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were willing to contribute something to this season, have within this year or two wards rewarding the industrious, and been quite difconcerted. To put them supplying them with necessaries. But out of their old way, is to put them out the gift is now almost demanded as a of humour: they have therefore quarright; and our journeymen, apprentices, relled with the almanack, and refuse to *c. are grown to polite, that instead of keep their Christmas according to act of reserving their Christmas Box for it's parliament. My cousin Village informs original use, their ready cash serves them me, that this obstinacy is very common only for present pocket-money; and in- in the country; and that many still

perftead of visiting their friends and rela- fift in waiting eleven days for their mirth, tions, they commence the fine gentle- and defer their Christmas till the blowmen of the week. The sixpenny hoping of the Glastonbury Thorn. In some, is crouded with ladies and gentlemen indeed, this cavilling with the calendar from the kitchen; the Syrens of Ca- has been only the result of close acotherine Street charm many a holiday nomy; who, by evading the expence of gallant into their fnares; and the play. keeping Christmas with the rest of the houses are filled with beaux, wits, and world, find means to neglect it, when critics, from Cheaplide and Whitecha- the general time of celebrating it is over. pel. The barrows are surrounded with Many have availed themselves of this raw lads setting their halfpence against expedient: and I am acquainted with a oranges; and the greasy cards and dirty couple, who are enraged at the New cribbage-board employ the genteeler Style on another account; because it ganefters in every alehouic. A merry puts them to double expences, by robChristmas has ruined many a promising bing them of the opportunity of keepyoung fellow, who has been Aurh of ing Christmas Day and their Wedding money at the beginning of the week, Day at the same time. but before the end of it has committed a As to persons of fashion, this annual robbery on the vill for more.

carnival is worse to them than Lent, But in the midst of this general festi- or the empty town in the middle of lumvity, there are some lo far from giving mer. The boisterous merriment, and into any extraordinary merriment, that aukward affectation of politeness among they seem more gloomy than usual, and the vulgar, interrupts the course of their appear with faces as dismal as the month refined pleasures, and drives them out in which Christmas is celebrated. I have of town for the holidays. The few who heard a plodding citizen most grievously remain are very much at a loss how to complain of the great expence of house- dispose of their time; for the theatres at keeping at this leaton, when his own this season are opened only for the reand his wife's relations claim the privi- ception of school-boys and apprentices, lege of kindred to eat him out of house and there is no public place where a perand hoine.' Then again', considering Son of fashion can appear without being the present total decay of trade, and the surrounded with the dirty inhabitants great load of taxes, it is a shame, they of St. Giles's, and the brutes from the think, that poor fhopkeepers thould be Wapping side of Westminster. These fo fleeced and plundered, under the pre- unhappy sufferers are really to be pitied : tence of Christinas Boxes. But if trader. and lince Christinas Day has, to persons men have any reason to murmur at of distinction, a great deal of inlipidity Chriitmas, many of their cusomers, on about it, I cannot enough applaud an the other hand, tremble at it's approach; ingenious lady, who sent cards round to and it is made a fanction to every petty all her acquaintance, inviting them to a mechanic, to break in 'upon their joy, rout on that day; which they declared and disturb 'a gentleman's repose at this was the happielt thought in the world, time, by bringing in his bill.

becaule Christmas Day is so much like Others who uled to be very merry at Sunday,


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C DOUBE Returns being at present

their number at least equal to that of TO MR. TOWN.

the other parliament, the deficiency SIR,

hould be supplied by the squares and NONTESTED Elections and great streets at the court end of the town,

each of which should be reprefented by the general topic of discourle, a subject one of their own inhabitants. In humin which the ladies, methinks, are but ble imitation of the Houses of Lords and little concerned, I have a scheme to pro- Commons, the ladies of peers (whether pofe to you in their behalf, which I fpiritual or temporal) mould fit here in doubt not but you, as their professed their own right, the others by election patron, will use your eloquence to re- only; any woman to be qualified, whore commend, and your authority to enforce. husband, or even whole father (for ! It has long been a matter of real con- would by no means exclude the unmarcern to every well-wisher to the fair sex, ried ladies) is qualified to be chofen into shat the nien should be allowed the free the other. In the same manner, what. choice of representatives, to whom they ever entitles the husband or father to can make every real or pretended griev- vote at that election, should entitle his ance known, while the women are de- wife or daughter to vote at this. prived of the fame privilege; when in Having fettled this point, it now rereality they have many grievances ut

mains to adjust the subjects which they terly unknown and unthought of by the are to treat of: and these we shall find inen, and which cannot be redrested but to be, indeed, of the last importance, by a Female Parliament.

