Obrázky na stránke

Quay, Matt, a Presidential candidate, 171.

Michael Hicks-Beach declares that England will
Rhode Island Republican convention's gold platform, have no bimetalliom, 247-Time of becoming a candi

297-Speaker Reed unable to control House, 2, mo- date for office, 151-Spectator on effect of American
tive for making a short session, 21, Presidential can- Cuban jingoism on European equilibrium, 264
didacy promoted by Senator Chandler and in Phila- Royal commission report on the relief of agricul.
delpbla, 69, by Kellogg in Louisiana, 1.0, silence in ture, 247-Government bill remitting half the rates,
face of sllver schism, 188, and Chandler's calling 317, Chamberlain's former denunciations of It, 353,
him a bimetallist, 279, support in Massachusetts, Obstruction in committee, 409-Principal Falrbairn
246, and in New England (half-hearted), 279, helped on the education bill. 465 - Corrupt-practices re-
by Maine's gold platform, 315, Jets in the general- turns, 409--Gladstone's letter to Cardinal Rampolla,
pension bill, 333, skit on McKinley, 387, balted with 465-Chamberlain's Imperial customs-union flasco,
Vice-Presidency, 426-William E. Russell a Presl- 483.
dential candidate, 333 - Republican press opposed FRANCE:-Jules Simon on arbitration, 169, decease,
to Davis resolution, 67, Republican free coinage

447-Bourgeois cabinet resigns in face of Senate,
Senators confer with Philadelphia manufacturers, 335-Income tax dissension between House and Se.
245, Republican silver #traddling condemned by

pate, 353- Protection in medicine at Parts and
Chauncey Depew, 352, Republican convention and

Montpellier, 335–Death of Léon Say, 447–Zola and
platform at St. Louis, 481.

G. Deschamps, 483.
South Carolina, income tax bill rejected, lyncherg ac- SPAINHannis Taylor complains of depreciation of
quitted, 189, bill against carrying concealed wea.

America, 169-Suppression of auti American de-
pons defeat: d. 209, Democratic convention for free

monstrations, 207-Elections carried by Govern.
cofnage, 407-South Dakota Democratic convention ment, 299--Valera on unifying effect of war with
against free colnage, 407-St. Louis tornado damages

U.S., 317-Church procession in Madrid for rain,
Republican wigwam, 428-Secretary Hoke Smith's

353–Queen Regent's speech to the Cortes about
action for forest preservation, 208-Senator Stew.

Cuba, 371--Financial burden of Cuban rebellion,
art's former gold-bug views, 110-Senator Sher.

man's Cuban falsifying exposed, 207, and ignorance,

ITALY:-Pope's appeal for unlon replied to by Greek
245–G. W. Smalley's p'an of Venezuela settlement,

Patriarchs, 45-Crispi Ministry overthrown by
169, romancing telegrams to London Times, 335

Abyssinian defeat 209-Informal alliance with
Commodore Sicard on our weak navy, 89-Henry

England announced, 205.
A. Stanley on our sensational press, 371.-South

GERMANY:- Plan to make full out of hall.battalions, 3--
opposed to war with England, 1-Salvation Army

Emperor's calendar of absences from Berlin, 131-
dissensions, 209, new name and costume for Ame-

Lese-majesty run mad, 151-Dr. Stöcker in disgrace,
rican branch, 246, Gen. Booth's anti-Americanism,

189--Russian grain to be excluded for infection, 131
299-Seal, proposal to exterminate, 150-Steel

-Charges against Dr. Peters, 229-Degeneration of
ralls for Japan, 298-Shipbuilders' move for dis-

Reichstag, 229.
criminating duties, 888-Silver-mining States

AUSTRIA-HUNGARY -New anti-Semitic municipal coun-
plague their admitters to the Union, 129, silver

cil, 189.
iesue divides Republicans, 188, silver puts the

BULGARIA:-Conversion and baptism of Prince Boris,
screws on protection, 245, 263, silver mania as a

171, Ferdinand's Visit to the Porte, 317.
bar to European Investments, 387--Supreme Court

CUBA:-Bogus insurgent successes. 23, court-martial of
decisions: Horsa case, sugar bounty indemnity,

101. Wylle's History under Henry IV., 325, English
Dictionary, Oxford, 79, 344, English Monetary Als-
tory Documents, Shaw's, 493, Englishmen, talled,
George Nellson on, 456-Egypt, Flinders Petrle's
winter's work at Luxor, 254-Ekkebard, Scheffel's,
121-Education, U.S. Commissioners' report (1892-

93), 271,
Freeman, E. A, discovered by H. d'Arbois de Jubain-

ville, 101-Sir W. Fraser's Napoleon III., 344–
Frossard Revolutionary Collection, 217--Frederick
the Great's Testaments Politiques, 38_Count
Frankenberg's diary and Mgr. Dupanloup, 325
French concession to excavate in Persia, 80, French
Academy discussion of candidates revived, 218,
Franco-German Ambulance, Ryan's, 325, French
Language and Literature, Petit de Julleville's His-

tory of, 380.
Gallenga, Antonio, deceased, 14-E. de Goncourt's

Journal, 497-S. Garmau's Cyprinodonts, 57-
Goethe's drawings, 121, Life by K. Helnemann,
160, unfavorable estimate by Prof. Dowden, 493
-Galatea Collection of books about women in Bos.
ton Public Library, 346-Germany, woman's cause
galning supporters, 236, Jews, Protestants, and

Catholics at higher institutions of learning, 456.
Halsted, G. B., translation of Bolyat, 128--Hokusal, Gon.

court and Bing on, 308–Hernani, literary sources

of, 456,
Itallan popular sacred drama, 102, Italian Chamber of

Deputies, 255—Impressionist pictures for the Lux-

embourg, 418- International Journal of Ethics, 80.
Jefferson's Writlogs, vol. vil,, 290—Johnson's Lives of

the Poets reprinted, 343-Japanese dynasty portralt
gallery, 140, Japan Guide Book, Murray's, 178, Ja-
panese medical staff in war with China, 236, Japan
Asiatic Society's Transactions, 255, 472-Jesuit Re-
lations, Bressani's, 235, and Thwaites's new editi' n

with translation, 236.
King, Rufus, Life and Correspondence, vol. 111., 291.
Lodeman, E. G., Spraying of Plants, 160—Legouvé on

the discussion of candidates for French Academy,

American filibusters, 371, Horia decision by U. 8.
Minois Central case, 408.

Supreme Court, 408, patriots Issue gold bonds, 408.
Tennessee. Chlef-Justice Snodgrass defended for boml.

MEXICO:-President Diaz on the Monroe Doctrine, 280.
cide, 9-Texas Populists at loggerheads with Rall-

VENEZUELA:-Crespo's severity towards the current
road Commission, 45—Capt. H. O. Taylor on the

revolution, 44,
moral necessity of war, 131-Henry M. Teller cap-

BRAZIL:-Rio News on South American friendship for
tures Colorado delegation to St. Louis, 387–Tam-

U.S. 189.
many branch in Brooklyn, 370—Treasury public.

