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or three of the bolder among them, having year-old brothưr. He joyfully caught up at length summoned up sufficient courage his little sister in his arms, took his to steal to the mouth of the burrow, could brother by the hand, and hurried through see there no such creature as had been the smoke into the street just as the firedescribed, and finally returned with the men came. intelligence that they had failed to discover The peddler at the top of the house a reason for their companion's alarm. knew that a man who could not move

Upon this, the timid animal was, after lived in the room below his own. He much argument, persuaded to go with the went down to him, carrying his bedclothothers, and point out the creature that ing to wrap the man in, and got him near had so overwhelmed him with terror. the fire-escape, for he knew the brave fire

With fear and trembling he crept out of men would raise ladders to them and help the hole, but had no sooner done so than them out of the burning building. the brilliant sunshine, casting a large These people did not look like heroes. shadow of his own person directly in front, The peddler is just a push-cart man, weak, caused him to utter a loud squeal, and, to crippled, not clean. Doubtless boys have the greater astonishment of all his com often thrown snowballs at him, and panions, he again plunged into the burrow, laughed at him if he grew angry. The declaring that the dreadful monster was two brave, loving brothers were two little surely right at his heels.

Jew boys to the people who knew them,

with jackets not overclean, and hands Three Modern Knights

that could not be kept clean. But under In a big tenement on the East Side of their dirty jackets and in the twisted body New York, where very poor people live, of the push-cart peddler were hearts brave, two brothers and a tiny sister of four live true, and loving as ever beat under armor on the first floor. On the top floor of the of knights of old or modern knight going big house lives a crippled peddler. He to free the Cuban from Spanish injustice. is poor, but he loves children, and he especially loves the tiny little girl on the

A Little Girl's Visit to the Queen first floor. She did not fear him because he was deformed; she probably did not

Mr. Gladstone's little granddaughter, notice it, for he was so kind, gentle, and Dorothy Drew, was a great favorite with generous to her. When she knew he was

her noble and distinguished grandfather, home, she would go up the long flights of

She spent a great deal of time with him, stairs, dark and dirty, to the little crippled and, as the greatest people in the world peddler, and he would play with her and thought it an honor to meet Mr. Gladstone, tell her stories.

it is doubtful if any little girl has ever One day, recently, the little girl went

met a greater number of distinguished

She upstairs to her friend; it was so cold and people than little Dorothy Drew. the streets were so full of snow that the

was invited to visit the Queen at Windsor peddler could not go out.

Castle, and this is what she says: Suddenly through the great tenement An Indian man whom the Queen likes very rang the cry of “ Fire !” In a minute

much was at the door. The next moment we there were shouts and cries all through served for sixty years. She was just another

stood before the great Queen whom grandpapa the house and the street. The peddler woman like grandmamma, with a white cap knew he could not carry the tiny little on her head. I courtesied and kissed her, and girl down stairs. What was to be done ?

told her my name, Dorsie, and of grandpapa, Suddenly the little nine-year-old brother

and all our pet names at Hawarden Castle.

The Queen put on her glasses and asked me burst into the room and caught his little to go to the other side of the room so that she sister in his arms and started down the could see me better. Then she took a little long flights of stairs. When he reached jewel-case and said, “This is for you." I the ground floor, the smoke was so thick opened it and saw a darling little brooch with

a diamond V, a diamond R, a turquoise I, and and he was so tired that he could carry a little crown at the top, made of red enamel. his little sister no further. Both stood in I courtesied and kissed her hand, and said, the smoke in the dark hall clinging to each

“ Thank you very much.” She looked very other and crying, when through the smɔke

nice and kind, and I liked her very much. The

Queen kissed me again, and mother and I.. came another small boy—the twelve

went away.

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The Outlook

Published Weekly

Vol. 61

March 18, 1899

No. 11

General Gomez and


The action of the SO ognize the fact that independence is not the Assembly

called Cuban Assembly to be obtained by keeping up a useless

in removing General Go- army and a vociferous “ Assembly,” but mez from the command of the Cuban by learning to carry on an efficient adminarmy by a practically unanimous vote only istration, by maintaining peace and safety, emphasizes the incongruity of the exist- and by restoring material prosperity. ence of such a body as this Assembly Such acts of brigandage as have been under present circumstances. It committed by the six robbers captured by never in any true sense a representative the rural police near San Luis last week body, and its asserted function as a mili are sporadic and not typical, and the courtary council has ceased to have any vital- age and efficiency of the native police in ity. Its hostility to General Gomez is capturing the brigands is an encouraging based on the desire of the Assembly to indication. hold in its own hands the distribution of the money which the United States has offered to the Cuban soldiers as a recog

