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Church has given to my charge; though indeed what is yours cannot be more yours. Use therefore what is your own as you please; I am most ready and will carry out your desires. I profess to be wholly yours;—what a slave ought to be to his master; a pupil to his teacher; a son to his father.”)

A similar feeling of loyalty to the pope is expressed by the prelates in a synod held about the same time as the date of the above letter, January, 1272. The pope had requested the clergy to grant a tenth on the property of the Church to help Prince Edward in his successful crusade in the Holy Land. There was a difficulty in finding the money, but the clergy promised to do what they could, because “in this and in all other matters they desired to fulfil the wishes and desires of the lord pope.”?

Henry III had now been unwell for some considerable time, and the end came on the 16th of November, 1272.

Letters from the Northern Registers, 42.

2 Wilkins, ii. 24.


ABBOTS, English, write to pope about

grievances, 248.
Aberconway, abbot of, 222.
Abingdon abbey, 70: Henry III at, 176;
monks of Winchester seek shelter at,
318; abbot of, ordered to provide
Roman with a benefice, 278; St.
Helen's, dispute about living of, 278;
St. Mary's granted to Aylmer, at

king's demand, 305.
Aid of a fifteenth to be granted by
laity and clergy, on confirmation of
charters, 84; clergy much disturbed

by prospect of, 84.
Albano, cardinal-bishop of, examines

into an English election, 277.
Alban's, St., abbey: visited by K.

John, 23; Otho visits, and publishes
excommunication against Emperor
Frederick, 178; money demanded of,
by papal collectors, 271; dispute with
Abp. Boniface about visitation, 291;
case of, pleaded by John Bull, a monk,
at Lyons, 273; monks of Winchester
seek shelter at, 318; obtains dis-
pensation from severity of observance,
333; forced to give living to pope's
nephew, 325; forced to give money
to Rustand, 357; protests against pro-

viding benefice for Italian cleric, 362.
Alban’s, St., abbot of: ordered to declare

Ch. Ch. Canterbury free of interdict,
191; pleads sickness to excuse absence
from Council of Lyons, 229; ordered
by king not to pay papal subsidy, 251:
appeals to pope against demands of
papal collectors, 272; gives king

money, 280; has to give annuity to
Poitevins, 307 ; opposes Grosseteste's

claim to make visitation, 334.
Albemarle, Baldwin, earl of, 105.
Albert of Parma: papal official in Eng-

land, 324; ordered to put England
under interdict if money is refused,
280; sent to England about Sicily,
349; presses Charles of Anjou to
accept Sicily, 350; renews negotiations
with England about Sicily, 351; to

collect money in England, 388.
Albigenses, 103.
Alcinor, daughter of K. John, marries

Simon de Montfort, 174.
Aldebrandi, Aldebrando, Sienese mer-

chant, 365.
Alexander, Franciscan friar, papal col-

lector in England, 271.
Alexander II, k. of Scotland: betrothed

to Henry III's sister, 45; opposes
visit from Otho, 168; meets Henry
and Otho, 168; denies admission to
Otho, 178; renews peace with Henry,

Alexander IV, pope: accession of, 320;

protects prior of Winchester, 319;
permits Aylmer to defer consecration,
323; upholds Aylmer against barons,
323; consecrates Aylmer, 324; attitude
towards England, 325; makes con-
ditions for grant of Sicily, 353; sug-
gests commutation of Henry's crusad-
ing vow, for Sicily, 354 ; sends ex-
pedition into Apulia, 356; asks Henry
for military help, 356; tries to get
loan from Richard of Cornwall, 357;

Alexander IV, pope--continued.

