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No. 60. WOLVERHAMPTON Burns Club. Instituted 1891. Fcderated

in 1893. President, C. Henry Potts, Kettering, Waterloo
Road; Vice-President, James Corson, 20 Cleveland Street ;
Hon. Treasurer, William Forsyth, 34 Stafford Street; Hon.
Secretary, James Killin, Beechgrove, Compton Road, Wolver-

hampton. 84 members. No. 61. GLASGOW Glencairn Burns Club. Instituted 1890. President,

Robert Corbet, 2 Ardgowan Terrace ; Vice-President, James
Jamieson, 13 Commerce Street ; Treasurer, W. F. Hutchison,
220 Paisley Road, West; Joint-Secretaries, James Laing, 218
Watt Street, and John M. Picken, 375 Paisley Road, Glasgow.

Meet at 375 Paisley Road. 46 members (limited to 60).
No. 62. CUPAR Burns Club. Instituted 25th October, 1893. President,

H. T. Anstruther, M.P., Gillingshill, Pittenweem, Fife ; Vice-
Presidents, William Henderson, Haymount, Cupar-Fife, and
Thomas R. Nichols, Station House, Cupar-Fife ; Treasurer,
James Kerrmack, British Linen Company Bank, Cupar-Fife ;
Secretary, John G. Stewart, North Union Street, Cupar-Fife.

87 members. No. 63. GLASGOW Mossgiel Burns Club. Instituted 1893. President,

J. M. Cowden; Vice-President, D. Anderson ; Treasurer,
R. Blair ; Secretary, J. M. Blair, 186 Cumberland Street,

S.S., Glasgow. 50 members.
No. 64. BEITH Burns Club. Instituted 1892. President, James

S. Anderson, Crumnoch Street ; Vice-President, Archd.
M‘Ewan, Cross; Treasurer, John Short, Main Street ;
Secretary, H. W. Crawford, New Street House, Beith. 30

members. No. 65. MUSSELBURGH Burns Club. Federated in 1894. President,

A. M‘Farlane; Vice-President, Town Treasurer White ;
Treasurer, W. Walker, Eskside; Secretary, William Hood, 23

High Street, Musselburgh. 70 members.
No. 66. CROSSGATES Burns Club. Instituted 1889. Federated in

1894. Secretary, William Muir, Back Street, Crossgates.

Meet in Crossgates Hotel. 110 members.
No. 67. GLASGOW Carlton Burns Club. Instituted February, 1894

President, Archibald Campbell, Springfield Quay, S.S. ;
Vice-President, Andrew Barclay, 10 Lorne Terrace, Mary-
hill'; Treasurer, James Milligan, 2 South Portland Street;
Secretary, John F. Robertson, 36 Cumberland Street, South,

No. 68. GLASGOW Sandyford Burns Club. Instituted 1893.

Presi. dent, Allen B. Morse, U.S. Consul, 107 W. Regent Street; Vice-President, James Boyd, 18 Westminster Terrace ; Treasurer, John G. M‘Hardy, 13 Caird Drive, Partickhill ; Secretary, Robert Hislop, 60 Craigmaddie Terrace, Glasgow.

200 members. No. 69. DUNEDIN Burns Club. Federated in 1894. President, Dr.

W. M. Stenhouse; Vice-Presidents, John B. Thomson and James Muir ; Treasurer, John Scott; Secretary, William Brown. 400 members. Meetings held on the third Wednesday of every month in the Choral Hall, Dunedin, and on the 25th January, annually. The largest hall in Dunedin is filled to overflowing.

No. 70. GLASGOW St. Rollox "Jolly Beggars” Burns Club. Instituted

1893. President, William Eyre, 77 Taylor Street ; VicePresident, William M‘Kay, 101 Castle Street ; Treasurer, John Docherty, 21 St. Mungo Street; Secretary, Matthew Ferguson,

64 St. James' Road, Glasgow. No. 71. CARLISLE Burns Club. Instituted 1889. President, W.

Mather, 37 Chiswick Street ; Vice-Presidents, Alex. Lyon, 106 London

Road; Thomas Bowman, 18 Howard Terrace, John Sinton, 39 Cavendish Place; John Meldrum, 32 Petteril Street; J. Malcolm, 21 Howard Place; Dr. Bird, 8 Brunswick Street; and W. D. Todd, 7 English Street ; Treasurer and Secretary, John Jardine, 20 Broad Street, Carlisle; Committee, Messrs. Tran, Buckle, Gregson. Muir, A.

