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Befides thefe, and fifty other mortifi- dear cards mentioned, and was in hopes sations, I could fcarce get any rert dur- of something like an asenbly. Bus ing the whole time I remained there what was my mortification!'when, inevery other morning I was constantly Itead of seeing half a dozen card-tables, waked by the hungry knight, just re &c. fet out, and whift, brag, or lansturned from the chace, and bawling for quenet going forward, I faw these strange dinner. My breakfast was what they woinen place themselves at an huge called their afternoon tea, at which I round table, with country girls and always affiited the ladies; for I thould cherry.cheeked humkins, to play, ac. infallibly have perithed had I stad in cording to annual Christmas custom, a the hall, amidit the jargon of toasts and Pope Joan and Snip-Inap-Snorum.

the fumes of tobacco. I thought, in- It would be endless to recount the Ideed, my time might be much more miseries I suffered in those three weeks.

agreeably employed in the parlour; but Even the necessaries of life were denied even here my disappointinent was griev- me; and I could scarce have been more ous past expresfion. These fair ones, at a loss among the Hottentots. Would for such they were, were hale indeed you think it, Šir? though this house had and ruddy; and having been always a family in it, and a family of females cooped up, like turkeys in a pen, were too, not a drop of Benjamin-wash, nor really no better than belles sauvages, a dust of almond-powder, could be probeing totally ignorant of the genteel airs cured there, nor indeed in all the parish; and languishing delicatesse of women of and I was forced to scrub my hands with fafhion. Their cloaths were huddled filthy warh-ball, which to ruined their on merely with a view to cover their complexion, that laying in dog-skin nakedness; and they had no notion that gioves will not recover them this fort. their eyes were given them for any other night. Add to this, that I never could purpose than to fee, and (what is more dress for want of pomatum, fo that my Arange) to read, forsooth! For my hair was always in disbeville ; and I part, Mr. Town, unless a woman can sure I hould not have been known at use her eyes tò more advantage, I should the Dilettanti. At length, Sir, my as food fall in love with my lap-dog or snuff and salts were pretty nigh exhauft. my monkey; and what constitutes the ed: and to add to my distress, I loft difference between a lady and her cook. my snuff box. These lofles were irremaid, but her taste in dress? Mobs and parable there; not all the country af. handkerchiefs aniwer the end of cover- forded such snuff and salts as mine; I ing, but the main purpose of dress is to could as soon live without food as withreveal. I really almost begin to think out either; and not a box could I tonch chat chefe aukward creatures were fo but one of Deard's, and of my own tupid and unaccountable as to have no chuling. So I hurried up to town; and design upon me. Tocompleat the oddity being just recovered from the fatigue of of their characters, these girls are con. my journey, I send you this, in hopes ftant at church, but never dreamed of that my woeful experience will deter all promoting an intrigue there; employ my friends from following a chace as their whole time there in praying, never mad and hair-brained as any of Sir beard of such things as cut fans; and Sampson's; since it is impossible to exist are fo attentive to the queer old put of a day there with tolerable ease; and nei. a preacher, that they scarce look or listen ther wit nor beauty are worth one pinch, to my one else. After service too the unless they are improved by a towa doctor is always taken home to dinner, education. I am, Sir, your very humble and is as constant at table on Sun- fervant, day, as a roaft furloin and a plumb.

Dilly DIMPLE, pudding.

But even with these unaccountable My other correspondent, by the fa.. females, I thought I could have passed miliarity of her address, must, I an my evenings tolerably, if I could have sure, be a Woman of Fashion. got them to cards, which have the charming faculty of rendering all wo- DEAR TOWN! fenequally agreeable

. But thefe! DIDI know your chriftian name I found they wholly quitomed to. I once, indeed, heard the at first setting out, that I know the world, and was born and bred in high just made an appointment with him, he Life.


saw me step into a chair adorned with The design of this epiftle is to express coronets! to you the uneafinels that some of us If you frequent Ranelagh, you must women of spirit feel at being incum- undoubtedly have seen or heard me bered with petticoats; and to convince there. I am always turrounded with a you, by our way of life, that had we crowd of fellows; and my voice and been men, we should have been Bucks: Jaugh is sure to be the loudest, cipecially of the first head. Be affured, however, while Beard is singing. One is my that such of us as are married are itrict dear lord, another my fweet colonel; ly virtuous. We have, indeed, been and the reft I call Tom, or Dick, or accused of copying the dress of the Harry, as I would their footmen, . At nymphs of Drury. And can any thing the play I always enter in the first act.. be invented more becoming? Fanny, All the eyes of the house are turned it must be owned, has taite. What lo upon me. I am quite composed. Befmart as a cocked hat? And who but fore I am settled, the act is over; and Lees the advantages of short petticoats, to fome I nod or curtsy, with others It unless it be fome fquire's aukward talk and laugh, till the curtain falis. daughter, who never yet heard of a Pa. What would I give to change my oneze, and never accidentally shews her sex! Entre nous, I have a strong inas leg without blushing ?