Louis IX, 256; thought of, as king
urges immediate payment for Sicily, 1 of Sicily, 347; pressed to accept
360; protects Cistercians, 364; listens crown of Sicily, 350.
to complaints of English prelates, | Apulia, expedition into, 356.
364; urges Henry to take up Sicily, Aquablanca, bp. of Hereford, borrows
365; asks for preference for debts of | in pope's name, 364.
Italian merchants, 365; writes to Archdeacons, duties of, defined, 173.
Rustand about debts, 366; gives | Arden, Philip: agent in Rome for Bp.
Henry revenues of vacant dignities Nevile, 122; describes his agency in
and benefices, 366; complains to Rome to oppose Canterbury election,
Henry about delay in Sicilian business, 122-123.
367; recalls Rustand, 368; writes to Arlotencio, Herlot's nephew, provided
Henry about state of Church in Eng. | with English benefice, 381.
land, 369; urges Henry to be recon Armagh, abp. of, at Council of Lyons,
eiled to prelates, 369; suggests ad. 229.
journment of consideration of English Arthur, prince, murder of, 25.
grievances, 370; warns Henry against | Articles of Complaint drawn up at
neglecting sentence of excommunica Canterbury, 373.
tion, 370; suspects Henry's sincerity, Arundel, earl of, appeal against St.
370; orders Rustand to pay off loans in Edmund, upheld at Rome, 174.
spite of Henry III, 371; sends Herlot Asaph, St., disputed election to See of,
to settle Sicilian affairs, 371; grants 227.
Henry a tenth for five years, 374; Asten, John, papal chaplain, granted a
secures peace between England and London prebend, 278.
France, 379; confirms English bene. Augustine's, St., Canterbury: resists
fice to Italian, 381; justifies action St. Edmund, 153; privileges of, con-
of Holy See in so doing, 382-385; firmed by Gregory IX, 154.
justifies impropriations of livings to Augustinian Order, 70.
religious bodies, 383; bestows Italian's Aylmer de Valence: See of Winchester
prebend in St. Paul's on another for, 302; descent of, 302 note; re-
Italian, 384; appeals to Prince Ed marks of Matth. Paris on election of,
ward to get help against Tartars, to See of Winchester, 304; Henry's
385-386; absolves Henry from oath infatuation for, 305; receives papal
to observe Provisions of Oxford, 386; confirmation to election to Win-
condemns barons'oaths, and absolves chester, 306; returns to England,
all, 387; death of, 388.

enters Winchester, 307; urges bishops
Alfonso of Castile, nominated king of

to grant Henry money, 308; opposes
the Romans, 394.

king's wishes, 309; personal dispute
Amiens, Mise of, 395.

with Henry, 311; dispute with Abp.
Anagni, Stephen of, pa pal collector, Boniface about jurisdiction, 311;

waits on king to obtain freedom of
Andrew, foreign prior of Winchester, elections, 314; quarrels with Win-
opposes Wm. de Raleigh, 210.

chester monks 17; appoints his
Andrews, St., abp. of: at Council of own prior to Winchester, 318; com-

Lyons, 229; ordered by Pope to col. plaint against to pope by barons, 320;
lect money for Henry III, 299.

barons oppose his return to England,
Anjou, Charles, duke of: brother of St. 322; consecrated bishop; death of,

324; debts left behind to be collected, Bedford : archdeacon of, spokesman of

clergy meeting, 95; Castle, 79; siege

of, 8o.
Bacon: Robert, Dominican, 136; Roger, Benedictine order: legislation about
on Grosseteste, 341.

rule of, in synod of London, 173;
Baldwin, earl of Albemarle, 105.

mitigation of rule of, 171, 333; Otho
Baptism, instructions about, 59.

presides over chapter of, 177; papal
Bardney, abbot of: dispute with Grosse legislation for, 177, 332; in France,
teste, 205.

obtains dispensation from severity of
Barons : meet at Stamford, 10; demands observance, 334.

of, drawn up, 10; pope sends brief | Benefices, objection to grant of, to
to, 19; complaints against to pope foreigners, in France, 236.
by K. John, 20; excommunicated by Berenger, Raymund V, death of, 256.
pope, 20-21, 22; disregard pope's Berger, Elie, editor of registers of In-
excommunication, 22; appealed to nocent IV, 327; notices Muratori's
by pope to submit to Henry III, 30; inventory of papal archives, 348 note.
side with Louis of France; excom- Berkshire, rectors, of, interviewed by
municated by Gualo, 30; oath of to Otho about papal taxation, 186.
Louis of France condemned by pope, Bern, Adam de, pleads case of St. Al.
31; take oath to restore castles to ban's at Lyons, 273.
Henry, 53; submit to pope's orders Bernardini, Bonaventure, merchant of
about castles, 78; agree to extra tax Siena, 388.
to meet king's needs, 109; insist on Bigod, Hugh, ordered to give up castles,
removal of foreigners, 136; ask pope

to consider grievances, 247; complain Bigod, Roger, represents Henry at
to Henry about broken promises, Council of Lyons, 230.
274; complain to pope about Aylmer, | Bingeham, Robert de, elected bp. of
320; send deputies to Rome against Salisbury, 120.
Aylmer, 321; refuse obligations at Birinus, St., translation of relics of,
tached to crown of Sicily, 361; ap. 70.
peal to pope against foreigners in Bishops: regulations for, 60; and reli-
England, 378; ask pope for a legate, gious houses, 64; duties of, defined,
380; refuse to accept award of Mise 173; resist“ procurations,” 178; re.
of Amiens, 396.

fuse demand in pope's name for
Basset, Philip, justiciar, presides over money, 184; protest against stop
parliament, 391.

being put to pluralities, 197 ; urge
Bath: abbey, tax on, 366; bp. of, goes emperor not to interfere with papal

to Curia, to appeal against Rustand, election, 200; write to pope about

English grievances, 249; unwilling
Battle, abbot of, complains about taxes to make collection of first fruits for
to king, 185.