What think you, Sir, of the rise and I do not, indeed, pretend to the ho fall of fashions, of as much consequence nour of first projecting this scheme, fince to them as the rise and fall of kingdonis an assembly of this nature has been pro. is to us? of the commencing a new acpofed before: but as it appear: to me so quaintance, equivalent to our making a necessary, I woulit advile that writs be new alliance? and adjusting the ceremnoimmediately issued out for calling a Par- nial of a rout or a ball, as interesting 25 Jiament of Women, which for the future the preliminaries of a treaty or a con: mould allemble every winter, and be gress? These subjects, and these alone, diffolved every

thiral year. My reason will sufficiently employ them every sefa for shortening the time of their fitting fion; and as their judgment inuft be proceeds from the reflection, that full as final, how delightful will it le to have inuch business will be done, at least as bills broughe in to determine kow many many fpeeches will be made, by women inches of the legʻor neck may lawfully in three years, as by men in seven. To be exposed, how many curtsies at a pubThis aflembly every county and city in lic place amount to an acquaintance, England Mall send two members; but and what are the precise privileges of from this privilege I would utterly ex- birth or fortune that eistite the posterclude every borough, as we thall pre- fors to give routs or drums, un weekHently see that they can have no business days or on Sundays. Whoever Mould * tranfact there. But as I would have presumie to tranfgrels against these laws,

miglas might be punished suitably to their of- try is so very fluctuating, thiat if the fences; and be banished from public great grandmothers of the present geneplaces, or condemned to do penance in ration were to rise, they would not be linsey.woolicy: or if any female should able to guess at their posterity from their be convicted of immodésty, the might dress, but would fancy themselves in a be outlawed; and then (as these laws ftrange country. As these affairs fall would not bind the nymphs of Drury). more immediately under the cognizance tre fhould easily diftinguith a modeft of the ladies, the female world in gene. woman, as the phrase is, if not by her ral would soon be sensible of the advan. looks, at least by her dress and appear tages accruing from a Female Parliaance; and the victorious Fanny might ment; and though ladies of fashion then be fuffered to strike bold strokes, might probably claim some peculiar liwithout rivalry or imitation. If any berties in dress by their privilege, it man ton should be found so grossly of might naturally be expected, that this fending against the laws of fashion, as wife asembly would at least keep the to refule a member a bow at a play, or rest of the sex in order ; nor suffer enora falute at a wedding, how suitably mous hoops to spread themselves across would he be punished by being repri. the whole pavement, to the detriment of manded on his knees in such an affem- all honeft men going upon business along bly, and by fo fine a woman as we may the treet; nor permit the chandler's wife suppose the speaker would be? Then to retail half-quarterns from behind the doubtless would a grand committee fit counter, in a fhort stomacher and withon the affairs of hoops ; and were they out a handkerchief. established in their present form by pro- .. I am aware that a considerable objecper authority, doors and boxes might tion may be brought against this scheme: be altered and enlarged accordingly: to wit, that a Female Parliament (like then should we talk as familiarly of the those of the men) may be fubject to corvifit-bill as of the marriage-bill; and ruption, and made dependant on a court. with what pleasure should we peruse the The enormous Elizabeth Ruff, and the tegulations of the committee of drels ? ankward Queen of Scots Mob, are fatal Every lover of decorum would be pleased instances of the evil influence which to hear, that refractory females were courts have upon fashions: and as no taken into custody by the uther of the one can tell the power which a British black fan: the double return of a visit Queen might have over the councils of would occafion as many debates as the a Female Parliament, future ages might double return for a certain county; and perhaps see the itays bolstered out into at the eve of an election, how pretty hump-backs, or the petticoats let down would it be to see the ladies of the fire to conceal a bandy leg, from the fame going about, mounted on their white servile complaisance which warped the *palfreys, and canvassing for votes. necks of Alexander's courtiers.

