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Trump, brings in his thirteenth Club. and I make no doubt, but several board. Consequently A and B get a Slam against ing-schools will be set up, where young their alversaries C and D, and Icore a larlies may be taught Whift, Brag, and fingle Game towards the Rubbers. all kinds of Card-work. How many

Since, therefore, this science is at- ladies, for want of such a school, are tended with so much difficulty, the na at present hut out from the best comcetfity of a School for Whist is very pary, because they know no more of evivent; and if the plan of education, the gore than what is called Whitearove proposed, was put into execution, chapel play! In order therefore to reI will venture to pronounce, that young medy this deficiency as far as pofiible, lacies, who can now scarce be trusted I would further recommend it to Mr. at any game beyond One and Tiirty. Hoyle, or some other eminent artist, (in Bans-Ara, or Beat ibe Knave out of imitation of Meffieurs Hart and Dukes, Doors with the inaid servants, would be who profess to teach Grown Gentle qualibed at twelve years old - paske one men to dance) to advertise, tha: Grown a sweard-tablentown; and wouldeven Gentlewomen may be taught to play at extel ebeir mauunas, who have not had built in the moit private and expedithe fame advantage of education. Many tious inanner; so that any lady, who an husband, and many a parent, I am never before took a card in hanil, may fure, have bad reason to lament, that be enabled in a very short time to play a their wives and daughters bave not bad rubber at the most fashionable routs and the happinels of so carlvian initruction asemblies. in this branch of female knowledge:



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AND FORM T'OURSELVES A PARADISE OF FOOLS. Tis observed by the French, that a and their minds weaker in age, than

are sufficient to constitute a religious feet embracing any principles of religion in England. So universally, it seems, · prefied on them with particular carnettare learning and genius diffused through nefs and vehemence, is not very wonthis ifland, that the loweit plebeians are derful. They hope, by the most rigid deep cafuists in matters of faith as well · demeanor in the decline of life, to make as politics; and to many and wonderful amends for that unbounded loole given are the new lights continually breaking to their passions in their younger years. in upon us, that we daily make freĩ The fame violence, however, commondiscoveries, and itr ke out unbeaten paths ly accompanies them in religion, as to future happiness. The above obfer- formerly actuated them in their pleasures; vation of our neighbours is in truth ra- and their zeal entirely eats up their chather too full: for a priest is fo far from rity. They look with a malevolent necessary, that a new fpecies of doc- kind of pity on all who are itill employtrine would be better received by our ed in worldly undertakings, carry old women, and other well dispoted good prayer books in their pockets,' and people, from a layman. The most ex- piously damn all their relations and acTracrdinary tenets of religion are very quaintance with texts of Scripture. I fuccefstully propagated under the fané. know an old gentlewoman of this cast, tion of the leathern apron, instead of who has formed herself as a pattern of the caffuek: every corner of the town Raid behaviour; and values licrielt for has a barber, mafón, bricklayer, or some having given up at three.core the vanit.es other handicraft teacher; and there are of fixteen. She denounces heavy judgalmost as many fects in this metropolis, ments on all frequenters of public dias there are parin-churches.

verfions, and forebodes the worst conAs to the Old Women, since the pas. fequences from every party of pleasure. * fions of females are Itronger in youth, I have known her foreiel the ruin of her




niece from a country-dance: nay, nhe also, for their particular ends, frequent cant perceive insular desires flaming ly become fectaries. They avail then from a gay coloured top-knot, and has selves of a mock convertion to redeen 'even deicried adultery itfelf lurking be- their lott characters; and, like criminais neath the thin veil of a worked

apron, at Rome, make the church a fanétuary or beaming from a diamond girdle- for villainy. By this artifice they rebuckle.

