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No. 7. GLASGOW Thistle Burns Club. Instituted 10th March, 1882. President, Robert M'Taggart, 40 MacCulloch Street, Pollokshields; Vice-President, William Weir, Nicholson Street, S.S.; Treasurer, A. Kerr, 24 Thistle Street, S. S.; Secretary, John Peters, 150 Main Street, Anderston, Glasgow. Limited to 40 members.

No. 8. MORPETH AND DISTRICT Burns Club (dormant). Last Secretary, John Dobson, Oldgate Street, Morpeth.

No. 9. GLASGOW Royalty Burns Club. Instituted 1882. President, John Young, 42 Bath Street; Vice-President, Robert M. Renwick, Lyndale, Cambuslang; Treasurer, Thomas Graham, II Bothwell Street; Secretary, W. S. Ramsay, 6 Ruthven Street, Hillhead, Glasgow. 65 members.

No. 10. DUMBARTON Burns Club. Instituted 1859. President, ex-Dean of Guild Allan; Senior Vice-President, Bailie Barlas; Junior Vice-President, Councillor Macphie; Secretary and Treasurer, James M'Gilchrist, Gas Works, Dumbarton. Meet in Elephant Hotel. 36 members.

No. 11. CHESTERFIELD Burns Society. Under reorganisation. Hon. Secretary, George Edward Drennan, 77 Salter Gate, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

No. 12. BARROW-IN-FURNESS Burns Club. Federated in 1886. President, Samuel Boyle; Secretary, Alexander M'Naught, 4 Ramsden Square, Barrow-in-Furness.

No. 13. ST. ANDREWS Burns Club. Instituted 1869. Federated in 1886. President, John L. Macpherson; Vice-President, Michael B. Wilson; Secretary and Treasurer, William Brown, 116 South Street, St. Andrews. 100 members. Rooms, Royal Hotel. Poet Laureate, the Rev. Canon Tuttiett.

No. 14. DUNDEE Burns Club. Instituted 2nd February, 1860. Hon. President, Sir John Leng, M.P.; President, David H. Pryde,' Club Rooms, 36 Nethergate; Vice-President, Thomas Bennett, Club Rooms, 36 Nethergate; Treasurer, Alexander Strachan, jun., Club Rooms, 36 Nethergate; Secretary, John Beat, Club Rooms, 36 Nethergate, Dundee. 60 members.

No. 15. BELFAST Burns Club. Instituted January, 1872. Federated in 1886. President, Peter Galloway, 15 Donegal Place; VicePresident, W. H. Anderson, East Hillbrook, Holywood; Treasurer and Secretary, James Russell, 21 Moyola Street, Belfast. 64 members.

No. 16. SYDNEY Burns Club. Instituted 1880. Federated in 1886. President, Alex. Kethel, J. P.; Vice-Presidents, James Muir and Thomas Lamond; Treasurer, W. W. Bain; Secretary, W. Telfer, School of Arts, Pitt Street, Sydney, N.S.W. 400 members.

No. 17. NOTTINGHAM Scottish Society Burns Club (dormant). Federated in 1886. Last Secretary, D. Stuart Hepburn, 9 Wellington Circus, Nottingham.

No. 18. LIVERPOOL Burns Club. Instituted 1864. Federated in 1886. President, Rev. J. M'Gavin Sloan, 9 Alroy Road, Anfield; Vice-President, Thomas Bryde, 3 Argyle Road, Anfield; Secretary and Treasurer, Alexander Smith, 104 Salisbury Road, Wavertree, Liverpool. 100 members.

No. 19. AUCKLAND Burns Club and Literary Society. Instituted 1884. Federated in 1886. Patron, His Excellency the Earl of Glasgow, G.C.M.G., Governor of New Zealand; President, James Stewart, C.E.; Vice-Presidents, George Fowlds, Alex. Murchie, and the Hon. William Samson, M.L.C.; Hon. Treasurer, John Henry; Hon. Secretary, John Horne, Wellington Street, Auckland, N.Z. Executive, Robert Geddes, Wm. Henry, Alex. Wright, Charles A. Dunn, and D. Finleyson.

