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moraing, till he came to our house; have tried them, and they have all hap"For I would not have seen another man pened true: and I am sure my own litter before him for all the world.

Hetty, who died just before Christmas, Dear Mr. Town, if you know any stood in the church porch lait Midlumother ways to try our fortune by, do mer Eve to see all that were to die that but put them in your paper. My mam- year in our parish; and the law her own ma laughs at us, and says there is no apparition. Your huinble servant, thing in them ; but I am sure there is,

ARABELLA WWMSEY. for several misses at our boarding-Ichool T





SHAKESPEARE. THERE ai no phrafering the whole HERE is no phrase in the whole on a roar.' But as wit and humour

do not always fall to the share of those tion, which has a more vague lignitica. who aim at thining in conversation, our tion than the words 'Good Company.' jokers and witlings have wisely devised People of fashion modestly explain it to several mechanical ways of gaining that mean only themselves; and, like the old end. I know one who is thought a Roinans, look on all others as barba. very facetious fellow by the club of rians. Thus a star or a ribband, a which he is a member, because every title or a place, denotes Good Company; night, as soon as the clock strikes twelve, and a man rises in the esteem of the po- te begins to crow like a cock: another lite circle according to his rank or his is accounted a man of immense humour, rent roll. This way of reasoning is fo for entertaining his friends with a bur. well known and fo generally adopted, lesque hornpipe; and a third has the rethat we are not surprised to hear polite putation of being excellent company by persons complain at their return from singing a song, and at the fame time the play, that the house was very much playing the tune upon the table with his crouded, but that there was no coin- knuckles and elbows. Mimicry is, in pany: though, indeed, I could not help these focieties, an indispensible requisite Imiling at a lady's saying the preferred in a Good Companion! Imitations of St. James's church to St. George's, be the actors, and other well-known cha. cause the pews were commonly filled racters, are very much admired; to with Better Company.

which they have given the appellation of I propose at present to consider this taking off. But the minic is by no comprehenfive term, only as it refpects means limited to an imitation of the hue' a society of friends, who meet in order man species : for an exact representation to pass their time in an agreeable man- of the brute creation will procure him ner. To do this the more effectually, infinite applause. Very many of these Inhall take a cursory view of the several wits may be met with in different quare merbods now in vogue, by which a setters of the town; and it is but a wecke of acquaintance endeavour to arnuse ago since I was invited to pass the even. each other. The reader will here meeting with a fociety, which, after a dif.. with some very extraordinary inventions play of their several talents, I found to for this parpose ; and when he has fixed confift of a Dog, a Cat, a Monkey, an bis choice, may try to introduce himself 'Als, and a couple of Dancing Bears. into that company' he likes belt.

I cannot help looking with some veThere is a great demand for wit and neration on the wit exerted in societies humour in some parts of this metropolis. of this fort, fiuce it has the extraordia Among many he is reckoned the Best nary quality of never creating either Company, who can enliven his conver, difgust or fariety. They aflemble every. fation with Atrokes of facetiousness, and right, tell the same stories, repeat the (in Shakespeare's words) 'set the table lame jokes, sing the Tame for gu; and




they are every night attended with the ever made in drinking societies, is the fame applausé and inerriment. Con. cuftom of appointing what is called at fidering how much their wit is used, it Absolute Toast-maker. The gentleis surprising that it should not be worn man invested with this dignity is created

Sometimes, however, one of the king of the company; and, like other fociety makes a new acquifition, which absolute monarchs, he commonly makes is imniediately thrown into the common great use of his power. It is particuHock of humour, and constantly dir. Tarly his office to name the Toast, to played as part of the entertainment of observe that every man duly toffes off his The evening. A gentleman of this cast bumper, and is in every respect Good lately newed me with great joy the post. Company. He is also to correct all script of a letter, in which his corre- misdemeanors; and commonly punishes spondent promised him buge fun the next an offender by sconcing bim a bumper z. time he should see him, for he had got that is, in the language of hard drinkers, two new stories, and three or four ex- not unmercifully denying him his due cellent songs from one of the actors. glass, but obliging him to add another