ARGENTINE REPUBLIC-Sugar protection development,
debt statement, 188, deficit not sobering to Con-

89, Buenos Alres Herald on Argentine want of affec-
gress, 425.

tion for U. 8., 129.
Utah admitted into the Unlon, 23, Senators admitted,

SOUTH AFRICA:-Matabele uprising, 317, Preeldent Krue-

ger will not visit England, 352, 353-Death sentence
Venezuelan imbroglio, war opposed by Henry George,

for Jameson's invaders, 352, proofs of conspiracy,
Gen. Miles, the South, 1; International peace mes-

sages, 1. probable increase of vavy, Inland war fever,
Washington dispatches to London Chronicle, specu-

lators foiled by Gresham, 22, British documents to

Announcem«nts, 12, 33, 54, 77, 99, 119, 138, 157, 177,
be published in advance of Parliament, 43, Manoa

197, 216, 234, 253, 269, 288, 308, 323, 342, 359, 378,
Company's fortunes and Secretary Olney's dispatch,

395, 416,434, 454, 472, 491-Alfred Austin on Tenny.
44, 149, Congressional patriotism discredited by

son, 160-F, A. Aulard on the 18th Brumaire, 474
general Imbecillty, 130, Venezuelan Commission

-Africa, recent German works on, 199, 200, Ro-
appeals for British ald, 67, Smalley plan of settle-

man colonization compared with French, 437--
ment, 169, Queen's speech, 129, London Chronicle

American Ornithological Union's list of native birds
picks flaws in British Case, 228, Venezuela boundary

revised, 14, American Psychological Association
from a geographer's point of view, 67-Vermont

meeting in Philadelpbia, 36, American Historical
Republican convention for McKinley, 351–Virginia

Association meeting in Washington, 36, American
Democratic convention for free silver, 445-E. Van

Imprints, Early, Paine's List of, 159, American So-
Ingen's Britisb-gold prosecutions, 315.

ciety of Mechanical Engineers, Transactions, 308,
Washington, Chinese cook uproar in Tacoma, 3-Presi-

Amerioan Historical Review, 56.
dent Washburn on tbe Armenian deadlock, 129-

Bolyal, Jáncs, Halsted's translation of, 122, Wilhelm
Whiskey tax not yielding pro rata of increase, 87–

Bode as an art collector, 418 – Gaston Boissier's
Wool business of 1895 unprecedented, 3, revenue

Rome and Pompell, 271-Gen.du Barail on the army
under Wilson tariff in proportion to cut in duty,

and the white flag, 379-Duc de Broglie's 'Ambas-

sador of the Vanquished.' 418-John Brown and the

Underground Railroad, 362-Boston Public Library
GREAT BRITAIN:-Maj. Ricarde-Seaver on the future of report, 430-Brumaire, 18th, F. A. Aulard on, 474

the Transvaal, 44, British treaty relations with -Book-Prices Current, American and British, 159,
Transvaal, 69, Chamberlain's interference with 457Biographische Blätter, 101-Bulletin de Cor.
Transvaal affairs, 151, 335, 353, new diplomacy respondance Hellénique, 140, 141- Bibliographia,
ridiculed by Lord Rosebery, upheld by Sir W. Har- 492.
court, 371, Harcourt's attack on Cecil Rhodes, 389, Chaucer's Fquire's Tale owes nothing to Marco Polo,
Jameson's rald explained by G. S. Fort, 465. Ar- 455, Troilus studied by Prof. Kittredge, 492–
nold Foster on governing and making money, 229, John C. Calhoun to Waddy Thompson on Mexi.
Balfour's Manchester #peech on foreign complica- can War, 66-9. G. Croswell on trolley rights vs.
tions, 67-Salisbury confesses Impotence to deal telephone, 325 - Edward Channing's History of
with Turkey, 111, assalled for it in Parliament, 129, United States, 417-Rev, W. Cunningham on Mo
Curzon's admissions, 247—Queen's speech as to dern civilization's economic aspects, 255—Callle-
Venezuela, 129, London Chronicle picks flaws in botte collection of Impression ist pictures, 418-
British Case, 282, Salisbury's proposal of Inter. Cambridge, Eng., movement for degrees for women,
national arbitration with United States, 264-Tory 101, 178-Copyright, PutL am's Question of, 436-
programme, 389, Rosebery and Harcourt poke Century Dictionary, revised edition, 474-Cyprino-
fun at it, 189–Irish land bill, 317–Anglo-French donts, Garman's, 57.
convention over Slam, 131-Nile movement against Donne's Poems, edited by E. K. Chambers, 255-Ed-
the Mahdists, 247, opposed by France and Russia, ward Dowden on Goethe, 493–Giacomo Dina's pa.
265, criticised by Lord Farrer and Major Grifiths, pers edited by Luigi Chlala, 493–Mgr. Dupanloup
299, expense sbared by Indian budget, 427-Joha and the German conquest of France, 325–Reno
Morley defines a Jingo, 131-Confidence in Rosebery Doumic on the lettered and the barbares, 862–
enforced by National Liberal Federation, 281– Deaf-mute education in Denmark, 908-Dolmens,
Liberals and home rule, 389, breach, 447-Moreton distribution of, 437.
Frewed's correspondence with Lodge, 171, 281, Sir' England, Cheyney's Social Changes in, in 10th Century,

318-Luxor, Fllı ders Petrle's winter's work at, 254.
Marguerite of Navarre, inedited works. 57, 388–

General Marceau, Johnson's Life of, 218-Adolf
Menzel, honors to, 2.7-Mrs. Anna Lea Merritt on
water-glass mural palating. 80-Cbas. 8. Minot on
Weismann, 199-G, Musgrave's translation of the
Inferno, 100-Mediterranean Guide-book, Brooks's,
179–Me and not-Me sensitiveness in Foraminifera,
14-Modern Language Association meeting in New
Haven, 56-Manuscript facsimiles by A. W. Sij-
thofr. 417-Magazices for January, 35, February.
121, March, 199, April, 290, May, 961, June, 496

Minerva, 66.
Nietzsche, Friedrich, fate and archives, 36–George

Nielson on talled Englishmen, 450–Napoleon's bis-
tory in verse, Hillis's, 179–Napoleon III., W. Fra-
ser 8, 344– New Jersey, State Geologist's report, 14
-Neuchâtel chror icles Impugned, 29-National pre-

judices, 80.
Oxford degrees for women, movement for, 178.
Petrarch's nime, text of G. Mestica, 396–Plato, F. W.

Bussell's School of. 474–Pauly's classical encyclo.
pædia, new edition, 79-L. L. Price's Money and its
Relations to Prices, 474-Flinders Petrie's winter's
work at Luxor, 254–Ptolemies in Egypt from the
papyri, 880—Poe's Works, Woodberry and Sted-
man's edition, 271--Persia, French concession to
excavate in, 80—Piedmontese popular sacred drama,
102—Peinture en Europe, Lafenestre and Richten-
berger's, 57–Piece-rate system of wages, 308-Pan,

Qualn's Anatomy, 218.
Röntgen, Wilhelm Conrad, electrical photography, 101,

140-Rabelais expurgated by M. Boizomont, 140_
R. Rosière on Contemporary Poetry, 456-Russia,
readers in, A. Rambaud on, 236, reform 1n, In 1895,
308—Ravenna codex of Aristophanes. 179—Relgu

of Terror, Hesdin's Journal of a Spy in, 179.
Smith, Adam, relations with Turgot, 55-Swift and Stel-

la, A. von W. Leslie on, 862-W. A. Shaw's English
Monetary History Documents, 493–Scheffel's Ekko.
bard, 121-Paolo Sarpi, disinterment and the Ro
man Inquisition, 272-Spanish Inquisition's prose-
cutions of the dead, 255—"Socialisme," first use in
French, 395-Saintly women pictured by G. Eroo
lani, 396-Spraying of Plants, Lodeman's, 160-Sun's

eclipse, August 8, 9, observation parties, 344.
Tennyson rated by Alfred Austin, 100 – Trumbull

sketches and relics dubious, 217–Trolley rights vs.

telephone, 325.
Verlalne, Paul, deceased, 122–Vienna medical writing

for and against women's studying medicine, 140.
Washington, General, and negro enlistments, debate in

Continental Congress, 56–J. A. Wylie's England
under Henry IV., 325—Dorothy Wordsworth's Por-
tuguese Journal, 380-Weltkarten, K. Miller's, 10%
-Water-glass mural paint, Mrs. Anna Lea-Merritt
on, 80–Women, movement for degrees at Cam-

bridge and Oxford, 101, 178.
Yucatan, Holmes's Monuments of, 218.


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Editorial and Miscellaneous Special Correspondence.

Venezuela Commission, Pointers for. 31 Colorado, (Powell's) Canyons of the, tot
War with England.
11, 30, 13 Comedies of Courtsbip (Hope's).

Domestic-Probibition in Malae.

454 Comenius, (Keatinge's) Oreat Didac-
Washington's Library


Where War Sbould Elevate
African Trouble....

tic of
25, 233 The Eastern Question in Crete..

Women " Used Adjectivally

33 Coming Individualiam (Hake and
Albany Police Judgment..

American Oriental Society's Meet


Coming of the dora (White)

Albany, What They Do at..

Titles of Books Reviewed.

