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influence, however good, might hinder the at the foot of the Indian Peninsula, is process of pacification. He clearly appre- recognized by all the religious sects as a ciates the fact that his task is by no means key to the whole continent lying near it. entirely accomplished. When the duty The Roman Catholics have the best-equipof the soldier is performed, then there ped college on the island. The work of are assurances that the way will be made evangelizing India seemed a task of such easy for those who are eager to enter proportions that even the bravest shrank with the blessings of a finer and more from attempting it. But now the outlook fruitful civilization.

is more favorable. When we see groups

of native preachers and doctors, who have More Fraternity Between Jews and Christians been trained in the Christian colleges of

We have learned of still another instance Ceylon, setting out into the great Hindu of fellowship between Jews and Christians continent, we behold in them at least which is well worthy of the attention of the beginning of the end of Buddhism ; Christian people. The Jews of Bradford, for such a religion cannot permanently Pennsylvania, recently remodeled their resist the real philanthropy of Christianity. synagogue, and in January it was rededi We should encourage the sending of medicated with appropriate services. The cal missionaries to India, because Hindus Jewish rabbi, Louis Reynolds, conducted limited by the caste system, and exclusive the services, and, when the time came for Mohammedans who could not be perthe sermon, introduced as the preacher of suaded to enter a Christian church or to the occasion the Rev. Augustus R. Kieffer, attend a preaching service, come in large D.D., rector of the Episcopalian Church numbers to the dispensaries for medical of the Ascension in that city. The rabbi aid for themselves and their families. In described the Christian minister, in pre them they have an object-lesson of the senting him to his people, as one who had spirit of the Gospel. Their hearts are the spirit of Savonarola and Thomas touched by the kindness and sympathy à Kempis. Dr. Kieffer preached from shown them, and after that the truth is Ezra vii., 27. We have examined the willingly and often eagerly received. A sermon, and find that while the preacher brief illustrated pamphlet entitled “Ceywas loyal to the truth for which his own lon a Key to India ” shows how necessary communion stands, he yet did justice to

it is to train native preachers and apostles the truth which Jews and Christians hold for India, and what invaluable service the in common and the work which can be college and medical missions are doing best done by co-operation. A Christian to promote this end. minister, and he an Episcopalian, preaching the dedication sermon of a Jewish

Notes synagogue, is not a sight which has been

The American Sunday-School Union will common in the past, but it will be more

celebrate its seventy-fifth anniversary in Philacommon in the future. The walls between delphia, in the Academy of Music, on May 25, those who are truly religious are fast Morris K. Jesup, Esq., the President, presiding: going down, and every instance like that Sunday-school work will address the meetings.

Several prominent speakers and leaders in above quoted has its direct influence in

The Society has organized over one hundred bringing about universal brotherhood. thousand schools, and nearly six thousand

churches have grown out of the work. It emCeylon a Key to India

ploys over one hundred missionaries, chiefly

in the sparsely settled parts of our country. Nowhere is the promise, “ And greater It commenced its work with only one missionworks than these shall ye do,” being more ary. It is National and interdenominational. literally fulfilled than in the island of

In a recent paragraph we seemed to do Ceylon. In addition to the numerous injustice to the Rev. Artemas J. Haynes, assobranches of evangelistic, educational, lit

ciate pastor of Plymouth Church in Chicago, erary, and industrial work so successfully signed to succeed Dr. Hillis in the Central

by intimating that when Dr. Gunsaulus recarried on there for years by the American Church, Plymouth Church was left entirely Board, the Ceylon Mission has a flourish- without a pastor. The Rev. Mr. Haynes reing medical department, where last year mains in the service of the church, as he was

before Dr. Gunsaulus returned to the church, over five thousand persons received treat

and also during his brief second term of ser. ment. Ceylon, from its strategic position vice as pastor.

