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Page Diagram 1.-The Formation of the Pavement

63 Diagram 2.—The Relation between the Celebrant and his Ministers

70 Diagram 3.-Censing of the Altar

90 Diagram 4.-The Order of the Formation of the Bowls at the Kyrie

103 Diagram 5.—The Varied Types of Forms built at the Kyrie shown in Cross-section

105 Diagram 6.–Censing the Oblations

131 Diagram 7.-The Change which takes place at the Con:

secration when the bread becomes the


Diagram 8.-Interplay of Forces in Church after Consecration


Diagram 9.—The Symbolism of the Holy Eucharist .. 197 Diagram 10.-The Reservoir

303 Diagram 11.—The Awakening of the Human Principles at Ordination


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Diagram 12.-Ground Plan of an Ideal Church
Diagram 13.-Flow of Forces through Stole
Diagram 14.-Stole Cross
Diagram 15.—Flow of Forces through Cope
Diagram 16.-Flow of Forces under Alb ..
Diagram 17.-Flow of Forces in the Chasuble
Diagram 18.-The Crosier
Diagram 19.-Interplay of Forces in Church

Diagram 20.-An Ultimate Physical Atom
Diagram 21.-The Human Principles




at 482-483




Frontispiece. The Completed Eucharistic Form
Plate 1.-(Fig. 1): The Church of Santa Sophia at

Constantinople. (Fig. 2): Cross-section
of the Church

22 Plate 2.—(Fig. 1): The Asperges Bubble as formed by

the Celebrant. (Fig. 2): Cross-section of
Bubble. (Fig. 3): Cross-section of

western part of Bubble
Plate 3.-(Fig. 1): The Asperges Bubble when

enlarged during the Psalm. (Fig. 2):
Cross-section of Bubble

40 Plate 4.—(Fig. 1): The Asperges Bubble after its

expansion by the Angel. (Fig. 2): Cross-
section of Bubble

50 Plate 5.—The Mosaic Pavement

62 Plate 6.-(Fig. 1): A Portion of the Pavement. (Fig. 2): A Single Block

64 Plate 1.-(Fig. i): Formation of the Petals. (Fig.

2): Cross-section of Vortex. (Fig. 3):
Order of Formation of Petals

94 Plate 8.-(Fig. 1): Cup-like Form. (Fig. 2): Cross.

section showing two sets of Petals. (Fig.
3): Cross-section showing changing out-
lines of Form

98 Plate 9.—(Fig. 1): Elongated Cylindrical Form. (Fig. 2): Cross-section of Form

102 Plate 10.-(Fig. 1): Oblong Form. (Fig. 2); Crosssection of Form

104 Plate 11.-(Fig. 1): The Eucharistic Form at end of

Kyrie. (Fig. 2): Cross-section of

106 Plate 12.-The Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti at Palermo

108 Plate 13.-(Fig. 1): The Low Dome after first para

graph of Gloria. (Fig. 2): Cross-section
of Form

110 Plate 14.-A Mosque at Cairo

114 Plate 15.-(Fig. 1): The Eucharistic Form at end of

Gloria. (Fig. 2): Cross-section of Form 118 Plate 16.—The Imposition of Hands at the Consecration of a Bishop

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