No. 20. AIRDRIE Burns Club. Instituted 1885. Federated in 1886. President, William Thomson, B. L.; Vice-President, William Sutherland; Treasurer, David Johnstone; Secretary, James Sommerville, Royal Hotel, Airdrie. 50 members.

No. 21. GREENOCK Burns Club. Instituted 1802. Federated in 1886. Honorary President, Rev. Hugh Macmillan, D.D., LL.D., F.R.S. E., Union Street; President, Bailie Peter M'Farlane, Lily Bank, Port-Glasgow; Vice-Presidents, R. B. Shearer, Hartfell, and Robert Caird, Newark Street; Treasurer, A. T. Anderson, Newton Street; Secretaries, J. B. Morison, Forsyth Street, and David Loudoun, Glasgow Mail Office, Greenock. 300 members.

No. 22. EDINBURGH Burns Club. Instituted 1858. Federated in 1886. President, John Smart, R.S. A.; Vice-Presidents, Lord Provost M'Donald, and Archibald Munro, M.A.; Chaplain, Rev. A. Wallace Williamson, M.A.; Treasurer, George T. Thin; Secretary, George A. Munro, S.S.C., 57 Častle Street, Edinburgh.

No. 23. ADELAIDE South Australian Caledonian Society. Federated in 1886. Hon. Chief, Hon. Dr. Allen Campbell, M.L.C.; Chief, J. L. Stirling; Secretary, John Drummond, 50 Rundle Street, Adelaide.

No. 24. GLASGOW Bank Burns Club. Instituted 1844. Federated in 1886. President, William Bowie, 220 Buchanan Street; VicePresident, Robert Johnston, Spoutmouth; Treasurer, Alex. Gray, 97 Great Hamilton Street; Secretary, John Gentle, 116 Gallowgate, Glasgow. 150 members.

No. 25. WINNIPEG St. Andrew's Society. Federated in 1886. Chief, W. A. Dunbar; Secretary, David Philip, Government Buildings, Winnipeg, Man. Rooms, Unity Hall, Hain Street.

No. 26. PERTH Burns Club. Instituted 1873. Federated on 19th June, 1886. President, William Whitelaw, M.P. for Perth, Huntingtower Park, by Perth; Vice-President, Dr. Holmes Morrison, Marshall Place; Treasurer, William Stevenson, Balhousie Villas; Secretary, James Harper, 68 St. John Street, Perth. Meet in Salutation Hotel, Perth. 80 members.


No. 27. GLASGOW Springburn Burns Club. Federated 1886. President, Græme A. Whitelaw, M. P.; President, John Flint; Vice-President, James Bryan; Secretary, William M'Bain, Janefield Cottage, Broomfield Road, Springburn, Glasgow.

No. 28. The JOLLY BEGGARS Burns Club, Mauchline. Federated in 1886. President, Andrew Crawford, S.C.D.; Secretary and Treasurer, David Hood. Meet in Poosie Nansie's, Mauchline.

No. 29. BOLTON Federated Burns Club. Instituted January, 1882. Federated in 1886. President, George Petch, 30 Dean Road; Vice-President, John Flockhart, 68 Kent Street; Treasurer, John Hardie, 30 Cannon Street; Secretary, Joseph Pearson, 62 Salisbury Street, Bolton. Meet in Wheat Sheaf Hotel, Great Moor Street, Bolton. 25 members.

No. 30. BLACKBURN Burns Club. Instituted in 1878. Federated in 1886. President, W. Ferguson, Ainsworth Street; VicePresident and Treasurer, William M'Kie, Wellington Street; Secretary, Robert M'Kie, Victoria Street, Blackburn. members.


No. 31. SAN FRANCISCO Scottish Thistle Club. Instituted 1882. Federated in 1886. Chief, Donald G. C. M'Kay; Recorder, George W. Patterson, 320 Farrell Street, San Francisco, Cal.

No. 32. NEWARK Caledonian Club. Federated in 1886. President, John Huggan; Treasurer, Paul Buchanan, corner of 16th Avenue and Bergen Street; Secretary, John Hogg, Caledonian Club, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.

