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" But the authority assumed by Pandulph was that not of a judge, but of an executive magistrate; it dealt not with a single question, but with the continuous government of the country, and threatened the establishment of a despotic rule, wielded by a foreign... "
Henry the Third and the Church: A Study of His Ecclesiastical Policy and of ... - Strana 51
podµa Francis Aidan Gasquet - 1905 - Počet stránok 446
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Royal and other historical letters illustrative of the reign of ..., Čas» 1

Walter Waddington Shirley - 1862
...striking to the imagination, and however grave in its consequences to society, was an exercise only of a judicial power, limited by its very nature to the...policy, and enforced by the censures of the Church. Yet, so far as we know, this astonishing usurpation was established without a shadow of opposition....
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