Thomson, T. Welsh, Whitc, and Peters. 96 members.
No. 72. PARTICK Burns Club. Instituted 1885. Ex-President, Dr.

Gilbert Campbell ; Vice-Presidents, Provost James Caird,
Collingwood, and J. Parker Smith, M.P., Jordanhill ;
Treasurer and Secretary, Ronald Stout, 178 St. Vincent

Street, Glasgow. 113 members.
No. 73. LENZIE Burns Club. Instituted 1894. Federated in 1895.

President, Wm. Gibson, Bower Cottage, Lenzie; Vice.
President, John Walker, Eden House, Lenzie; Secretary and

Treasurer, James Ferguson, Rathmore, Lenzie.
No. 74. GLASGOW-MAUCHLINE Society. President, J. Leiper

Gemmill, 162 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow; Vice-President, Marcus Bain, Woodside, Mauchline; Treasurer, Thomas Killin, 168 West George Street, Glasgow; Hon. Secretary, W. S.

M‘Millan, 102 Bath Street, Glasgow. 120 menibers. No. 75. KIRN Burns Club. Instituted 25th January, 1892. Federated

on 10th February, 1896. President, Wm. M. Shields, Avondale, Park Road; Vice-President, David Doig, St. Lawrence, Dunoon ; Treasurer, John Kesson, Adelaide Cottage, Kirn;

Secretary, John T. Johnston, Auld House, Kirn. No. 76. BRECHIN Burns Club. Instituted January, 1894. Federated

in 1896. President, George A. Scott, Park House; Vice-President, W. J. W. Cameron, Clerk Street; Treasurer, Andrew J. Dakers, High Street; Secretary, Edward W.

Mowat, Park Place, Brechin. 220 members
No. 77. PAISLEY-GLENIFFER Burns Club. Federated in 1896.

President, James Tannahill, Douglas Terrace; Vice-President,
Councillor Pollock, Garthland House ; Treasurer, William Bell,
Newhall Villas, Glenfield; Secretary, Alex. R. Pollock, 12

Garthland Street, Paisley.
No. 78. GLASGOW-ARDGOWAN Burns Club. Federated in 1896.

President, John Fairley, 160 Cathcart Street, Kingston, Glasgow;

Secretary, Duncan Gilchrist, 93 Gloucester Street, Glasgow, S.S. No. 79. CORSTORPHINE Burns Club. Federated in 1896. President,

David P. Laird, Pinkhill, Murrayfield, Edinburgh ; Secretary,

Wm. R. Murray, Inglewood, Corstorphine. 16 members. No. 80. DUNOON-COWAL Burns Club. Instituted 2nd March, 1896.

President, John Reid Young, Garail; Vice-President, Com. missioner Crosbie, Hillfoot Street ; Treasurer, William Munn, Argyle Street; Secretary, Walter Grieve, James Place, Dunoon. 224 members.

No. 81. CARSTAIRS JUNCTION Burns Club. Federated in 1896.

Hon. President, James Hozier, M.P.; President, John Cowper ;
Vice-President, George Martin; Bard, Alexander Blake;
Treasurer, James Shaw; Secretary, William Neill, Burnside

Cottages, Carstairs Junction. 47 members.
No. 82. ARBROATH Burns Club. Instituted 1888. President, James

B. Salmond, Editor of Arbroath Herald; Vice-President, John
Russell, M.D., Hill Terrace; Treasurer, Norman M‘Bain,
Solicitor, British Linen Company Bank House; Secretary,

Adam Oliver, S.S.C., Brothock House, Arbroath. 36 members, No. 83. GLASGOW Co-operative Burns Club. Federated in 1896.

Secretary, James Deans, 7 Arbuckle Street, Kilmarnock.
No. 84. ABINGTON Burns Club. Instituted 1887. Federated in 1896.