No. 33. GLASGOW Haggis Club. Instituted 1872. Federated in 1886. President, John Horn, Oakfield, Pollokshields; Vice-President, John B. M'Naught, Stonefield Terrace, S.S.; Treasurer, Thomas Macfarlane, 90 Regent Terrace; Secretary, R. J. Cameron, 212 St. Vincent Street. Meet in Mr. M'Culloch's, Maxwell Street. 50 members (limited).

No. 34. GLASGOW Carrick Burns Club. Instituted 25th January, 1859. Federated 15th January, 1887. President, D. Gordon; Treasurer, D. Norval; Secretary, John Newbigging, 25 Albert Drive, Crosshill. Meet in 62 Glassford Street, Glasgow, every Saturday, excepting the months of July and August. members.


No. 35. DALRY Burns Club. Instituted 1826. Federated in 1887. President, David Johnstone, Inspector of Schools; VicePresident, Robert Fulton, Writer; Secretary and Treasurer, Alex. Comrie, Accountant, Dalry, Ayrshire. This is the oldest known Burns Club with an unbroken record of its transactions to date. 30 members. The anniversary meeting is held on the Friday nearest 25th January.

No. 36. GLASGOW Rosebery Burns Club. Instituted 1885. Federated in 1887. President, Alexander Skirving, I.A., Chestnut Cottage, Langside; Vice-President, Robert Kennedy, 202 Hope Street, Glasgow; Treasurer, Hugh Sturdy, 39 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands; Secretary, James Angus, 22 Ratho Terrace, Springburn, Glasgow. 147 members.

No. 37. DOLLAR Burns Club. Instituted 1887. Federated in 1888. President, Edward Davies, Cairnpark Street; Vice-President, Dr. Strachan, Gladstone Terrace; Treasurer, John Fleming, Mayfield; Secretary, W. G. Cruickshank, Aberdona Villa, Dollar. 40 members.

No. 38. GLASGOW "Jolly Beggars" Burns Club.

Federated in 1888.

Vice-President, David Caldwell; Secretary, Jas. Gillespie, jun., 80 Gloucester Street, Glasgow.

No. 39. GLASGOW "St. David's" Burns Club.

Instituted 1887. Federated in 1889. President, Henry Cowan; Secretary, Alex. Porteous, 5 March Street, Strathbungo, Glasgow. Meetings held at 163 Ingram Street, Glasgow.

No. 40. ABERDEEN Burns Club. Instituted 1887.

Federated in 1889.

President, James M'Intosh, 50 Mushit Hall; Secretary, A. M.
Byres, 21 Bridge Street, Aberdeen.

Instituted 1886. Federated in
Baxter ; Vice-President, W.
Treasurer, John B. M'Intosh,

No. 41. DENNISTOUN Burns Club. 1889. President, Thomas Williamson; Secretary and 300 Duke Street. Club Room, Loudon Arms Hotel, Glasgow. 25 members.

No. 42. CRIEFF Burns Club. Federated in 1891.

President, Malcolm

Finlayson, Solicitor; Vice-President, W. Duncan, Royal Hotel;
Secretary, Wm. Pickard, Writer, Crieff.

No. 43. GLASGOW Northern Burns Club. Federated in 1891. President, Moses Chalmers'; Secretary, Alex. Duncanson, 24 Grafton Street, Glasgow.

No. 44. FORFAR Burns Club. Instituted 1890. Federated in 1891. President, John Ferguson, Allan Bank; Vice-President, George S. Nicolson; Treasurer, Andrew Rennie; Secretary, Henry Rae, 14 Montrose Road, Forfar. 150 members.

No. 45. CUMNOCK Burns Club. Instituted 1887. President, John Samson, Lugar, Cumnock; Vice-President, Robert Bird, Auchinleck; Treasurer and Secretary, Matthew Brownlie, Coilantogle, Cumnock. Meet in Dumfries Arms Hotel, Cumnock. 70 members.

No. 46. WARWICKSHIRE Burns Club. Instituted 1888. Federated in 1891. Treasurer and Secretary, Robert Greenfield, F.R.H.S., Ranelagh Nursery, Leamington. 70 members.

No. 47. ST. ROLLOX Burns Club.

Instituted 1889. President, John Chalmers, 35 Tenant Street, St. Rollox; Vice-President, Robert Carruthers, 45 Glenfield Street; Treasurer, Donald Crawford, 184 Castle Street; Secretary, Thomas Paton, 32 Frazer Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. 30 members.