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The Sunday Dinner

are the household tasks that have been To the Editors of The Outlook :

removed from the home to the factory; In your issue of February 18 (in the and what a wealth of already prepared Home Club department) we observe with food is at her command undreamed of by regret a plea for what seems to us a mis our grandmothers ! taken and unnecessary concession to an In one household where Sunday is ever-increasing tendency to Europeanize notably set apart for family intercourse, ā our American Sunday:

light lunch is served at midday, and the The writer states that the fashion in table set for “high tea " before the domesNew York to remove the family Sunday tics' departure. At six a really hearty and dinner from the realm of home to that of delightful supper of salads and similar a hotel is one to be encouraged. Would dishes, prepared before, is brought out by not this aid in the destruction of one of the ladies of the household, and the the few remaining links which bind the chafing-dish fills any possible deficiency. family together? Modern life, with its

These Sunday suppers are famous in the business and social claims, seems to be whole connection as uniquely enjoyable ever up in arms against home life; and family reunions, and the hospitality often Sunday is usually the one day when the reaches out to some one less favoredfamily may meet with leisure to foster at boarding, perhaps. What would be left least a pleasant acquaintance with one of the charm of these particular family another. That familiar intercourse—the gatherings away from the home atmosessence of home—vanishes in the publicity phere in a private dining-room of some of a hotel dining-room. Take the children near-by café ? The American home is alone ; could the sweet memories of our being lost in boarding-houses, hotels, and childhood's Sundays, with their peaceful, apartment-houses, and the loss of a Sunsoftening influences, ever cluster around day dinner at home would seem just one a restaurant dinner, however elaborate the

more encroaching step of the enemy, menu? The drifting toward the European without giving material aid in the solution Sunday is often acknowledged and de- of that too much magnified question—the plored by the religious and even the sec servant problem. ular press. What could more tend to make We have ventured to send you these the day a holiday than Sunday emigration few suggestions hoping you may see fit to to a café? For people of moderate means, give the readers of The Outlook the benetoo, it would add to the rapidly increasing fit of the other side of the question. expense of living.

Two HOUSEKEEPERS. Even the cause for this custom—the

[This subject is discussed in an edibenefit to servant and mistress-might be

torial in this issue.—THE EDITORS.] questioned. In the majority of cases the domestics would not spend the day with their families, but in jaunts and excur

The Home Garden sions of a decidedly demoralizing charac To the Editors of The Outlook : ter. Their work can be greatly lessened, The “ Home Garden” is the latest sucand time for rest and recreation given cess in the way of work among the chilthem, by every considerate housekeeper dren of the poor. It is a sweet bit of who has the larger part of Sunday's din- home life introduced into the heart of the ner prepared on Saturday ; and the in- up-town slums, with an open door for the formal Sunday night tea needs no assist children of the neighborhood. There are ance from the maids.

no clubs or classes, though much teaching It would seem a fallacy, too, that the is done. Even the sewing-school is called cares of a house-mistress have increased. the sewing hour.

the sewing hour. There are books in In spite of outside demands on her time, abundance, games of all kinds, and music. how much is saved her by modern house Miss Anna C. Ruddy, the happy originator hold conveniences, and how multitudinous of the idea, lives in the Home Garden at


724 East One Hundred and Fifteenth small part of one verse, and seldom
Street, New York. Twenty-five or thirty enough the knotty portion of that. Either
children gather daily out of school hours the people should be distinctly taught that
in the

Some of the Bible is to be read as all great books of these are truants and incorrigibles, but inspiration are to be read, interpretatively all alike enter into the spirit of the and sympathetically, or else no part of the place. The experiment has proved a suc Book, with the possible exception of cess, and should be duplicated in every Christ's simple moral truths, should be mission center. The work is supported read without modern scholarly exegesis. entirely by voluntary contribution, and

F. H. will be enlarged as funds come in. Per

[It appears to us better to understand sons paying $5 a year or over are counted

Paul's phrase as generally equivalent to as co-workers and are kept informed of

the modern sentiment derived from Christhe progress of the work.

tianity, that the generous treatment of an

enemy is a noble revenge. It is as if the A Misunderstood Verse

Apostle had said, The way to revenge To the Editors of The Outlook :

yourself on your enemy is to do him a In the Epistle for the Third Sunday kindness. If we take this literally and after Epiphany occur the following words

endeavor to discover how doing him a from Romans xii., 20: Therefore if

kindness will gratify that spirit of revenge thine enemy hunger, feed him ; if he thirst,

which we ought not to gratify, we totally give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt misapply not only the Apostle's meaning, heap coals of fire on his head." In other

but his essential spirit. In the following words, we shall inflict upon him a pointed

Verse, Be not overcome of evil, but spiritual pain. Again and again in my

overcome evil with good," the Apostle life these words of St. Paul have come to

leads up from the specific exhortation to me with harmful effect. Often where my

a broad and general principle: Be not natural impulse was to forgive, or to

conquered by evil ; but this direction can “make up” in a childish way, the natural

be complied with only by those who equip expression of the feeling, in some little

themselves with good, that they may kindness or attention, was checked by a remembrance of the words “ in so doing of all Christian reform.—THE EDITORS.]