Til this great purpose is attained, I But though a Parliament on the foresee not how the vitible enormities in going scheme has not yet taken place, point of dress, and failures in point of an inititution of the like nature has been ceremony, can effectually be prevented. contrived among that order of females, But then, and not before, I fall hope who (as I mentioned in a former paper) to see politenefs and good breeding dif- advertise for gentlemen to play at cards finguithed from formality and affecta- with them. The reader may remember, tion, and dresses invented that will im- that some time ago an advertisement approve, not diminish the charms of the peared in the public papers, from the fair, and rather become than disguise Covent Garden Society; in which it the wearers. I am, Sir, yours, &c. was set forth, that one of their members TIMOTHY CANVASS. was voted common. This very Society

is composed of these Agreeable Young I am much obliged to my correspon- Ladies, whofe business it is to play at dent for his letter, and heartily with cards with those gentlemen, who have that this scheme was carried into execu- good-nature and fortune fufficient to fit tion. The liberties daily taken in point down contented with being lofers. It of dress demand proper reftrictions. is divided, like the upper and lower The ancients settled their national habit Houses of Parliament, into Ladies and by law; but the dress of our own covn. Commons. The upper order of Card

player. players take their seats according to the design seems to be, to ered a Commonrank of those who game at high Itakes wealth of themfelves, and to relcue their with them ; while the Commons are made liberties from being invaded by those up of the lower sort of gamblers within who have presumed to tyrannize over the hundreds of Drury and Covent Gar- them. If this practice of playing their den. Every one is obliged to pay a own cards, and shuffling for themselves, certain tax out of her Card-money; and should generally prevail among all the the revenue arising from it is applied to Agreeable Young Gamesters of Covent the levying of hoop- petticoats, facks, Garoen, I am concerned to think what petenlairs, caps, handkerchiefs, aprons, will become of the venerable lifterhood &c. 'to be issued out nightly, according of Douglais, Haddock, and Noble, as to the exigence and degree of the mem- well as the fraternity of Harris, Derry, bers. Many revolutions have happened and the rest of those gentlemen, who in this fociety fince it's institution : a have hitherto acted as Groom-porters, Commoner in the space of a few weeks and had the principal direction of the has been called up to the House of game. From such a combination it may Ladies; and another, who at first fat as greatly be feared, that the honourable Peerets, has been suddenly degraded, profession of Pimp will, in a short time; and voted common.

become as useless as that of a Fleet. More particulars of this society have parton. not come to my knowledge: but their





HE last sessions deprived us of the cution : he had cocked his piftol, deliciety, which (during it's thort existence) temple, and was just going to pull the was equal both in principles and prac- trigger, when he bethought himself that tice to the Mohocks and Hell-fire Club he could employ it to better purpose upon of tremendous memory. This fociety Hounslow Heath. . This brave mari, was composed of a few broken game- however, had but a very short respite; and fters and desperate young rakes, who was obliged to fuffer the ignominy of threw the imall remains of their bank- going out of the world in the vulgar rupt fortunes into one cominon stock, way, by an halter. and thence assumed the name of the Latt The enemies of play will perhaps conGuinea Club. "A short life and a sider thore gentlemen, who boldly stake • merry one' was their favourite maxim; their whole fortunes at the gamingand they determined, when their finances table, in the fame view with these del. fhould be quite exhausted, to die as they peradoes; and they may even go fo far, had lived, like gentlemen. Some of as to regard the polite an honourable their members had the luck to get a re- assembly