Civil Service Principles in the De.
* American" Doctrine, The New...

Commentaries on Constitution of U.
partment of State..

S. (Foster's)
Protest of the Mountain Lover..: 430 Absolute Science of Space (Bolyai's). 122

American Hatred of England..

Two New German Tragedies.
Adamana (Passarge's).

Cancord and "Appledore, (Stearns'a)
Afrika, (Lenz's) Wanderungen 10... 194 Sketches from........

Arbitration, International.

188 England-Toe Thomas Palne Exbibi
tion in London ..

862 Confederate Soldier in the civil War

Axassiz, Louis, (Marcou's) Life of
Armenian Resolutions...

Age of Reason (Paine's).

(La Bree')
Unpublished Letters of Thomas

Bayard Ceneure....


Confessions (Verlaine's).

Alabama, (Sinclair's) Two Years on

105 Congressional Currency (Gordon's).. 119


Spanish Art in London
Belligerency, Recognizing

Royal Academy's New Departure

Algebra (Sobröder').

930 Conquest of the Country Northwest

Bishop among the Prophets.

of the River Ohio (English's) 102
The Ca lyle House in Chelsea.... 948 Alpine Notes, and the climbing Foot


478 Constantinople (Clement's)..
Bolt, Prospects of a..

New Degrees at Oxford..

Ambassador of the Vanquished (Bro

New National Portrait Gallery

Constantinople (Crawford's

Rond Sale, Government...

418 Constantinople (Grosvenor's)

The New Gallery

British Case and the Jingoes.
810 The Royal Academy

439 Constitution of U. 8., (Foster's) Com-
Americi Liberata (Vickers's)

mentarles on .....:


American Imprints. Early (Paine's).. 159
Business Men, A Word to..

France--The Frepcb academy

Amos Judd (Mitchell's!

Contemporains, Les (Lemaitre's)
Lafenextre's La Fontaine

Change without Varlety..

Paintings at Chantilly
118) Anatomy (Quain's).

218 Copyright, (Putnam's) Qu stion of.. 436
Chicago Democratic

Andersen, D. O. (Pain's).

220 Correggio, Antonio Allegri da (Ric-
Conde and the Revocation of the

Edict of Nantes..

Andersen, H, C., (Sommers) Stories

Prospect ........


by .....
Grucker's Lessing.

Cour et un Aventurier (Syveton)).. 436

Civil-Service Law, Cleveland's Com.

Napoleon and Alexander I...,214, 202

Anima Poetae (Coleridge's).

185 Cretan Pictographs (Evaus's).
39 Criminal Sociology (Ferri's)

plete Extension of..

378, 393 Animals, Domesticated (Shaler's)
Barras's Memoirs

Animal Symbolism in Ecclesiastical Crystallography (Maskelyne's). 205

Madame de Cbastenay........452, 489
Completion of the Work of Extend.

Architecture (Evans's)..

490 Cuba (Merchan's)...
Persigny's Memoirs.


Cuba and the Cubano (Cabrera's) 807
ing the Civil-Service Law..

Anneaux dans l'antiquité Romaine,
872 Action and Inaction in Europe. 320

(Deloche') Port dee...

Cuba, (Halstead's) story of
Cosmian Hymns...........

Paris Salons
856 Italy-A Doomsday Book Doomed

Annees de Printemps (Theurlet's) 307 Cuellar, Capt.,Letter by (Sedgwick'0) 182
Ouban Catechism.........

27 Appenzell (Richman's)....

Culture Arustique

The Eastern Question.

Arabic Enlish Vocabulary, Egyptian


Vanger Signala in Novels.

Thirty-fifth Anniversary of Car.

475 Cup of Trembling (Foote's)

ducci's Professorship

De Doctrina and De Facto..

Italy's Humillation and Prowess
Ar bitecture in Italy, eto, (Longiej Cycliste en France, (Bertot's) Guides
62 du

Delaware Senatorship Contest.

low's) Cyclooædia of
267 in Africa.....

Arctic Discoveries (Greely').


275 Cyprinodonts (Garman's)
Democrats Not All Dead....

Social Regeneration in Italy

How Italy is Governed..

Damages, (Seda wick's) Elements of, 442
Argot - Français Dictionnaire (Dele-

Discussion, Function of

Why Italy is Not Rich.

289 Dartn oor, (Rowe's) Perambulation

Armenian Poems (Blackwell's)


Discussion, Value of......
230 Henry Cernuschi..

Art. (Haddon's) Evolution in

239 David, Gerard (Weale's)
Dleguised Revolution .......

Germany-Sudermann's 'Love in a

Asle, (Cahun's) Introduction à l'illa Day Dreams (Reekie's)

Education Question in England...... 301

toire de

495 Days of Auld Lang Syne (Kaclaren's) 181
The Complete "Faust" on the Assembly of Gods (Triggs's Lyd. D.ath-Wake (Stoddart's)

England, American Hatred of........

German Stage


895 Democracy and Liberty (Lecky's).... 380
The Germau Quarter-Centennial. 134
England, Education Question In...... 301

Ancassin and Nicolette

439 De Natura Deorum (Brook's Cicero's) 455
Two New German Tragedies...... 451
Aus Meinem Leben (Vegt's)

270 De Quina y and his Friends (Hogg's). 442
England, Free Trade In...
467 British Gulana - A Colonist on the
Australasian Colonies, (Jenks'e) His- Dernier Rifuge (Rod's)

England on her knees...


Venezuelan Boundary Question 79
England's Revenue and Am. Trade... 338

884 Deutschen Reichs, (Sy bel's) Begrün
The Caribs of Guiana ....

tory of..
Aventures de ma vie (Rnchefort's).. 317

122, 142

dung des.
Finance, Lesson in

448 Pope Alexander VI.'s Bull, and
Free Trade in England.

Deutschen Stadtverfassung. (Keut

Avery Architectural Library Cata-
tbe Treaty of Munster..

33 gen's) Ursprung der....

French Clams Veto.
449 Australasia-Tasmanla...

Barantzova, Vera (Kovalevsky's)... 102 Deutsches Wörterbuch (Hegde's)


The Maoris
National Assemblies and

Barnard, F. A.P ,(Fulton's) Memotr of 330 D-utsches Wörterbuch (Paul's)

231 Japan--Political Development in Ja
Bayern unter dem Ministerium Mont- Devant le flècle (Vogüé').

Furness, miam Henry


177 Diplomacy, (Benedetti's) Studies in. . 216

gelas (Moulin Eckart.)
Gentlemen, Political

Party Pollocs in Japan..

Beautiful Houses (Gibson's)

295 Divina Commedia (Scariazzini's) 310
German and Irish Crime and Disor.
Revenue Measures in Japan 414

Dixie (Ralph'»).


Belgium (Desirée') Renai-sance of

Amherst Eclipse Expedition.....


Sculpture in
Germany, Press and Government in.

18 Doctor Gray's Quest (Onderwood's): 488

Berlin, (Dahms's) Litterarisches 55 Doctor Warrick's Daughters (Davis's) 458
Gold Standard Assured.

Guatemala Described by Calvano..

Occasional Correspondence Bibllograpble Historique (Langlois's) 492 Dolly Dillenbeck (Ford's)

Bibliomanlae, (Field's) Love Affairs Domesticated Artmals (Phaler's) 80
Hayes and McKinley..

of a

Addition and Subtraction,

Donne, Pcems of (Chambers's). 256
Henderson Ex-Senator, on McKinley 428



Geschichte der
American Hatred of England .......32. 97

Doric Reed (ocke's)..

Homeopathy in Government.


Deutschen Nationallitteratur Dorothy (Wooleon's).
Immigration, Foreign.

American School in Rome,


"As You Like It" at Smith College.. 490

34 Doty Dontcare (Foster's)
In Close Touch with the People...... 800

Blological Lectures and Addresses
Inspectrix, The.....
Athenian Forum..

Drawing In Art, (Moore's) Science of 230

435 Dumb in June...
Baltimore Up to Date.
Intention in International Relations. 301


Birds, (Headley's) Structure and Life

Earth's Enigmas (Roberts's).