thereby conquer the evil. This is the law thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head." I was ashamed that he should think me

Notes and Queries capable of anything so mean. I thought that if he, too, remembered these words, he

NOTE TO CORRESPONDENTS.-It is seldom possible must suspect the sincerity of my forgive. ceipt. Those who find expected answers late in coming

to answer any inquiry in the next issue after its reness! It has been the writer's privilege will, we hope, bear in mind the impediments arising to hear these words read at least once a

from the constant pressure of many subjects upon our

limited space. Communications should always bear the year in church, yet she never remembers writer's name and address. hearing one word of interpretation of

Kindly answer the following: 1. Is the phithem. This is one example of the way losophy of Dr. Paul Carus recognized very in which the Bible is used and of the harm generally? How does The Outlook undersuch use may do. Some morning one

stand his conception of personality, both human

and divine? 2. Wherein does the philosophy may chance to hear a bit of Jewish his

of Kant differ from that of Hegel? 3. What tory. Presented as it is in the majority judgment does the Zeitgeist of to-day pass of churches out of its sequence and its upon these philosophies ?

J. H. historical setting, it is generally unintelli 1. Dr. Carus holds that “ the soul congible and often misleading. Or, again,

Or, again, sists of impulses, dispositions, and ideas," the chapters read may present truths of that “the ego by itself is an empty symthe highest spiritual and moral nature. bol;" in other words, that there is no abidYet no more emphasis is laid upon these ing self, to whom the ideas, etc., belong. chapters than upon the former. All are Many hold this view, but it is not the domiread together rapidly, without explanation nant view, or, as we think, the true one. or interpretation. It is very seldom that His conception of God, so far as we underthe sermon which follows clears the matter stand it, is less open to criticism. God up. Generally the sermon expounds some is, as he says, "superpersonal," i, e., tran




scends finite conceptions of personality. the belief that Christ was an ideal man and 2. Briefly speaking, Kant's representation not God?

C. M. of God as external to the world is deistic;

1. The birth of spiritual consciousness, Hegel's is theistic, representing God as recognizing one's filial relation to God, immanent in the world. Kant isolates and entering into the acceptance and fulthe human individual ; Hegel socializes fillment of it. 2. Supremely so in the man in God. Says Professor Andrew

ethical sense, as animated by the Spirit Seth : The advance of Kant's successors,

of God dwelling in him in its fulness. particularly of Hegel, was to connect the (Colossians ii., 9.) 3. This: that an ethical as well as the intellectual experi- “ideal man,” in the highest conceivable ence of man directly with the divine lise, sense of the term, would be the highest and by so doing to root Kant's abstract manifestation of God possible in human individual in the historic life of humanity.” life. But it is to be borne in mind that 3. We must refer you to the many critiques. the divine and the human nature are idenThe influence of these men

tical in kind, differing only as the finite greater than now.

from the infinite. Kindly explain what you think is meant in

How does your idea of punishment, given Matthew xvi., 18, 19, and greatly oblige a sub

on page 377 of The Outlook for February 11,

difier from the view held by the Universalist scriber.

A. R. B.

A. V. B. Jesus gives Simon the name of Peter, It differs in this point, viz.: Universalor Rock-man, because his faith has reached

ists affirm that the issue of future retributhe rock on which the church is built

tion will be the restoration of all the subthe truth that Jesus is the Son of God. jects of it to ultimate blessedness. We This rock-truth is also the key-truth to find no sufficient ground for this concluthe kingdom of heaven among men, and sion, and make no such affirmation. We Jesus gives it to Peter as such, that with

therefore leave the ultimate issue in the it he may open the door to others. This

uncertainty in which it is left both by the key-truth is also a test-truth by which men

New Testament, as we understand it, and are condemned or absolved yu bound " or

by the best reasoning that we can apply to “loosed") in the divine judgment, accord- the subject. ing as they reject or accept it. See 1 John ii., 22, 23; iv., 15. The language is sym

1. Kindly explain John v., 28, 29. 2. Does bolical, but Protestants regard it as apply

the Bible teach that there is an intermediate state?

