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Hon. President—The Right Hon. The EarL OF ROSEBERY, K.G., K.T.

PresidentPETER STURROCK, Esq., of Baltersan, Kilmarnock.
Vice-Presidents—R. W. CocHRAN PATRICK, Esq., LL.D., Woodside,

Beith; Rev. WILLIAM DUNNETT, M.A., Kilmarnock; COLIN RAB
Brown, 17 Nevern Road, South Kensington, London.

Honorary Secretary-Captain David SNEDDON, Kilmarnock. Honorary Treasurer-JOSEPH BROCKIE, Royal Bank, Kilmarnock. Editor, Annual Burns Chronicle—D. M‘Naught, Esq., J.P., Kilmaurs. Members (Kilmarnock)Provost MACKAY; JOHN BAIRD, J.P., London

Road; GEORGE DUNLOP, Standard Office; J. B. WILSON, London Road; JOHN NEWLANDS, Portland Street; THOMAS Amos, M.A., The Academy; David MURRAY, M.A., B.Sc.; JOHN KERR, B.L, John Finnie Sireet. (Glasgow )—Dr. WILLIAM FINDLAY, 19 Westercraigs, Dennistoun; JAMES ADAMS, M.D., F.F.P.S.G., 10 Queen's Crescent; WILLIAM MARTIN, 116 St. Vincent Street; WILLIAM WALLACE, Herald Office; Dr. A. PATTERSON, 22 India Street; ANDREW GIBSON, 14 Cliftonville Avenue, Belfast; Dr. HUNTER SELKIRK, Dalevale, Carluke.

OBJECTS OF THE FEDERATION. 1. To strengthen and consolidate the bond of fellowship presently existing

amongst the members of Burns Clubs, and kindred societies, by

universal affiliation. 2. To superintend the publication of works relating to Burns. 3. To acquire a fund for the purchase and preservation of Holograph

Manuscripts and other Relics connected with the Life and Works of the Poet, and for other purposes of a like nature, as the Executive Council may determine.

RULES. 1. The headquarters of the Federation shall be at Kilmarnock, the town in

which the Federation was inaugurated and carried to a practical issue, and which contains the only properly organised Burns Museum and.

Library in the United Kingdom. 2. Properly organised Burns Clubs, St. Andrew's Societies, and Kindred

Associations, may be admitted to the Federation by application, in writing, to the Hon. Secretary, enclosing copy of Constitution and

Rules. 3. Registration Fee, Twenty-one Shillings, on receipt of which the Diploma

of the Federation shall be issued, after being numbered and signed by the Fresident and Hon. Secretary.

4. Members of every Burns. Club, or Kindred Association, registered by the

Federation, shall be entitled to receive a pocket Diploma on payment

of One Shilling. ( These payments are finalnot annual.) 5. The Funds of the Federation shall be vested in the Executive Council

for the purposes before-mentioned. 6. The Executive Council shall consist of the President and Vice-Presidents

of the Federation, the President, Vice-President, and Secretary of each Affiliated Club, and other gentlemen of eminence nominated by the

Executive. 7. A meeting of the Executive Council shall be held annually, at such place

as may be agreed upon at the previous Annual Meeting, when reports of the year's transactions shall be submitted by the Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.

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BENEFITS. 1. Registered Clubs are supplied free with copies of newspapers, etc.,

containing accounts of meetings, demonstrations, etc., organised, conducted, or attended by the Executive of the Federation, and of the Annual Meeting of the Kilmarnock Burns Club—annual exchange

of fraternal greetings on the Anniversary of the Poet's natal day. 2. Members of Registered Clubs who have provided themselves with

Pocket Diplomas are entitled to attend meetings of all the Clubs on the Roll of the Federation, they being subject to the rules of the Club visited, but having no voice in its management, unless admitted a

member, according to local form. 3. Members are entitled to be supplied, through the Secretaries of their

respective Clubs, with copies of all works published by the Federation, at a discount of 33} per cent.



BURNS HOLOGRAPH MANUSCRIPTS, in the Kilmarnock Monument

Museum, with Notes. Edited by David Sneddon, Hon. Secretary
Burns Federation. Price, is 6d. Cloth, with Gilt Title. Kilmarnock:

D. Brown & Co. 1889.
VOL. I. Edited by John Muir. Price, Is. Stout paper covers.

Kilmarnock: D. Brown & Co. 1892.
VOL. II. Edited by D. M‘Naught. Price, is 6d.

Stout paper covers.

Kilmarnock: D. Brown & Co. 1893.
VOL. III. Edited by D. M‘Naught. Price, is 6d.

covers. Kilmarnock: D. Brown & Co. 1894.
VOL. IV. Edited by D. M‘Naught. Price, is 6d.

covers. Kilmarnock: D. Brown & Co. 1895. VOL. V. Edited by D. M‘Naught. Price, is 6d.

Stout paper
covers. Glasgow: John Horn. 1896.
Vol. VI. Edited by D. M‘Naught. Price, is 6d.