International Bimetallic Agreement,


332 Ecboes from Sabine Farm (Field's) 203


177, 197 Bismarck und die Parlamentarier Ecole Saint Simopianne (Welil's) 895
Jingo and the Money Market.

College Term.


99 | Economics, (Smart's) Studies in.. 12
Jingoes and the British Case.

Colter. Jobn

Bismarck-Museum (Strecker's).

Fducation (Holman's).

• Laureates and Poets..

Columbia College in 1770.


Black Spirits and White Cram's)... 181 Educati o en Angleterre (Parmen.
Literary Crisis...

Corinth, Exploration of.


Bloomer, Amelia, (Bloomer's) Life of. 395
Correction. A


Literary Property Once More


Bonheur de Ginette (Martel's) 270 Éducation et Instruction (Brune-
MeKinley and Hayes

Cotton Crop, Present.
196 Bookbindings (Matthews').
84 tère's)..

Mekinley, Ex-Senator Henderson on. 428

Cuba Libre.

Cuba. Recognition of..
Book-bunter in London (Roberts's).. 204 Education, (Bir sdale's) studies in..

MeKinley in Principle and la Sche-

Dentists in Society..

187 Book plates, Ladies' (Labouchere's).. 139 Egypt, (sallh's) Churches and Monas:

Book Prices Current, Am rican, Eng

teries of.

LeKinley, Meaning of.

Enemies of Yank od


159 Egyptian Decorative Art (Petrie's) 147
eKinley Nominated.

England's Civilizing Power..

53 Book Sales of 1896 (Scott').
454 ) Kryptian Tales (Petrle's)

XcKinley'. Oratory..

France, Schools la, before the Revo

Books and their Makers during the Ekkehard (Scheffel's).
NcKinley's Slience.



Middle Ages (Putnam's).. 422 Electricity, (Benjamin's) Intellectual
Made in France

32 Books, (Pen peli's) II. ustration of ..... 239 Rise of

Glaz d Paper, Reason for.
Majorities, Fatal.
76 Bors (Tyler's).

458 Electric Lighting (Crocker's). 478
Guatemala, The Good Name of.
Nanoa Company.

176 B ston Public Library Handbook Elementar. Mathematik (Holzmül
Winitarism in a Republic.

Halle, Faculty of the University of... 157

235 ler's)

Hard Case
Xonroe "Doctrine

Heide's Solitude..

Boston Public L'brary, (Fenollosa's)
Monroe Doctriz e, Development of

ElizabrinaD Sonnet-Cycles (orowe'e) 491
" Pired Man"

Mural Paintings in.
Morion. Governor, and the Platform 354
167, 177, 197, 209, 308 Bougainville, Kerallain's) Jeunesse

416 Elizabeth, Queen, (Hume's) Court-

sbips or
Yorton's, Governor, Position..

Hutchinson's, Thomas, Strictures 216

347 Emancipated (G ssing's)

National Honor..

Institutes and Novellae
47 Jefferson's Draft of the Kentucky Re-

54 Brain. (Donaldson's) (rowth of 200 England. (Ransome's) Advanced His-
National Insanity
Briefe und Schriften (Bülow's). 141


tory of
New Merico Twenty-two Years Ago.. 387 Jingo Geography.

Britisb Policy. (Seeley's) Growth of 846 England, Feudal (Round's).

New York City, Future of.
319 Dingo History...

Brother and Sister

342 England, (Cannan's) History of Local
New York, Greater..

282 Vingoism, The Hotbed of.

Burman, The ....
216 Rares in.

Voe Issue Disposed of..

32 Burns, Robert, in Other Tongues England in 16th Century. (Cheyney's)
One Man Power in America.

King's, Rufus, Correspondence. 322

311 Social Changes in

Kirchhoff, A., Testimonial to.
Pensioner and bis Dollar.
448 Leighton, Lord

54 Butler, Joseph, (Gladstone's) Works England under Henry IV. (ylie's)., 325

Pigeon boled Knowledge.

of ....

240 England's Darling (Austin's)

Le sening of DiMculties.

484 California of the Sou h (Lindley and Eo gland's Wealth Ireland's Poverty

Light: A Discrimination.
Plalt'. Legal Position


19! Lodge's Jinxo History


Pocket vs. Patriotism.
112 Mackay, Capt. James

97 Campaigning in South Africa and Enı lischen Spracbe, (Klöpper's) Real-

Popular Loans and Syndicate Loans. 48

Erypt (Molyneux's).

382 Lexikon der
Magazine Writing. Careless.

Press. Unfortunate
395 Maryland Colors of

98 Canyons of the Colorado (Powell's).. 461 English Essays from a French Pen

Prosperity'. Advance Orator.
Cape Horn (Spears's) Gold Diggings of 224 (Jusserar d':)

Monarchism, Insidious
Railroad Cases, Two..

82 Castelar. Emilio (Hannay's)

416 Eng'ish Glee Composer: (Baptle's). 491
Naked Bed
Policy of.
266 National University at Wasbington..

288, 342, 359 Cavalry Studies from Two Great Wars 401 English Homes, kome Ancient
Republican Morality, Failure of

76 Century Dictionary

474 (Hodges's)

Need of a New Revle w
Republican Nominee

138 Chamberlain, Joseph Jeyes's). 260 English Minstrelste (Baring-Gould's): 360

Negro Folk Lore...
Spepublican Platform at St. Louis 484 Normal Schools, Debasement of......

12 Chansonniers et les Cabarets Artis. English Monetary History, (Shaw
Road to Victory.


tiques I Volbells)..

Tracts of..
318 Object Lesson

Root of the Trouble.
70 Palne, Thomas, Unpublished Letter
454 Chaucer's Troilus (Rttredge's). 492 Enocb, Bok of the Secrets of

Rale of Tbumb...

Cheever, Hassam and Bilton Fami-

Episcopal Church, Protestant in U.
Salvation, Good American

118, 468

lles (Hassam's)...


Parthenon Inscription.

8. (Tiffany's)....
Selence, the Real Conquests ef.

233 Cbemins de Fer aux Etats-Unis (Paul

Personal Fiction and Fact..

Episcopate in America (Perry's).

Heetional Issue Disposed of.


891 Pidgin Spanish .......

Erlanger Burschenscbaft (Reuter's).. 479
Benatorial Dignity
323 Chemistry, Analytical (Menshutkin's)

Plagiarist Transatlantic

12 Erstlingswerker, Gescbichte des...
Sberman Statue..
450 Protection-by Annexation.
196 Cbemistry, Theoretical (NerLet's)


Esquisses Mexicaines (Heard's).

Allverit Divided
Chess Novelties (Bird's).


105 | Esther (Blunt's)
Rock-Fishes, Concerning.

Jilverite Beression.

Roasetul, Christina, Memorial to....

Chess Sparks (Ellis's).

105 Etudes Littéraires et Morales (86

liver Party' Platform.

Chester, Old (Crickmore's).

107 mon's)....
92 Russlan Bryce..

Spanish American Republic, a Spect-

322 Child and Childhoort in Folk-Thought 199 Europe in Africa in 19th Century

Reward and the Monroe Doctrine 90

Childbn d. (Rully's) tu les of 222
183 Seward vs Cleveland.


Stylab Opinions..
212 Sliver Pripoganda..

58 China-Japan War (Vladimir's).. 498 Evolution and Man's Place in Nature
Tari L gislation

287 Chitral, Younghusband's) Relief of 204

Single Tax Community
Tart, Some Results of the
112 Smith, Adam.on prohibitory Duties.. 98 Cholera, (Kocb's) Bacteriological D1-
269 Chitral, (Bey non' With Kelly In 294 Evolution in Art (Haddon's).

Time (Y) and Journal.

Suthern Paupers and Races..

Excursions in Libraria (Powell's)..

Tory Collapse
agnosis of

"Squirrel Oiri”

262 Extraordinary Cases (Clinton's)
Transvaal, British in the.
199 stepbens, George, In Memory of

118 christian and Leah (Kompert's)... 408 Fables and Fabuliste Newbigging'a). 88
Venezu-la as a Sister Republie.
Venezuela Commission..
5 Sugar Bounty and the Comptroller.,

415 Chronicles of Count Antonlo (Hope's) 468 Famille et les Amis de Montaigne
433 Clarence (Harte's)
181 (Stapfer's) ....