commend themitelves to the charity of But we might perhaps suffer a few good weak but well-meaning Christians, and Old Ladies to go to heaven their own often infinuate themselves as fervants way, if these sects were not pernicious into Methodist families. on many other accounts. Such strange Le Sage, with his usual humour, redoctrines are very apt to unsettle the pretents Gil Blas as wonderfully charmminds of the common people, who of- ed with the seeming fanctity of Amten make an odd transition from intide- brose de Lamela, when he took him into lity to enthusiasm, and become bigots his service; and Gil Blas is even not otfroin arrant free-thinkers. Their faith, fended at Inis remisineis the very first however it may be well imagined, is night, when his new fervant tells hiin, not a saving faith; as they are worked that it was owing to his attending his deup to an adoration of the Creator, from vations: but it soon appears, that this fly the same flavish principle that induces valet had been emplored in concerting the Indians to worship the Devil. It is the robbery of his matter. A due atamazing, how strongly fear operates on tention to religion is so rare a quality in there weak creatures, and how easily a all ranks of people, that I am far from canting, whining rascal, can mould them blaming it in fervants: but when I see 10 his purpose. I lave known many a their religion shewing itself in laziness, rich tradeiman wheedled and threaten- and obterve them neglecting their comed out of his tublistence, and himfelf mon butiness under the pretext of perand unhappy family at lait lectured into forming acts of fupererogation, I ani ape the work-house. Thus do these vile to queition their sincerity, and to take hypocrites turn a poor convert's head to every fervant of that kind for a mere St. lave his soul; and deprive him of all Ambrose. An old Moravian aunt of happiness in this world, under pretence mine, of whom I have formerly made of securing it to him eternally in the worthy mention, would never have any

servants, who did not belong to the soNothing can do religion more injury ciety of the United Brethreit. But fo than these solemn mockeries of it. little did the good lady's endeavours 10 Many of these sects conilt almost en- preserve virtue and a fpirit of devotion tirely of battered proftitutes, and per- in ker houle iucceed, that the generality fons of the most infamous character. of the men fell into evil courses, and Reformation is their chief pretence: most of the pious lifterhond left the fawherefore the more abandoned those are, mily with big bellies. of whom they make profelytes, the more I would not be thought to deny any they pride themselves on their conver- fellow-subjects full liberty of conscience, hoo. I remember a debauched young and all the benefits of the Toierationfellow, who pretended a tudden ainend- at; yet I cannot help regarding theie ment of his principles, in order to re- weak, if not ill-meant divisions from the pair his Mattered fortune. He turned established church, as a dangerous kind Methodist, and soon began to inanifeit of Free thinking; not so shocking ina a kind of fpiritual fondness for a pious deed, as the impious avowal of atheism fister. He wooed her according to the and inadelity, but often attended with directions of the rubric, fent her sermons the same bad consequences. A religion, instead of billet-doux, greeted her with founded on madness and enthusiasm, is ran holy kits,' and obrained his mis- almost as bad as no religion at all; and trets by appearing in every repect a what is work, the unhappy errors of thorough devote. But alas! the good particular sects expole the purest religentleman could never be prevailed on gion in the world to the ícoffs of unto comply with religious ordinances, or believers. Shallow witlings exercise their appear any more at church or meeting little talents for ridicule on matters of after the performance of the marriage religion, and fall into atheisin and blafkremony. The lowest of the vulgar phemy in order to avoid bigotry and onthufium. The absurdities of the secta- bets, sword, fire, and faggot. Inftead ries itrengthen thern in their ridiculous of chearfulness, the introduced gloom; notions, and produce many other evils, was perpetually crossing herself with holy as will appear from the following mort water; and, to avert the terrible judghistory.



ments of which she was hourly in fear, In the glorious reign of Quers Eliza- The compiled a new almanack, in which beth there resided in these kingdoms a the wonderful.y multiplied the number 'worthy lady, called RELIGION. She of red letters. After a miserable life was remarkable for the sweetness of her she died melancholy mad, but left a temper, which was chearful without le. will behind her, in which she bequeath vity, and grave without morosenels, ed a very confiderable sum to buiki an She was also particularly decent in her hofpital for religious lunatics; which I dress, as well as behaviour; and pre- am informed, will peedily be built on served with uncommon mildness the the fame ground, where the Foundery, Atr Stett regularity in her family. Though that celebrated Methodilt meeting. The had a noble genius, led a very fober house, now stands. life, and attended church constantly SUPERSTITION left behind her a every Sunday, yet in those days she kejt son called ATHEISM, begot on her by the best company, was greatly admired a Moravian teacher at one of their Love. by the Queen, and was even intimate feasts, ATHEISM foon Mewed himself with most of the Maids of Honour. to be a most profligate abandoned fel. What became of her and her family, is Jow. He caine very early upon tow!, nor known: but it is very certain, that and was a remarka'e Plood. Among they have at present no connection with his other frolics he commenced author, the polite world. Some affirm that the and is said to have writies in concert line is extinct: though I have indeed with Lord Bolingbroke. After having been told, that the late Bishop Berkley, squandered a large fortune, he turned and the present Bishops of *** and gamester, then pimp, and then high*** are descended from the principal wayman; in which hatt occupation hệ branches of it, and that fome few of was foon detected, taken, and thrown the family are resident on small livings into Newgate. He behaved very imin the country:

pudently in the Condemned Hole, We are told by'a certain falionable abused the Ordinary whenever that genauthor, that there were formerly two tleman attended him, and encouraged men in a mad-house at Paris, one of all his fellow-prisoners, in the Newgate whom imagined himself the FATHER, phrase, to die hard. When he came to and the orher the Son. In like man- the gallows, inftead of the pfalın he fung ner, no sooner did the good Lady Re. a bawdy catch, threw away the book, LIGION disappear, but she was per. and bid Jack Ketch tuck him up like a sonated by a crazy old beldam, called gentleman. Many of his relations were SUPERSTITION. But the cheat was present at the execution, and shook their inttantly dilcovered: for, instead of the heads, repeating the words of Mat in mild discipline, with which her prede. the Beggar's Opera – Poor fellow! wę sesfor ruled her family, the governed are sorry for you; but it is what we entirely by severity, racks, wheels, gib. ‘mutt all come to."



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TAVING lately informed my of Religion, and which was unexpecte

readers, that the Female Par- edly occalioned by a motion that was liament is now fitting, I thall pro- made by Miss Grave-airs. This Coinceed to lay before them the substance of mittee had long been looked upon as a debate that happened in the Committee useless, but for form lake continued


to meet, though it was adjourned im- Affembly itself is not without them mediately: but one day there being more I am apt to iu peet, that this heterodlox members present than usual, the Chair- introduction of the Cross into the female woman was no looner in the chair, dress had an higher orixinal than the than the lady abovementioned addrelleu days of Queen Anne, whose affe&ion her in the following speech.

for the Church was very weil known,

It seems rather to have been im sted MADAM,

among us, together with the Jetuits, by T is with no less surprise than con- the P pith conforts of the firit or fecond

cern, that I reflect on the danger to Charies : or periaps the ladies first wore which the greater part of my fex, either it is complaifance to the English Pope through ignorance or choice, are now Joan, Queen Mary. This much is exposed; and I have the strongest reasons certain, that at the same time our pious to believe, that nothing but the vigorous reformer, Queen Elizabeth, expelled the and timely resolutions of this wife Al Cross from our altars, the effect vally fesembly can prevent them from changing cured the necks of our ladies from this their religion, and becoming ROMAN funerttition, by the introduction of the CATHOLICS. What subject can be Ruit. more interesting and important to Us, The next part of our dress that I shall whether we conlider ourselves as a Com- mention, which favours of Popery, is mittee of Religion, a Parliament of Wo- the Capuchin. This garment in iruth inen, or an Assembly of Protestants ? has a near resemblance to that of the Was such a design to be carried into Friar whose name it bcars. Our grandexecution, the free use of our tongues mothers had already adopted the Hood; would be taken away; we should never their daughters by a gradual a irance be suffered perliaps to speak to the other introduced the rest; but far greater imsex, but through grates and bars; and prove:nents were Ntill in store for Us, this place of our Assembly would pro- We all of us remember, for it is not bably be the abode of Nuns and Friars. above two years ago, how all colours But left


should think me thus alarm. were neglected for that of Purple. In ed without reason, I Mall now lay be. Purple we glowed from the hat to the fore

you the grounds of my complaint; shoe; and in fuch requeft were the rib. that, if it is not too late, we may pre- bands and lilks of that favourite colour, vent the evil, or, if it is, we may re- that neither the milliner, mercer, nor