Stout paper
Glasgow: John Horn. 1897.
A few copies of the back vols. may still be had on application to the
Hon. Secretary. Increased prices are charged when vols. are out of print.

Stout paper

Stout paper




[Owing to unexpected pressure on his space at the last moment, the Editor

regrets that he found it imperatively necessary to hold over the following minute, and to curtail the Notes and Queries and Bibliography. He has also been compelled to adopt a similar course in the present issue.]


DUNDEE, 24th June, 1895. The annual meeting of the Executive Council of the Burns Federation was held here to-day.

Present-Colin Rae-Brown, London, V.-P. of the Federation, presiding, David Mackay, Dr. Wm. Findlay, and David Sneddon (hon. secy. Burns Federation), representing the Kilmarnock Burns Club ; A. T. Anderson and S. C. D. Taylor, Greenock; W. Craibe Angus, Rosebery Club, Glasgow ; W. Anderson, Springburn; John Law, St. Rollox ; John Peters, Thistle Club, Glasgow; James Fowler, president, D. R. Pryde, V.-P., John Beat, secretary, A. Strachan, jr., treasurer, representing Dundee Burns Club; J. G. Geddes, Alyth; Andrew Stewart, Alex. M ́Donald, Adam Cairns, James Binsey, James Ogilvy, George Fraser, and D. M‘Nab.

Letters of apology were read from Rev. David Macrae, W. D. Latto (editor of the People's Journal), Peter Sturrock, Kilmarnock (president of the Federation), William Wallace, Glasgow Herald, etc.

The minutes of the annual meeting, held in the Windsor Hotel, Glasgow, on the 26th June, 1894, were read and unanimously approved of.

The hon. secretary submitted the financial statement, showing a credit balance of £22 4s iod in the ordinary fund, and a balance of £18 16s id at credit of the Burns Chronicle account. The financial report was unanimously approved of.

On the motion of Captain D. Sneddon (hon. secretary of the Federation) it was unanimously agreed to add Dr. James Adams, Glasgow, to the Executive Council of the Federation.

The future of the Burns Chronicle was discussed at considerable length, and ultimately it was resolved that an effort should now be made to get the annual circulation of the serial increased, so that the profit would yield an honorarium to the editor, Mr. Duncan M‘Naught, who had hitherto given the whole of his services gratuitously. The following sub-committee was appointed to make the best possible arrangements for the publication of the Chronicle, and to carry into effect the recommendations of this council:-David Mackay, D. M‘Naught, Dr. Findlay, Peter Sturrock, A. F. Anderson, Wm. Craibe Angus, and David Sneddon (convener). The centenary of the death of Robert Burns, proposed to be commemorated on 21st July, 1896, was fully discussed, and Mr. Angus, in reporting on the proposed exhibition to be held in Glasgow, said, four years ago, when the matter was first brought forward, it was anticipated that the new Fine Art Galleries would be ready in time. Unfortunately that could not now be expected. The Executive had applied to the Town Council of Glasgow for assistance, but they had not yet got an answer.

Mr. Mackay thought, unless they could get the co-operation of the Town Council, it would be better to delay the Exhibition until the new buildings were finished, as he did not think the people would be so ready to send MSS. to the Federation as to the Town Council of Glasgow.

It was finally agreed to wait until the Town Council considered the matter, but it was the feeling of the meeting that, unless the Town Council took an active part in the Exhibition, it would be better to let it drop.

A suggestion was made that next year each town should have a centenary celebration of its own, but no definite finding was arrived at. А special vote of thanks was awarded to Mr. M‘Naught for his services as editor of the Burns Chronicle, and a special appeal was made for more support to the publication from the Burns Clubs.

It was, after discussion, agreed that the next annual meeting of the Federation should be held in Kilmarnock.

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KILMARNOCK, 20th November, 1896. The annual meeting of the Executive of the Burns Federation was held here this afternoon at 3:45.

Present—Provost Mackay (presiding), D. M‘Naught, J.P., editor of Burns Chronicle, Capt. D. Sneddon, hon. Secretary, and the following representatives from Federated Clubs :--Kilmarnock, John Kerr, T. Amos, M.A., and Councillor J. B. Wilson; Dundee, Tom Sharp; Springburn, John Young ; Sandyford, John Watson, Andrew Black, and J. M. Munro ; Thistle, Glasgow, John Peters; Thornliebank, W. Patterson and Robert Dalziel.

Letters of apology were read from Dr. W. Findlay, Glasgow; Colin Rae-Brown, London; and from the secretaries of the Dunfermline and the Dunoon (Cowal) Burns Clubs.

The minutes of the annual meeting, held in Lamb's Hotel, Dundee, on the 24th June, 1895, were read and approved of.

