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EDINA! Scotia's darling seat!

All hail thy palaces and tow'rs,

Where once beneath a monarch's feet Sat Legislation's sov'reign pow'rs! From marking wildly-scatter'd flow'rs, As on the banks of Ayr I stray'd, And singing, lone, the ling'ring hours, I shelter in thy honour'd shade.

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Here wealth still swells the golden tide, As busy Trade his labour plies ; There Architecture's noble pride

Bids elegance and splendour rise ; Here Justice, from her native skies, High wields her balance and her rod; There Learning, with his eagle eyes, Seeks Science in her coy abode.


Thy sons, Edina! social, kind,

With open arms the stranger hail; Their views enlarg'd, their lib'ral mind, Above the narrow, rural vale; Attentive still to sorrow's wail, Or modest merit's silent claim ; And never may their sources fail! And never envy blot their name!


Thy daughters bright thy walks adorn,
Gay as the gilded summer sky,
Sweet as the dewy milk-white thorn,
Dear as the raptur'd thrill of joy!
Fair Burnet strikes th' adoring eye,
Heav'n's beauties on my fancy shine;

I see the Sire of Love on high,

And own his work indeed divine!

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