J. L. E. ing not to Peter only, but to all who

1. There is no explanation not open to partake the faith of Peter in the divine objections. The least objectionable in sonship of Jesus.

our view makes it refer to a continuance

of Christ's redemptive work among de1. What is the best work on Evidences of Christianity? 2. What is the best Outlines parted spirits. Compare 1 Peter iïi., 19. of Church History? Please give us your 2. Some passages look that way, but the definition of Church, Christianity, and Chris- weight of evidence, as we think, is against tendom.

D). 1. We are disposed to prefer Row's Bui., )ion Lectures Christian Evi

In answer to an inquiry, " A Country Priest's dences in Relation to Modern Thought."

Week”-quoted at the Catholic Congress in

Chicago - was written by Dr. Maurice Francis 2. We doubt if any brief sketch is better Eagan, of the Catholic University. It appeared than J. H. Allen's “Outlin i of Christian in · Songs and Sonnets ” (McClurg & Co.).

E. History.” 3. Church, the entire body of Christ's disciples. Christianity, the spirit Can any of your readers put me in the way and life which Christ inculcated. Christen of finding a copy of a sermon preached by dom, the group of countries in which Chris Dr. Henry Anthon at the fiftieth anniversary of tianity is professedly regarded by the laying the cornerstone of St. Mark's Church,

New York City, 1845?

W: F. B. majority of the inhabitants as the true religion.

Kindly tell me if the following is a correct

quotation and where it may be found: 1. What is meant by the expression “the “ Heir of the self-same promises, new birth”? 2. In what sense was Christ the

Child of the self-same God." Son of God? 3, Is there any foundation for





A Cheerful Giver

ions through a drill with sticks for guns. By Martha Burr Banks

He can give all the orders for marching, Two little boys dropped in from play and carry his soldiers through the several At their grandfather's house, one winter marches. He has learned all the bugleday,

calls, and the tunes the bands play, and Smiled at the apples that grandmother sings them.

He will call his company of brought them,

young soldiers out, and call them to attenAnd spoke their thanks, as their mother tion, and sing the songs to them. The had taught them;

people seem to love music, and learn it But little Will glanced at his apple, dear readily, and whistle in evident enjoyment lad,

the tunes learned from the American band. And saw that 'twas finer than that Dan had, So, quick as a wink, he turned to his A Cottontail Rabbit and His Terror brother,

By Michael Gifford White With, “ Take this one, Danny, and I'll There was at one time a cottontail rabtake the other.”

bit who by degrees permitted himself to

fall into a highly nervous condition. " All right,” said Dan, and away the boys Indeed, so mentally prostrated did he went,

at last become that he was actually afraid Each one with his treasure well content, to leave the precincts of his burrow, for While, with never a thought of regret or fear of either being shot at by a man or pride,

killed by some other enemy. So, while his Unconscious quite and satisfied,

mind became possessed by all kinds of Will buried his teeth in the coarser skin, fancies, his body grew thin and emaciated, Happy and warm his soul within,

and he was, in truth, a pitiable object. Enjoying Dan's apple, the kind little elf!

One day, having been compelled by Because Dan had it and not himself.

necessity to venture out in search of food,

he suddenly returned in the last extremity Ah, laddie, would we were all like you,

of terror. Loving and generous through and through;

“Hullo! have you been shot at?" Not waiting to measure how much we can

cried one of his neighbors, after the nerspare

vous creature had partially recovered his When called to add to our brother's share,

senses, on being assured and reassured Not pleased with ourselves or with our

that he was in absolute safety. giving,

No, indeed,” he replied. “It was worse,
Nor taking delight in our own good living, far worse, than that,” and he shuddered at
But, aglow with the love of our neighbor, the very recollection.

“ Were you chased by a dog, then?” Our joy in the joy of all mankind.

demanded another rabbit.

"Oh, no," and he shuddered again. The Filipino Boys

“ Far worse, I assure you. I was beginAt present we are all interested in the ning to nibble, when a most fearful-looking Philippine Islands and the people who live creature stole up, as if out of the earth ; in them. A soldier now in the Philippines and as I ran, it ran after me. says that the little boys there are like the something like one of ourselves, only little boys here. They imitate men in their much larger, quite black, and noiselessly play; they play being men, and above all kept pace with all my movements.

I only things they love to play soldier. He writes just managed to scramble into the burrow that a small Filipino boy near their camp as it was about to seize my hind quarters.” has watched the soldiers go through their The other rabbits were much astonished manual of arms, and that it is quite aston and themselves not a little alarmed at the ishing how well he can take his compan account of such an adventure, until twợi

It was

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