clination to see the world in masquerade.. It is true, this fimilitude in dress now If you love me, keep it fecret; and and then occalions fome droll mistakes. should you hear of any prank more In the park the joke has been sometimes wild and buckish than usual, conclude carried so far, I have been obliged to it to be played by me in men's cloaths. call the sentry; and how did a young Your's, as you mind me, Templar stare and stare, when having




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TOTHING is more natural, than not whether it may not be construed

for the quacks of all professions into scandalum magnatum; as it tacitly to recommend their wares to those per- infinuates that our Right Honourables fons who are most likely to stand in are no betier than Dram-drinkers. need of them. Thus Mrs. Giles very There is a well-known story of the properly acquaints the fair sex, that the famous Rabelais, that having a mind fells her firve compound for taking off to impose on the curiolicy of his landfuperfluous hairs, at a guinca an ounce;, lord, he filled several phials with an in. and ladies of quality are conitantly in. ' nocent liquor, and tied lavels to them.. formed where they may be furnished on which was written Poison for the with the newest brocades, or the choicest “ King-Poison for the Dauphin-Poi. variety of Chelsea China-figures for "fon for the Prime Minister and for deferis. It is also very neceffary that all the principal courtiers, The the beau monde thould be acquainted, fame might le laid of theie Rich Corthat Eau de Luce may be had here in dial Liquors; which, however they may England, the fame as at Paris: but I recommend themselves to the people of mult own, I was very much surprised fashion by their foreign tities and ex.. at feeing repeated advertisements in the traction, are to be confidered as poisons papers from the Rich Cordial Ware- in masquerade: and instead of the pom• boufe,' introduced by an addreis ' To pous names of Eau d'Or, Eau Divine, • THE PEOPLE OF FASHION.' I and the like, I would have labels fixed cannot but look upon this as a libel on on the bottles (in imitation of Rabelais) ous peifons of distinctiou; and I know with Poiton for my Lord Duke

• Poison

• Poison for the Viscount-Poison for quality, and what among the vulgar is the Countess."

called Cupid's Eye-zuater, Strip me We live, indeed, in so polite an age, naked, and Lay me down foftly. that nothing goes down with us, but To these elegant and genteel appellawhat is either imported from France tions it is, perhaps, chiefly owing, that and Italy, or dignified with a foreign Diams are not cunfined merely to the appellation. Our dress mutt be entire. vulgar, but are in etteen among all ly à la mode de Paris; and I will ven. ranks of people, and especially among ture to ensure great success to the Mon. the ladies. Many a good woman, who ficur taylor, who tells us in the public would itart at the very mention of Strong papers, that he has jult been to France Waters, cannot conceive there can be to see the newest fashions. A dinner is any harm in a Cordial. And as the not worth eating, if not served up by a fair sex are mote particularly subject to French cook; our wines are of the faine a depression of spirits, it is no wonder country; and the Dram-drinkers of fa- that they should convert their apothe. fhion are invited to comfort their spirits caries shops into Rich Cordial Warewith Rich Cordials from Chamberry, houses, and take Drams by way of phyNeuilly, and I'le de Rhè. A plain fic; as the common people make Gin man muft undoubtedly smile at the al. ferve for meat, drink, and cloáths. The luring names which are given to many ladies perhaps may not be aware, that of these liqueurs; nor is it poflible to every time they have recourse to their guess at their composition from their Hartshorn or Lavender Drops, to drive titles. The virtues as well as the in- away the vapours, they in effect take a tent of Viper Water may be well known: Dram: and they may be assured, that but who would imagine that Flora Gra. their Cholic, Surfeit, and Plague Wa. zata, or Belle de Nurt, should be in- ters, are to be ranked among lpirituous tended only to fignify a Dram? For liquors, as well as the common stuff at my own part, I should rather have taken the Gin-shop. The College of Physio Marasquino for an Italian Fidler, and cians, in their last review of the London have concluded that Jacomonoodi was Dispensatory, for this very reason exno other than an Opera. finger. pelled the Strong Water, generally