President, James Paterson, Over Abington ; Vice-President,
William Clark, Glengounarfoot; Treasurer, Thomas Smail,
Commercial Bank; Secretary, Robert Colthart, Arbory Villa,

Abington. 85 members.
No. 85. DUNFERMLINE United Burns Club. Federated in 1896.

President, Thomas Jackson ; Secretary, Wm. Fraser, Free

Abbey School, Dunfermline. 24 members.
No. 86. CUMNOCK “Winsome Willie" Burns Club. Instituted 13th

November, 1896. President, Robert Hyslop, Ayr Road; Vice-
President, James Findlay, Glengyron Cottage ; Treasurer, John
Wilson, Waterside Row ; Secretary, Thomas Hutchison, Tan.

yard Street, Cumnock. 59 members. No. 87. CAMPSIE Burns Club. Instituted 1890. President, Mr.

Watson Hunter, Lennoxtown; President, Major R. Stirling,
Lennoxtown; Treasurer, John M‘Donald, Lennnoxtown;
Secretary, James Simpson, Lennoxtown. 40 members.

[blocks in formation]

ALBANY (U.S.A.) Caledonian Club. Instituted 1874. Secretary, James

H. Hendrie. 90 members. ASHINGTON Burns Club. Secretary, Alex. Duncanson, Ashington,

Morpeth. AYR Burns Club. Hon. Secretary, George Bain, Smith's Cottage, Ayr. BALERNO Burns Club. Instituted 1881. Secretary, John Fairbairn,

Balerno. Meeting Place, Balerno, Midlothian. 30 members. BARLINNIE (Glasgow) Burns Club. Instituted 1893. Secretary, John

Panton Woodbank, Barlinnie. 70 members. BARRHEAD “Tam o' Shanter” Club. Secretary, John M‘Whirter,

Gateside, Barrhead.

BATHURST, N.S.W., Burns Club. Secretary, William Ferrier, Piper

Street. BATTLE CREEK (Mich.), Clan Macdonald. Secretary, Frank Reid,

34 Irving Street, Battle Creek, Mich., U.S.A. BAY CITY (Mich.), Clan Forbes. Secretary, George E. Smith, 509

Eleventh Stree BAY CITY (Mich.), St. Andrew's Society. Secretary, G. A. Wilson,

Bay City, Mich., U.S.A. BEDLINGTON and District Burns Club. Secretary, John Tate, Bed

lington Iron Works, Northumberland. BELFAST Benevolent Society of St. Andrew. Instituted 1867. Secre

tary, John Boyd, 2 Corporation Street. 140 members. BELLSHILL Burns Club. Secretary, John Murdoch, Commercial Place,

Bellshill. BERWICK-ON-TWEED Burns Club. Instituted 1894. Secretary,

James Irvine, 17 Knowehead, Tweedmouth; Assistant-Secretary,

D. Gollan, Tweed Cottage, Berwick. 70 members. BRANTFORD (U.S.A.) Burns Club. Secretary, Joe J. Inglis, jun.,

Brantford, America. CALEDONIAN Society of Homestead, Pa. Instituted 1894. Secretary,

William Thomson, Box 18, Homestead, Pa. 70 members. CAMBUSLANG Burns Club. Secretary, George Johnston, Excelsior

Villa, Cambuslang. CARDIFF Burns Club. Instituted 1891. Secretary, W. W. Pettigrew, Roath Park.

40 members. CLAN CAMERON, Canada (No. 7) Order of Scottish Clans. Secretary,

James Shaw, P.O., E. Prov., R.I. 37 members. CLAN FRASER, Canada (No. 11) Order of Scottish Clans. Instituted

1884. Secretary, John Birtwell, 9 Lockbridge Street, Pawtucket. 90

members. CLAN MACKENZIE, St. John, Canada (No. 96) Order of Scottish Clans.

Instituted 1891. Secretary, Joseph A. Murdoch, 23 Carmarthen

Street. So members. CLAN MACKINLAY Association. Instituted 1893, at Chicago, Ills.