at White's, as a kind of Last prieve by a good run at cards, and others Guinea Club. Nothing, they will say, by inapping up a rich heiress or a down is fo fluctuating as the property of a ager; while the rest, who were not cut gamester, who (when luck runs against off in the natural way by duels or the bim) throws away whole acres at every gallows, very resolutely made their qui- catt'of the dice, and whole houses are elus with laudanum or the pistol. The as unsure a possession, as if they were lait that remained of this fociety had built with cards. Many, indeed, bare very calmly prepared for his own exe- been reduced to the Lalt Guinea at this



genteel gaming-house; but the most in- fible to avoid being taken. All pracveterate enemies to White's muft allow, ticable means, therefore, thould be dethat it is but now and then that a game- vised to extirpate fuch absurd bravery, iter of quality, who looks upon it as an and to make it appear every way horeven bet whether there is another world, rible, odious, contemptible, and riditakes his chance, and dispatches him- culous. Every man in his fober senses self, when the odds are against him in muft with, that the most severe laws that this.

could pofsibly be contrived were enacted But however free the gentlemen of againit Suicides. This hhocking braWhite's may be from any imputation of vado never did (and I am confident this kind," it must be confessed, that never will) prevail among the more de- ' Suicide-begins to prevail fo generally, licate and tender sex in our own nation: that it is the most gallant exploit by though history informs us, that the Rowhich our modern heroes chute to sige man ladies were once so infatuated as to nalize theinselves; and in this, indeed, throw off the softness of their nature, tirey behave with uncommon prowess. and commit violence on themselves, till They meet every face of death, however the madnels was curbed, by expofing horrible, with the utmost resolution: their naked bodies in the public streets. Tome blow their brains out with a pistol; This, I think, would afford a hint for Joine expire, like Socrates, by poison; fixing the like marks of ignominy on fome fail, like Cato, on the point of our Male Suicides; and I would have their own swords;

and others, who have every lower wretch of this sort dragged lived like Nero, affect to die like Seneca, at the cart's tail, and afterwards hung and bleed to death. The moit exalted in chains at his own door, or have his geniuses I ever remember to have heard quarters put up in terrorem in the most of, were a party of reduced gamefters, public places, as a rebel to his Maker, who bravely resolved to piedge each But that the Suicide of quality might be other in a bowl of laudanum. I was treated with more respect, he should be lately informed of a gentlentan, 'who indulged in having his wounded corpse went among his usual companions at and hattered brains lay (as it were) in the gaming-table the day before he inade. state for some days; of which dreadful away with himself, and coolly question- spectacle we may conceive the horror ed them, which they thought the gen- froin the following picture drawn by teelelt method of going out of the world, Dryden, in one of his fables. There is, indeed, as much difference The SLAYER OF HIMSELF too saw I there; between a mean person and a man of The gore congeal'd was clotted in his hair : quality in their manner of destroying With eyes half clos d, and mouth wide ope, themselves, as in their manner of living. The poor sneaking wretch, itarving in And grim as when he breath'd his fullen a garret, tucks himtelf up in his lift garters; a second, crolled in love, drowns himself, like a blind puppy, in Rofa- The common murderer has his skeleton mond's Pond; and a third cuts his preserved at Surgeons Hall, in order to throat with his own razor. But the deter others from being guilty of the man of falhion always dies by a pistol; fame crime; and I think it would not and even the cobler of any spirit goes be improper to have a charnel- house set off by a dose or two extraordinary of apart to receive the bones of these more gin.

unnatural Self-njurderers, in which From the days of Plato down to these, monuments Mould be erected, giving a Suicide has always been compared to an account of their deaths, and adorned oldier on guard deferring his poft; with the glorious ensigns of their rashbut I thould rather consider a set of these nels, the rope, the knife, the sword, or desperate men, who rush on certain the pittol. death, as a hody of troops lent out on From reading the public prints, a fo. the Forlorn Hope. This falle courage, reigner might be naturally led to imagine, however noble it may appear to the def. that we are the most lunatic people in the perate and abandoned, in reality amounts whole world. Almost every day informs to no more than the resolutionof the us, that the coroner's inquest has lat on highwayman, who shoots himfelf with the body of fome miferabie Suicide, and his own paftoi, when he finds it impof- brought in their verdict Lunacy; but it is

he lay,

soul away

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