The Hon. Secretary submitted the financial statement, showing a credit balance of £32 75 5d in the ordinary fund, and a balance of £35 98 5d at credit of the Burns Chronicle account, making a total sum in hand of £67 168 iod. The financial report was unanimously approved of, and, on the motion of the Chairman, Mr. Brockie was appointed to audit the accounts. The Secretary reported that the patronage of the Town Council of Glasgow had been secured for the Burns Exhibition, and that the Lord Provost had personally contributed £100 and the Town Council £250 to the Guarantee Fund. The Exhibition had been fairly well patronised, but it was premature to say whether any loss had resulted from the venture. He also reported that the Federation had been duly represented at the various Celebrations of the Centenary, and the representatives had everywhere been treated with the greatest consideration and courtesy.

The proposed new rule, as submitted in the circular calling the annual meeting, was fully discussed, but, on the motion of the Chairm withdrawn, and it was agreed that a special appeal be made to every Burns Club to give support to the next year's Chronicle and Club Directory.

Mr. Tom Sharp, Dundee, directed the attention of the Executive Council to an apparent omission in the current year's Chronicle, inasmuch as the report of the meeting, held in Dundee, on 24th June, 1895, was not published. Mr. M‘Naught, editor of the Chronicle, explained that the report was crowded out, but would be published in the 1897 volume, along with an explanatory note.

It was agreed that several changes and additions should be made on the roll of members of the Executive Council, and a complete list published in the next ChronicleMr. Sharp agreeing to submit names of Northcountry gentlemen. It was also agreed to that the constitution of the Federation should be published in the Chronicle. On the motion of the Chairman, it was unanimously agreed to hold the next annual meeting of the Executive Council of the Federation at Greenock, at a time most suit. able for the members of the Greenock Burns Club-say, in June. The same arrangements as last year for editing and publishing the Chronicle were agreed to. It was also agreed to make the forthcoming issue a memorial of the Centenary, in which would be preserved the outlines of the various celebrations, and the principal speeches delivered on the occasion.

Mr. Joseph Brockie, agent Royal Bank, Kilmarnock, was unanimously appointed hon. treasurer.

Special votes of thanks were awarded to the hon. secretary, on the motion of Mr. John Peters; to the editor, on the motion of Mr. John Watson; and to the chairman, on the motion of Mr. John Young.

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No. 0. KILMARNOCK Burns Club (Mother of the Federation). Insti

tuted 1808. President, John Kerr, B.L., John Finnie Street; Vice-President, Rev. John Craig, B.D., Edgehill, London Road; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Alex. Davidson, 38 Portland Street, Kilmarnock. Meet in George Hotel, Kilmarnock. 250 members.

No. I LONDON Robert Burns Club. Instituted 1868. General

Coinmittee :-President, A. Macnaughton, 42 Gutter Lane,
E.C.; Vice-President, Dr. Leslie Ogilvie, 46 Wellbeck
Street, Cavendish Square, W.; Honorary Secretary and
Treasurer, W. C. Daniels, 85 Queen Street, Cheapside,
E.C. Honorary Members :— Past Presidents, Colin Rae-
Brown, 17 Nevern Road, South Kensington, S.W. ; A. G.
Soutter, Roseneath, 79 Bethune Road, Stamford. Hill, N.;
J. Buchanan, 20 Bucklersbury, E.C.; R. Macpherson, 337
Gray's Inn Road, W.C.; J. Young, 38 Hillfield Road, West
Hampstead, N.W.; Dr. D. Menzies, i Harewood Square,
N.W.; P. E. Clunn, 9 Nevern Road, South Kensington, S.W.

No. 2. ALEXANDRIA Burns Club. Instituted 1884. President,

Robert Telfer, 34 Lennox Street ; Vice-President, David
Walker, 108 Middleton Street ; Treasurer, Lachlan M‘Kinnon,
1 Victoria Street; Secretary, Duncan Carswell, Linnbrane
Terrace. 30 members.

No. 3. GLASGOW Tam o' Shanter Club. Instituted 1880. Federated

in 1885. President, William Muirhead, 104 Bothwell Street ;
Vice-President, Hugh Fraser, 71 South Portland Street ;
Hon. Secretary, James Angus, 6 Gibson Street, Hillhead.
Meet in Trades' House Restaurant, Glassford Street, on last
Friday of each month, from November till May.

No. 4. CALLANDER Burns Club. Instituted 1877. Federated in 1885.

President, William Russell ; Secretary, James S. Anderson,

No. 5. EARLSTON Burns Club. Instituted 24th January, 1885.

President, Thomas Boston Murdison, High Street; Vice-
President, Alexander Bone, jun., Craigsford ; Treasurer,
William Grieve, Station House; Secretary, William Kerr,
Thorn Street, Earlston. 78 members.

No. 6. ALLOA Burns Club. President, Robert Hewitson, Whins

Road; Vice-Presidents, Alexander Reid, Drysdale Street,
and John Colville, Fenton Street; Treasurer, William
Breingan, Coalgate; Secretary, George B. M.Murtrie,
Ochil Street, Alloa. 30 members.

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