7, 24 Teachers' College
Venezuelan Gold Fields.
207 Coler dge, Lord." Fishback's) Recol.


Far Eastern Question chiro's).
Venezuelan Surprise.atv......
'118 Tucker, G. M., And Fail, F.

287 lections of...
152 Unitarian Church, First 10 America,

144 Father Archangel of Scotland (Gra
Yellow Terror.

Collateral and Direct Inheritance bam's)

157, 178 Taxes (Dos Passos's).

441 Father of the Forest (Watson's)....... 201
Soll (min's)
Japan China War (Inouye's). 478 Nursery Ethics (Winterburn's)

of ...


lish .....


390 - Galio".




.., 402




Paustgeschichten, Nürnberger (Mey. Japanese Marriage (sladen'-).

2A2 Odes (Moore's)

438 Songs from the Greek (Sedgwick's).. 438
100 Journal of a spy in Paris

Reigo of

Euvres complètes (Huygens's) 324 Bongs of Night and Day (Guogaulus's) 803
Feasts of Autolrcus (Pennell's)....... 849 Terror (Hesdin's)....
179 Omcial Intelligence (Burdett's) 342 Soul and Sene (Kimball's).

Fellbras, Les (Liotubac :).
13 Jude the Obscure (Hard
123 Old-Fashioned Garden (Hayes's) 203 sous les Galons (Belin's).

Femme devant la Science Contem-

Keata's Letters (form
806 Old South Leafl-t8......

289 Soutbern Quakers and Slavery
poraine (Lourbet's).
395 Keats's Poems (Drury's,
800 One who Looked on (Montrésor's). 458 (Weeks's)

Femmes, (Legouvé's) Histolre Morale Key of the Pacific (c

125 Ontario (Ross's) School System of... 491 Spraying of Plants (Lodeman's). 160
270 King of Andaman (
181 On the Point (Dole's)...

61 Staatswissenschaften, (Conrad's)
Fergusson, (Ferguson 8) Records of King Stork and King
alak's) 104 Our System of Government (Rogers's) 456 Handwörterbuch der

the Clan
165 King's Peace (Inderv

274 Ovum, (Wilson and Leaming's) Fer- Stanley, Artbur P.. (Prothero's) Lot-
Perry, Jules, Discours et Opinions.... 395 Koch on the Diagne

.era..... 262 tization of...

158 ters of..

Fifth Army Corps (Powell's)

138 Konversations
(Brock Oxford Church Movement (Wake- Statistics and Sociology

Fille du Député (Ohret's).
270 baus's)..

18 Smith's).

Fishes, Fossil, in B itish Museum Korean Games (culin's).
243 Painting. Sculp'ure and Architecture Sterne, (Fitzgerald's) Life of.

197 Krishna Kanta's Will (Chatterjee's). 244 (Raymord's)

12 Stevenson, Robert Louis, Novels,
Fishes, Living and Fussil (Dean's) 443 Laber in its Relations to Law (Stim- Paris. (Adolphus's) Memories of. 13 Travels, eto, of...

Fiebes of Sipaloa (Jordan's)
13 son's).
166 Parliament during the 19th Century Stories by English Authors..

Fleet Street Eclogues (Davidson's)... 202 Labor Question in Britain (Rou-ler's) 479 (Lowes Dickinson's).

366 Story of Babette (Stuart's).

Florentine Painters of Renaissance Ladies' Book plates (Labouchere's)... 139 Parody (Martin s).

496 Strangers at Lisconnel (Barlow's) 898
239 Lady of Qualliy (Burnett':)

398 Paul and Virginia of a Northern Zone Strikes and Social Problems (Nicbol
Florida. (Cory'ß) Hunting an 1 Fush. La Farge, John Waern's).

416 (Drachmann's).
458 Bon's)...

Inr in..

404 Lakes of North America (Russell's). 243 Pebbles and Shells (Hawkes's) 203 Structure and Style, (Brewster's)
Folk-lore, (Cox's) Introduction to... 83 Lamar, Luciue Q. C. (Mayes's)
462 Peinture en Europe (lafeperire's)... 57 Studies in.

Force du Mal ( Idam's).

253 Langue et Littérature Française(Petit Penological and Preventive Princi- Sudan, (Slatin's) Fire and Sword in .. 257
Formosa, From Far (Mackay's). 387 de Julleville's).

380 ples (Tallack's)

12 Sun (Young's).

Forward House (Case's).
61 Law's Lumber-Room (Watt').

119 Perseus. (Hartland's) Legend of... 55 Sunsbine and Shadow (Prentiss's) ... 499
Fossil Fishe in British Museum Lectures and Essays (Vettleship')...


Personal Reminiscences (rucker- Superstitions, Current (Bergen's) 478
197 Legal History, (White's) Outlines of. 139 man's)

106 Tales from the Fjeld (Dasent's) 139
France, (Bertot's) Guides du Cycliste Lepi soptera, British (M4yrick's).. 985 Perugia. (Lupatlll's) Pittura in.. 158 Tante Rabat-jole (Dombre's)


492 Levant. (Hogarth':) Wandering Scbo- Petrarca, (Mestica's) Rime di. 396 Tartuffe des Comédiens (Régnier's).. 331
France Idéale (Quinet's).


258 Phrygia, (Ramsay's) Cities and wish Taxation and Taxes in the United
Frauen und das Studium der Medicin Life of Nancy (Jewett's)

181 opriis of .........
348 States (Howe's)

140 Linguet (Cruppl's)
34 Physical Geograpby. (Tarr's) Ele Taxation. (Seligman's) Essays in

140 Literary ane dotes of 19th Century


127 Teaching the Language-Arts (Hing-
French and English Military Term.,

(Nicoll and wise's)
326 Planoforte Playing, (Ehrenfecter's)


(Barrèr's Dictionary of

473 Littérature
Françoise, (Doumic's)
Delivery in..

473 Theatre Complet (Jondinet's) 280
French Language, (Brachet's)

Etudes sur la..
435 Pianoforte Sonata (Shedlock's). 312 Thorough Good Cook (Cala's)

rical Grammar of.
416 Little Rhymes for Little People Pierres Gravées (Reinach's).

403 Toinmy Todles (Lee's)

French Law of Marriage and Divorce

439 Pilgrim and Other Poems (Bur- Tragédles de Voltaire (Lion's)

441 Lives of the Poets (Waugh's John-


438 Travels and Voyages (Mookerjee's).. 223
Fringilla (Blackmore's).

843 Pilgrim Fathers of New England Trent, (Frrude's) Council of

From Blomidon to Smoky (Bolles').. 295 Livres et les Idées (Fonsegrive's) 416 (Brown's).

144 Trinity Verse

From the Black Sea through Persia London Garland.

99 Pinks and Cherries (Houg's).
458 Truce (Wright's)

and India (Weeks')
276 Longmans' Gazetteer.

180 Pioneer work in Opening the Medi- Tsars, (Leroy-Beaulieu's) Empire of
Fungi, (Cooke's) Introduction to. 119 Lord Hyland (Bonnières's)....
55 cal Pr.fession to Women (Black-

Fürstlichl'che Schristeller Zimmer- Loudon (VA) Rangers (Goodnart's).. 323 well's)

864 Twelve Hundred Miles in a Wagon
177 Lover's Saint Ruth's (Guiney's).. 181 Pittura in Perugia (Lupatelll's) 158 (Balfour's).

Gelindo (Renter's).
102 vyries of Eurth (Lampman's).

439 Plaidoirie dans la Langue Française Twenty-second Regiment, N. Y N. G.
Géographie Physique (Lapparent's).. 259 McKinley's Masterpieces (Paget's).. 454 (Munier-Jolain's).....

395 (Wingate's)..

German-English Dictionary (Flügel- Ma lemoiselle Huguette (Fraday's)... 435 Plant Form,(Lillev and Midgley's) 416 Uganda, (Asbe's) Chronicles of

Magda (Sudermano's)...
269 Plants, (Marilaud's) Natural History Under the Pines (Cooley's)

German Songs of To-day (Tille':) 400 Magnetic Circuits (Du Boto's).