dyer hinseif, could answer the demand, My fears are grounded on those re- Who but must think that this arose marks that have long been made on the from Popish principles? And though it Dress of the sex. Conftant as the men may be urged, that the admired Fanny, have stiled us to the love of change, little who firit introduced it, is no Nun, yet have they imagined, that Popery was you all may remember, that the Church invariably the objcct to which every in- of Rome herself has been itiled the novation was designed to lead. So long Scarler, or, as some render it, the Pur. ago as when, to the honour of our sex, ple Whore. a Queen was upon the throne, it was the But to prove indisputably our manjfashion, as we inay learn from * Pore, fest approaches to Popery, let me now for the ladies to wear upon their breasts refer you to that fashionable cloak, a Aaming Cross. The same fashion which (sorry I am to see it) is wore by has been tranimitted to the present times. the far greater part even of this Affem. What, Madam, is this but downright biy, and which indeed is with great proPopery? In the Catholic countries they pricty ftiid the Cardinal. For were are contented with erecting Crucifixes his Holiness the Pope to be introduced in their roads and churches; but alas! among us, he would almost fancy him. in this Protestant kingdom Crolles are self in his own conclave: and were I alike to be seen in places facred and not too well acquainted with my fifters profane, the court, the play-house principles, I myself should be induced and (pardon ine ladies) this venerable to think, that to those in such grave at

• Upon her breast a sparkling Cross the wore,
Which jews migh: kiis, and Infidels adore.


move it.

tire nothing but a cloyster and a grate fender, who shall be deemed incorrigiwas wanting, As to those of gayer ble, shall be banithed from all routs, colours, you need not be told, that there and transported to her country-seat for are White and Grey Friars abroad a's feven winters. well as Black; and as the English are so remarkable for improving on their This motion was strongly seconded originals, we shall not then be surprised by Lady Mend'em; who urged in it's at the variety of colours that appear support, that to her certain knowledge, among us.

many of the fex very frequently assemIt bas been whispered too, that some bled at one another's houses, and partiof my lifters have been so fond of the cularly on the Sabbath, where Mass Monkish aufterities, as to have their books were actually laid before them, heads thaved. This I do not aver of and the warmest adoration paid to some my own knowledge; but, if it is fo, finall pictures, or painted images, which, they still condescend to wear artificial Nie was told, resembled some kings and locks; though it would not be at all queens that had been long canonized: ftrange, if they also should foon be laid and the offerings, that were constantly aside, as they are already prepared for made at their shrines, would (she said) it by leaving off their caps. I ihall only be found, on a moderate computation, desire you still farther to reflect, how to exceed those that were formerly made fathionable it is for the ladies to mine at the tomb of Thomas à Becket. She' with borrowed faces, and then I believe alded, that, after the Catho'ic custom, you will readily allow, that their vota- they always faited on those nights, or, ries, the men, are in great danger also if they fupped at all, it was oniyon FISH. of being seduced to Popery; since do The chief speaker on the other fide of they rot already, by the compliments the question was Lady Sinart, one of they pay to a painted face, address an the representatives for Grosvenor Square; Image and adore a Picture ?

who, by the bye, was strongly fulpected What has now been laid will induce of being a prejudiced person, her eneyou, I hope, to pay a proper regard to mies not denying that she had charms, the following Retolutions; which, I which could almost fanctify error itself. humkly move, may be agreed to by this Nobody, she faid, could suspect the fer Committee, and represented to the of inclining to Popery, who observed Houle.

the aversion they all discovered to a single

life. The uses of the obnoxious garRESOLŞED,

ments were allowed to be many; the That it is the opinion of this Com- names at least were innocent: and the mittee, that, in order to prevent the cry against them, the was fure, could growth of Popéry, no garments shall for only be raised by the old and the ugly; the future be imported, of Popish njake, fince nothing could be so fantastic, as or distinguished by Popish names, not to become a

pretty woman.

Her ladythip was joined by the Beati. RESOLVED,

ties present; but they being few, their That in order to enforce a due ohe. obje&tions were over-ruled, and the ino: dicnce, every one Niall be obliged 10 tion was carried. The next day the practise the autterities of the fedt they House, on receiving the Report, after imitate; fo that, for exainple, the Car. fome debate agreed to the Resolutions, Linals shall be compelled to lead a fingle and a Bill was ordered to be prepared lite, and the Capubius to go bare-fout. and brought in accordingly. Though

at the same time they were of opinion, LASTLY,

Nem. Con, that, if the FIG-LEAF Bill It is recommended that, as a farther took place, thele restrictions would be sanction to the bill proposed, every of- quite needles,


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