See of Canterbury, 260; urged by
Beatrix, duchess of Anjou, 256.

pope to help forward crusade, 285;
Beaulieu, Abbey: Henry wishes to re of Cant. prov. combine against
move K. John's body to, 119.

Abp. Boniface, 294; meet at Dun-
Beauvais, dean of, agent for Abp. Boni. stable to concert measures against

face in Curia, 261; obtains further Abp. Boniface, 297 ; seek papal con-
concessions for Abp. Boniface, 262. I firmation of sentence of excommuni.


cation, 317; refuse obligation at. suades canons of St. Bartholomew's
tached to crown of Sicily, 361; agree to withdraw complaints, 295; pope
to find money for Sicilian business, decides against, on appeal about
373 ; meet at Merton to discuss Sicil. visitations, 295; tries to influence
ian business, 378; ordered by pope pope in his favour on visitation dis-
to deliver money to Ottoboni, 405; putes, 296 ; Cardinal Hugo appointed
Scotch, summoned to council by Otto to investigate his debts, 297 ; returns
boni, 415.

to England, 311; excommunicates
Blanche, queen, mother of St. Louis brawlers, 312-313; summons prelates

to Canterbury, 373; directed by pope
Blomerie, John de, abbot of Abingdon, to support Henry against barons, 392.

in trouble about a benefice, 279. Bonsignori, Rolando, Roman merchant,
Blund, John le: chosen abp. of Canter 365.

bury, 139; election set aside, 139. Boulogne : Ottoboni at, 403; papal
Blundevil, Ralph, E. of Chester forbids legate at, 397, 398.

payment of papal tax in his territory, Bouquer, William, king's agent in Rome,

Blyth: Convocation of York at, 308; | Bourges : archbp. of, at Council of, 99;

tournament at, becomes a battle, 166. Council of, 98.
Bologna, money lenders of, 354.

Boxley, abbot of, deputed to settle dis-
Bonaccursi, Raynerio, Sienese merchant, pute between St. Edmund and Can-
365, 388.

terbury about revenues, 148.
Bonaventure, St., offered See of York, Braibroc, Henry de, imprisoned, 79.

Breauté, Falkes de: had care of royal
Boniface of Savoy: Henry wants him to castles, 74; summoned to Dunstable,

be abp. of Cant., 191 ; Henry writes 79; rebellion of, 79; pope intervenes
to pope in favour of, 191 ; elected to in behalf of, 80, 104; besieged by
Canterbury, 194; election confirmed king, 80; Otho's mission suspected to
by pope, 209; arrival of in England, be to intercede for, 90; and King
216 ; goes to Lyons, 223; consecrated John, 105; William de, hanged by
by pope, 227, 258 ; urged by Grosse Henry III, 80.
teste to correct abuses, 255; obtains Bristol : council at, presided over by
privileges from pope, 258; suspends Gualo, 30; royal Christmas at, 32.
bishops for refusing to collect money Buckden: Grosseteste taken ill at, 340.
for him, 260; asks pope for help to Bull, John, monk of St. Alban's, pleads
wards his debts, 261; orders Grosse cause of, at Lyons, 273.
teste to give benefice to son of duke Burgh, Hubert de: justiciar, 45, 74; and
of Burgundy, 276-277; gets leave from bp. of Winchester, relations between,
pope to grant benefices in suffragan 45, and note; ordered by Pandulph to
Sees, 281; enthroned at Canterbury, meet Llewellyn at Worcester, 47;
282; friction with suffragan bishops, meets Pandulph at Windsor, 47;
289; makes visitations and demands ordered by Pandulph to release sheriff
money, 290; disputes with St. Paul's, of York, 48; seeks decision of Rome
London, 290 ; disputes with St. Bar in marriage case, 69; discontent of
tholomew's, Smithfield, 291; disputes nobles with, 75; writes to the pope,
with St. Alban's, 291; goes to Lyons to 76; king relies on his help, 76; draws
support visitation disputes, 294 ; per picture of misery of nation, 84;

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