473 ol.
164 Undertones (Cawelp's).

Germany (Seeley's) Common School Mapassas to Appomattox (Long- Plato, (Bussell's) School of..

474 United States of Amer ca(Channing's) 417
System of....

146 Plu arcb (North's)

288 Universités des Deux Mondes (Lau-
Ginnastia Bellica (Fambri's)
83 Manning, Cardinal, (Purcell's) Life of 161 Poems (Duers'r).


Gipsy Christ (Snarp's).
JRI Marceau, F. S. (Johnson's),
218 Poems (McGaffey's).

202 Universities of Europe in M dle Ages
Girls, (A bmore's) Sid Talks with.. 19 Marguerite de Navarre,'(Lefranc's) Poems (Meynell's)

201 (Rashdall's).

309, 327
Glee Composera, English (Baptie's) 491 Dern'ères Poésies de
382 Poems, Collected' (Mitchell's). 439 Utopia, More's (Lupton's)..

Giory of the Gods (Byers's).
439 Mars (Lowell's).
106 Popins New (Christina Rossetti's). 437

(Michelis and Ziegler's). 145
Goethe (+1 Ischowsky's).
254 Maryland, (Steiner's) Citizensbip and Poé-19 Bretonne

au 19e Siècle Vacation Rambles (Hughes's)

160 Suffrage in


55 Vademecum für Studierende (Mül
Goethe's Faust (Flacher's).

Mathematical Papers at Internation-
Pcé le Contemporaine (Ros'ère's).... 456

Gold Digelngs of Cape Horn (Spears's) 224 al Mathematical Congress... 378 Poésie, (Lolse's) Histoire de la.. 895 Venezuela (Curtis's)

Gold Fish or Gran Chimú (Lummis's) 398

Maxime of Chanakya (Raghunatbji's) 254 Poe's Works (Woodberry and Sted- Venezuela, (Davis's) Three Gringos in. 234
Governments of To-day (Sears's). ... 55
Mécant-me de la Vie Moderne (Ave-


271 Vera Vorontsoft (Kovalevsky's) 878
Gray Roses (Harland's)
61 nel's)

Political Science. (Seeley's) lutroduc- Verses (Plummer).

Great Britain, (Burrows's) Foreign Mecbanical Engineer's Pocket Book

tion to...

479 Vers Français, (Bibesco's) Question
Policy of ....

201 Pon ander of Verde (Nesbit's).
203 du

Greek Antiquit es, (Gardner and Je
Mediterranean Trip (Brooks's).. 179
Porphyry the Phllosopher to his wife Vesperrilia

vons's) Manual of.
312 Meling Snowg (Schoenaich - Caro-


462 Victorian Literature, Early (Harri-
Greek New Testament, (mitchell's)

81 Portugal, (Wordsworth's) Residence


Handbook of
218 Memories, A Few (Anderson's). 344


380 Vie et les Meurs au jour le jour
Greek Papurl, Chiefly Ptolemaio
mentone, Cairo and Corfu (Wool. Positive Philosophy (Martineau's


880 soo's)
125 Comte's).

360 Virgil in the Middle Ages (Compa-
Greek Sculpture, (Gardner's) Hand Military Law and Precedents (Win- Pote, Capt. William, jr. Journal

403 retti's).

book of



Providence Tax lists 1686-89 (Field's) 254
Greenland Icefelds (Wright and Up-

Virgiola Campaign of 1862 under
Military Letters and Essays (Maude's) 401 Prussla, (Tuttle's) History of... 994 Pope..


275 Mind and Motion (Romanes's). ....... 261 Public Speaking and Debate (Hol- Virginia, (Bruce's) Economic History
Gurneys of Earlbam (Hare's)

Mind Training, (alken's) Methods

829 of

999, 410
Gustavus Adolpbus (Dodge's).
272 of...
41 Punch, (Spielmann's) History of.. 237 Voice-Builcing (Curtis's)

Halsey, Toomas (Halsey's)..
276 Minerals, (Chester's) Dictionary of... 324 Pushkin's Prone Tales.

394 Wagner, (Nie zsche's) Case of

Hamburg uud England (Ehren Miranda, i welsh's) Last Cruise of.... 145 Railway Library, Hopkins, (Teggart's) Wandering Scholar in the Levant
273 Miscellaneous Studies (Pater's). 291 Catalogue of.

77 (Hogarth's)

Handatlas, Neuer (Debes's).


Missions and Mission Philanthropy Rare Books and their Prices (Rob- Warfare of Science with Theology
Hassam, Hilton and Cheover Families



204 (White's)..
3.2 Modena, (Dondi's) Duomo di
307 Rates, Local in England (Capnap's). 472 Wat rloo (Horsburgh's)

Herschels and Modern Astronomy Modern Civilization in Some of its Real Estate Titles in N. Y (Rerard's). 441 Waterloo Campaign, (Wood's) Cav.

Economic Aspects(Cunningham's) 255 Reconstruction during the Civil War

alry in...

Hills of Song (Scollard'a).
438 Molecules (Risteen's)


183 Water Supply of New York (Weg-
Himalayan, (McCormick's) Artist in Mollere, (clvel's) Lexique de la

Red Men and White (Wister's)....... 181 mann's)


Langue de
289 Red Star (McManus's)

61 Watter's Mou' (Stoker's).

Als Father's Son (Matthews's).
181 Monde Socialiste (Seilhac's)...

473 Renaissance Fancles and Studies Weltkarten, (Miller'e) Die Aeltesten. 102
Historical and Other Papers (Rey. Money (Nicbolson's).

239 Westminster (esant's)


Money and Banking (White's). 57 Renaissance, (Berenson's) Florentine When Love is Done (Davta's)

History, (icton's) Study of..
89 Money and its Relations to Prices

Painters of..
239 White Snake (Cawain')

Hokusai Goncourt's),
308 (Price's)..
474 Renard the Fox (Jacob's)

119 Whitney, John, (Melville's) Ancestry
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, (Horse's) Money and Prices, (Schuen hof's) His- Rbode Island Houses, Early (Isbam

of ...

Life of

tory of
127 and Brown's).

145 Wilson, James, (Andrews's) Works of 493
Home Rule Parliament, (Lucy's) Mon Franc-parler (Coppée's)
4.5 Ripperda, Baron de (Syvetop's). 435 Wise Woman (Burnham's).

Diary of


Mongolia and Tibet,(Rockblil's) Jour- Ritter's Geographisch - Statistisches With an Ambulance in Franco-Ger-
Homme et la Vie (Vapereau's).

ney through
158 Lexikon

73 man War (Ryan's).

Horticulture in New England Monk of file (Lange's)..

River Bend (Hussey's)
439 | With the Fathers (McMaster's)


119 Mosby', Rangers (Williamson's). 323 Riviera, Ancient and Modern (Len. Women in Modern English Lito
House that Jill Built (Gardner's). 925 Mosses, (Campbell's) Struc'ure of.. 277

40 (Hill's).

How to Drain a House (Waring's)... 139 Municipal Governmen: in Continen-

Roads and Pavements in France Words for Music (Newell's).

Huguenots and the Revocation of the

ral Europe (Sbaw's).


119 Worship of Romans (Granger's). 261
Edict of Nantes (Malrd's)..
15 Musical Terms (Baker's) Dictionary Rot Apapi (Cherbu lez's)..

270 Yellowstone National Park (Chitten-
Hunting la Many Lands (Roosevelt

360 Roland, (Way and Spencer's) Song of


and urinnell's)
814 My ConOdences (Locker Lampson's). 383 Rolle, R chard. of Hampole.

491 Yucatan, (Mercer's) Hill Caves of
Hutchinson, Thomas (Hosmer's) Life

My Lady Nobody (Maartens's)....


Romans, (Granger's) Worsblp of. 281 Yucatan, (Holmes's) Monuments of.. 218
258 My Mascot....

Rome and Pompeii (Boissier's).

Hlustration of Books (Peonell's) 239 Mystery of Witch-Face Mountain
In a Walled Garden (Belloc's)

Russia and the English Church (Birk.

Books of the Week.
181 beck's)

India, In (Chavrillon's)
443 Nama and Damara (Francois's)....... 199

Indian Journallet (krine's)

19. 42, 65 85 107, 128, 147, 187, 186,
Name Tois Child (Chesson's).