No. 48. PAISLEY Burns Club. Instituted 1805. President, George H. Coats, Ellangowan, Castlehead, Paisley; Vice-President, James Ross, Fetteresso, Castlehead, Paisley; Treasurer and Secretary, James Edward Campbell, M.A., B.L., Writer, 3 County Place, Paisley. Meet in County Hotel, Paisley. 33 members (limited to 40).

No. 49. BRIDGETON Burns Club. Instituted 1856. President, Robert Scott, 8 Buchanan Street; Vice-President, A. J. Bain, 23 Sutherland Terrace, Dowanhill; Treasurer, William Campbell, 32 Monteith Row; Secretary, William Cochran, 175 West George Street, Glasgow. 300 members.

No. 50. STIRLING Burns Club.

Federated in 1891. President, Dr. Macnab; Secretary, J. L. Hutcheson, Journal Office, 5 King Street, Stirling.

No. 51. CHICAGO Caledonian Society. Instituted 1883. Federated in 1892. Chief, Hugh Shirlaw; Chieftain, F. D. Todd; Treasurer, Angus Maclean; Secretary, Charles T. Spence, 3002 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. 197 members. Society meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays in each month in Hall, 1-85 E. Madison Street, Chicago, Ill.

No. 52. DUMFRIES Mechanics' Burns Club. Instituted 1884. Federated in 1892. President, John Mundell, 93 Irish Street; VicePresident, John Kemp, West Park House, Maxwelltown; Treasurer, Archibald Fairley, 29 Wallace Street; Secretary, James Anderson, 13 St. Michael Street, Dumfries. members (limited).


No. 53. FAIRFIELD Govan Burns Club. Instituted 25th January, 1886. Federated in 1892. Honorary President, Hugh Lymburn, Esq., Mayfield Cottage, Crossloan, Govan; President, George Sinclair, 47 Helen Street, Govan; Vice-President, Duncan Calder, 1135 Dumbarton Road, Whiteinch; Treasurer, Hugh Marr, 37 White Street, Govan; Secretary, James M'Cartney, 4 Barnwell Terrace, Durmayne, Govan. 56 members.

No. 54. ST. JOHNSTONE Burns Club, Perth. Instituted January 1892. Federated on 1st December, 1892. President, Alex. Davidson, Rosslyn Place; Vice-President, Councillor Wood, Brunswick Terrace; Secretary and Treasurer, Thomas Macgregor, 15 Balbousie Street, Perth. Meet in County Place Hotel, Perth. 90 members.

No. 55. DERBY Burns Club. Instituted 25th January, 1891. Federated in 1893. President, W. H. Cunningham; Vice-Presidents, Dr. Brown and J. M'Donald; Joint-Secretaries, George M'Lauchlan, 49 Molineux Street, and George Kelman ; Treasurer, A. L. Cunningham, 54 Sadler Gate, Derby. members.


No. 56. MUIRKIRK Lapraik Burns Club. Instituted 8th February, 1893. Federated in 1893. President, Dr. A. B. Fulton, Irondale House; Vice-President, Thomas Weir, Main Street; Treasurer, James Young, Main Street; Secretary, John M'Donald, Furnace Road, Muirkirk. 62 members.

No. 57. THORNLIEBANK Burns Club. Instituted 25th January, 1891. Federated in 1893. President, David Buchanan, Eastwood Crescent; Vice-President, William Sivis, The Club; Treasurer, David Marshall, Campsie Terrace; Secretary, Malcolm Jamieson, Main Street, Thornliebank. 130 members.

No. 58. KIRKCALDY Burns Club. Federated in 1893. President, Rev. Mr. Parry; Vice-President, A. B. Coupar; Treasurer, J. M. Millar; Secretary, Charles Robertson, 29 Links Street, Kirkcaldy.

No. 59. GOUROCK "Jolly Beggars" Burns Club. Instituted 1893. Federated in 1893. President, Commissioner Stewart, Craig Bank; Vice-President, David Malcolm, 20 Shore Street; Treasurer, William Lee, jun., Mather House; Secretary, John Young, 14 Shore Street, Gourock. 60 members.

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