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Printed by WILLIAM CLOWES and Sons, Stamford Street, and Charing Cross.




1.—The Life of William Blake, illustrated from his Works.

By the late Alexander Gilchrist, of the Middle

Temple. 2 vols. 1863


11.-1. Historia de Animalibus, Gr. et Lat., Jul. Cæsare

Scaligero interprete, cum ejusdem commentariis. Ed.

Phil. J. Maussacus. Tolosa, 1619. Folio.

2. Histoire des Animaux d’Aristote, avec la Traduction

Françoise. Par M. Camus, Paris. 2 vols. 4to.


3. Aristotelis de Animalibus Historiæ, Libri X. Gr. et

Lat. Ed. J. G. Schneider. 4 vols. 8vo. Lipsiæ,


4. Aristoteles Naturgeschichte der Thiere, übersetst

und mit Anmerkungen begleitet, von Dr. Friedrich

Strack, Frankfurt am Main. 8vo. 1816.

5. Aristoteles Thiergeschichte, in zehn Büchern; Ve-

bersetst und erläubert, von Dr. Ph. H. Külb. Stutt-

gart, 1856.

6. Aristotle's History of Animals, in Ten Books. Trans-

lated by Richard Cresswell, M.A., St. John's College,

Oxford. London: Henry G. Bohn, 1862.

7. Aristotle; a Chapter from the History of Science,

including analyses of Aristotle's Scientific Writings.

London, 1864


III.—Sir John Eliot: a Biography, 1590-1032. By John

Forster. 2 vols. London, 1864

IV.—The Iliad of Homer rendered into English Blank Verse.

By Edward Earl of Derby. 2 vols. London, 1864 93

V.-1. Private Diary of Travels, Personal Services, and

Public Events, during Mission and Employment with

the European Armies in the Campaigns of 1812,

1813, 1814; from the Invasion of Russia to the

Capture of Paris. By General Sir Robert Wilson,

C.M.T., Baron of the Holy Roman Empire, G.C. St.

A. of Russia, C.C. St. G. of Russia, G.C.B.E. of

Prussia, &c. &c. Edited by his Nephew and Son-

in-Law the Rev. Herbert Randolph, M.A., of Baliol

College, Oxford. 2 vols. London, 1861.

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