But dram-drinking, however different known by the foothing name of Hysteric in the phrase, is the same in the practice, Water; because it was a lure to the fein every station of life; and sipping Rich male sex to dram it by authority, and Cordials is no less deteltable than in the to get tiply secundùm artem. vulgar idiom Bunging your eye. What If any of my fair readers have at all fignifies it whether we muddle with Eau given into this pernicious practice of de Millefleurs or plain Anniseed ? or Dram-drinking, I mult intreat them to whether we fetch our Drams from the leave it off betimes, before it has taken Rich Cordial Warehouse, or the Blacka- such hold of them as they can never moor and Still? The lady of St. James's, shake off: for the desire of Drams steals who paints her face with frequent ap- upon them, and grows to be habitual, plications of Coffee or Chocolare Water,' by imperceptible degrees; as those who Jooks as hideous as the trollop of St. are accustomed to take Opiates, are obGiles's, who has laid on the fame co- liged to increase the dose gradually, and lours by repeated half quarterns of Gin at last cannot fleep without it.' The Rogal.' There are many cultoms among following letter may ferve to convince the great, which are also practised by the them of the depl rable situation of a lower sort of people: and if persons of lady who covers her drinking under the falhion wrap up their Drams in the dis- pretence of mending her conftitution. guife of a variety of fpecious titles, in this too they are rivalled by the vulgar.

TO MR. TOWN. Madam Gia has been christened by ag many names as a German. princess: I Have the misfortune to be married to every petty chandler's shop will fell you a poor fickly creature, who labours Sky-blue, and every night-cellar furnish under a complication of disorders, and you with Holland Tape, three yards a which nothing can relieve but a contipenky. Nor can I see the difference nual course of Strong Liquors; though, between Oil of Venus, Spirit of Adonis, poor woman! the would not else touch ad Parfait Amour, for the use of our a dram for the world. Sometimes the


is violently trɔubled with the tooth ach, hour before dinner, to get her an appe. and then she is obliged to hold a glass of tite; and her ftomach is so poor, that Rum in her mouth, to numb the pain when she is at table, she must force every at other times she is seized with a rack- bit down with a glass of Madeira. We ing fit of the cholic, and nothing will usually have a tiff of Punch together in fo Tuon give her ease as some right Hol- the evening: but the acid would gripe land's Gin. She has the gout in her her, and the water keep her awake all constitution; and whenever the feels a the night, if it was not made comfortable twitch of it, the only thing is seer with more than an equal portion of Brandy, to keep it from her head: but Spirit. this is sometimes too cold for her, and But notwithstanding the grievous she is forced to drive it out of her lto- complaint she hourly labours under, the mach with true Irish Ufqnebaugh. She is very hale; and her complexion is, to is never free from the vapours, notwith- all appearance, as healthy and florid as standing she is continually drinking a milk-maid's: except, indeed, that her Hartforn and Water: and ever since nose and forehead are subject to red pimfhe miscarried, she is so hysterical in the ples, blotches, and breakings out, which night-time, that she never lies without the apothecary tells me are owing to a a Cordial. Water bottle by her bed-lide. kind of a phlogistic humour in her blood. I have paid the apothecary above fifty For my part, considering the quantity pounds for her in one year; and his bill of combustibles the continually pours is laced down with nothing but Drops, down, I thould imagine the fire in her Pepper-Mint Water, and the Cordial stomach would kindle a faine in her Draught repeated.

countenance; and I thould not wonder Her very diet must always be made if the looked as horrible as those who heartening, otherwise it will do her no hang their face over a bowl of Burnt good. Pea would make her low-spi- Brandy at Snap-Dragon. sited, except she was to qualify every dish with a large spoonful of Rum. She

I am, Sir, your humble servant, has a glass of Mountain with Bitters an T







HE noblett exploit of a man of spirited. The Mohocks, and the mem

the Town, the highest proof and bers of the Hell-Fire-Club, the heroes utmost effort of his genius and plea.. of the last generation, were the firft who santry, is the Frolic.