Secretary, Main B. M‘Kinlay, Paris, Ills. COATBRIDGE Burns Club. Secretary, J. Milne Boyd, Solicitor, Colt

Terrace. COWPEN, The Sydney Burns Club. Secretary, John Harrison, Kitty

Brewster, Cowpen, Northumberland. CRAIGNEUK Burns Club. Secretary, William M‘Millan, 3 Shieldmuir,

Motherwell. DENNY Burns Club. Instituted 1895. Rev. A. Oram M‘Gregor, M.A.,

Parish Church Manse ; Vice-President, Gillarder, Schoolhouse, Denny;

Treasurer and Secretary, James Scott, Dryburgh, Denny. 54 members. DETROIT (Mich.), Clan Cameron. Secretary, A. W. M‘Nair, 12 Wood

ware Avenue. DOUGLAS Burns Club. Secretary, G. Torrance, North Quay, Douglas,

Isle of Man,

DUBLIN St. Andrew's Society. Secretary, J. C. Anderson, 37 College

Green, Dublin. DUMFRIES Burns Club. Secretary, H. S. Gordon, Solicitor, Mount

Brae, Dumfries. DUMFRIES Burns “Howff” Club. Secretary, John Conner, care of

Mrs. Smith, Globe Hotel, Dumfries. DUMFRIES “Wale of Good Fellows” Club. Secretary, Robert Bower,

4 Ramsay Place, Dumfries. DUNOON Haggis Club. Instituted 1896. Secretary, Arehibald Fer

guson, Church Street, Dunoon. 88 members. DUNS Burns Club. Instituted 1889. Secretary and Treasurer, John

M‘K. M‘David, Schoolhouse, Gavinton, Duns. 60 members. EDINBURGH Ninety Burns Club. Instituted 1890. Treasurer and Secretary, John A. Clues, 10 Dublin Street, Edinburgh.

180 menibers. EDINBURGH (Portsburgh) Burns Club. Instituted 1894. Treasurer

and Secretary, James M. Sibbald, 13 Calton Hill. 30 members. EDINBURGH (South) Burns Club. Treasurer and Secretary, James

Granger, 16 Melville Terrace, Edinburgh. FORT WAYNE (Ind.) Caledonian Society. Secretary, William Lawson,

Fort Wayne, Ind., U.S.A. GALASHIELS Burns Club (dormant). Secretary, James Wilson, 25

Channel Street, Galashiels. GIRVAN, The Carrick Burns Club. Secretary, Andrew Robertson,

The M‘Kechnie Institute, Girvan. GLENCAIRN CAMP (No. 139) Sons of Scotland. Instituted 1894.

Chief, Donald M‘Taggart; Chieftain, Thomas H. Watson ; Treasurer,

John G. Innes; Secretary, James Watson, Sonya. GLENPATRICK Burns Club. Secretary, John Carson, 27 High Street,

Johnstone. GOREBRIDGE Burns Club. President, Councillor David Blake, J.P.;

Secretary, H. M. Forrester, Gorebridge. HAMILTON Burns Club. Instituted 1877. Secretary, T. A. Robertson,

Quarry Street, Hamilton. Meets in Commercial Hotel, Hamilton.

120 members. HAMILTON Glencairn Burns Club. Secretary, Gavin C. Prentice,

28 Woodside Walk. Club meets at 49 Campbell Street. HAMILTON Junior Burns Club. Instituted 1886. Secretary, William

Wilson, 56 Miller Street 30 members. HAMILTON Original Burns Club. Secretary, James Eglinton, 32 Hope

Street. HAMILTON (Ont.) Clan M‘Kenzie Club. Secretary, James M'Kenzie,

202 Fay Street, South. HAWICK Burns Club. Secretary, Henry Flockhart, 4 Earl Street,

Hawick. HULL Burns Club. First instituted 1863; re-formed 1892. Secretary,

J. Hy. Rea, 17 Fountain Street, Hull. 250 members. ILLINOIS Clan Macgregor, No. 66 O.S.C. Instituted 1890. Secretary,

John Hall, 1202 South Vermillion Street. Meet in German Oddfellows' Hall, 107 Main Street, Streatar. 52 members.

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