News of a general

The Philippines Campaign nition of their services to Cuba and as a

advance of the necessary preliminary to their return to American lines is expected daily from civil life. This sum is not offered as pay Manila. There are two reasons for this : for their military service. Their final the approach of the rainy season next payment is a matter to be settled when month, which makes immediate aggressive civil government is finally established in action desirable if the enemy is to be Cuba; naturally and properly it will be a crushed this spring; and, secondly, the charge on Cuban finances. For the As recent arrival of our reinforcements under sembly to attempt to raise $15,000,000 General Lawton. It is thought probable for the purpose, as it has talked of doing, that General Lawton may be put by Genis an absurdity, for it has no power to bind eral Otis in charge of the advance military the future government of Cuba and no operations, while General Otis gives his actual ability to secure a loan ; for the attention to the administrative problems Assembly to try to force our Government and, of course, holds supreme command at to offer a larger sum than $3,000,000 is headquarters. General Lawton is a favery much like a threat. General Gomez mous Indian fighter, and his dashing seems to have the approbation and confi- quality is indicated by one of his Indian dence of most of the Cuban soldiers, and sobriquets meaning “ The-Man-who-Getsthere is little doubt that they will grate up-and-Fights-in-the-Middle-of-the-Night.” fully receive the money now on the way, The excellence of our new transport serand will then disperse and go to work; if vice—that by the transports Grant, Sherthis takes place, the grandiloquent Assem- man, and Sheridan-is receiving favorable bly will vanish and the road will be clear comment from foreign military authorifor the building up of a true Cuba Libre. ties. On Monday General Wheaton's DiIt is to be noted that all the utterances of visional Brigade advanced toward Pasig, both Gomez's friends and enemies among supported by a river gunboat, captured the Cubans assume the ultimate inde- Guadaloupe and shelled but did not occupy pendence of the island as an assured fact; Pasig, with a loss of a few wounded men ; and it is a hopeful sign that so many rec the movement was carried out with military


The New Census

precision and skill, while the resistance tical politician and the expert, the new was slight. The Filipinos lost thirty killed Director has issued an official statement, and many wounded. Manila is quiet and in which he declares that all applicants well policed. General Otis, however, is for positions under him will be subjected discouraging the residence of officers' fami to examinations as rigid as those before lies in Manila; he is reported to have the Civil Service Commission ; that no said: “Manila is no place for women ; political influence will put any employee this is a war, not a picnic.”

the census pay-roll, and that any employee on that pay-roll who is found

incompetent on trial will be dropped, withThere was probably no out regard to political backing. No ap

position in the gift of the pointments are to be made within thirty Appointments

President which in its days. Professor Gannett, who was the nature ought to have lifted its bestowal political and statistical geographer of the more completely above all claims for party last census, will have charge of the same service than the Directorship of the Cen work on the coming census, with an absosus; and it is not too much to say that lutely free hand. Three hundred superthe President disappointed all those who visors will be appointed by the President hoped the most from his administration, and confirmed by the Senate, and in the and who are disposed to give his acts the selection of these supervisors there will most generous interpretation, when he ap be consultation with the Senators and pointed ex-Governor Merriam, of Minne Representatives of the respective States. sota, to that position. The ex-Governor These supervisors will in turn appoint had never been a Civil Service Reformer forty thousand enumerators, whose apHe was pre-eminently what is called a pointments must have the approval of the practical politician; and everybody knows Director. Governor Merriam is entitled that the word “practical” in this connec to full faith in his statement that he will tion means, not one who serves the people conduct the taking of the new census on in the most effective and businesslike scientific principles; and he has the way, but one who gets the most for his opportunity of entirely removing the unparty and himself out of politics. Ex- favorable impression which his appointGovernor Merriam had also been, unless ment made on many of the most thoughthe is misreported, a persistent office-seeker. ful people in the country. Two days later the President made an ideal choice when he named Mr. Frederick H. Wines, of Illinois, Assistant Director ;

In Nebraska the Re

Senatorial Ballotings for Mr. Wines is one of the few men in

publican legislators at the country who combine the right kind last came together and elected to the of ability with the right kind of service. United States Senate their recent candiHe is in every sense a man educated for date for Governor, Mr. Hayward, whom the position, with a long, honorable, and the despatches speak of as a lawyer of useful record of public service behind ability and “comfortable fortune." In him. Here, then, appeared to be the Utah and Delaware, however, the Legisbestowment of a great position for party latures have adjourned without electing a reasons on a practical politician who was Senator, while in Pennsylvania the deadto have the honors of the place and to lock continues as before. In Delaware draw the chief salary, and the selection of an appeal was made by General Grosvenor, a trained and capable subordinate to do of Ohio, and other leaders in the National the work of the place and to receive the Republican organization that the antisecondary salary.

Addicks Republican minority should accept the candidate of the majority; but

the minority rightly felt that they had To the great relief of conceded enough in offering to unite with Methods of the Census

those who are eager the majority on ex-Congressman Willis, that the next United States Census should an Addicks supporter. The responsibility carry the utmost weight, and who feared for the failure to clect rests upon Mr. this unrighteous combination of the prac: Addicks, whose motto of “ Addicks or

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