This piece

introduced these elevated Frolics, and of humour confifts in playing the most itruck out mighty good jokes from all wild and extravagant pranks that wan- kinds of violence and blalphemy. The tonness and debauchery can fuggeit: present race of Bucks commonly begin and is the distinguishing characteristic their Frolic in a tavern, and end it in of the Buck and Blood. These face- the round-house; and during the course tious gentlemen, whenever Champagne of it practise several mighty pretty pleahas put them in spirits, sally out flown santries. There is a great deal of hu. * with infolence and wine,' in quelt of mour in what is called beating the rounds, adventures. At such a time, the more that is in piajn English, taking a tour harın they do, the more they shew their of the principal bawdy-houses: breakwit; and their Frolics, like the mirth ing lamys, and skirmishes with watchof a monkey, are made up of mischief.

men, are very good jetts; and the in. The Frolic formerly lignified no- sulting anv dull foher fools, that are thing more than a piece of innocent quietly trudging about their busines, or mirth and gaiety: but the modern lente a rape on a biode i woman, are particuof the word is much more lively and larly facetious. Whatever is in viola.

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tion of all decency and order, is an ex. murder; such as running a waiter through quisite piece of wit: and in thort, a Fro- the body, knocking an old feeble watchlic, and playing the devil, bear the same man's brains out with his own staff, or explanation in a modern gloffary. taking away the life of some regular

It is surprising how much invention scoindiel, who has not spirit enough there is in these exploits, and how wine to whore and drink like a gentleman.' inspires thele gentlemen with thoughts The noblest Frolic of this kind I ever more extraordinary and sublime than remember, happened a few years ago at any sober man could ever have deviled.

a country town.

While a party of I have known a whole company start Bucks were making a riot at an inn, and from their chairs, and begin tilting at tossing the chairs and tables and lookeach other merely for their divertion, ing-glasses into the street, the landlady Another time thefé exalted geniuses have was indiscreet enough to come up stair , cait lots, which thould be thrown out and interrupt their merriment with her of the window; and at another made a impertinent remontrances; upon which bonfire of their cloaths, and run naked they immediately threw her out of the into the Atreets. I remember a little window after her own furniture. News gentleman not above five feet high, who was soon brought of the poor woman's was resolved, merely for the sake of the death; and the whole company looked Frolic, to lie with the Tall Woman; upon it as a very droll accident, and gave but the joke ended in his receiving a orders that the mould be charged in the found cudgeling from the hands of his bill. Thaleftris. It was no longer ago than These wild pranks are instances of last winter, that a party of jovial Tem. great spirit and invention: but alas! the plars set out an hour or two after mid. generality of mankind have no talte for night on a voyage to Lisbon, in order humour. Few people care to have a to get good Port. They took boat at sword in their ribs for the sake of the the Temple Stairs, and prudently laid joke, or to be beat to mummy, or hot in, by way of provisions, a cold veni. through the head, for the diversion of fon party and two bottles of 'rasberry, the good company. They sometimes brandy: but when they imagined they imagine the jest is carried too far; and were just arrived at Gravelend, they are apt to apply the words of the old found themselves suddenly overset in fable; It may be sport to you, but it is Chelsea Reach, and very narrowly • death to us.' For these reasons, a les escaped being drowned. The most in- of these merry gentlemen are as terrible nocent Frolics of these men of humour to the ordinary part of the world, as a are carried on, in a literary way, by ad- troop of banditti; and an affair, which vertisements in the news-papers, with has been thought very high fun in Pall which they often antuse the town, and Mall or Covent Garden, has been treatalarm us with bottle conjurors, and per- ed in a very serious manner at West, sons who will jump down their own miniter Hall or the Old Bailey. Our throats. Sometiines they divert them- legiNature has been absurd enough to selves by impasing on their acquaintance be very careful of the lives of the lowest with fiâitious intrigues, and putting among the people; and the council for modest women to the bluth by decrib- an highwayınan would sooner plead dir. ing them in the public papers. Once, tress as an excuse for discharging his I remember, it was the Frolic to call pistol, than mere wantonness and Protogether all the wet nurses, that wanted lic. Nor do the governments abroad a place; at another time, to summon se- entertain a better opinion of this fort veral old women to bring their male of humour: for it is but a few year's tabby cats, for which they were to ex, since a gentleman on his travels, who ped a conGderable price; and not long was compleating a Town Education by ago, by the proffer of a curacy, they the polite tour, thot: a waiter through, drew all the poor parsons to St. Paul's the head; but the joke was so ill re Coffee-house, where the Bucks them- ceived, that the gentleman was hanged selves sat in another box to smoke their within four and twenty hours. It would rusty wigs and brown callocks.

be adviseable therefore for these gentle. But the highest Frolic, that can por- men, fince the taste of the age is so in Sbiy be put in execution, is a steel corrigible, to lay aside this bigh season


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