weak, penitent be. 2. But this is not said, Beloved in the Lord, , lievers, not to be 10 discourage contrite believeis, is though discouraged.

none mighi join in the supper of the Lord, but such as are sinless. For we do not celebrate this supper, 10 show therely that we are perfect and righteous in ourselves. On the contrary, by thus seeking our life and salvation out of our selves, in Jesus Christ, we confess ourselves to be in the bonds of spiritual death. For we sill discover many infirmities and Jniseries in our lives, knowing that our faith is weak and imper. fect, and that we do not serve the Lord with becoining zeal, but have daily to fight wih he infirmities of our faith, and the corrupe lusts of the flesh. Bue by the grace of the Holy Spirit, we heartily deplore these infirmities, cuntend against otir unbelief, and sincerely desire to live according to all ihe commandmenis of God. Wherefore we may feel certainly assured, that no sin or infirmity, which may yei cleare unto 119, against our will, shall hinder our gracious acceptance with God, or our worthy und profitable participation in this heavenly ment and drink.

11. The design of Let 113 now, in the next place, consider the Lord's Supper. Što what end the Lord instituted His supper, namely that we do this in remembrance of Him.

1. Por the confirma? We are to remember Him, in the first

tion of our faith. S place, by certainly believing, in our hearts, that our Lord Jesus Christ was sent into the world, by the Faihes, according to the promise made in the beginning into our forefathers; that He icok upon Himsef our flesh and llcod's that He endured for us the wrath of God, under which we muel eternally have perished, from His incarnation until the end of His life on earth, and rendered complele obedience unto the divine law, fulfilling all righteousness for us. But especially are we to believe that all this was done, when under the burden of our sins, and the wrath of God, He sweat great drops as it were of blood in the garden; when He was bound, that we might be released; when He then endured inexpressible reproach, that we might never be put to shaine; was condemned to death, that we might be acquitted at the judgment-seat of God; and above all when He permitted His sacred body to be nailed to the cross, that He might fasten thereon the indictment of our sins; and so assumed our condemna'ion, that He might replenish is with His saving grace, abasing Himself into the deepest reproach and hellish anguish of body and soul, on the cross, when He cried out with a loud voice: My Gud! My God! Why has Thou forsaken me? That He suffered all this in order that we might tind acceptance with God, and never be forsaken, sealing The new and everlasting Testament, ihe covenant of grace and reconciliation, with the shedding of His blood, and with His death, when He finally said, 'It is finished.'

That we now might firmly believe, that we have part in this covenant, Our Lord Jesus Christ in the night in which was betrayed, took bread, and when He had given thanks, He brake it, and gave it to His disciples, and said, lake and eat, ibis is my body which is offered for you ; do this in remembrance of me.

In like manner also, after supper, He took ihe cup, blessed it, and gave it unto them, saying: Drink ye all of it, this cup is the New Testament in my blood, shed for you and for many, for the forgiveness of sins; do this as oft as ye drink ii, in remembrance of me. That is, as oft as ye eat of this bread, and drink of this cup, ye shall be reminded and assured, as by a cerlain remembrance and pledge, of this my hearty love and faithfulness unto you, who must have perished with everlasting death, bad I not given my body to die for you upon the cross, and shed my blood to feed and nourish your hungry and thirsty souls with this same crucified body aud shed blood, as certainly as you all see this bread broken, and this cup handed un!o you, and you are permitted to cal and drink thereof with your mouth, in remembrance of Me.

From this institution of the holy supper of our Lord Jesus Christ, we see that He fixes our faith and confidence

His perfect sacrifice, once offered upon the cross, as upon the only foundation and basis of our salvation, having Himself become the true meat and drink of eternal life unto our hungry and ibirsty souls.


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For by His death He hath removed the cause of our hunger and grief, namely sin, and procured for us the quickening Spirit, that we, through the same Spirit, dwelling in Christ as the head, and in us as His members, may have true fellowship with Him, and be made partakers of all His benefits, of eternal life, righteousness and glory.

2. For the futherance Another design of this Holy Supper is,

of brotherly love. S that by the same Spirit, we may all be knit together, as members of one body, in true brotherly love; as the Holy Apostle Paul saiih: For as it is one bread, so we being many are one body, forasmuch as we are all partakers of one bread. For as out of many grains one meal is ground, and one bread is baked, and out of many berries pressed together one wine and one drink floweth and commingleth ; so also shall we all, being incorporated with Christ by true faith, be one body through brotherly love, for the sake of our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath first so loved us; and that not in word only, but in very deed. And hereunto may the Almighty and Merciful God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ help us by His Holy Spirit. Amen.



Let us Pray. Prayer before the Most Merciful God and Father, we beseech communion trge faith, sancti.

Thee, that in this holy supper, in which we fication and stead. celebrate the glorious remembrance of the fastness in the bitter death of Thy dear Son Jesus Christ,

Thou wouldest so operate upon our hearts by Thy Holy Spirit, that we may surrender ourselves continually more and more, with true faith, unto Thy Son Jesus Christ, that our heavy-laden and contrite hearts may be nourished and quickened wiih His true body and blood, yea with Him, as true God and man, the only heavenly bread, by the power of the Holy Ghost. And thus may we no more live in sin, but He in us and we in Him, and be made so really to partake of the blessings of the eternal Testament and covenani of grace, that we may never doubt that Thou wilt be our Faiher forever, no more reckoning our sins against us, but providing all things for us, for soul and body, as Thy dear children, and heirs.

Grant unto us also Thy grace, that we may cheerfully bear our cross, deny ourselves, confess our Saviour, and in all our tribulations, with uplifted heads, expect our Lord Jesus Christ from heaven, when He will make our mortal bodies like unto

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