61 Sarsfield, Patrick,

Russian Politics Todhunter
Indian, rinnell's) Story of the

8) Life 205, 225, 244, 262, 278, 296, 314, 332, 350
381 Napoleon, ( ullis's) Metrical History

Inferno (Musgrave's Dante's)..

82 387, 386, 405, 43, 444, 462, 480, 498.
160 op

179 Schrifien und Einwürfe (Nietzsche's) 3A
International Law (Hall's).

440 Napoléon. (Turquan's) Scurs de.


Srience and Art Drawin: (Spanton's)
Napoleon III (Fraser's).

Principles of..

Sculpture in Belgium, (Destrée's) Re-

Natural History Lore and Legend

palesance of.

Interpretation and Construction of

(Huime's )

83 Sena'e of U.S., (Appleton's) Century Page 79, col. 1, line 48. For "Collector of
the Laws (Black's).
410 Nature in Versp ( ovejoy's).

197 the Port of Georgetown" read "Comp.
Intestate Succession in N. Y. (Rem. Neuenglisches Lesebucb (Flügel's)..... 12

Sen'ences of Publilius Syrus (Bick. troller of Customs of the Colony."
441 Nevius, John L, (Xeviue's) Life of...

ford Smith's).

314 Page 101,Col. 111, line 2. For "radiometery
Into the Highways and Hedges (Mon- New England Fields and Woods, In herman'. John, Recollections

80 read 'vacuum tube."
61 (Robinson's)........

241 Siena. Apr schi della Libreria dei Page 187, col. II, line 27, from bottom.
Invention. (Mason's) Origins of 224 New England Town, Old (Child's). 128

Duomo di..

307 For" Yale College" read De Pauw Uni-
Invertebrata, (Shipley's) Zölogy of.. 168 New toplanı, (Johnson's) Wbat They Silva of North America (8argent's).. 331 versity."
Irapi-ches Namenbuch (Justi's). 259 Say in...

478 Sister of a Saint (Channing's) 458 Page 201, col. 111, line 10 from bottom.
Ireland, Pagan (W004-Martin's)
82 New Orleans (King's)
107 Smoke (Turgeneft's)...

Irisb Peasantry, (Carleton's) Traite

For Renunclation" read “Renounce
New sweden, Sto y of.

380 Snow Bird and the Water Tiger
and Stories of...
472 Nlle Springs, (Colville's) Land of the. 204 (Compton's)

Page 242, col. 111, line 16 18 from bottom.
Irrallo's Bushranger (Hornung's).. 458 Norwexian Immigration, (Ander Social Rights and Duties (Stephen's) 442 Dele sentence beginning "The Act of
Itallan Music, (Streatfelld's) Masters

son's) First Chapter of

163 Sociologie, (Gumplowicz's) Précis de 253 Settlement,"
307 Number Concept (Conant's).

404 Socrates and Athenian Society (God. Page 396, col. 11, line 39. For "cadeat"
Japan, (Murray's) Handbook for. 178 Nürnberger Faustgeschichten (Mey.


186 read "oudat."
Japan, iTristram's) Rambles in... 203 er's)..


42 Page 488, Col. 11, line 34. For "Sedgwick

55 Sonata, Planoforte ("bedlock's). 312

Minot" read "Minot Sedgwick," and
(Uchimura's) Nymphs. Nixies and Nalads (Evans's) 439 Song Favors (Daimon's)...

201 "Sedgwick" for "Minot" throughout
Diary of ....
420 Daten Pipe (Kenyon s).
438 Songs (Spaulding's).

202 the paragraph.





of .....



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row. The latter were tolerala & good-, field, not on paper, he has only words of natured way, but they oug. have reprobation for those who are crying,

been expelled by the police, am the “On to war! Any kind of a war so long The Week.

ringleaders ought to have been lodged we have a war!" Gen. Miles spoke

in the Tombs. It was not their meet. with great earnestness of the absolute PRESIDENT CLEVELAND's friends were

ing. They can hold a meeting of their need of a general conviction that a war pointing on the following Wednesday and

They have a perfect right to do was just, before the possibility of the Thursday to popular approval of his war

They had no right to come and American people's going into it or suc. message as its sufficient justification. disturb Henry George's meeting. Mr. ceeding in it could be thought of. It was

a needful warning, too, which he gave the They have since learned a thing or two George is entitled to the greatest credit about the real popular sentiment of the for this demonstration. He hired the citizens of Philadelphia, with their com

merce of $100,000,00) a year, when he re. country, and are now quite ready to drop hall, obtained the speakers, and procured

minded them that not a single modern that argument. But even if the blare of the little advertising that it had, and the first week had kept up, it would but

himself made a powerful and effective gun stood between them and the sea. Of have intensified the President's guilt. His speech in the interest of peace and com- course, Gen. Miles could say nothing of

The slow coaches of the current war alarms, but his significant vast powers were put in his hands, as Burke said of the war powers of the

Chamber of Commerce might well take plea for peace and moderation, coming ministers of the Crown, “as a sacred depattern from him.

from such a source, is most timely and posit, to secure us against popular rash.

welcome. A fortnight ago, though, the ness in plunging into wars." Thus the Mr. George asked the question, how Jingoes would have been clamoring for his yell of the mob is itself the condemnation

instant dismissal. many of the people knew a month ago of the ruler who evokes it. As Burke where British Guiana was. The answer adds: “ It is no excuse at all for a minis- was an outburst of laughter all over the The South has cut a very creditable ter who, at our desire, takes a measure house, which was equivalent to saying figure during the past fortnight. Like contrary to our safety, that it is our own that none of them or very few of them did every other section, it has suffered from act. He who does not stay the hand of know. Mr. George frankly acknowledged the too frequent lapse of its newspapers suicide is guilty of murder.” Sir Robert that, a month ago, he did not know him into the control of men who have no proWalpole was forced, against his better self. There was no more reason a month per appreciation of the editor's obligation judgment, into the war with Spain, in

ago, or

a week ago, why people to take a calm view of events, and quiet 1739, by popular clamor. That was an

should know where British Guiana is, rather than intensify an unreasoning popuimmensely popular war.

Yet what was than where Griqualand is, or the Trans- lar excitement. Then, too, the South has the testimony, a few years later, of the vaal Republic. How many people know felt a special obligation to manifest its men who had excited that clamor and to-day where the Rand gold mines are entire readiness to support the national compelled Walpole to go to war?

The newspapers have teemed with ac- authorities loyally if a crisis should come, ** None of them," says Burke," no, not one,

counts of these mines, and of the “Kaffic in view of the fact that the last time the did in the least defend the ineasure, or attempt circus," for a whole year, yet if a map of Federal Government was engaged in war to justify their conduct. They condemned it Africa were laid before the audience that it was with the Southern States. Under as freely as they would have done in comment. ing upon any proceeding in history ip wbich filled the hall of Cooper Institute, or any these circumstances it was inevitable that they were totally unconcerned. Thus it will other mixed audience, not one in fifty there should have been a good deal of be. They who stir up the people to improper desires. wbether of peace or war, will be con

could put their fingers within a thousand wild taik in that part of the country; but demned by themselves. They who weakly miles of the place; and no blame to a number of the leading editors did not qiell to them will be condemned by history.” them for that. Richard Cobden once lose their heads, and the tone of the

said that not one in ten of the fellows of Southern press now compares favorably The anti-war meeting at Cooper Union

Oxford University, if they had a map of with that of Northern newspapers. The last week was as large as the great hall

the United States before them, could tell Charleston News and Courier,which has could hold, and as enthusiastic for peace

wbere Chicago was, or come within a been on the right side throughout, exand as full of indignation over the war

thousand miles of it, although 25 per cent. presses the not unjustifiable opinion that dance at Washington as it is possible to

of the inhabitants of Great Britain ob-“the good sense and cool judgment disconceive. Not over 10 per cent. of those

tained their food from that place. Now, played by the Southern press in this time present were out of harmony with the

if Mr. George was right in saying that the of unusual and unnecessary excitement speakers. The Jingo press, and especially

average American citizen did not know a will be of lasting benefit to the South, and the Tribune, gave mendacious reports of month ago where British Guiana is, is it contributo vastly to the commercial and it in order to magnify the numbers of likely that he knew whether the Monroe industrial development of this part of the those who came to create a disturbance.