These are certainly very agreeable to it of perhaps double the quantity. methods of passing the evening, and For offences of a very heinous nature, must please all persons who have any the transgressor is ordered a decanter of relish for wit and humour. But thele water, or a tankard of small beer. The powers of entertaining are not every privilege of inflicting a bumper is exe where the standard of Good Company. erted almost every moment: for there is There are places, in which he is the hardly any sort of behaviour which Best Company who drinks most. A does not produce this punishment. I Boon Companion lays it down as a rule, have known a man scanced for drinking, That 'talking spoils conversation.' A for not drinking, for singing, for talkbumper is the argument; and his first ing, for being filent, and at length care is to promote a brisk circulation of fconced dead drunk, and made very the bottle. He shews his eteem for an Good Company. absent friend by toaiting him in a bum- But none of these qualifications aboveper extraordinary; and is frequently to mentioned constitute Good Company in good and loyal a subiect, as to drink the genteel part of the world. ' Polite his Majesty's health in half-pints. If afeinblies neither aim at wit and huhe is desired to fing a catch, he still mour, nor make the least pretence to keeps the main point in view, and gives cultivate society. Their whole evenings a song wrote in To ingenious a ftile, that are consumed at the card-table, without it obliges the company to tofs off a glass the least attempt at any other conversa. at the end of every stanza. If he talks, tion than the usual altercations of parte it is of healths five fathom deep,' or ners between the deals. Whift has de. a fate bard bout with another set of jolly stroyed conversation, spoiled society, and fellows; and he takes care, by a quick • murdered deep.' This kind of Good round of toalts, to supply the want of Company is as ridiculous, and more inother conversation.

fipid, than either the society of Witlings I have ever thought the invention of or Hard-drinkers. Tosing off bumToasts very useful and ingenicus. They pers is as rational, and an employment at once promote hard drinking, and serve infinitely more joyous, than tuming a as a kind of memorial of every glass that pack of cards a whole night: and puns, has been drank: they allo furnish those jokes, and mimicry, however stale and.. with conversation who had nothing to repeated, furnith the company with confay; or at least, by banilhing all other versation of as much use and variety, as topics, put the whole coinpany on a le. the odd trick and four by honours. vel. Befides all this, three or four Such are the agreeable evenings passed rounds of Toasts, where many are met at White's, and the other coffee-houfes together, mutt unavoidably lift them all about St. James's. Such is the happie into Good Company. These are no ness of Assemblies, Routs, Drums, and small advantages to society; not to men- Hurricanes: and without Gaming, what tion the wit and morality contained in infipid things are even Masquerades and many Toasts.

Ridottos! At such meetings, the man, Toaits are doubtless very useful and who is Good Company, plays the game, entertaining : but the witeit inftitution very well, knows more cales than are

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in Floyle, and often possesses some par- pedantic. The Witlings have too lively ticular qualifications, which would be a genius, and too warm an imagination, no great recommendation to him any to admit it; the Boon Companions can where else. Instead of meeting together, join nothing but love to a bottle; and like other companies, with a desire of among Gametters, it would, like ileep, mutual delight, they fit down with a be mere lots of time, and hindranca design upon the pockets of each other : ' of business.' Yet an accomplished though, indeed, it is no wonder, when member of either of these focieties is one has itripped another of two or three called Good Company: which is just as thousand pounds, if the successful game. proper an expression, as, according to fter thinks the person he has fleeced very Serjeant Kite, Carolns is good Latin for Good Company

Queen Anne, or a stout beating. But By what has been said, it appears that a let of people who asemble for no other the notion of Good Company excludes purpose than to Game, have, in partiall useful conversation; which, in either cular, so very bad a title to the denomiof the above-mentioned societies, would nation of Good Company, that they uodoubtedly be despised as stupid and appear to me to be the very worst.





A me the other dayhur happens.com
Misfortune which happened to regardless of it's inestimable contents,

that after much enquiry I detected them vinced me of the inconveniencies arising (with my Devil in conjunction) lightfrom the indiscriminate power lodged in ing their pipes with it, at a low alequr Press-gangs; who pay no more re- house by Puddle Dock. gard to those who plead protection from This irretrievable loss to the public, the badge of literature, than a bailiff's as well as myself, led me to consider, follower. I would not have the reader whether fome method might not be think that I was pressed myself:--but thought of, to raise fufficient forces for my Devil (that is the messenger of the the fleet and army without disturbing printing-house) was carried off as he poor labourers and honest mechanics in was going with the copy of a Connois- their peaceful occupations. I have at feur to the press. Learning appears to length, with great pairs and expence of me of so much importance, that (in my thought, hit upon a scheine which will opinion) the persons of the lowelt re- effe dually answer that end; and withtainers to it should he sacred from mo- out further preface shall lay it before the Jestation, and it gives me concern, public. though a very loyal subject, that even a I would propose, that every useless ballad-linger, or the hawker of Bloody member of the community should be News, should be interrupted in their li- made of service to his country, by being terary vocations. I have in vain en- obliged to climb the ropes, or carry a deavoured to recover my manuscript musquet; and every detrimental one again : for, though I cannot but think should be prevented from injuring his any one of my papers of almost as much fellow-fubje&ts, and sent to annoy the consequence to the nation as the fitting common enemy. To begin with the out a fleet, the ignorant sailors were lo country. There is no occasion to rob


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