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tainted by obscenity, not marred by coarseness of language, nor obscured by remote allusion, the quantity in existence is not great. It is thought that this volume contains a very large proportion of the best pieces that have appeared.

An unexpected feature of the book is, that there is not a line in it by a female hand. The alleged foibles of the Fair have given occasion to libraries of comic verse; yet, with diligent search, no humorous poems by women have been found which are of merit sufficient to give them claim to a place in a collection like this. That lively wit and graceful gayety, that quick perception of the absurd, which ladies are continually displaying in their conversation and correspondence, never, it seems, suggest the successful epigram, or inspire happy satirical verse.

The reader will not be annoyed by an impertinent superfluity of notes. At the end of the volume may be found a list of the sources from which its contents have been taken. For the convenience of those who live remote from biographical dictionaries, a few dates and other particulars have been added to the mention of each name. For valuable contributions to this portion of the volume, and for much well-directed work upon other parts of it, the reader is indebted to Mr. T. BUTLER GUNN, of this city.

There is, certainly, nothing more delightful than the fun of a man of genius. Humor, as Mr. Thackeray observes, is charming, and poetry is charming, but the blending of the two in the same composition is irresistible. There is much nonsense in this book, and some folly, and a little ill-nature; but there is more wisdom than either. They who possess it may ngratulate themselves upon having the largest collection ever made of the sportive effusions of genius.

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AUTHOR To my Empty Purse

To Chloe.

Peter Pindar.
To a Fly
Man may be Happy
Address to the Toothache.

The Pig

Farewell to Tobacco

Written after swimming from Sestos to Aby-

The Lisbon Packet .

Young Jessie.
Rings and Seals.
Nets and Cages

Sydney Smith
My Letters


To Fanny


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36 . 37

38 39 40 41 44 45

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The Poplar Spring


Hood Ode on a Distant Prospect of Clapham Acad

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Schools and School-fellows
The Vicar.

The Bachelor's Cane-bottomed Chair

Stanzas to Pale Ale.
Children must be paid for.
The Musquito.

To the Lady in the Chemisette with Black

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Come out, Love .
The White Chip Hat
You know if it was you
The Declaration :

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Take thy Old Cloak about thee.
King Jolin and the Abbot
The Baffled Knight, or Lady's Policy.
Truth and Falsehood
The Pig and Magpie
Advice to Young Women.
The Country Lasses.
The Pilgrims and Peas.
On the Death of a Favorite Cat.
The Retired Cat.
Saying, not Meaning
A Cock and Hen Story
The Search after Happiness
The Donkey and his Panniers
Misadventure at Margate.
The Ghost...
A Lay of St. Gengulphus.
Sir Rupert the Fearless
Look at the Clock .
The Bagman's Dog.
Dame Fredegonde
The King of Brentford's Testament
Titmarsh's Carmen Lillienses.
The Retort

Percy Reliques . . 75


80 Prior.

85 Williams (Sir C. H.) 87 Peter Pindar

89 90 91 93

95 Gray.

97 Couper

99 Wake .

102 Coleridge.

104 Southey

105 Scott (Sir W.)

115 Moore.

124 Barham

125 129 136 146 156

164 W. Aytoun

181 Thackeray


191 Lantern

194 G. P. Morris 196


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