Doctrine applied to it or not? The ques. country.” They sought to belittle the demonstration,

tion answers itself. Mr. Cleveland must which was here given in an impromptu have presumed upon this ignorance when

The inborn and intense hatred which way, of the Christian spirit and sound

he sent in his threatening message. He sense of New York. This meeting was assumed that people would take his word other has had some curious manifesta

Americans and Englishmen have for each for it that the Monroe Doctrine was incalled suddenly. The ball was not se

tions during the past ten days. At the cured until a late hour on Saturday evefringed. This they have done to a very

very moment that third-term organs of ning. There were no posters and no bands large and dangerous extent.

bate, like the Sun, were declaring that of music. There had been no tine to col.

nothing would be so popular in this counlect a crowd in the usual way. Scarcely The General of the Army, Nelson A. try as a war with England, and while the any notice of it had been given in the Miles, made a speech at the New Eng. President was being made to believe that newspapers. Yet the people came in land dinner in Philadelphia on Monday nine tenths of the people were of his larger numbers than the hall could con. week which is described by those who mind, the real feelings of sympathy and tain, and they cheered the speakers to the heard it as a most impressive protest solidarity between the two nations began echo, and fairly drowned with applause against the barbarity of war. Like most to stir, and have led to some of the most the few dissenters who came to make a men who have done their fighting in the remarkable interchanges of international


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greetings ever recorded. Messages of pular loan at 3 per cent. now would bring Republican Representatives who did not peace have passed between churches, nothing. If the Senate should pass this agree with bim had to support him, howchambers of compuerce, ard trade associa bill in time, it might be worth while to ever much against their will. But now tions. The appeal from English men of try the effect of such an advertisement for he is bampered by his Presidential ambi. letters to their American brethren to do the purpose of demonstrating its futility. tion, and his consequent unwillingness to their best to prevent a civil war in Eng. There is not the least probability, how- run the risk of offending members who lish literature, was perhaps couched in ever, that the Senate

ill pass it at al

may control the choice of delegates from somewhat hysterical terms, but spoke, There was only thirty-four majority for it their districts to the Republican national after all, for a strong and genuine senti- in the House, and the elements of opposi- convention. He wants support from the ment on both sides of the ocean. It was tion to it in the Senate are relatively much States that believe in greenbacks and free but an echo of Tennyson's message, an greater, especially the Republican opposi- silver coinage, as well as from those that expression of the real continuity of life tion. This is composed of men who want are outspoken for sound money. Morethat still binds this country to England, the country brought to a silver basis or a over, he knows that McKinley and Harand a conviction that our best civil life paper basie. The men who want a depre- rison bave friends and supporters on the and ideals are due to "that deep chord ciated currency are much stronger in the Republican side of the House who would which Hanıpden smote."

Senate than in the House, and they have like to see him tripped up, and he there

the further advantage that there is no fore feels that he must pick his way with The reports of the committee on ways rule in the Senate for terminating debate. great caution. The effect of all this is and means on the financial situation are

In this matter the Senate is as badly off that the Thomas B. Reed of 1895-'96 is a as petty as the conduct of both House as it was in 1893, when the Sherman re- very different personality from the Thoand Sepate in rushing madly at the Pre-peal bill was pending. The situation of mas B. Reed of 1889-'90, and the indicasident's heels when he sent his war scare the Government, however, is such that it tions are that he will be a much less to Congress. The committee assumes

cannot wait. It can hardly wait for ordi- forceful Speaker during this session than first that the trouble with the finances is nary debate. Its demand notes must be he was six years ago, without, however, a lack of revenue, although the Treasury met. They must be met, too, in such a making up for his losses from this source holds a hundred millions of surplus of the way as to give assurance that they will be by an accession of popular confidence on kinds of money it does not want; being paid regularly and continuously, since the ground of his conservatism. the very kind that this sapient committee otherwise there will be a panic like that of proposes to give it some more of. In or- last February, when gold was drawn The State of Maine has now a record der to do this, it proposes a tariff on wool, largely for private hoarding. The upshot

for unbroken service, in one or other not to furnish revenue for the Govern of the whole matter is that the bond bill,

branch of Congress, on the part of all of ment, but to favor special interests at the as passed by the House, is worthless, but

her delegation, which it is safe to say that expense of the consumers of woollen that it will be stopped in the Senate be- no other commonwealth has ever equalled goods. An increased duty on sugar

cause it is not bad enough. The Govern- in the history of the country. Frye enwould really give the Government more

ment will then resort to the same legisla- tered the House of Representatives in revenue if more were needed, as it is not. tion that it used when the bond-syndicate 1871 and served there continuously until All the tariff talk is a mere blind. Those transaction was made. The rate of in

1881, when he was promoted to the Senate who voted for the committee's bill, ac

terest will be high, corresponding to the as Blaine's successor, and recently began cordingly, know that its effects, even if it needs of the borrower, and then the Re

a term that will end in 1901. At the same should pass the Senate and be signed by publicans will turn all their batteries on time Eugene Hale entered the Senate as the President, would not be felt in the rethe President.

Hamlin's successor, and he has been twice venue returns of the Government for a

re-elected. Mr. Reed entered the House in whole year. Moreover, the declared pur- Speaker Reed finds that he, too, has a 1877, and has now entered upon his tenth pose of the bill is to curtail importations.d team of wild horses on his bands, as Mr. consecutive term. Mr. Dingley joined him Since revenue is collected from goods Harrison said that President Cleveland in 1881, and Messre. Boutelle and Milliwhich come in, and not from goods would find that he had when the last ken in 1883, and each of tbese three has out, a Congress was been reēlected every two years since he

entered. Until 1883 Maine had five Rep. ceipts. Therefore the tariff bill is a game a bare majority of the House, and it was resentatives; since then only four. Beginof false pretences. Probably those who simply necessary to decide upon a course of ning with 1883 and ending with 1897, the voted for it do not expect that it will be party action in order to bring an irresisti. entire delegation in both Senate and House come a law.

ble pressure to bear upon any member will have gone without a single change

who was inclined to be recalcitrant. But for a period of fourteen years. The result The debate on the bond bill showed it is a very different thing to warn a Rep- is that Maine has carried off an extraorclearly that the Republicans are getting resentative that he must surrender his dinary proportion of congressional honors: ready to jump on the President with both own convictions or wreck the prospects of Mr. Reed is Speaker of the House, Mr. feet when the terms of the new loan are

the party when he can see that his vote Frye is to be President pro tem, of the announced. They say that a 3 per cent.

may turn the scales, and to "bring him Senate when the Republicans come into bond can easily be sold at par if offered as into line" when there is a Republican control of the upper branch, Mr. Dingley sa popular loan." They have fixed that majority of over 130 to draw upon. The is chairman of the ways and means com

' rate in the bill, and have provided that all

crack of the party whip even by a czar mittee, and Mr. Boutelle has an important loans made hereafter shall be negotiated who had just taken the reins in hand had chairmanship. in pursuance of advertisement. Nearly no effect upon nearly fifty Republican two years ago the Government tried to Representatives on Saturday, and the

The new Republican Governor of Kensell $50,000,000 of bonds for gold in that Speaker had a narrow escape from defeat

tucky has made a very unfortunate start. way. The “popular" part of the loan at the very opening of the session.

After uttering in his inaugural brave and panned out at something less than two

sound words against lynching and in favor millions. The Government's credit was Mr. Reed suffers seriously now from of maintaining the laws, his first official better then than it is now, yet the loan the lack of that quality which made him act was to pardon, in advance even of his would have been a total failure had not so powerful six years ago. Then he was conviction or trial, a man who had been the bankers come in at the very last day bold to the verge of rashness, and defiant arrested on election day for violation of and subscribed for all that was left-that of all opposition in the party ranks. His the law against carrying concealed weais, for all except the two millions. A po- very audacity made him irresistible, and pons. Worse still, the object of executive

Still further shrinkage of the public re. Speaker before, the Republicans had only

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